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  1. If it gets her off DWTS, I'm all for it!
  2. Michie claims he was fresh out of rehab when he competed. I'm not sure if I believe him or not, but I believe CBS would still clear him for the show if they knew about the addiction, but it's really scary if they knew about a blood clot near his heart and still went ahead. Cuz, yeah, what could be stress full about BB right after rehab and surgery.
  3. But don't forget, CBS promised to start casting a more diverse cast. In other words, 4 POC instead of 3.
  4. Johnny FairPlay allegedly stole from the Grandma he claimed died.
  5. The gay guys bug because they are NO where near as "cute" as they think they are.
  6. That's good to know, I'm DVRing them.
  7. They held on the this season for 17 years, but now they are airing 2 episodes tonight.
  8. Wardrobe apparently hates her. She's looked like s hot mess in pretty much everything they've put her in yet.
  9. BB olympian in the future? Paulie wants to be a bob sledder.
  10. Bruno wasn't silver until this season and Carrie-Ann wasn't platinum.
  11. Maybe it's Dan or PeePaw, but it's probably Chicken George.
  12. Little do we know, CBS probably bought an island to film all these seasons on and it's Jeff's to keep when they finally stop churning these out in another 10 years.
  13. Just move them into the BB house and give them no running water, electricity, or furniture. They can battle the ants there just as well as in the jungle. Release some of those snakes BB had in previous seasons, throw like 3 minnows in the pool every couple of days. I'm sure they could get another sound stage or two on the CBS lot for multiple tribes or challenges.
  14. Derek's just so full of himself and smug as all hell. His punch me face doesn't help. You can't tell me he's the only person DWTS could find to judge. Where's Mark? I bet he'd be good at it. Or hell, even Julianne is the better Hough. I just hope Johnny doesn't get voted out right away because of the less than gay friendly attitudes out there. He can be hilarious. Moody, but hilarious. And I'm hoping he gets some input in his costumes, they will be sure to be amazing. His skating costumes were always well done.
  15. Yep, the only one I'd maybe like to see is Johnny, but I don't think I'm going to make it past the first show. Especially since I read Derek Hough is replacing Len as a judge. First Tom and now Len too? But Carrie Ann and Bruno live to screech another day. I get Len's based in London and supposedly will be doing some recorded pieces, but Derek's obnoxious and I just can't with him.
  16. I gave up watching after the first week, but have read the basics of what's been going on. I'm loving @dana k's fifth nom idea. Day is dead hammy walking no matter what, be it next week or the week after, she might as well cause mass chaos on her way out. It's not like she has anything to lose and why not go out with a memorable bang?
  17. Julie twisted the knife to let Nicole know how stupid she was. I love a catty Julie.
  18. I've been thinking they only hate her because they know she's popular with fans. She's not exactly taking the game by storm this year, so other than Janellousy, what exactly is their beef with her? Yeah, she played with Kaysar forever ago.... but haven't Cody and Nicole played together in the much more recent past?
  19. Such a delusional child. I can't wait till she starts begging Janelle or Kaysar to be on her podcast and they laugh at her.
  20. He needs to be voted out this week, it would be a mercy eviction at this point. It's week two and he's a mess. In two more weeks, he's going to be a total basket case.
  21. It looks like Julie is responsible for her own makeup. It's not looking great.
  22. The couch in the bathroom has always reminded me of days of the past where there was a sitting area in ladies rooms. I'm specifically remembering one of the ladies rooms in the student union when I was in college. One of the floors had a grand ballroom, with such a ladies room. You went in and there was a couple of arm chairs, a small love seat, I even think there was a small little writing desk. Then off of this room was the actual restroom area. I remember when I was in college in the late 90's I had to do a group project and we needed to make a video of something. We ended up going into the hallway of the ballroom area and dragging the furniture out of the ladies room to use it in our video. We planned on just taping in there, but the lighting was not good. I remember the guys in the class asking where the hell we had taped and being all what.... the restroom has furniture? Apparently the mens room didn't have a sitting area. The building was built in the late 50's, so I imagine that area would kind of be a dressing area to get yourself pulled back together or cool off if you had danced too much. I mean, women weren't allowed to sweat back then, right? I haven't been back on campus in a decade and they did a massive renovation of the building not long after I graduated, but I'm guessing there's not furniture in the ladies room anymore.
  23. Okay, dude, not to be mean, and not to quote the old Cody, but enough with the victim noises! If you want to play, play. Whining, moping, and crying won't get you anywhere.
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