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  1. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    Can you imagine if by some freak accident Reem not only managed to come back, but actually won? Or even made it to final 3? It would be beyond ridiculous. It would probably make for an interesting reunion show, but also go down as the worst season ever.
  2. At least they were chocolate?
  3. Yeah, her plastic surgery is even more unfortunate than Janey's. Well, maybe not as unfortunate since we know Janey used to look so much better and we really only know Elissa with bad plastic surgery. Either way, they both need to stop before they start looking like the Lion Lady.
  4. I'm pretty sure that he gave himself the nickname. Yes, many, many members of the military get a nickname by the other guys, but this one just feels self anointed. Like when one of my nephews named himself Tank when he was like 8. Difference is, he only kept it up for like 3 months. Oh, and he was, and still is, built like a tank. At 8, he was bigger than most 11 year olds and at 16 he's like 6'2" and 280 pounds. Sadly, he's about just as athletic as Wardog is.
  5. If he's who I'm thinking of, he had to wear a harness for something, window cleaning, or some such, and acted like he was being castrated. Maybe had them call a medic?
  6. Like 20 years ago, I worked in a store that had a snack bar. The girl running it passed out, and we had to call the ambulance. I was standing behind it, telling her the ambulance was on it's way while she was still on the floor. Some lady came up and started demanding I get her a damn Icee. I tried explaining we were having a medical emergency, but the lady wasn't having it. Finally I looked at her and asked if she wanted me just to step over the employee's body for her. That shut her up real fast. That's what Aurora's begging reminded me of.
  7. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    I don't remember the majority of them
  8. Am I remembering correctly he kept having meltdowns? Other than that, I do seem to think I liked them.
  9. Can we just stop with these two already?
  10. Janey isn't aging well and whatever "work" she's had done to her face isn't doing her any favors. They look like a mother daughter team instead of being in the same general age category.
  11. While I like Britney, honestly, I'm not wanting to see any of them. I like when it's all new racers.
  12. Who is the Worst?

    Okay, I know she's really not the worst, but yeah, voted for her too. This might be my favorite poll ever.
  13. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    I'm thinking this idea is backfiring on the producers. I doubt they figured ALL of them would choose to go to dinosaur island. I was surprised that not even Keith bailed.
  14. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Not that the name isn't completely stupid, but wouldn't Maverick be a better name for a boy?
  15. Food Shows

    I was pretty sure Sarah was not going to win just by the edit her final interview were getting. It was like every clip was her telling us how much better she was and how awesome her food was. I kept watching thinking she must be the loser, she had to be the loser, SHE BETTER BE THE LOSER! I've hated her since the first episode, so I was pissed she made it to the end, but at least she didn't win. Kelsey is one of my favorite chefs from this show, ever. Her food always looked and sounded great and she seems like an all around nice woman. Not that I'm going to Alabama anytime soon, but if I was, I'd try to hit up her shop.