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  1. I've been having the same issue, and I also use Firefox. Oddly, the last two days, the automatic log-in has been working for me. The only change I made was that I quit using the link on the old HT site to get here.
  2. I just checked out the puppy feeds, and we're definitely better off with the Dutch. As far as I can tell, the puppy "feeds" are really still photos that change periodically (it's hard to tell for sure since they are all asleep). The Dutch Hammies are at least giving actual action video, even if it is just stuffing envelopes or whatever the hell they are doing.
  3. Ah, that explains it. I was actually obsessed enough to run part of the Croatian website through a translator, and saw something that looked like it was talking about a fee, but I couldn't tell for sure. Let's hope the Dutch hammies award us with an exciting birthing!
  4. I haven't watched last night's preview yet, but I'm watching tonight's episode right now and.....HAHAHA, Tyra just asked one of them to name three top models, and the editors put in the sound of crickets chirping. Anyway, this is a pretty sad lot so far, so of course I will watch the entire season, even without that crazy ho Janice.
  5. The Dutch hammies are still at it with whatever the heck it is they are doing. I mostly see a bunch of picking up paper, putting down paper, picking up paper. This is on the first 3 feeds. However! On feed 4, I see the pregnant Hammie kicked back in a chair, with a cup of something in her hand. I hereby dub her "Maggie".
  6. Well, now I'm intrigued and am trying to get into the feeds, too. No luck so far, but in the meantime, you can check out another BB at Dutch BB. This is the one where one of the HGs is due to give birth soon!
  7. To be able to choose a custom title, you first have to have posted twice on the board. Then you can go to My Controls, then choose to edit your personal profile, then type your title in the Custom Member Title (or something like that) space and save your change.
  8. OK, I want to play with color, too! And while I'm at it, let's check out bold, italics, and underline. I'm scared of some of the other options, so will leave them be for now. ETA: now I'm checking out editing
  9. Checking out my avatar Checking out quoting.
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