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  1. All I can say is everyone needs to be extra aware of their health. I found out yesterday someone I've known since kindergarten is hospitalized, sedated, and on a vent. She has Cororna and double pneumonia. She'll be 43 soon, if I remember right her birthday is around Mother's Day. She was being super careful, her son was born with a heart condition, and she used to be a nurse. So in theory, she should have been the last person the get sick. But from the sounds of it, the symptoms hit her really fast. She was just posting on Facebook last week and was perfectly fine as far as she knew.
  2. I'd still be watching, no matter what. I don't remember all of them, but I do remember most. I'll be interested in seeing Brian Malarkey. I don't remember him from TC at all, but have always liked him on other Food Network shows. I've also read a LOT of internet hate about his appearance the first time around. So it should be interesting to see if his TC personality is different from his FN personality. I mean, he was a bit aggressive in the first show, but nothing hate worthy. I was good with the booted chef, I always found him annoying.
  3. Are we going to get a finale show? I feel like it might literally be by Skype. I don't now how Sandra didn't see that vote coming. Honestly, it was the perfect gameplay and seeing as she didn't even bother to tell Denise to vote Tony as at least a try was just sloppy.
  4. I was literally cheering when she pulled it off. And I have grown to like Sandra, but it was excellent game play.
  5. Here's the thing, how the heck is he going to hide a giant vat of peanut butter? And even more, peanut butter is a very distinctive smell on the breath. I give it one day before Rob literally smells him out and is passing the jar around the group while telling them all what a snake Tyson is. He should have saved it, the unknown is better down the line on the island. Though, good for him for being smart enough to figure out the tide.
  6. That's a good question. The casting would have to start relatively soon, right?. They get sequestered, what, end of June? I can't see them being able to cast a whole new batch of people in that kind of turn around. Maybe a whole returning cast, but even that would be iffy at best. I can't see CBS willing to air it during the fall with all the new shows.
  7. I've never watched BB Canada, but apparently they are playing right now and locked in. They got letters from home kinda giving them an update about the world. A really crappy story popped up in my Google listings, it doesn't even seem to have a link to post, but I found this one. I don't think Canada has had quite the same response that America has had, but that could obviously change.
  8. I wish they would show all the votes like they used to, it was always nice to know who voted which way. Rob's demand that they buddy up was stupid given the 2 guys he made the demand of really don't like him or wanted to play with him. He would have been smarter to try to try to flip the women and vote out Adam.
  9. Well, @copssister, she is the Queen, so if anyone could make it happen, it would be her.
  10. She's playing smart. I want to see her try to take Rob out, so I'm hoping when they pick new buffs this week, that happens.
  11. I like that he's actually doing something for others with his "fame" as limited as it is. He's seemingly a really good guy and is trying to better the world.
  12. Yep, you can't sit out back to back challenges, so Sandra can keep sitting her ass out all the reward challenges, still reap the benefits, and not tire herself out.
  13. I was completely surprised by this one. I guess the thought might be the other 2 weren't really that attached to him so they won't be so bitter and pissed? I don't know. Again it just seems like a waste of a vote.
  14. She was just so painfully dumb! She knew she was on the outs after like 12 minutes of playing, then wants to go after Parvati, and talks about the alliance right in front of Ben. Raise the flag, there's NO way you're getting off the island and back into the game, so unless you've got nothing else going on or need the money that bad, just go home.
  15. Could Rob have been trying to get voted out? He knew Amber was on dinosaur island, he could be sitting there with her for who knows how many days just chilling with her before getting a chance to get back in. Thats the only reason I can come up with for his stupid puzzle playing. As for other players, Ethan better hope he stays in good graces, he looked like the comp kicked his ass and they are only a few days in.
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