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  1. Joey Lawrence - Where the hell is his hair?

    See, I was thinking he could really screw himself over if he had a hit role.... but I forgot to take into account the crap he's known for so let's be honest, the chances of a hit is pretty much zero to none.
  2. Joey Lawrence - Where the hell is his hair?

    Car payments on 3 cars, mortgage, and private school for his kids, plus regular bills, especially if they were living a celebrity lifestyle. I can't believe he was stupid enough to sell his rights off though. Apparently he couldn't afford a lawyer to tell him that's all kinds of a bad decision.
  3. Joey Lawrence - Where the hell is his hair?

    Last I heard, he was completely broke, which is sad given he's basically been working since he was what, 5?
  4. Tom Green

    Man, I forgot he even existed. Wasn't he married to Drew Barrymore at one point?
  5. Ryan Lochte

    LOL! Yes, I could see him voting himself out. He's so dumb. He's like a puppy you have to keep swatting to keep it from eating random ass things around the house.
  6. Celebrity Big Brother 2 - Premieres Jan. 21

    Ahhh.... I do remember seeing Jonathan on Halloween Wars an episode or two.
  7. Celebrity Big Brother 2 - Premieres Jan. 21

    I might actually watch if Bobby Moynihan is really part of the cast. I loved him on Saturday Night Live and even watched his sitcom Me, Myself, & I that lasted like 6 episodes. Carson Kressley could be fun too. If nothing else, maybe he'll give them fashion makeovers. I'd put Jenner as the first one out. She's a bitch and doesn't seem to play well with others. I've actually heard of most of them. The only "strangers" are Jonathan Bennett and Tiffany Pollard.
  8. POLL: Will you be watching?

    Probably not. Somehow last year's "celebs" were even more boring then the regular non famous players. I think I lasted like 3 episodes, tops.
  9. They really need to stop trying to make these people happen at this point. I mean, Joe is alway at least a bit of fun, but I'm not wanting to see any of them play again. Actually, I have no clue who David is, so that tells me I really am not wanting to see him.
  10. https://www.tmz.com/2018/05/15/survivor-season-37-contestants-out-themselves-5-million-dollar-nda/ I'm not buying they were in a library....
  11. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    And as pro Angelina as Gabby was, she still didn't throw her a vote, so how pro Angelina was she? It was like Gabby figured she could play it all up, make herself look pro woman and talk about how tough women have it on Survivor and in general, but yeah, just not support her enough to actually not for her. If she felt that way, she should have at least called Angelina out about something. Angelina being a military wife did really come out of no where.
  12. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    Hmmm.... maybe CBS fed that one particular tidbit to just one person to see if the got spoiled somehow as a test. Nice to see Natalie was still delusional about her actions. I was happy to see Angelina get zero votes. Her "I had it so rough since I'm a woman" shit got really, really old. Especially since she was the only woman for what, 8 hours? And her behavior would have been called out as dick moves if she was a man.
  13. I did like she didn't even get a single vote.
  14. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    Did I miss the proposal? I swear I walked away for like 4 minutes, but I could hear Christian talking about his 5 hour babbling to Jeff, but I didn't see a proposal.
  15. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I am actively avoiding the names involved in the proposal, but I'm feeling like it's the dumbass who got banned from the reunion show for posting pics on his Instagram of him and another dumbass player before the show even started. He had to find a way to get allowed to show up.