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  1. The official announcement: https://www.paramountpressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/?view=106590-cbs-announces-its-summer-reality-premiere-schedule
  2. Feel free to start one!
  3. I see it more as a problem of social media users seeing things that are not there. I don't recall BB CAN having terrible casts, but maybe I have forgotten something. Of course, I don't think the US casts are generally all that bad, either, other than leaning too much into being "influencers".
  4. The fans can thank themselves for this happening. After watching the unhinged behavior on social media (Twitter in particular) the past few seasons, I'd be cutting feeds as well.
  5. Also on the Circle is an almost-hammie, Marvin Achi. He was supposed to be on BB24, but got pulled at the last minute when CBS learned he'd filmed The Circle and was also on America's Got Talent. (He was the one who Joseph replaced.)
  6. Booger on the run? https://www.tmz.com/2022/09/29/big-brother-star-mike-boogie-malin-warrant-issued-probation-revoked-missed-court-date/
  7. Thank you to everyone who helps make HT "The Happiest Place on Earth Except for Newark": the recappers (loved seeing so many of you join in this season!), the commenters, the lurkers, my fellow admins, and last but definitely not least, Fisty's very own Festie Bestie, @Tsylyst. You all are super mega bussin and prettier than chicken wings in an air fryer!
  8. Taylor is crying and talking to the cam now. She said she did NOT win Part 2, and that she lost by about 20 seconds.
  9. There's been a whole lot of nothing going on this afternoon in the BB house. Final 2 HOH was played, but we've not received confirmation regarding who won. It's likely it was Monte, but that's still speculation based on him being awake and energetic versus Taylor going right to bed. Taylor and Turner have been napping since the comp, while Monte fixed lunch, ate it, and spent some time staring at the memory wall. He's currently in DR while BB tries to roust the others awake. (I didn't see it myself, but there are photos of Monte making a gesture of praying hands and then raising his hand/finger up after the comp, so do with that what you will.)
  10. All 10 of mine went to Turner. He was the most entertaining all season, and that's what counts for me. He gave us the best DRs, played a messy game and still has a good chance to win... but if he does NOT win, I want him to have this.
  11. I want Turner to win the season, so I'll pick Monte for this. I don't want there to be any chance of Taylor getting to decide who is in F2.
  12. That really is an interesting interview. I'd seen bits and pieces about what happened elsewhere (I don't watch that show), but Tyson really enlightened me with what he reported there. I can't say I'm inspired to ever watch it now.
  13. Except that the details of what she wore weren't what was covered in the questions. Like @Tsylyst noted above, the hammies were asked about actions, not what one would normally think of as fashion questions. The *theme* of the week might suit Taylor, but the comp was really equal opportunity if you look at it objectively.
  14. Brittany and Brittany. I don't care who he can beat at F2, I want her gone!
  15. I honestly don't know whether BB gives them the athletic outfits (aside from costumes they all wear), or if they bring their own general purpose athletic gear into the house for non-themed comps. If the latter, that's on the hammie to bring quality goods. As for the HOH comp, although on the surface it seems rigged for Taylor, I'm not so sure that it was. If I remember it correctly (I mean, I have slept since then), the focus was more on what color Julie was wearing, not stuff like "was I wearing an A-line or dirndl skirt?" The scores were close enough between the 3 that I think all in all it was a pretty fair comp.
  16. I think that's probably Twitter nonsense. I've not seen anyone legit say it, it's all just "I heard..." stuff from random people.
  17. Magpie

    poll Week 11 HOH

    Turner, because I don't like the other three.
  18. To be fair, I'm not sure Taylor has a better resume' than Alyssa, other than her fail of an HOH, and she probably has fewer friends on the jury than Alyssa. There's an argument to be made that Taylor is more of a goat and would be the better one to take to F2, but I still want her evicted for my usual reason (I'm tired of Twitter's "Hail Taylor, full of grace" worship).
  19. Alyssa will probably go, but there is a small chance it will be Taylor, and that's what I'm routing for!
  20. Magpie

    poll Week 10 Veto

    Almost certainly Taylor, but I haven't decided if that's the best move or not. Turner needs to go (even though I like him), but Monte vs the 3 women would not be a very secure situation for him.
  21. I thought it was great! He was there to win, and sometimes you have to play a bit dirty to win Big Brother. It reminded me of Season 14 Dan and Danielle (a/k/a Dan's Funeral)!
  22. HOH was played overnight, and Monte won. He had a conversation with Taylor stating noms will be Alyssa and Brittany, but he's not sure which he wants to target. His gut says it should be Alyssa, something about Turner's weird attachment to her, but Brittany could be stronger at mental comps. Nominations today, and I think we can safely assume it will be those two.
  23. Now, THAT was a great DE episode! Monte saw his chance and made it happen (using Turner's HOH, at that). I had no problem with Michael throwing Brittany under Diane's house (reminded me of Dan and Danielle), nor did I have a problem with him being evicted because that was good gameplay and DOOG TV. After that move, I'm #TeamMonteButTurnerWouldBeGoodToo!
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