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  1. Literature

    I’m definitely planning on recommending Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I’d love to hear what other people think about it.
  2. That’ll work for me. I’m still in book 1, chapter 1 (pg 39) so I’m behind both of you. Also, I like the writing style so far, but I can tell that there will end up being lots of character names and places. Those intro pages scared me, ha!
  3. Literature

    It was very good, but I don’t think I’d call it great. However, I may be getting more jaded as I get older.. who knows!
  4. I love a good fantasy series! I haven’t heard of this one and it’s Halloween night so I’m going to have to catch up, but I’ll give it a shot. (great idea, by the way!)
  5. Comedy

    I really miss Parks & Rec.
  6. General Drama

    I’m thinking of checking it out, jak. It sounds a lot like Legion, but maybe a little more coherent. Did you try it?
  7. I’d be teaming up with him ASAP. He’s adorbs!
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    Oh hell yes! Stamp all that, Mags.
  9. General Drama

    We’re giving Manifest a try, but haven’t watched the first episode yet. I’m hopeful. The Miniaturist sounds interesting.. how’d I miss that?!
  10. BB20 House Discussion

    The recap show was pretty darn good. I went into a hysterical laughing fit over Sam describing how she just has to “take a left, then a right, then 2 more rights, a left, out a door and then she’d be.. outside...” The way she said it was hilarious.
  11. The Final HOH

    I don’t know about Kaycee not playing her heart out until she had to do it. There’s a lot to be said for laying low for a while. She was in a solid alliance and did her part each week, plus she’s just a genuinely likeable person. That’s a valid strategy. Tyler was definitely a more active player in the beginning, but both of them in the final three shows both strategies work.
  12. Literature

    I haven’t heard of either of those series. I’ll have to check them out.