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  1. S16 Nicole gets a glimpse of her future with S18 Corey.
  2. That's particularly heinous since the actual Rupert was also part of this season.
  3. I may have to rethink my vote. I would love another season of Weekend at Kathy's!
  4. I want to see new famewhores, not old ones. I want there to be zero chance that Rachel winds up in the house again.
  5. Are you saying they are SLOWOLD? *gasps*
  6. From what little we saw of them, they didn't appear to work all that well as a team (all other possible issues aside). Thinking back, I can't say I'd ever call Janelle a team player. She seems to thrive when she's going it alone, or at least that's how I saw her in her BB runs.
  7. It's entirely possible that as in the "real world", the females get inferior assistance from outside sources, such as cab drivers. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that their requests are more often dismissed, requests for directions from passersby ignored more often, etc. You can build a great team and still have it hobbled by others' attitudes and prejudices. Disclaimer: Due to weather, I wasn't able to watch this week's show, so I'm not pointing to anything in particular that may have hindered Janelle and Britney. But I've seen plenty of other episodes where cab drivers rolled their eyes at the female teams, so I think my theory is based in some fact.
  8. Just like Rachel is Vegas, Julie is BB. Or something like that.
  9. And she seems at best to be indifferent. I guess Victor likes it.
  10. Elissa's lips are even weirder than I remember them being. I think she and Janey have been seeing the same quack plastic surgeon.
  11. I'm made hopeful by the fact that the editors keep showing us special moments of "Deep Thoughts With Colin". His zen will be broken the first time his ass gets U-turned.
  12. They had to find someone to make sure that Rupert wouldn't go home the first night. But honestly, the way that guy carried on, I thought he'd broken his leg.
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