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  1. Ugh, what an awful season. I hated it. To echo cops.. do better Amazing Race!
  2. Kyara

    General Drama

    Tig Notaro is the best part of that show! I’m liking this season more than the previous ones, but in all fairness, I’ve liked them all. Love The Mandalorian! I’m not usually not one for puppets, but that Baby Yoda is adorable. I’m a big fan of the books The Magicians was based on. The series was a little hard for me because it deviated so very much from the books and I missed certain character arcs. I ended up loving it though.. Elliot & Margo were the best! I'm watching His Dark Materials and it’s just okay for me. I’ve never read the books either and I wonder how different they are. I can’t wait for The Expanse! I read today that it was renewed for a sixth and final season.
  3. Great assessment, nixie. I can’t stand them or the two blondes that came in last. Really wanted to see them get eliminated!
  4. False. I didn’t like it at all. The next poster likes to read more than they like listening to music.
  5. Heh, Mockingbird.. it’s a policy I also employ.
  6. My slowold is showing. Social media is a plague on us all. Everything superficial reigns.
  7. Wow, yes. That article perfectly details why the “new style” way of playing sucks and why we like the original so much better. The only thing they don’t really expand on is the extent of pre-game alliances which I think have really ruined the season. I guess it wouldn’t be a newer BB season without disappointment!
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