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  1. Yeah, but they say that every year and more often than not, it's really barely true. My favorite is when the latest new thing happens once, is lame and fails to be popular, so it's never mentioned again.
  2. John Raymond, Survivor Thailand, is an absolute moron. How did he even think this wasn't going to turn all bad?
  3. Zeke Smith, got engaged! Congrats to Zeke and Nico.
  4. I have to say, I was surprised with such a physical HOH for the first day in, especially for the celebrities.
  5. The teacher husband is a jerk. I'm also more than ready for the flight attendant who keeps going on about an all woman team winning to go home. I like the other half of the team but she's really working my last nerve.
  6. Aww... I like Kim and Penn, but I've watching their YouTube videos for years now. I wasn't a fan of 2 other husband and wife teams. The husband who kept bitching at his wife to move faster and the one who kept ignoring his wife saying Bobby wasn't a specific man both really annoyed me. How long was the filming break? I'd imagine not every one was able to get more time off of work or real life, or some might have just decided Covid was too big of a risk. It's one thing to get X amount of time off but another to take a short time but need that time off again however long later.
  7. Those do look pretty cool, but all I can think of is shards of glass flying everywhere if one shatters.
  8. That might have been the best tribal I've seen in a long time! I have to admit, I was sure Evee was going home and was going to be bummed they didn't use the idol on her, but then started laughing when it all worked out. The bitter Sydney was just icing on the cake.
  9. If Erika doesn't flip the script, she deserves to be booted. She 100% knows she's the low man on the totem pole with her old team, there's no reason to protect them. She's literally got nothing to lose.
  10. Can you cut and past the article? I really want to read it, but I can only see the first paragraph or so without subscribing. I loved SYTYCD for a while there, although I did lose interest in the last couple of seasons.
  11. Just because a blind eye has been turned to certain terms for a long time, it doesn't make them okay in this day and age. I could almost feel bad for Heather.... if I had realized she was even a player. I thought she was Tiffany and then realized they were two different players and I no idea who she was. Which one couldn't do the balance beam kind of thing a couple of episodes ago? That was Tiffany, right? If so, I really have no idea who Heather is! I will say, Heather has gorgeous hair from what I saw! LOL! The tribe trying to lose was cracking me up.... especially since the other ones were tragically horrible.
  12. I couldn't help but notice Jeff's face looked a bit "refreshed" in the show. And I hate his longer hair.
  13. That was the dumbest game play I've seen in a long, long time. Morons. They deserve to be miserable. Brad creeps me out. And yes, he's playing way too hard.
  14. Doesn’t Sarah Beth have a girlfriend? I don’t think she was interested in Kyland.
  15. I voted Alyssa. I want to see who the other nom would be besides Claire. My guess would be Kyland, but she might just go off the rails and actually make the cookout start turning on themselves.
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