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  1. Kyara

    General Drama

    I saw that too. We'll definitely be watching.
  2. I was a little surprised that Michelle didn't do better. I know she played a more subtle game than the other two, but it was still very effective. I guess against the other two she just didn't stand out enough. I feel badly for her since she struggled with the negative feedback from her last win.
  3. Kyara


    I adored Community! Great show.
  4. Kyara

    General Drama

    We’ve watched all seasons of The Magicians and I liked them. The cast really grew on me. But, I had to let a lot of things go because I was a huge fan of the books and the series was nothing like the books.
  5. Great idea! I’d watch Kaysar, Janey, and Howie again.
  6. I still love Rob. I giggled a little when he grabbed all 3 fire tokens.
  7. I’m so conflicted. Outstanding move by Denise, but Sandra... nooooooo!
  8. If Sandra survives the first vote, she’s going to win. It’s possible the distraction of Amber and Rob being in the game together might give her some cover.
  9. I’m starting to think my memory has been tampered with by aliens (or I’m just SLOWOLD). I don’t remember any of these people!
  10. I’d bet my next paycheck he’d never been on the show before. Sigh.
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