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  1. The problem with that plan is that he might come back. The stupid island ruins everything.
  2. I don't recall them showing us her reasoning, but she did have to sell it to someone from the losing tribe (which was not her own tribe). Maybe she didn't know anyone over there, so chose the name she recognized, maybe she admires Sandra's prior wins... could be anything, really, including pure randomness. My personal guess is that Natalie hoped to make it back into the game, and she thought that selling that to Sandra might help her out post-merge as a bit of insurance with Sandra.
  3. After watching Rob have to throw his entire tribe one by one over the log roll, I'd say they badly need to keep him around for awhile.
  4. As explained above by MrsG: "There is a message in a bottle. It tells her [Natalie] to journey to the last spot she can see the sunset, which causes her to climb to the top of the island and follow what appears to be a path to the end and she finds plaque. It says, “This is a hidden immunity idol good for three tribal councils. It has no value on Jurassic Island but you can sell it to another sucker from the losing tribe for a fire token.” An interesting twist, but I’m really not sold on these fire tokens just yet. If it means there are no hidden immunity idols out there, then okay but I have a sneaking suspicion it will just be nothing but chaos by the end of the season. Later in the show, we see that Natalie has sold the idol to Queen Sandra, who does not hesitate to give up her token for an idol. Because Sandra is not an idiot."
  5. As much as the Twinnie annoys me, I have to admit she was killing it in the comps and they were stupid to send her to the island. I took an instant dislike to Adam last night, so would have been happy to see him float off in the boat.
  6. As always, the recap is (immensely) better than the show. Two hours was an hour too much, but the stabby knife pen was cool. Thanks for getting this posted for our enjoyment before you head out, MrsG, and have a great trip!
  7. I believe it's available on All Access, if you have that.
  8. You're welcome! I would have missed it too, if someone hadn't posted about it on Facebook. It's like they kept it on the down low for some reason!
  9. Head's up: CBS will air "Survivor at 40: Greatest Moments and Players" tomorrow night at 8 PM!
  10. I picked Yul for the win (I think Parvati will go far but not take it all), and Twinnie Natalie as first out (because my ears need for that to happen).
  11. I'm SLOWOLD and I've also missed quite a few seasons of Survivor, but the light bulb just came on over my head and I realized that a Twinnie actually WON one? How the hell did that happen??
  12. Not that I remember. He dated someone named Julie, though.
  13. Every comment in this thread would be a good addition to the thread title. Example: Natalie Anderson - San Juan del Sur - S29 - "Oh fuck I had blocked her out" *scribbles notes for future use*
  14. According to CBS's site, the season premieres Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 8/7c. ETA a description:
  15. His season was so long ago that I don't recall specifics other than he was intelligent, played a good strategic game, and had a good social game as well. I don't think the jury had to hold their noses to pick a winner that season.
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