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  1. J: Julie on a scooter, you know you want to see it
  2. (Just realized I should have said Fisty!) H: Hurricane Howie
  3. F: Frankie (I said what I said)
  4. Why yes, I did Google that to make sure of the definition. Look at @CycleRob in here teaching us useful shit!
  5. I've reconsidered, and don't think production would risk letting Jasmine play since they have to jump/fall off the wall. So, I change my vote for "first off" to Terrance.
  6. "For the 100th time, Jasmine... no, I don't know who ate that damn muffin."
  7. Who will stay on the wall the longest? Who will have the most dramatic dismount? Feeds are supposed to be showing the comp tonight, so stay tuned!
  8. I think Jasmine will play, will fall first with loads of drama, and will hopefully give us a GIF to rival that one! EDIT: Oops, missed the second question. I think Taylor might win this one.
  9. I was surprised it made it as long as it was supposed to, and that it didn't totally suck. It's like they are starting to learn a thing or two after 20+ seasons.
  10. I gave it to Turner for his time well spent in being annoying to Jasmine.
  11. I'll go along with Indy just because she doesn't seem to DO much of anything. Get to work, hammie!
  12. Daniel will go, but I want Kyle to go. Break that showmance shit up ASAP!
  13. You are not alone! I didn't think I'd like him at all, but as it turns out, he's got a sly sense of humor and a way of telling stories that is very entertaining. That whole mess with the muffins sealed the deal for me. I may have to stop rooting for Michael and hop on board the Turner train.
  14. Welcome back, @bookwhore, and also, welcome to recapping, @flydance! Great to see you both doing your recapper thing with the updates tonight.
  15. We actually haven't had a separate thread for screencaps since we combined them with the recaps in BBOTT. HTers seemed to really enjoy having the photos in the recaps threads, so we've allowed it to continue as long as the screencaps don't get out of control.
  16. I don't think Veto will be used, but if it is, I'd expect Daniel and Kyle to go on the mac as replacements.
  17. Confirmed win by Michael and Brittany. She was just walking around with one of the Veto necklaces.
  18. From the way some of them are talking about how many comps "he" has won now, it sounds like Michael won Veto. It was an OTEV comp!
  19. Twitter is such a wasteland of excessive drama and outrage. The hive will swarm and go after someone else tomorrow; it was just yesterday they were angrily buzzing about Nicole! As for Kyle, he worded it poorly but I don't really think he meant what Twitter is choosing to claim he meant. At least one person is actually saying he said he "fears" POC, which is not what I heard him say at all. Time will tell.
  20. That was a great way to hide the Leftovers alliance, though. I agree blindsides are fun, and I'd have loved to see Nicole's face if it happened, but by going around having conversations and persuading the others to vote against her, the Leftovers stayed in the shadows where an obvious split vote would have outed them.
  21. This is a thing of true beauty, @CycleRob, and "the stink of the clowns" needs to be a band name, or an album title, or something!
  22. Taylor, assuming she stays. Maybe her even if she goes, because getting out of there would be an upgrade.
  23. Turner and Jasmine. What I'd want is to be with two who can possibly win comps (I know, but Jasmine HAS been HOH and got the first red envelope, so she's capable...) but are also likely to be evicted ahead of me. In other words, shields who can drag me along for a while as I lie around contemplating why the hell I signed up for this.
  24. Taylor, and I hope Daniel gets evicted on her watch.
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