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  1. https://pagesix.com/2022/02/24/todrick-hall-cancels-interviews-after-celebrity-big-brother/ Mods, I hope this is the correct place to share this link. if not, so sorry.
  2. Thank you to all the recappers! Your endurance has been epic!
  3. Covid cases on the BB set https://nypost.com/2021/08/20/big-brother-reports-9-covid-19-cases-but-show-must-go-on/
  4. Food: Mango Marmalade Costume: Matador Alliance name: Mangy Minxes Next Letter: U
  5. I gave it an “F” (for Frenchie) There’s no where to go but up, after he’s evicted. He’s made it difficult to watch, for sure.
  6. If he’s thinking what I am, he wants someone to explain what the heck were the rules of that new HOH game?
  7. I was happy for new programming during the pandemic. I was excited it would be ‘All Stars’ Then, I wasn’t. Thanks to all the recappers. I am hoping there is a 12 step program to cure the ‘Boring’ you had to endure.
  8. Dani told them who she would go after, and yet they decided not to take her up on her offer. If I was them, I would have voted to keep Dani, let her win HOH, get blood on her hands, and it would have been an easy week for them. Seemed simple to me.
  9. I don’t have the feeds. The person who started the Change petition has said that Memphis also “physically Intimidated” David before. I had not read that in the recaps. Anyone know if this is actually the case? I would have thought that CBS would have acted on that for sure. That said, I’d like to see CBS take action on what he has said.
  10. I liked it last week. This week they were all a bunch of lemmings being lead over the cliff By a piper named Memphis. If none of them had played, and called his bluff, it would certainly have made for more drama IMHO.
  11. Well, Bayleigh is still on it...so, there’s that!
  12. Unsure if this is the right forum for this post, but here goes Speaking of CBS, "the 'Big Brother' house is under construction, offering a greenshoot of hope to fans that the CBS reality series will air this summer," Peter White reports. "Preliminary production prep has begun," so "there's a chance that the 22nd season of the John De Mol creation will air this summer..." (you can read the full article on Deadline)
  13. My cable is out due to storms we are having. I have kind of put together what happened on the show. What did Brett say in his speech? Thanks.
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