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  1. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    He wasn't the one I would have liked to see go, but it was brilliant gameplay, you have to give them that much. And it was an amazing blindside.
  2. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    The lack of self-awareness from Natalie is off the charts. And she's not even fun with it. I won't miss her.
  3. Tribe Swap!

    Too soon. Although, I might not have felt this way if the Davids hadn't just finally won. I'm pretty sure I would have been ok with it had they lost again.
  4. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I'll give it to them they basically listed all the companies that gave them discounted stuff for naming dropping. We all know celebs, even D list celebs, get shit for free all time. Being photographed in an outfit or pimping it on their social media accounts, but they don't tend to be quite so right out there with it. So props to them for just down right listing them all. I'm not in love with her dress, but her flowers are absolutely gorgeous. And of course Cody's favorite restaurant is Texas Road House! LOL! Although, I have to admit, I'll never pass up a chance to eat there, just for their rolls and cinnamon sugar butter alone.
  5. She might be one of the rare ones who are so unliked by their tribe, that the rest of the tribe decides to lose intentionally just to vote her off.
  6. Ahhh... that makes more sense. I had a really bad week last week, all sorts of bad news, and I obviously took the working with young people the wrong way!
  7. I"m not sure what she's a teacher of, but she said she was a teacher and she's used to directing students.
  8. Nick Wilson - Kalokalo (former David)

    Right? I've got MS and have for 15 years. I just got a handicapped parking pass like a year and a half ago and have used it maybe 25 times, if that. Do the least as possible just doesn't compute for me. I get maybe not leading the construction of the shelter, but if you plan on sleeping in it, your ass needs to be doing something to contribute.
  9. General Drama

    I had high hopes for New Amsterdam, and then I saw the pilot episode. I'm expecting it to be cancelled soon. It really wasn't good. I also watched A Million Little Things, this one was much, much better. Yes, it's a This Is Us clone, but I liked it a lot.
  10. And she said she's a teacher. My guess is she's got tenure so they can't fire her ass.
  11. I'm a cynical bitch, I fully admit it, and I'm thinking her pregnancy was a late period and her miscarriage was getting her period. As for Swaggy handing out daddy hats at the after show, there's more things than I can count wrong with that if any of this is true. I'm thinking these two seriously miscalculated their plan to stay in the spotlight.
  12. Alec Merlino - Kalokalo (former Goliath)

    I"m not sure if I can post it in this tread, but in case you want to potentially spoil yourself on his outcome in the game, check out the general reality thread for some links about this tool. Posts are from May 15 and after.
  13. Carl Boudreaux - Kalokalo (former David)

    I was convinced he was going to be the emergency evacuation. I saw a Yahoo headline about a player going down before I had a chance to watch the episode. I didn't click on it, but when I saw him trying to get under the log in the challenge, I figured it had to be him. Imagine my surprise when he wasn't completely maimed by the challenge and did manage to walk away.
  14. Mike White - Kalokalo (former Goliath)

    He's going to be and early boot. Hollywood and Amazing Race and not really bringing much strength or even smarts to the game isn't going to keep him safe.
  15. It's easy to be a "young" 56 when you just stand there giving orders and doing no work.