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  1. Paulie needs to SFTU. He's one of the stupidest and most loathsome hammies to ever play the game.
  2. Nicole and Cody will take each other because they are stupid. Nicole will almost certainly lose to Cody. I think Cody will win either way, but Nicole will make a better presentation for the jury than Enzo can manage. I think Enzo would be the better choice for either of them. I like the guy, but can't see him doing well with jury questions, though his social game was good enough to get him this far without ever being on the mac. I just think Cody and Nicole are both better at being fake and presenting themselves well, while poor Enzo would be all "YO". Cody dumping Nicole, or Nicole dumping Cody, could be argued to the jury as a "big move". Dumping Enzo? Not so much.
  3. Ha! True and funny, too! While I'm here, much love to @angelmi for another season of faithfully and tirelessly recapping these idiots for us. I know I'm not the only one who follows your recaps every day, and your contributions are so appreciated!
  4. Although I'd rather see Enzo win simply because I find him more entertaining than Cody, I'd be totally fine with Cody winning *if* he learned from his mistake his prior season, and he boots Nicole to take Enzo to F2. (Assuming Cody wins final HOH, which of course he will.) I'd respect him for not only realizing where he went wrong last time (we know he does realize it), but ACTING on that realization and doing the smart thing this time around. I think the jury would consider it a "big move" as well, which is another reason he should seriously be considering cutting Ol' Whiny loose. Seeing Nicole lose final HOH and then go out in third place would make this season almost worth the time we wasted on it!
  5. As @Tsylyst noted in his post, the link wasn't up yet last night. Through the magic of looking at BB's Twitter feed just now, I have found it: https://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/vote/americas-favorite-houseguest/
  6. I want Enzo to win, but I think Cody will, because he's played the best all-around game. He should have been booted long ago, yet he's never even been on the mac, ffs.
  7. Da'Vonne is already getting support on Twitter, and I wouldn't mind if she won, but I have to vote for Queen Janey.
  8. Not Cody, for sure, and with Nicole, you'd have the "prior winner" argument, but that could backfire. So, although I'm #TeamMeowMeow, I also think Enzo could be the easiest to beat with the jury.
  9. Nicole because a prior winner once again slid past a chance to evict her, and Fisty's Snark-or-Treaters, especially because of the Da'Vonne treat!
  10. They'll just skip the vote, hand the check to Cody, and call it done. I hope they do some sort of Zoom thing with Queen Janey so we can see her win America's Fave, though!
  11. He'll be stupid and keep Nicole, but I wish he'd send her "prior winner" ass out the door.
  12. Yeah, I admit I don't follow TAR all that closely, but when Phil said they were "still racing", I didn't expect to see a team get eliminated.
  13. Enzo and the Skippy. Honorable mention to Cody for being in zero danger this week since Nicole finally stepped up her game.
  14. I loved the goats, especially when the one guy (I don't know any of their names yet) was running AHEAD of his goat. Still scratching my head about the team who kept having the dyslexic person doing the numbers-related challenges, but hey, they didn't come in last so there's that.
  15. This season could definitely have used more tutus. (#TeamPinhead)
  16. He had a dad bod, but acted like a grandpa, shuffling around wearing a blanket and moaning about his bad back. Despite his infirmity, he acted like he was some kind of Godfather mastermind, muttering about a "plan".
  17. Tyler, because Xmas is so annoying (think: Paul) and hasn't really done anything, so is a better choice to keep dragging along toward the end.
  18. Enzo or Tyler. Memphis has been a disappointment as HOH, and I want to see Xmas or Nicole leave this week so need them free to be nominated. #TeamMeowMeow
  19. Here lies Dani: Not worthy to polish Janelle's crown
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