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  1. So..... in other words, they are tired of having to deal with the fall out of the never ending racists and bullies that they manage to somehow cast each and every year. You'd think by now they would have a top notch team doing deep dives into applicants lives and social medias. It really can't be that hard. I'm not saying the obsessive behavior on social media probably wasn't a huge factor, but if you're handing them things to tweet about on a silver plater, you have no one to blame but yourself at this point.
  2. Amanda of Amanda and McCrae is being sued by the PA AG Is it possible she read this by poster Sheenafury from back in the day and took it as career advice? LOL! I couldn't remember her at all, so I popped into the archives to take a peek and found this little nugget on the second page. Looking at the list of names from that season is like a nightmare coming back. I'm kinda surprised most of them haven't been arrested!
  3. Lots of players with a medical background this time around. She was my favorite when I read one of her hobbies is brunching. I love going out to eat, and yes, brunching can so be a hobby! LOL!
  4. Monte's had his hate on for Taylor the whole season, so I 1000% expect him to put her up.
  5. Because it must be said.... what is Julie wearing? It's wrong in so many different ways.
  6. Taylor, I want to see how fast Terrance starts backpedalling.
  7. Daniel and Daniel. I should want it to be Kyle going, just for the chaos, but Daniel is a piece of shit, so he deserves to go before jury.
  8. He needs an old school Queer Eye for the Straight Guy makeover. Maybe a new version one, I've never seen the reboot. But I'm envisioning him as being one of the old HOLY HELL finishes with a good haircut and a new wardrobe.
  9. She looked like she was wearing a tee-pee last night
  10. The delusions are strong with this one, aren't they.
  11. You could all but see Julie's FML thought bubble when it looked like Nurse Nancy was going to have to step in.
  12. We know I'm all about the half assed twists that happen once and are instantly forgotten about again.
  13. Or finding their past racist/homophobic Tweets.
  14. Yeah, but they say that every year and more often than not, it's really barely true. My favorite is when the latest new thing happens once, is lame and fails to be popular, so it's never mentioned again.
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