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  1. BB shows them the numbers, but makes them look at Janelle's numbers as well. BB, can the Have Nots have something to eat instead of slop?
  2. They're gone. Say something nice about the STARS (from the live feeds).
  3. Kevin because he saved himself, and Ian/Nicole/Dani because one of them should have gone up in his place.
  4. How about "Janie, after returning in a Pandora's Box" as an option?
  5. Janelle is getting tons of "queen!" comments from other BBers on Instagram, including one from Nicole's bed buddy Corey. Heh.
  6. I think Enzo will be all big talk again like he was prior to making noms, go the easy route, and put David up to replace Kevin.
  7. So, Kevin has won Veto, and will surely save himself. Come on Enzo, put up Nicole as replacement! DO IT.
  8. Because "Janelle". They have had no real plan beyond that.
  9. I love it! And I love even more that Janelle and Whinebag were both tagged so they can see it.
  10. That feeling when you realize you've just evicted the only entertaining person in the house.
  11. BB gives them a TV that only shows The Weather Channel. BB, can we have a new game to play?
  12. Food: Grits Theme for unitard punishment: Grodner's Choice Banned in the BB House: Giant alliances Next letter: R
  13. It was so gross that she couldn't even be courteous enough to say "bye" when Janelle was evicted. She just walked away as soon as the votes were announced. RUDE.
  14. The only thing that saved it was that she looked like she just rolled in from an all-nighter in a bar, while Janelle looked flawless. That, and the fact that Julie clearly adores Janelle. I've never seen her act quite that way with any other hammie!
  15. I want to see her pop out of a Pandora's Box that is opened by Nicole.
  16. Food: Pizza Theme for unitard punishment: Pinhead's tutu Banned in the BB house: Paul Next letter: S
  17. He's not Frankie. Say something nice about Nicole F.
  18. BB removes the air conditioners and gives the hammies paper fans to use instead. BB, can we have a different way of picking who will be Have Nots this week?
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