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  1. Doesn't look like it's happened. From the article: "Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Franzel and Arroyo postponed their destination wedding to spring 2021, though it's unclear if that date's been changed again due to their expanding family." I feel sure Nicole would be blasting the news if she and Victor had gotten married.
  2. I'm sure it's totally a coincidence that they announced this on Janelle's birthday... https://www.etonline.com/big-brother-alums-nicole-franzel-and-victor-arroyo-expecting-first-child-together-158816
  3. Airing tonight, if you can stomach it (starring Cowboy and Russell Hantz):
  4. It was obvious Phil didn't like it, and neither did I. It's bad enough that the last 10 or so seasons of BB have been played that way. I hope they do make the teams actually RAAAACE and knock if off with the kumbaya shit.
  5. I actually enjoyed the season for the most part. I was #TeamBeardBros and even though they choked at the end, I told myself "at least the nerds didn't win".
  6. This just puts a big red bow on the whole season: https://www.eonline.com/news/1214223/big-brother-s-memphis-garrett-and-christmas-abbott-are-dating (Bonus bows: They dragged out all 3 of Nicole F's showmances. *snerk*)
  7. I didn't even know Wipeout was back in production. Wonder if they'll carry on with it now? Contestant Dies After Completing ‘Wipeout’ Obstacle Course
  8. https://ew.com/tv/cbs-reality-series-casting-representation/
  9. Oh, the blondes are awful, too! What's up with telling the "we moved out at 15" hard luck story, then turning around and saying that they are playing for their parent(s)?
  10. I agree with your assessments, MrsG, especially about the nerds. Everything they do is annoying to me! There's just something about their attitude that irks. Maybe they remind me of Nicole A. from BB and how much of a disappointment she became after gaining a bit of fame.
  11. Turns out they only aired one, to make way for election coverage.
  12. Indeed! Too bad we can't have live feeds of this stuff!
  13. She's a professional victim, and unfollowing is her Internet version of a whine.
  14. I read that Nicole has unfollowed well over 100 people (on Twitter, I assume, though maybe it's Instagram), most of them BB people. She's going to be sulking for at least five years about this. Hilarious!
  15. Serves him right! What a pity though if the Destination Wedding of the Century winds up being cancelled. Nicole seemed so sure she was going to win that I wonder if her wedding budget is blown now, especially since her "influencer" income sources have reportedly dried up.
  16. I wondered the same thing later on last night, re: whether Janelle was in the top 3 for AFP. I really have a feeling that she was, and if so, FU Grodner for denying us a Nicole meltdown!
  17. I'm shocked to say that I am happy with how this season ended. My fondest wish was for Cody to cut Nicole, but I didn't think he'd actually do it. He earned that win, and although Janelle was my choice for America's Favorite, I love Da'Vonne, too, so it's all good. The season itself was mostly shit, but tonight made it all (almost) worth it when we got to see Nicole's entitled little tears.
  18. Yes, thanks to @angelmi and all of our recappers, as well as to everyone who posts here and makes HT such a comfy hangout (even when the show sucks more than Cody with his snot balls). Fisty loves you all. and hopes you will stick around after tonight to watch other shows with him... like TAR!
  19. Fingers crossed they get you back online very soon! I know you must be frustrated by the timing (on top of the inconvenience itself)! Just remember how boring they are the final couple of days and how they give you nothing to work with anyway....
  20. Paulie needs to SFTU. He's one of the stupidest and most loathsome hammies to ever play the game.
  21. Nicole and Cody will take each other because they are stupid. Nicole will almost certainly lose to Cody. I think Cody will win either way, but Nicole will make a better presentation for the jury than Enzo can manage. I think Enzo would be the better choice for either of them. I like the guy, but can't see him doing well with jury questions, though his social game was good enough to get him this far without ever being on the mac. I just think Cody and Nicole are both better at being fake and presenting themselves well, while poor Enzo would be all "YO". Cody dumping Nicole, or Nicole dumping Cody, could be argued to the jury as a "big move". Dumping Enzo? Not so much.
  22. Ha! True and funny, too! While I'm here, much love to @angelmi for another season of faithfully and tirelessly recapping these idiots for us. I know I'm not the only one who follows your recaps every day, and your contributions are so appreciated!
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