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  1. Kaycee for all reasons mentioned above. Plus, I really like her as a person and a player. She won comps, she was a good sport for all the unitards she had to wear, and just played a good game. She also didn't try to molest others with an ice cream scooper. And the biggest reason, she seems like a really nice person. Can't say the same about JC. He seems like he's a bitter, nasty little man, and that's not just due to his height.
  2. He's truly a legend in his own mind. Other than throwing stray votes and playing Fessy, he's just been lucky to be on the right side.
  3. She's one that makes me wonder what exactly did she think she was signing up for? It's not like she just wandered in off the street. She had to apply or at least think it sounded good if they contacted her. Has she ever said how she came to be on the show? We know Fessy applied for a dating show, Tyler from the game show, and others were huge fans, but how exactly did she make it on?
  4. TMZ says she's staying on with BB for this season and beyond. Sure, this could change tomorrow, but it's looking like she's not going to DOR off the BB set. That would be kind of hilarious if she did. Honestly, I'm kind of feeling like the show's pretty much jumped the shark though and will get one more summer, I wouldn't be surprised if next summer is the last.
  5. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    I'm on the side Burnett is lying thru his teeth and not only knows that Tom is 100% right in what he thinks Trump said, but I'm also believing Tom went in looking for a fight and attacked. So I'm pretty much ok if both of them got hit. Not okay with Burnett's wife getting caught in the middle of it though.
  6. Survivor - Past Seasons

    What a heartbreakingly beautiful thing he's doing for his wife. I'm the office manager for a mobility device company. We install stair lifts, platform lifts, ceiling lifts, those sorts of things. We have contracts with a couple of VA hospitals in the state, including Cleveland which is one of the largest in the country, and there does seem to be a large increase of ALS vets in the last year or so. There's a certain contact at one of the VAs we work with who regularly is in charge of ALS vets. I always know when I see her name on the fax, it's an ALS patient and there's really only 2 potential pieces of equipment she's asking us to evaluate for, and she always asks for a rush evaluation due to ALS. We work as fast as we can, but sometimes the ALS is progressing so quickly, we don't even have time to install the product. I always call and confirm before I order anything, and sadly, the families who tell me no, not to go ahead with the order tend to be the ALS vets since the condition has changed so drastically in just a matter of weeks, they are either no longer in the home or in hospice care. I also have a friend who's youngest daughter has SMA, which is kind of like baby ALS. She's beating the odds and just turned 5, she was basically given 18 months when she was diagnosed at just a few months old. She's part of a drug trial/treatment program and has miraculously responded. She's still on a vent and a feeding tube, but she's able to move her limbs and every video her mom posts on FB shows more and more movement. It breaks my heart that when her mom posts pics of her on the FB page, she's still counting in months old since she knows pretty much every day is unexpected. I've also read kids with SMA, much like ALS patients, have 100% normal brain function, just bodies that can't cooperate.
  7. Has the house been invaded by ants this summer? Maybe Sam is the bug wrangler version of Snow White and her talking to herself is keeping them away.
  8. I loved they blindsided him. He's thought he was controlling the game all along, but he hasn't been.
  9. It seems Julie just told CBS where she's standing, loud and clear.
  10. Most of these contestants over the years aren't exactly destitute. Plenty have managed to be able to walk away from their job for an unknown amount of time, or just quit all together. And a shit ton have been bankrolled by the bank of mom and dad. Who knows, maybe Angela lives in the tiniest apartment known to man with 3 roommates and eats nothing but ramen with ketchup packets she takes from the gas station to be able to afford that Range Rover. Or maybe her parents had money saved for college for her and then when she got an athletic scholarship, they gave the money to her after she graduated. Or, she could just be good with money. Or she's in debt over her head and the Rover's being repoed as we speak. If she had gone is saying she was a lawyer and had a Rover, I doubt she'd be getting the same crap from the house about it.
  11. Project Runway

    I'm going to tentatively be ok with this, but I reserve the right to change my mind when the replacements are announced. Heidi was given too much say, her yes vote was basically cancelling out any no votes and Tim's "mentoring" had gotten to the point where it wasn't so much mentoring as it was PeePawing, and bad PeePawing at that. I can only hope the switch back to Bravo can elevate the show back up, because, yeah, they were at the Kmart accessory wall levels of basic. It got to pathetic levels of gimmicky each and every week. It was like every challenge was the unconventional material challenge and not just one a season. And when did gown become a 4 letter word? I can't even remember the last time I saw a single gown!
  12. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Yeah, I was okay with Derrick's 5 minutes this past week, but that was enough for me. He was good at breaking down the potential votes, but I don't want to see him as a host. A host needs a good and engaging personality and that's NOT Derrick.
  13. I won't be surprised if Julie barely says 3 words to him at the finale. He came off as such a jackass and she wasn't amused.
  14. Mike White - Goliath

    Is he the first albino player?
  15. Pat Cusack - David

    Don't you have people trying to crack your knuckles?