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  1. She never loses her maternity glow. Say something nice about Ian's hammock.
  2. Enzo (#TeamMeowMeow!), because as far as I know, his name never seems to come up as being a threat, needing to be on the mac, etc. He's cruising along to the end while the rest of them implode.
  3. Get yourself to the shelter and stay safe! (I guess one plus is that you don't have to worry about missing anything exciting happening on Big Brother while you are at the Fairgrounds!)
  4. Whichever one stays, Bayleigh or Da'Vonne. Everyone else will do something totally predictable, like put up whichever of them stays plus David or Kevin.
  5. What @MrsGryn said. Plus, Bay is just awfully prickly, and that can't be fun to be around.
  6. I just came into this thread to thank @angelmi, too! I read the recaps every day, so thank you for sticking with it no matter how horrible the season is!
  7. For the moment, at least, I'm #TeamMeowMeow. Enzo at least makes me laugh on occasion, and he doesn't seem as awful a person as most of the rest of them seem to be. He's frustrating because he talks a big game that he doesn't then play, but I don't recall him being nearly as nasty as Dani and Nicole. The others are just irritating or too smug for me to want to see win.
  8. I keep reading about Ian wanting to DOR, and it seems to me this is an excellent time to put his prior-winner ass on the mac as a replacement nom and then vote him out. After all, they'd just be helping the guy out, right?
  9. "It's a good thing I didn't come back for the money."
  10. Julie made me tear up with laughter when she inadvertently built Kaysar's hopes up and then cruelly dashed them (re: being voted back into the house).
  11. Meh, Nicole didn't have a chance anyway since I have to assume that Victor would not go for her staying in bed with another man all season. She has no other game to play, which is why all she spends all her time whining and crying. I guarantee she wouldn't say it was "unfair" if it was one of the other hammies being outed.
  12. "I hate cheap ass weddings where the go to song is Cotton Eyed Joe." ~ Queen Janelle
  13. BB15 Amanda said this on Twitter: "The difference between old school and new school, is old school players gameplay weren't affected by social media, or being a social media influencer, because that shit didn't exist yet. So we weren't afraid to be a bunch of assholes to get what we wanted". Granted, her season was more about being racists than assholes, and social media was around then, but it's still a valid point that I hadn't really considered. What we get now is crap like Tyler worrying about Bayleigh's followers, and everyone afraid to actually play the game because they might get dragged on Twitter.
  14. I see that DWTS continues to take "Stars" as seriously as BB takes "All Stars".
  15. And another thing (since the broadcast show just reminded me), I don't like this new thing where the HOH just automatically does what the house wants, instead of what benefits their own game. Fuck the rest of the house, if you win HOH, WORK IT.
  16. That's a great article. These newer players are just herds of floaters, sucking up to whoever is HOH each week, doing their will, voting with the house... then next week, they all float over to the next HOH and do the same damn thing. We've always expected to see a couple of floaters per season, but now, it's the only style of play there is, and it makes for a boring and frustrating season. This "going with the house" rule makes me insane. After the Veto ceremony, the HOH is a lame duck, so who gives a shit what that person thinks?
  17. It's very well-hidden. Say something nice about Julie's wardrobe.
  18. I'm still laughing about this! (From the Week 4 Eviction Prediction thread)
  19. If David was HOH and somehow stumbled into nominating Dani and Nicole through some convoluted reasoning that makes sense to no one but himself, I would be so there for it. Think of how they'd get dragged for going home on David's HOH!
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