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  1. Unsure if this is the right forum for this post, but here goes Speaking of CBS, "the 'Big Brother' house is under construction, offering a greenshoot of hope to fans that the CBS reality series will air this summer," Peter White reports. "Preliminary production prep has begun," so "there's a chance that the 22nd season of the John De Mol creation will air this summer..." (you can read the full article on Deadline)
  2. My cable is out due to storms we are having. I have kind of put together what happened on the show. What did Brett say in his speech? Thanks.
  3. She needs to go! She knew what she was saying In her training to be a flight attendant she had sensitivity training. She is full of crap. She knew.
  4. An Omarosa talk show, on CBS? (Face plant) That just can't be true, it just can't. No really, it can't!
  5. How did an Omarosa get that much money??? Please explain. She should have to give it all back for violating the rules by talking smack to the other jury members even after Julie told her to stop!
  6. Why was Omarosa allowed to "confer" with everyone on the jury, while sitting right there in front of us? They should have discounted her vote at least. Ross was robbed! (Although I am sure getting around is easier for him now, without Marissa on his coatails)
  7. Such a vengeful bitch...even during the live show trying to turn everyone against Ross. Julie told her to shut-up and she continued. She is as she always was...despicable!
  8. I must have missed something. Why has Shannon now become the big threat to Ross & Company? The way Brandi, Ari and Marissa talk about her, she seems like she is public enemy #1. What did I miss?
  9. Agree 100%. I a am no fan of Paul, however Cody is just not a bad BB player, he is not a good person. Misogynist, homophobic and a really sore loser to boot. I hope never to see him again, on BB or any show.
  10. Thanks to all! Your recaps were brilliant, the season was not! Have to run and go pack for my upcoming trip to Hamsterwood!
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