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  1. Right there with ya', tlh9. I'd react the same way. And she'd regret it.
  2. False. It's my least favorite season. In fact, the best thing about summer is that fall is almost here. 'The next poster is sad @midnight is over.
  3. Wow, she destroyed herself.
  4. What dc20willsave and Magpie said. X 1,000. Screw all of them. (Damnit, I was kinda liking Alex too!)
  5. False. Didn't even know that was a thing. Plus, I live somewhere where that's not possible. The next poster has an amateur interest in astronomy and is looking forward to the solar eclipse on Aug. 21st.
  6. I'm not surprised people are upset ( I'm familiar with the disease). I just figured it was a tactic to get her to the end and a win. Sort of the opposite of flying under the radar.
  7. True. I'm pretty sure I'm the last person to discover the land of Three Pines (Still Life by Louise Penny). I don't really read a lot of mysteries (my preferred genre is scifi/fantasy), but a story about the author caught my eye on CBS Sunday Morning last week so I thought I'd give it a try. It's got an unusual atmosphere.. feels very.. comfortable? homey? I'd also like to plug a great read by Erin Morgenstern called The Night Circus. Stunningly beautiful writing - give it a try. The next poster can't wait for The Dark Tower movie to premiere.
  8. Well since I was so very wrong about Dom not being on anyone's radar...
  9. It must be because she's not on anyone's radar.
  10. Dom because she isn't on anyone's radar.
  11. Absolutely true. It's one of my favorite shows! I just recently discovered it and went back to watch all previous seasons. I was unhappy to hear about the splintering of the show hosts/judges this year. The next poster watches the Dom BB "show" each night and doesn't think it's an attempt to turn BB into a lasting career. *snicker*
  12. Not if they're doing plates and screws (and if she's broken metatarsals or has a lisfranc fracture, they may - her having an MRI makes sense here). I've been wondering this whole time how she was going to pass this off as a doctor's appointment. She's going to come back pretty loopy from the anesthesia. I don't see a way for her to hide this at all.
  13. Me too, tooletta. She's just so fake. Everything is a full blown, dramatic production done for maximum attention. It's exhausting.