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  1. Yeah, I gave up pretty much last week. I forgot to watch Sunday, saw like half the show last night, and have zero desire to watch tonight. They are so unlikable, I just can't with them. At this point, I hope Nicole and Cliff make it out alive and the rest, ehhh... the ants can rise up and death them alive. I have to ask though, have ANY of the houseguests pointed out the noms all being seemingly racist? I haven't seen anyone mention it and haven't really kept up with the recaps.
  2. Sure she has, it's just been one geared for those ages 3 and under.
  3. OMG, yes! Mango and a dash of SNL's Mr. Peepers. I thought that after the snake show.
  4. Kemi might be the only one who would shake this shit up. Right now it's looking like a long march of Jack(son) decisions which means I"m going to be bored in like 2 weeks and stop watching.
  5. Yeah, my sister just got out of a relationship like that. They were supposedly just "friends" for like 3 years. She spent almost every Saturday night with him, they went on a few trips together, she always went to his house (though in his defense she has 3 kids and he lived alone), never once said I love you (!!!), she was always going on and on about how she was soooo good with how their relationship was, she didn't want more. Right up until he suddenly told her he thought the relationship had gone as far as it could go and he was done. She was devastated and more than a little pathetic. Good old Spongebrain Squarejaw here has obviously lived a pretty and privileged life where his "looks"have allowed him a TON of delusions. I'd say it's going to take a woman completely rejecting him to break some of his delusions, but he's the kind of douchebag who will just spin it as "she's a frigid bitch and I didn't want her anyway" to all his boys.
  6. Watching the show and yeah, I can only see Charles Manson now!
  7. It's odd it's just Christie and Tommy who know each other. I can't imagine CBS didn't cast them on purpose, knowing they knew each other, but it seems like a weird advantage/disadvantage. It's probably comforting knowing you have someone in the house who you know, knows your family, but at the same time it's got to be a pain to not slip and they have to know they are fucked if it comes out. I fully expect Julie to bust out a little "house guests, did you know 2 of you knew each other before coming in?" one Thursday night and just leaving it like that for them to deal with.
  8. Yeah, she would have been 23 when it came out, she would known the show.
  9. Class president of what class? College? I know he's mentioned it like 19 million times, but I have never seen the specifics. He was annoying me during the last episode, the constant babbling like cheesy motivational posters would make me want to kill him. My manager went thru a phase a month ago where he kept telling us to not let someone or something steal our bliss. He said it so many times I finally asked if he had joined a cult. That's where I would be with Ovi.
  10. Why the hell did I think his parents were from a South American country? I really haven't been paying attention!
  11. Yeah, I had to go with Kemi and Jessica too. I can only imagine production is trying to figure out a way to not have this turn into a huge issue right about now.
  12. I forgot to watch on Sunday and was at my nephew's birthday last night, so tonight was the first real episode I watched. Boy, Ovi is bit annoying, I can see why he was voted out. And what the hell was he wearing and why does a young guy not only own it, but bring it? Jack and Jackson looked pissed when they found out about Camp Comeback and David. I kept waiting for them to lose their shit which would have made for a good show. They will be insufferable this week though.
  13. So they are going for the polar opposite of Robot Sam.... I guess it's better than the have nots. That had long out lived it's purpose, especially when they were all but crippling some of them with the beds.
  14. I still miss the food comps, they were always fun.
  15. I think the big wheel weighed like 100 pounds or something and that was the reason they gave. The could have found a way to keep it or at least the idea of it if they had really wanted.
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