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  1. Some people say it sounded like he started to say "an idiot", which is entirely possible but not nearly as much fun to clutch pearls about. Edited with update:
  2. Julie announced a new twist in tonight's broadcast show: "A BB legend moves into the neighbor's house to shake things up!" Who do you hope the new neighbor will be? (Choose as many as you wish.)
  3. I feel the same way about TMZ most of the time. They do get what appears to be legit in there just often enough not to be total crap, but at other times (like in this case), their posts read like the National Enquirer.
  4. I don't like the guy, but I have to say I've yet to see anything that actually confirms that Memphis did the things he's being accused of. Here's a clip from Twitter regarding the alleged "physical intimidation", which, if this is what he did, just looks like standard douchebaggery to me.
  5. You know how every season we say "we'd rather watch what's going on in the jury house"? Yeah, not so much this season.
  6. Someone on Twitter joked that they hope Ian goes "full Cornbread" on his way out, and I am so hoping that happens.
  7. I agree that Enzo (#TeamMeowMeow) had a good week, but I have to go with Da'Vonne, Kevin, and David. To start off the week with Kevin and David on the mac, and wind up with Dani being forced to put up Tyler and Ian instead, makes me throw the votes their way. Their luck won't last long, but it was still fun to watch. Bonus vote to the props guy for Tiny Veto. I want one!
  8. Da'Vonne, David, or Kevin. I want to see the cool kids sweat, and, hopefully, see Nicole sent to jury.
  9. The attempt to influence gameplay is the part that pisses me off. Why do people who most likely consider themselves to be true "fans" feel it's OK to interfere with the game like this? We all know it's frustrating watching them bumble about, but that's kind of the point. Let the hammies make their mistakes, let your fave screw up and get evicted. That's how BB works, ffs.
  10. Probably not, but I indulged in some wishful thinking and voted that she'd use it on Kevin. I would love to see Dani have to pick a fourth person to go on the mac. I don't want Day to take Tyler down, because I want two people from the big alliances to be sitting together Thursday night.
  11. One of my all-time favorite shows! I didn't like Gabrielle all that much, but Xena was awesome. "I have many skills" made me laugh every time she said it.
  12. As it happens, I just read on Twitter that David played the power, and Tyler is now on the mac with Kevin. So there ya go.
  13. This is BB. "Nonsensical" and "silly" are givens with any twist. See also: Survivor, where the Idol must be played before the votes are read.
  14. Interesting! I wonder when exactly it comes into play, then, since it appears it has not been used. Dani will have to put someone else on the mac, and they play for Veto tomorrow, so... what's up with that, BB?
  15. I think this is exactly what happened. From what little info that I've seen so far, it sure looks like David had to secretly use the power before the ceremony (in DR, I'd assume), and that he did not do so. Of course, it could be just the opposite and he's doing a great job of acting pissed off, but... isn't his photo still showing as being one of the noms? I think he blew it. What a surprise. If this was Survivor, David would be going to jury with an Idol in his pocket.
  16. I'm sure she'll be really bold and show the rest how the game is played... by putting any combo of Da'vonne, David, or Kevin on the mac. *yawn*
  17. A classic blast from the distant past (see: reference to MySpace), with thanks again to @Beehoppy:
  18. I haven't seen anything to indicate that the show won't be renewed, though it hasn't been just yet. However, it also hasn't been cancelled. Anything you see to the contrary on Twitter is just speculation.
  19. Nicole: "How to Play a Really Hands-on BB Game"
  20. B, no contest. Christmas might beat me over the head with a cucumber. Would you rather: A) Listen to David drone on about what a great game he's playing B) Go to Nicole's wedding
  21. BB makes them compete to see who can listen to an endless loop of Nicole's whining the longest. BB, can we have a party?
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