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  1. Ahab and cops said it perfectly. She’s a total narcissist who always got her way because no one wants to deal with the tantrums. Good luck with that attitude in life.
  2. BB20 House Discussion

    Thanks so much for posting both the videos. That was fantastic!! What a psycho! if she still flew for Delta, I’d avoid that airline like the plague. Last thing I need on a business trip is her freaking out during an emergency.
  3. BB20 House Discussion

    I was just saying the same thing. That seems like an awful lot of control for one person.
  4. Haha Mags, that’s what I was coming here to post. Hilarious!
  5. Food Shows

    I knew all about the rift between Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood when the show moved to a different channel/contract, but I’d held out hope we’d be able to see the new show in the US. All I have to say now is booooooooooooo!
  6. I also think cops theory in the general discussion thread is on target. You’re seeing the result of a bored artistic mind.
  7. I like her too, but the spider thing is kind of torturey (not really a word) and I’m having a problem with that.
  8. I didn’t like her from the beginning, but after this week (and all the reasons above).. hate, lots of hate.
  9. I totally agree, bsdsooner. When she plopped on the floor and started crying.. priceless! I can’t believe she didn’t carefully take it apart, push each piece through in order and just put it back together on the other side. Guess all those empath skills don’t include logical thinking, heh.
  10. She’s just too honest for the game and can’t see how her actions will impact it down the line. I still like her just fine, but I don’t think she’ll win.
  11. That’s some serious double standard you got going on, Bayleigh. Also, the technical term you’re looking for is “analogy.”
  12. I agree, Avorlon. She’s completely delusional if she thinks her behavior is empowering and inspiring to women.