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  1. False. I didn’t like it at all. The next poster likes to read more than they like listening to music.
  2. Heh, Mockingbird.. it’s a policy I also employ.
  3. My slowold is showing. Social media is a plague on us all. Everything superficial reigns.
  4. Wow, yes. That article perfectly details why the “new style” way of playing sucks and why we like the original so much better. The only thing they don’t really expand on is the extent of pre-game alliances which I think have really ruined the season. I guess it wouldn’t be a newer BB season without disappointment!
  5. She's really become an entitled little mess, hasn't she? I can't stand her this year.
  6. I can echo jak's recommendation for Eco-Challenge Fiji on Amazon. We binged watched it in one day. Somehow, it felt right to watch people push to their extreme physical limits while I sat on a couch all day.
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