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  1. I watched the first episode and I’m on the fence. The gameplay is interesting, but the people are horrendous (except Shubham). I can’t decide if I should watch a second episode or not.
  2. I do admire Tommy for getting to the end without ever winning anything or having votes against him. That’s a strong social game I’d never be able to play.
  3. Good for you! It’s a great achievement and you should be proud.
  4. Didn’t see that coming. I thought they were just going to let him win it all and I’d have to roll my eyes out of my head.
  5. Tiny Tank, Elaine and Noura because I like the first two and I’m fascinated to see what Noura would say to the questions. Dan because he’s an ass, Karishma because she’s whiny and useless and Elizabeth because she’s failed women everywhere.
  6. This opinion piece in EW really says exactly what I think about the situation from this week’s show. https://ew.com/tv/2019/11/14/survivor-inappropriate-touching-controversy-kellee-dan-opinion/ It’s well done.
  7. I admire her so much. It seems like integrity is a rarity these days.
  8. Missy just posted an apology on Twitter, but damn, I’m having a very difficult time with her actions (and Liz’s). I’m so disappointed in them. What I do recognize is that what happened on Survivor is what happens in regular life. Women need to get their shit together and start supporting each other. Why don’t we regularly do that? Seriously, why is it so hard for women to support each other instead of tearing each other down? Offices, motherhood, cliques in high school.. it’s all the same shit. We’ve got to do better or we’ll remain our own worst enemy. Also, Janet is my hero. She’s got integrity and I admire that.
  9. I have a lot of fondness for the “no clocks, compete for food, FOTH” days. So much more fun. Remember the clothes luxury comps? Good times!
  10. I can’t help it - I like me some Boston Rob (Ambah’s slaamin’).
  11. I’m glad she got a little confidence. Watching her apologize to Bella when Bella was being horrible to her was cringe-inducing.
  12. I’d prefer to see Cliff win even though I think it’s a long shot. He had to navigate regular game play like everyone else, but also deal with the stigma of being oldest and wasn’t part of the “cool” kids club at all. Plus, he won Camp Comeback. He’s a smart, savvy player who wins when he needs to and doesn’t really piss anyone off while doing it. Pretty good game play.
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