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  1. I have a lot of fondness for the “no clocks, compete for food, FOTH” days. So much more fun. Remember the clothes luxury comps? Good times!
  2. I can’t help it - I like me some Boston Rob (Ambah’s slaamin’).
  3. I’m glad she got a little confidence. Watching her apologize to Bella when Bella was being horrible to her was cringe-inducing.
  4. I’d prefer to see Cliff win even though I think it’s a long shot. He had to navigate regular game play like everyone else, but also deal with the stigma of being oldest and wasn’t part of the “cool” kids club at all. Plus, he won Camp Comeback. He’s a smart, savvy player who wins when he needs to and doesn’t really piss anyone off while doing it. Pretty good game play.
  5. I loved that Julie asked her why the universe had her sitting there with Julie. Her stream of bullshit answer was hilarious. That’s some serious rationalizing!
  6. The “I love you” shit is so incredibly stupid and fake. Ugh.
  7. Agreed, gforce. Can’t stand her!
  8. I really can’t stand her. She’s emotionally manipulative and always the victim. She needs to go.
  9. I really want Christie to go this week. I can’t stand her.
  10. Cliff is growing on me. He’s not a slime ball.
  11. I’d never heard it was a word to be avoided either.
  12. Thanks, tlh9! I was able to watch the whole thing - that was the most fun I’ve had this season. Watching Julie at the end was weirdly fascinating.
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