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  1. I really can’t stand her. She’s emotionally manipulative and always the victim. She needs to go.
  2. I really want Christie to go this week. I can’t stand her.
  3. Cliff is growing on me. He’s not a slime ball.
  4. I’d never heard it was a word to be avoided either.
  5. Thanks, tlh9! I was able to watch the whole thing - that was the most fun I’ve had this season. Watching Julie at the end was weirdly fascinating.
  6. I kinda thought she might be headed to prom.
  7. Does it seem more deliberately cruel this year or is it just me? I’ve watched this show since day one and this feels a little different. I don’t know.. maybe I’m just getting older and more tired of people’s shit. I’d never be able to live with myself if I treated others like that. It’s just so disappointing.
  8. She’s a horrible person. I really dislike her treatment of Nicole.
  9. David really knows what’s up. I’d like to see him play.
  10. Yes, several. Japan was my favorite. What’s your all-time favorite book?
  11. I feel like I’d get an STD if I watched it. Ew.
  12. Oh yeah, Cooty Taw it is.
  13. I’d sign that. He’s a horrible human being.
  14. Ugh, can’t stand people like this. I hope she’s gone soon.
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