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  1. I loved The Sopranos at the beginning, but I lost interest in the last couple seasons. My mom has asked me no less that 50 times if I watched Breaking Bad... the answer is still no. She loved it though.
  2. Would it be a BB house without the ant infestation? Unless they bring ants, it doesn't count. I think we will see more and more crazy ass rumors until the show actually airs. I read one last week that there was a poll going around trying to feel out viewers to see if they would watch if there wasn't 24/7 live feeds. Um.... wouldn't that just be any random reality show then? I have a feeling that one was 100% click bait on someone's random page and in no way affiliated with anyone at CBS.
  3. I read a rumor last night that Dan is on the list of who is coming back. I put very little faith in this one, but it could be interesting.
  4. If Swaggy and Bay are both coming back, Frankie's going to look sooooo much better in comparison. Yeah, he was annoying, but no where near as bad as they are. I wonder if there will be another fake pregnancy this time around too?
  5. The next court date is next month so it might have popped up somewhere where someone saw it. I can't believe it's been going on for like 2 years and this is the first we've heard.
  6. Apparently Andy Herren from BB 15 is pitching a fit on Twitter that he hasn’t been asked back. Says it cuz he’s gay. And that he’s the bestest player to ever play. Wasn’t that the most racist season known to man that CBS had to keep apologizing for?
  7. You all know it's the bearded gnome. This is BB, is there even any question?
  8. Maybe Frankie can tell us all about his sister's love life.
  9. I went to school with Jen Schefft, she was a year ahead of me.
  10. I've never watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, not even when I went to junior high and high school with a girl who was on, got the final rose, and then became the Bachelorette, but I know enough to wonder if they will cast mostly black women as his choices and throw in a few white women in like they do in reverse for the white Bachelors. Why do I have the feeling ABC will miss the mark and still cast like 5 black women and 15 white women for him to choose from?
  11. I was at my sister's house today to see her 2 litters of foster kittens and she had it on. I didn't actually watch it, but I caught a glimpse of Swaggy and Baylie, I missed all the rest, before I left her room where the 3 new foster kittens are and went into the actual foster room she has set up and saw the 2 kittens she's had for a few weeks now. I don't think I've ever watched the Challenge, but no way would any of them be better than kittens.
  12. Didn't someone say the winners on these shows don't get paid until the episodes air to ensure they don't blab? What, do the winners on this one really, really suck and CBS is trying to find a way to never pay them? If it was filmed in 2018 and now might maybe air this fall, that is just getting comical. Not to the racers I'm sure, but 3 hour long movies have a better turn around.
  13. I bet it took forever to get shots of them all.... for the 13 seconds they were on their Zoom meeting. And just imagine having teens play... I'm already having visions of it being a parent/teen season. That will be all sorts of fun.
  14. Maybe Jeff's 16 year old who helped build the set could play.
  15. I'd like to see Natalie come back and win it all.
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