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  1. BB20 House Discussion

    I like it. Alternate plan: JC and Sam don't get pulled along and vote to keep Scottie, forcing a tie breaker. Then we point and laugh when Fessy sends Scottie out the door.
  2. BB20 House Discussion

    According to the recaps from last night, Scottie may go up, but Haleigh is trying to pooh pooh that idea.
  3. Yeah, we've seen that name scattered throughout the live feed recaps, because someone in the house (Sam, I think) called her that.
  4. BB20 House Discussion

    I'd like to see Tyler not even have to use his app this week. It will be hilarious if Faysal does something completely stupid like put Scottie on the mac. Assuming the other person would be a Level 6 member, even if that person doesn't win Veto, Level 6 has at least 3 votes and should be able to get one or both of JC and Sam as well. Scottie still goes, and we get another big laugh at the Hive squandering yet another HOH. (And Tyler has his cloud to use next week.)
  5. BB20 House Discussion

    I was thinking the same, @nixiechick. The cloud app is only good for eight weeks. ETA: I'm not sure what week Tyler won the app, though. Sam won one before he did.
  6. I'm hoping he's saving that one for Fessy.
  7. Brett's having entirely too much fun with all of this. Writing speeches for the other side, making bridge-burning crazy goodbye videos... this guy is here to entertain, and he's moved up to #1 on my fave list this season. Tyler/Brett F2, please!
  8. Nominations are now being accepted for this week's designated crazy hammie. Sam is a front runner, but expect the unexpected!
  9. POLL: Week 7 - Who had the best week?

    OK, in that case, I threw one to Kaycee the Peanut as well, for winning the hacker comp and working with Tyler to protect their alliance. We got to see more of her this week, and she's alright!
  10. Clearly, it's because she didn't flutter her eyelashes! She can't go soon enough to suit me.
  11. POLL: Week 7 - Who had the best week?

    It's only letting me pick one, so I went with Tyler after seeing that moron Clownstar give him the answer in the Veto comp.
  12. True enough, but I'll still second the call that he's a dumbass. ETA: On second look, I don't see a counter there. If that was just a sink stuck on the wall, he's a super dumbass.
  13. We're gonna need a new alliance name, though. (Although, the Hive's will be available soon enough...)
  14. I've been picking JC every week as well, so decided to shake it up a bit and go with Brett for this week.
  15. Angela Rummans - Wrong 99% of the time

    Heh. I see what you did there.