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  1. She was a waste of a vote. You have a guy out there who's a) with his wife, b) been on the show like 18 times, and c) has MORE contacts than the rest of them put together, and yeah, you vote for her.
  2. So many that I have zero recollection of.... including some who have played more than once. I know I missed a few seasons, but there's no way I missed that many.
  3. Maybe he and whats her face should start giving their CBS money to who ever is watching their kids while they are famewhoring for the 12th time.
  4. Yeah, he dated another player for a while. He's actually had cancer twice. I remember liking him. I really liked the Africa season just for the location alone. Imagine them trying to do that today. It would never happen.
  5. Tommy by default. Only because he's a teacher and might do something to help his school.
  6. Those were pretty much my thoughts at the final 3, all of them sucked and it was just a matter of who sucked the least. Although, it's not like any of the final 5 were amazing players. Sure Janet was slightly more likeable, but half the time I didn't remember Lauren was there, and none of them really set the game on fire. Actually, it could be argued most of them, the entire season, pretty much were horrible game players though.
  7. If he is this touchy with all the cameras watching, do we even want to know what happens when there's not? Although, I'lll at least give him this, we haven't read allegations or complaints from anyone not associated with the show yet. Um, yeah, he outed Zeke as being trans. He's the LAST person who should be commenting on anything regarding anyone, ever.
  8. Now I'm reading it happened after the immunity challenge and another player saw it too. I get they needed to get all their ducks in a row, but if that's true and they still let tribal happen, that's really shitty. I'm also seeing a conspiracy theory that CBS knew it was just a matter of time before Dan got the boot and that's why Jack made jury before the merge. I don't pay enough attention or know Survivor history, but is a jury member before the merge that unusual?
  9. Elaine is possibly the most genuine and likable player I've ever seen on all the seasons of this show. I get why the rest wanted her out, but it still sucks.
  10. Yep, via TooFab, TMZ's sister site, he touched a staffer's leg. Kellee rightfully has feelings about this. And CBS must be worried, they are pre-taping the reunion show. Game play or not, CBS had TONS of evidence of him touching women and he should have been gone the first time.
  11. Karishma was a waste of a vote after that tribal. You had a total shitshow going down, people were making targets out of themselves and proving to be much more dangerous players. Karishma wasn't going to win anything and wasn't going to mastermind anything. And can we talk about just how mean Dan was in talking about Karishma at the reward? Where did that come from? And super classy in front of his son.
  12. I'm not remembering a bigger waste on an idol use. She was on negative radars. I almost find her bad use even worse than the ones who go home with it in their pocket.
  13. A million would go a long way for most factory workers anywhere. My mom has worked in the same factory in Ohio for like 38 years. She's a supervisor now and makes okay money, but nothing spectacular and 38 years! And the factory she works for is basically the largest in the country for what they make and one of the top in the world. So she's got job security many factory workers don't have. She's also got decent benefits and a shit ton of paid time off (again, 38 years!) that many don't have.
  14. You'd think with his job, he'd know not to be creepy more than most, but obviously not. I have to think about the way he's come off to his female tribemates versus how he probably comes across to actresses he's worked with.
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