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  1. Her namaste has turned into a full out fuck you. And please tell me I'm not the only one who was hoping Fessie would plant his hand on the top of her head when she was strutting around him demanding he tell her Scottie has the power and just pick her up like a giant claw machine and carry her out of the room, set her down, and then walk away.
  2. Kaitlyn dropping the N word by quoting a Drake song. Why are people so stupid?
  3. BB20 House Discussion

    A good hunk of spectrum customers in Ohio had no cable for 3 hours tonight. Mine finally came back on 3 minutes after the show ended. I was going to try to wait till tomorrow to try to see if I could pull it up on demand, but I have no will power and had to come here to see who got evicted.
  4. What the hell does he have tied around his arm all the time?
  5. BB20 House Discussion

    Wait, Rachel and Angela get yelled at in the DR, but JC and DJ Dumbass Name don't? That's all kinds of bullshit.
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    My cable guide says there is
  7. POLL: Week 2 - Who do you want to win HOH?

    I want Sam to win if she's around. She deserves something nice after the horrible robot week. As for not winning, Swaggy or anyone who votes with him. None of them will stand up to him, so if one of them win, he's calling all the shots anyway.
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    OMG! Tsy, that made me laugh much more than it should have.
  9. I'm more disturbed he said he tried it first and it felt good. What else has he tried in the house?????
  10. Winston Hines - Bro! Dude! Bro!

    Well, that would be unexpected, a double eviction the very first time out of the gate. I have to say, I'm not hating him and his frat boy party partner, Brett. So far they've been pretty normal and well behaved.
  11. I wish there was a way to keep him from trending to ensure he got the loser app, but I don't think there is.
  12. So, this happened. Sexual assault by ice cream scooper. I hope to hell they threw away the scooper.
  13. I was half ass watching BBAD last night and Bayleigh and Rockstar had his glasses that he wears during comps. Holy hell, he's got to be wandering around basically blind. The lenses were super thick and they couldn't figure out how he's even reading anything or not plowing into stuff. According to them, he doesn't wear contacts or anything when they aren't doing comps. Bay also has decided he's been totally coddled by his mother and that's why he's got such a high opinion of himself. She probably is dead on from what I've seen. It also sounds like most of the house isn't really on his side, even those who are acting like it. Fay might be his only true alliance at this point.
  14. BB20 House Discussion

    I loved the food comps, they were fun! The whinging about slop is old and has been for years now. We get it, it's horrible. Get over it. Even dumber is the have not room.