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  1. Can you cut and past the article? I really want to read it, but I can only see the first paragraph or so without subscribing. I loved SYTYCD for a while there, although I did lose interest in the last couple of seasons.
  2. Just because a blind eye has been turned to certain terms for a long time, it doesn't make them okay in this day and age. I could almost feel bad for Heather.... if I had realized she was even a player. I thought she was Tiffany and then realized they were two different players and I no idea who she was. Which one couldn't do the balance beam kind of thing a couple of episodes ago? That was Tiffany, right? If so, I really have no idea who Heather is! I will say, Heather has gorgeous hair from what I saw! LOL! The tribe trying to lose was cracking me up.... especially since the other ones were tragically horrible.
  3. I couldn't help but notice Jeff's face looked a bit "refreshed" in the show. And I hate his longer hair.
  4. That was the dumbest game play I've seen in a long, long time. Morons. They deserve to be miserable. Brad creeps me out. And yes, he's playing way too hard.
  5. Doesn’t Sarah Beth have a girlfriend? I don’t think she was interested in Kyland.
  6. I voted Alyssa. I want to see who the other nom would be besides Claire. My guess would be Kyland, but she might just go off the rails and actually make the cookout start turning on themselves.
  7. They only filmed for 26 days instead of 39. There's also pics and names of all the players.
  8. I don't know, I think Azah might be the first of the 6.
  9. Yeah, they were all afraid they couldn’t beat you in the end, that’s why they booted your ass. Sure, that’s the reason. Did they actually tell her this? Or was it like a Big D thing to get her to shut up?
  10. Alyssa, I want to see a woman at least once this season and the rest are just too off the rails at this point.
  11. I'm watching last nights episode now. Is ti possible for her to NOT completely overreact to every single thing that happens?
  12. I read on another site people have two theories on his voting style. One is that he's dyslexic and confusing his words, and the other is he's tying to make "evote" a thing. Neither one really holds up. He never shuts up, so we know he doesn't jumble all his speech, and as for the second, you know he knows to stop trying to make fetch happen.
  13. The best thing she's done all season was her impression of Britany hulking out when she won the POV. Oh and her live show outfits! Her look for the live shows is always stunning.
  14. I’m not even sure what he said tonight, it was so jumbled. Good thing Julie only listens for a name.
  15. Derek F will be the first down. I picked Derek X, Xavier, Claire, and Tiffany for potential winners. I was thinking it would maybe be a spinning comp, but then I rethought it given how many players are left. 11 Hamsters left would be a lot to be spinning around. The Wall makes much more sense.
  16. The more I see of her, the more I'm convinced my first take on her was spot on. I kinda want her to go up again next week and just finally be gone.
  17. I haven't been keeping up with the feeds this year, just the broad cast shows. So far, I'm piecing together that Frenchie might just be the dumbest first HOH ever.
  18. My sister and I were texting while watching the show last night. I started calling this one Sailor Moon. And I wasn't exactly feeling bad for Sailor when she didn't get picked for a team.
  19. She's going to be a crier and it's going to be ugly crying. Hopefully she gets called to the DR at like 4 in the morning so she can bitch about having to put her makeup on.
  20. He looks 42, not 22. And yeah, he's a douche.
  21. Um, dude, maybe not look up to Dr. Will and Boogie. And I can't figure out if he's wearing my dead grandma's or grandpa's shirt.
  22. She's obviously more than a casting from a bar. Anyone who says JUN is her favorite player knows their stuff.
  23. I want to hate him, but the mention of him being afraid of his devil rooster kind of won me over. ETA... Okay apparently he's a crazed super fan. I just read he's such a fan he named his daughter Robyn Kass. Um, that's not stalker level shit at all.
  24. She'll be in a showmance by the second night.
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