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  1. lol thats some bored!!!! I had to read entire entry so many times to finally wrap my brain around it. I would have likes to see Nikomas finally come back and win!
  2. I want to see newbies since the old faves are really getting old and it wouldnt be as fun. Janelle is a mommy, who knows what Howie is doing.... I would enjoy seeing Kaiser, but Maggie Maggot of the Fiendship, I could do without. Perhaps Yvette could get redemption? and really I dont care to see an older Amy and Marcellus, they would be annoying. Dr. Evil is now looking Daddy Evil so pass on that. Jase probably hasn't learned anything, and hopefully Nicomas is happy and doesn't have time to come back. Jordan and Jeff will always be welcome pop ins but dont want to see them the whole show as they should stay with the cutest little babies that they are popping out. I want to see newbies and I want to see actual playing, not dregs of humanity just acting out the drama script. Pick them well Julie-bot! I want some DOOG TV!
  3. I would love to see Julie spout that ever loving wife crap Perhaps Les will get to guest commentary - he can help us to discover why she wears the clothes that she wears....
  4. Have barely been able to watch for several years.... The Fiendship destroyed my faith in humanity. But now that time has passed and hopefully the Chenbot is gearing up to show she "dont care what they say about her hubby" (lol), its time to start deep watching again. I am old, but still can type so hope to get some recapping done in the early am when the hammies are relatively still.
  5. Oh the humor of Mrs Gryn. Recap gold!
  6. Do I need to have a lawyer with me for these questions?
  7. I get paid to go to court ALOT.... I try to explain to a jury panel and judge the reasoning behind the crime. What was the perp thinking, what made them pick the sledgehammer as the weapon as opposed to the chainsaw that was lying right there. I might try to get the jury to put the dirtball behind bars or let them go cause isnt their story so sad, of course they acted out. Depends on who has hired me for the case. I tell people that I am a Psychic to the Stars. I cant talk about my work due to confidentiality, but whenever there is a big movie star scandal on TV I nod my head and say "I warned them this would happen....." then refuse to say anything else about it. Fortune Cookie Writer
  8. I truly hope that this batch of Hamsters is worth the trouble.... Almost didnt realize it was BB time! Only when my youngest asked me about it did I realize it was June and in the past I was positively drooling to get my fix of BB...... Worries that I am really getting to be old as I considered signing up for live feeds, but being in NY, wondered if I could stay up late enough to make it worth the while. Going to take my Metamucil and get fitted for the walker...
  9. OK, new year, new attitude, new..... meh, who am I kidding. I am actually ambivalent about BB14. Its been so long since I could really sink my teeth in and root for a hammie. Please let this season be a great one! Give me someone vile, sneaky, little bit mean, and totally fascinating to root for. Janelle, Sheila, Dr. Evil, where are your wannabe's? And could the twist this year be that all the hammies must actually wash their paws when exiting the bathroom stall? Please!!
  10. begin page 32 Brenchel and Shelley discuss renting movies. Keith is also there, he goes caroling at Christmas. Shelley watches a lot of FOX news, the Daily show pisses her off, and she hates blatant liberals! Brendon listens to NPR. The Talk - like; The View - dont like. Brendon went to party with Sharon Osborne and the fat daughter.... Lawan gets up. Shelley and Adumb go out for a smoke. lol uaintjak has a hard time telling the voices apart when the camara isnt on them.... when camara is on them, Mr. Shelleys beard is smaller. Keith joins them and Adumb leaves.... Jeff in kitchen offering Jordan b-fast. She cooked herself some oatmeal! Porsche looks happy this morning. Keith complains outside to Shelley. Kalia in HOH scheming with Brendon. We will win HOH !! copied straight from uaintjack: Fauxprah is with the Oldies. Pornscha is shady but harmless, let her get her key and then dump her. Lawonda is not to be trusted, he's allied with Domon-ick and Cassinoe. Lawonda is trying to be cool with everyone so that he can float. Cassinoe is dangerous. Fauxprah is at the bottom of the Newbie pecking order, and she knows that, so she's ok dumping them. The Regulators are stupid. Lawonda enters and meeting over. Rachel is OK with her boobies on tv. Possible outdoor lockdown. Franklin is missing. Jordan accidently sprays Shelley in the face with cold water. Jeff in the pool. Kalia and Jeff passive aggressive joke - dont sit near pool if you dont want to get wet/ your old! Jordan gives water sprays to those who request. Lockdown over, some hammies engage in would you rather game, then its feeding time at the homestead. hmmm, Brendon is followed by Dani upstairs and she starts telling how the 3 golden keys work. plug pulled by Skippy for a bit. Brendon and Dani continue game talk, Rachel enters and has to be told 3x the plan. Dani mutters about needing a new alliance. Keith is expected to go. Kalia and Jordan talk in backyard.. good food, bf descriptions, Kalias sister is a Dr. Dom is either running or dashing in to listen. Trivia question of the day: Who was that really good looking guy from the Barbershop movie? Kalia guesses the right answer, but Jordan doesnt think so... Kassi and Lawan play chess. HOH - Brenchel dons the superman costumes... Jeff dogs Brendons feets! Rachel has never sucked his toes, Jordan has had her toes sucked, and Jeff is grossed out! oh, wait, the cutie couple have sucked toe together.... awww. ralph. Shelley does jedi drilling during her morning rituals. Keith and Porsche frisbee. Rachel and Jordan in HOH chat about amusement parks. Jeff works out. BB has put game in by for hammies to practice on. Keith tells Adam and Jeff that he saw promo for BB13. Adam confides that a lot of people didnt like how LOST ended....Jeff changes his socks and puts his Jordan folded clothes away. hammies run out of things to say and silence pervades.... ladyjane would enjoy seeing the hammies go 24 hours with no talking lol.... dani tries to get would you rather going. Shelly talks about hubbys ex gf at her wedding. should an ex attend? Jordan trusts her man, long distance or not. Shelley hates men who take off wedding bands. Rachel says Brendon should wear ring now! girls are hitting him up! BB provides 12 bottles of beer and 2 bottles of wine! Kalia and Lawon in have not room bashing Keith. Dani listens to Kalia tell about her BFF and the new flat iron dont fly!!! Lawon goes to the loo and skippy give a shot to Adumb making his dinner. Dom is cooking burgers with his not smelly meat. Kalia wants to go home (not really, this is game y'all) Lawon trims Keiths head, wearing a Yale sweatshirt that Beehoppy confirms is handed out to batpoop crazies (she dated one), or perhaps he got it at thrift shop. Adam wears a Bacon makes everything better shirt. Shelly, Jordan, and Cassie outside discussing necklaces. Cassi lost something and Jordan expects it will be found when hammies pack. Jordan only brought cheap-o earrings since there might be shifty shady theiving types (lol BeeHoppy) in the house. Cassi declines the booze - she is more shot girl and Jordan tells of drinking whole bottle of wine and getting wasted after Jeff's eviction on her season. Jeff pours 3 perfect glasses of wine. Kalia is excited cause food restriction ends tomorrow!!!! Have Nots can eat at midnight tomorrow!!! All need to check out if there are screencaps of Rachels outfit, evidently it is quite the sight and sparkle effect 15! Jeff informs Adam that Jordans "little friend" is getting ready to visit cause she is getting moody - that should lessen the moodiness Jeff, idiot! Keith evidently stole pancakes from Shelly, Cassi adds that he has stolen other food. He spills yogurt on the grass!!!! Bash Keith seems to be the drinking game tonight. Various people put grapes in their wine... Jeff likes facial masks since his last BB time and has Jordan buy them for him. all 13 hammies play Big Booty... Porsche has been in a real fight. now on to the drum circle game... boring. Shelley cleans, Rachel and Dani in hammock with Lawon and Dom. Brendon, Adam, Jeff and Kassi toss bean bags. Adam give a rebel yell to camara. Kalia gets Jordan in bedroom and explains how she had a problem throwing up and had to get help. Rachel and Brendon argue in HOH - he wants to go to bed, she wants to go downstairs. He says she drinks too much, she didnt do anything wrong. He is professional, she is drunk. she pouts and his feelings are hurt. Jeff and Jordan whisper cause they keep their heads in the game! angelmi says - Cassi and Lawon bash Shelley. Cassi wants to make her so miserable that she will leave. Cassi cant stand Porsche. Lawan understands cause of what Keith does to him! and yet at the same time... Avorlon says: Cassi and Lawon say that Shelley is a great woman, they support her to the end. Lawan thought Cassi and Shelley were mother daughter... end of page 36
  11. beginning page 30 Hammies divvy up the beer and decide to play dice. Jeff & Jordan and also Keith do not seem to be playing. laughter abounds. assorted gab - Jeff lets wickedtong know some of his travel route home from work. Lawan loves OZ. Cassi's brother wouldn't agree to go on Intervention. Brendon gives Lawan a lap dance. Kalia lets Jeff know that after Jordan is gone, he will be going for her (kidding?) Rachel, Adumb, Porsche run out to shake their bums at Lawon, followed shortly by Dani to give Lawan a booty shake, he smacked her booty. Kalia needs to stick around long enough to get a boob job, Jordan advises against. Cassi only speaks when spoken to according to Kalia, she does her nails for hours!!!! Adumb and Rachel get on bended knee and ask Jeff to marry them. Dom comes out and asks also.... Rachel and Shelly up in HOH doing the Cassi floater routine. They hug and go back downstairs. Dani and Porsche discuss that if Cassi wins HOH Rachel and Brendon need to up and Barendon (lol) needs to go home. Rachel enters and Porsches tells her the same thing..... Dani leaves. Rachel tells Jeff and Jordan what Cassi said. After a trip to DR for Brendon, Rachel holds a oldies meeting in HOH and all decide Cassi needs to go. Shelley joins the oldies, and who know what she said as skippy shuts down the feeds! Lawan talks to Dom about being loyal. Dani joins in, climbing in hammock with Lawan and they discuss production. The remaining hammies sit around hot tub and discuss Casey Anthony. Later, Kalia talks to herself - she will ask to be put up, she has votes to stay, wont Lawan be surprised!!!! Jeff sits with Shelly and Cassi. he likes them and wants good competition to stay, he appreciates them. Love fest for all gathered. Jeff gets called to DR and girls talk about Keith V Porsche vote. Kalia comes up from nap (seriously, who naps at night!!!) and finds most others in backyard complaining about Keith who is in bed - he is messy, he doesn't clean, his clothes are on the floor, he doesnt wash dishes.... this tires most hammies and they begin bedtime rituals. Cassi in kitchen w/ Dom - she only poops about 2x a week. Shelley arrives and they might go out for a smoke. People keep mispronouncing names. Rachel and Brendon in HOH and she give him the go ahead. Shelley outlasts the other Hammies and has a solitary coffee and cig outside. She starts her cleaning by her lonesome night. She folds towels and lurker approves. Lurker reports that a disembodies voice announce that its time to get up. Adam and Shelley both have backaches. Brendon rummages in storage rooms. The three meet in the backyard and toss out a good morning live feeders. Hammies are starting to stir. Rachel and Dani conduct State of the House (ff174) meeting in HOH bathroom. Cassi should go next. Rachel spackles on makeup and heads down. Wedding talk, Rachel forgot to pay a fine- parking ticket, somebody owes her money, wedding talk. Shelley, being married mom, gives wedding advice. Adam and Shelley sit on red couch. Rehash convo with Cassi, Adumb is leaning towards keeping Keith. Shelley has his back, but has heard things about his partner Dom. And Cassi is out of cigs and Shelley fears for her allotment!!! Brendon mentions to Shelley that she should pretend to be keeping Keith. Adam has showered and now is going back to bed. Keith works out on elliptical. Shelley continues to lay on couch. end of page 31
  12. Baby boom! 16-lb. newborn may set Texas record Arriving in the world tipping the scales at a whopping 16 lbs., 1 oz., JaMichael Brown may be the biggest baby ever born in Texas. "I was just amazed when he came out," his father, Michael Brown, said Monday. Ladyjane am proud to be a Texan!
  13. beginning page 26 Brendon and Rachel tell Adam that he is trusted! Dick spoke so highly of Adam. Dick knows all. Adam should spy for them. Dicks alliance should have been the Evel Empire. Adam should join B & R in that alliance. Dick was the best playa evah!!! If Adam wins HOH next, he will not put up B&R. wait, he shouldn't win! He should throw comp to Brendon! After Adumb leaves Rachel questions Brendon... you cant tell everyone the same thing! Dont worry, Adumb will not tell anyone! Porsche is called to HOH and basically given the same you are safe, we trust you 100% repeat. Porsche will vote as told by B&R. Je-hottie_ff comes in and hi is filled on the conversations. Should Jeff and Jordan ever be nominated, Rachel and Brendon will WIN the POV and take them off. Adam has agreed to throw comp to Brendon and Porsche will vote as told. Jeff wonders at the numbers need to dump Dom next week. Dom is a momma's boy! He finally washed his own clothes! Maybe Dom is gay? not that there is anything wrong with that. Jeff wants him to leave. Brendon and Rachel love Jeff and Jordan. They both were couples during their previous season. They both want to hang out together. Jeff leaves, but as there was a line downstairs he comes back to drop off the kids in the HOH head. Brendon helps Rachel pick out an outfit, she tinkles and Brendon cleans up the HOH! Dominic eats cereal alone in the kitchen. Rachel was going to read the bible, but Dani comes up to explaini the 4 golden keys. WHat? Porsche will be safe for 4 weeks! She will be on jury? How will they handle that? Rachel adds that Dom does not want HOH, Adam either. Lawon is just a floater. Cassi is not trustworthy. POV today! Downstairs Adam talks to Keith. Cassi comes out of DR and Adam growls at her....Keith worries that he was not summoned to HOH... Upstairs Shelley goes HOH potty and Dani and Rachel read the bible. Dani wonders that nobody has sent her a bible.... Red couches have Jeff and Brendon sitting with Porsche. Keith lied to her! Jeff thinks Porsche loves Keith lol. No, her dad would kill her for dating a black guy! He is from Michigan. Brendon wonders if it is wrong to say "black". Porsche says no since not all Black Americans are African Americans.... POV Ceremony Back with Porsche in bathroom. Keith tells her that he is OK if she is the one who stays. Looks like Rachel did not use Veto. Kitchen, hammies cook and eat. Boys cooking, women chatting. Keith talks to Shelley about lying about his job. He is Human Resources .. he has job at Church. Shelley tells him to let others get to know the real Keith. Cassi, Porsche, Lawan and Dom lying on cold slabs wishing it was season of ex boyfriends rather than oldies. Brendon and Dani discuss how daddy being gone means all will be in sequester.. Not Brendon, he will be in house winning lol. Brendon loves Rachel, even if she does believe everybodys crap. Jeff comes in to use the bathroom again. He goes 4x a day Dani informs us. General bickering over who should wash dishes. Shelley does not mind, but she is not Dom's mommy. Since Jeff has befouled toilet yet again, hammies decide to move convo elsewhere. Various alliance names are bandied about - Adams Angels, Jeffs Jerk offs, Adam confirms to Porsche that he will vote to keep her. Adam heard Lawan tell Keith how to campaing - why he should stay not why she should go, it makes you look petty. so he gives same advice to Porsche. Concentrate on the positive. Rachel might have 2 big keys for a wedding cake. Brendons name is Brendon Joseph aka BJ, his kid will be BJ jr. Lawan, Cassi and Dom discuss voting. Dom doesnt want Adam talking to Porsche. The 3 of them should keep each other updated. Lawan has connections with Shelley, but Kalia needs watching. Cassi thinks of Dom as a little brother. Lawan goes to talk to Shelley. Dom and Cassi affirm their SSA and Cassi is playing balls to walls. Cassi thinks it will be hard for mommy Shelley to lie and play games. (ladyjane rolls her eyes! Have you never told your kids that McDonalds burned down last night? The toothfairy is on vacation this week, the clock is slow, it really is bedtime?) Cassi is glad that she and Dom can keep a secret. Dom will put up J&J if he is HOH! They make fun of him and havent made a deal with him. Dani may join their SSA later, but Dani doesnt like Lawan. They move to final 6 discussion cause they know the future! Brendon and Rachel will turn on J&J and not eliminate Cassi and Dom. awwww Jeff and Jordan went to real tv awards and won for Best Couple! Rachel and Brendon got nothing.... Cassi burns her feet on the fake grass and goes back for shoes. Plane flies overhead so we get started on Banners during my Season and others I have heard of... Jordan does not know if she has saline or silocone boobies. she just picked a pair. Rachel gets dunked by Brendon and screams about her hair and makeup. lol, kalia informs Dani that her butt crack is out to lunch (angelmi explains - it is so high that it shows above her suit) good to know... Brendon would never be in a relationship where the other person is controlling or cheating! various convos that get dumped by skippy WBRB - how much is food....my dad....middle school... friend Jesse who models... RAchel used grapes to shake up her protien shake as she couldnt find ice. Jeff looks for tea. Vets eat, Rachel eats topping off Brendons pizza. ladyjane hates that! The oldies count people outside to make sure they can talk freely, but Lawan is missing! they will have to wait until they are up in HOH. Jordan and Adam nailpaint. Keith, Dom and Cassi use pool table. Jeff works out while Kalia bugs him! Lawan, Adam and Porsche eat pickles and bash Keith. Some hammies lounge and other work out. Dani complains of muffin top. Skippy askes Dani to put on mike, but as she isnt really on show, why should she? discussion on BB handlers. Jeff shaves and chats with Adam about SSA. Jeff wonders what advantage there is to being with oldies rather than the newbies. HOH - Rachel decides they cant win POV cause then Jeff or Jordan will go up. Couples have no choice in POV comp... lol Rachel goes to shower and skippy decides meh, goes elsewhere. Lawon on elliptical and Shelley folding laundry. Jeff cooking and Keith changing tennis shoes. Dom explains "Words with Friends" to Dani while she showers. Dom is thinking of moving out of mommys! There are so many good looking guys in college. Shelley says you can get a house for $300,000 where she lives. (ladyjane would be under the bridge at those prices lol) Kalia and Lawon - he hates to play the racecard. He has morals! They still dont know that Keith is a preacher boy... they dog Keith and wish for double elimination - get rid of Keith and Porsche! Ice update - they have used the muffin tins!! Brilliant!! Adam says it was Jeffs idea. Jordan notices Cassi, Dom and Lawan sitting together and points out the alliance to Jeff. so much for their SSA lol. hammies have beer but no wine.... end of page 29
  14. beginning page 20 Lawon and Keith take turns throwing each other under the bus. Kalia gets questioned and she says she and Keith hardly speak. Porsche gets called to witness stand. Everyone lies, nobody is happy. Keith defends his lies to all. Brendon and Rachel seem to be the judges in this jury. Rachel goes around and hugs and forgives hammies - Rachel, Lawon, Kalia.... she heard them all lie, but lets each think that she is on their side. Shelley tries to be counselor to Keith and Porsche... What do you feel like? House goes a round of he said, she said. Brendon is upset with Rachel for talking game without him. Is she on her period? NO! Rachel is just emotional. Rachel is upset with Brandon for not winning HOH competitions. Rachel has to win everything! Circle of whine, makeup, whine, makeup. Kalia couldnt poop so she took 5 five fiber pills and now has to go to bathroom. Kalia doesnt want to talk to Keith anymore. She will speed walk in backyard. Dani tells about her HOH's on her season. various exercise and lounge activities for all. Kalia and Cassi bond on the BY couch, both dont like Keith and his lies. Cassie plans to talk to Brenchel about how to vote. Brendon dons Captain Dickhead outfit and having trimmed cape to make mask, pretends to be superher in backyard. Franklin takes a dip in Hottub and gets stuck...(the toy turtle for those with short memory) Dom joins in with a towel and sunglasses. A whole skit is in the works. Keith starts working on Adam... Adam isnt biting, and advises Keith to wait and see after the Veto ceremony. Jeff, Jordan, Keith and Kalia play beanbag in backyard. Dani in kitchen checking out frig. Dominic and Cassi in side by side showers. Rachel and Porsche confab about clothing while discussing voting out Keith. they join Dani in kitchen. Hammies gather on red couches and engage in general chatter. Never seen a bee at night. Jeff yawns attractively. Shelley and Cassi agree that the oldies are nice. "They" told Cassi she has good game... Shelley is confused. The oldies said that? no the DR people. Rachel and Jordan instruct Adam in cheerleading jumps. skippy gets pissed. boring nothings for a while, then Dom and Cassi in Fortune Teller room. Cassis is SURE that the eyes have moved. Cassi only washes her hands after potty when out in public. Not at home.... duh, you arent home Lawon and Dom point out. Cassi justifies by saying she is on slop, not touching any food. Hammies sleeping. Shelley rises Sunday morning, straight to toilet, washes hands with soap, but wastes water while brushing teeth. Rachel and Brenda get ready for the day. No talking to anyone unless they are together. They decide to talk to Shelley and Cassi later. Dom and Adam get a talking, they agree not to put up Brendon and Rachel. Shelley and Cassi are given safety by the couples (B&R and J&J). Dick love all around, Dr. Will was great, but Dick is gone. Brendon would put up Kalia and Lawon. Adam and Porsche discuss glittery nail polish. Dom and Keith were talking game! Porsche knows this cause they shut up when she walked in. They rehash how couples will get more money if they win. end of page 24
  15. starting page 18 Adam and Lawon in spa room. Lawon will vote to keep Keith this week, next week…maybe not. Jordan and Jeff in pool.. what’s cuter than cute… Keith gets advise from sweeping Shelley – Play your own game. Smoke Couch confab – Lawon to Keith – trust me, I gave my word. Jeff and Jordan still in pool o cuteness, when Adam Ugly cannonballs into pool. Jeff cautions that jumping in pool is dangerous. Objects on tv look larger than they really are. Dom worries to Keith that he will be placed on block. Keith tells Brendon that things are straight with Jeff. Keith and Kalia – she knows that Keith has been talking about her. Keith denies and blames Lawon. Jordan used some of her winnings to buy her mom a house, but still has her High School car. She uses the passenger door to get in.. Dom told his mom to sell his car so payments wouldn’t have to be made. Jeff gets out of pool, word is there are hot screenshots… Adam tries to clip mike to his chest hair. Brendon and Dani discuss Rachel using POV. maybe Dom should go. Porsche cannot be trusted. Keith should call out Lawon. Oldies laugh at newbies turning on each other. Kalia enters HOH to use the bathroom pooper but it’s a no-go…. (ladyjane would not let anyone befoul her HOH) Kalia blabs that Keith is talking about them. The oldies know, thankyou, you may leave. Oldies speculate that Porsche is losing it. She is flip flop, ho would do any of them. Jeff calls Porsche retarded… debate over who to go this week. Keith and Porsche = mumble, what? mumble, what? Porsche thinks he is gone, Keith is pissed. Lawon with Dom/Cassie – L will vote for Keith this time, but not next. Be careful, cant trust Dani. Lawon may be going against his word. HOH strategy talk continues. Keith is physical threat, Dom isnt. Cassii cant be trusted, Shelley is a blabbermouth. Oldies need a better alliance name. DCA (Dream Crusher Alliance) is only good for so long. Jordan suggest name Rainbow Brights. Oldies discuss how Porsche may or may not know Janelle. Janelle would probably deny knowing Porsche. Porsche switched mattresses without asking. Dani says Janelle told Dick she was friend with Porsche… wait how does Dani know this? Dick was a good talker, he would have been rude to all but Jordan. Downstairs Keith snivels to Dom that Porsche told him that he was going home. She doesn’t want him to stay! She will be glad to see him leave and get herself a golden key… duh! Dom escapes and tells Kalia. Keith and Porsche fighting again. Adam advises to wait to see if Veto is used. Kalia comes to break the fight up. How about sweet tea Porsche? Jeff and Adam will cook dinner tonight. Dom wants steak salad. Jeff will grill steaks. Everyone can make what they want. Have Nots snivel about slop, how long will this last. What if they are Have Nots again next week? Rachel and Brendon enjoy a Keith /Lawon argument. end of page 19
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