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  1. Yes! British version of Ghosts is on HBO Max. We finished up Resident Alien too. Still love it!
  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, SLuG. I lost someone very close to me recently and it’s just so hard. That loss never goes away, but time does help you to remember them with joy and love. You have my sincere condolences.
  3. Love Resident Alien!! Can’t wait for the second half of season two. Also really liked 1883 and we’ve watched Yellowstone since the beginning (go Beth!). I was kind of glad 1883 was a single season because I felt like it was a fully realized story and didn’t need a second season. I’m looking forward to 1923 with Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. Hope it holds up. We’re watching the final season of Better Call Saul and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s incredibly well done. I’ve never really seen a spin-off that surpasses the original before. We’re really looking forward to House of the Dragon (GoT prequel) and LoTR: Rings of Power.
  4. Holy c—p! HT is 20?! Terrifying. I can’t believe it’s been that long.
  5. It’s like you’re in my head, MrsGryn. Your entire assessment is spot on.
  6. I’m betting you’re right, elizabethann.
  7. Kyara

    Survivor 41

    Agreed. He’s exhausting.
  8. Kyara

    Survivor 41

    I have to admit I’m not a fan of the new type of idol. It seems wildly unfair. You just have to walk up to someone and ask and they have to give it up? I call bullshite!
  9. Kyara

    Survivor 41

    I thought the “guys“ discussion was dumb, but I liked the rest of the changes. The little puzzle part for fans was fun too. Pretty easy the first week, but we’ll see where it goes.
  10. I completely agree too. Claire is impressive in that respect.
  11. I still like the social experiment even though most people suck.
  12. We’ve watched all those shows too, MrsGryn and loved them all. Season 2 of Ted Lasso starts July 23rd.. can’t wait! We also loved Resident Alien on SyFy with Alan Tudyk and Dead Pixels, a British show about a couple of gamers, on the CW. The Expanse (sci-fi & politics), The Boys (superheroes gone bad) & Upload (digitally upload yourself when you die) on Amazon Prime were all great and all very different from each other. Raised by Wolves on HBO Max is a sci-fi show from Ridley Scott about two androids tasked with raising human children on another planet. And if you haven’t seen it, check out Mrs. America on Hulu. Amazing cast, amazing (mostly true) story!
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