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  1. Is *anything* at this point in BB22 actually thrilling? No. But, hey...at least you don't have to look at Fisty's blurred out poop hole today! Here are some new avatars. If you want them, it's a treat. If not...well, better luck tomorrow, loser.
  2. If you're looking for Truth, Snark and the Hamster Way, look no further than Fisty when casting your vote for Executive Mayor Overlord Snarkmaster Supreme of All Internet Things Relating to Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race (When He Feels Like It).* Snark for one! Snark for all! My name is Fisty von Grouch, and I approve this message. Download your desktop wallpaper to support Fisty: ForFisty.zip * Paid for by the Possibly Not Real Committee to Elect a Totally Fictional Mascot for a Position We Made Up Maybe
  3. 10. Me, Myself and Fisty Next word: Bromance
  4. Someone must have asked “can 2020 BE any worse?”, because 2020 is all “hold my beer”, and here we are, with an “All Star” (a/k/a “who the hell are these people?”) season oozing onto our TV screens while we are trapped inside being quarantined and shit, and there seriously is not enough booze in the world for this. So…. since he’s all about making the best of the worst (and the famewhores are always the worst), Fisty is hereby extending a not-as-grumpy-as-usual invitation to one and all to join in the fun of recapping the live feeds this season! We all have more time on our hands than usual, right? What better way to spend it than to tag team together in the recaps, the more the merrier! Jump on in, the booze water is fine! In all seriousness, it really IS a lot of fun to recap with friends, so if you see someone in there recapping away, hop in and join them, keep them company, riff off each other and cry/barf/drink together! It’a great way to piss away the time while we are staying safe at home, and an All Star season should provide us with some good trashy material to work with. (Just don’t forget to actually post recaps while you are in the recaps thread, or the admins will have to Release the Pissed Off Fisty and no one wants that!) If you want to join in but just don’t know where to start, check this out: We have a post just for you! It’s for all recappers, really, and we encourage all recappers to review it now and then. Check it out: Recapping 101! Fisty loves you all! Please take a moment to review the site rules, let an admin know if you have any questions, and remember: Attack the hamsters, not each other. Now let’s do this thing!! *FIST* Your admins and an “already sipping the recapper wine” Fisty
  5. Download the Recapper Cheat Sheet as either a PDF or JPG file.
  6. Hacker Competition The winner of the Hacker Competition gets three powers: 1. The Hacker can replace one of the HOH's nominations between the Nomination Ceremony and the Veto Competition. 2. The Hacker can choose one of the houseguests that will compete in the Veto Competition. 3. The Hacker can nullify one vote at the Live Eviction. The twist is in play for two weeks.
  7. Each week, America will have the chance to vote on CBS to say who is "most trending" and "least trending" in the house. The top trending houseguest gets to pick a power, the least trending one is forced to pick a punishment. Prior to their choice, they know only the name of the power or punishment, not what it does. Once a houseguest has been given access to the store, they cannot be given another App. Fisty will keep track of the details here. --- Week 1 POWER: Bonus Life Sam chose the Bonus Life App, which gives her or a houseguest of her choosing the chance to return to the game during one of the first four evictions of the season. If it is not used in the first three evictions, whomever is evicted in Week 4 will automatically be given the chance to return. PUNISHMENT: Hamazon Faysal got a week's worth of deliveries of ham (faux ham, due to his religious observances). He is required to eat the entire delivery each time. --- Week 2 POWER: The Cloud Tyler can keep himself from going on the block at any nomination or veto ceremony for eight weeks if he sits on "the cloud" during the ceremony. The power can only be used once. PUNISHMENT: Yell! Rachel got 24 hours of an Angry Reviewer coming into the house to yell at her about her game. --- Week 3 POWER: Identity Theft Bayleigh can secretly "steal" the HOH's identity and make her own nominations at any nomination ceremony until they are only eight houseguests remaining. The HOH is safe from nomination, and still controls the replacement nominee at the Veto meeting. PUNISHMENT: Read It Haleigh must get on a soapbox in a Shakespeare costume and read from Hamlet whenever she is told to over the speakers. The punishment will last until the entire "book" has been read.
  8. Download the BB20 Recapper Cheat Sheet as either a PDF or JPG file.
  9. Welcome back for Season 20, a/k/a as “This show has been on this Earth longer than some HTers, but Julie Chen still looks amazing (if appallingly dressed) because she’s a bot, and Fistbot is a bot, and… Well, they always said one day robots would take over the world, so it’s time to welcome your glitchy overlord(ess)”! But first! Here we are again, ready to elbow each other as we pile into the room and eagerly settle in for another round of “expect the unexpected, except don’t expect doog TV with no stupid twists that fail the first week, even though that would be totally unexpected”. While we wait for the cornnut pizzas and beer to be served, we encourage everyone to check out the non-BB threads; they're a great way to amuse yourself while listening to the "WBRB" song or whenever Rachel (“Heeeeyyyyy!!”) comes on screen, because you totally know she WILL. (Fuck you, Grodner! Fuck you double if Frankie appears!) And while you are checking out threads, why not swing by the Broadcast Show Recaps section and sign up for some civic duty? If you like recapping the feeds, you'll love recapping the broadcast episodes, because it’s like a totally different show from what you see on the feeds, thanks to FUG’s “creative” editing! Only the casts look similar! Before the season officially starts and you all join Fisty in mournful rounds of Jessica Memorial Beer Pong, please take a minute to review our site rules, and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We appreciate everyone who does their part to make HT a great place to be, and just want to remind you of our number one rule: Attack the hamsters, not each other. So be excellent to one another, be merciless to the famewhores, and have fun! Your admins and a “ready to slam some cornnuts pizza” Fisty P.S. to Grodner: BRING IT *FIST*
  10. 20 seasons of "Big Brother" already*. Can you believe it? Here's something to honor your dedication. *More, if you count OTT, CBB, BBCAN and Hrcak! Download four sizes in a .zip file here.
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