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  1. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    It reminds me of oxen nose rings. Why would any woman want to look like she has to pull a cart for a living? It mildly rings of subservience. All puns intended.
  2. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    You don't have issues, Mrs. Gryn. Or, if you do, then I have them too. The way Evan speaks to Henry is pretty awful in exactly the way you describe. I don't know why he puts up with that crap, but he's clearly too nice for his own good. I wanted to smack the shit out of her with all that screeching during the puzzle. How does she expect anyone to concentrate? I was happy to see Cody and Jess win. I sure hated them on BB, but ended up liking them just fine on TAR. They made an excellent team that encouraged each other, remained level-headed, and was kind to citizens of the countries they visited.
  3. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    *whispers* I'm liking Jody... and I'm kind of hoping they win. Although I really like Yale too.
  4. 2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang

    Those moguls freak me out.
  5. 2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang

    I do too, Shannon, but what I especially love is ice dancing.
  6. Food Shows

    I was hoping Nick would win too, but honestly, I would have been fine with any of the final 3 winning. I suspect they're all pretty great. I ate at Bobby Flay's restaurant in Ceasar's years ago which was great and I'd definitely give Hell's Kitchen a shot. I'd be tempted by the pre-fixe, but I'd actually get the lobster risotto, pumpkin soup, and beef Wellington. He better have a dessert menu too!
  7. Food Shows

    I'm going to plug Chef's Table on Netflix again since they're releasing a new season April 13. It's called Chef's Table - Pastry and will focus on pastry chefs. Christina Tosi, owner of Milk Bar, and judge on Masterchef Junior will be featured on one episode. It's a beautiful, interesting show.. like watching art on tv. Give it a shot.
  8. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    Glad the ring girls went first. Yuck. Now my hate for the goat yoga team can take center stage. I can't believe Joey Chestnut and Eater X agreed to do this, but I guess they figured it's easier than their regular profession. Surprisingly, I don't hate Cody & Jess yet.
  9. General Drama

    We're definitely looking forward to season 2.
  10. General Drama

    I agree with everything you said, Tsy, and I still like the show. I'm glad they're giving it a second season.
  11. Same here. She was bright and confident, but not an asshole about it. I'm unhappy she's gone.
  12. I'm not fond of her.. something I can't quite put my finger on. I suspect she might be a classic "mean girl."
  13. Ok, now I'm interested.
  14. General Drama

    I'm watching it and I agree. It's stunning to look at - like movie quality stunning. Although I do have to complain a little about the damn lens flare. The writing has been solid and Sonequa Martin Greene is really good in it. I think it will continue to get better and better as the characters develop. It's the show I look forward to the most each week.