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  1. Literature

    I’ve only just read the first one and really enjoyed it. The characters are definitely what draw you in.
  2. Diet orange soda, bourbon barrel ice cream, Dove dark chocolate... oh who am I kidding. I’d have bolted within the first 1/2 hour out of annoyance, boredom, and an intense desire to be around people with brain cells.
  3. Movies

    I liked it a lot too. I’m just anxious for the next one to see if anyone is really dead.
  4. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    I’m pretty upset about Syfy cancelling The Expanse. Complex, thought-provoking tv instead of mindless drivel.. of course it’s getting cancelled. Sigh. And they better not touch Killjoys!!
  5. General Drama

    I have it recorded, but haven't watched an episode yet. Thanks for the positive review.
  6. Movies

    Margo Robbie was the only good thing in Suicide Squad.
  7. Movies

    I loved the book, but I haven't heard great reviews on the movie. Thanks for sharing yours. We did watch The Shape of Water and loved it. The movie definitely felt very fairy-tale like and I loved the music.
  8. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    It reminds me of oxen nose rings. Why would any woman want to look like she has to pull a cart for a living? It mildly rings of subservience. All puns intended.
  9. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    You don't have issues, Mrs. Gryn. Or, if you do, then I have them too. The way Evan speaks to Henry is pretty awful in exactly the way you describe. I don't know why he puts up with that crap, but he's clearly too nice for his own good. I wanted to smack the shit out of her with all that screeching during the puzzle. How does she expect anyone to concentrate? I was happy to see Cody and Jess win. I sure hated them on BB, but ended up liking them just fine on TAR. They made an excellent team that encouraged each other, remained level-headed, and was kind to citizens of the countries they visited.
  10. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    *whispers* I'm liking Jody... and I'm kind of hoping they win. Although I really like Yale too.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang

    Those moguls freak me out.
  12. 2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang

    I do too, Shannon, but what I especially love is ice dancing.
  13. Food Shows

    I was hoping Nick would win too, but honestly, I would have been fine with any of the final 3 winning. I suspect they're all pretty great. I ate at Bobby Flay's restaurant in Ceasar's years ago which was great and I'd definitely give Hell's Kitchen a shot. I'd be tempted by the pre-fixe, but I'd actually get the lobster risotto, pumpkin soup, and beef Wellington. He better have a dessert menu too!
  14. Food Shows

    I'm going to plug Chef's Table on Netflix again since they're releasing a new season April 13. It's called Chef's Table - Pastry and will focus on pastry chefs. Christina Tosi, owner of Milk Bar, and judge on Masterchef Junior will be featured on one episode. It's a beautiful, interesting show.. like watching art on tv. Give it a shot.
  15. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    Glad the ring girls went first. Yuck. Now my hate for the goat yoga team can take center stage. I can't believe Joey Chestnut and Eater X agreed to do this, but I guess they figured it's easier than their regular profession. Surprisingly, I don't hate Cody & Jess yet.