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  1. Karishma, before she got the chance to flip to another side and stab me in the back.
  2. "The Survivor Gods are sitting in a little grass hut above the Tribal Council." I love this line as much as I loved the birds taking off in apparent alarm to the sound of Noura's shrieky laugh. Another great recap, @MrsGryn!
  3. I think the tribe should have been forced to use her as caller, since they did have the advantage of knowing what the comp would be (and could practice for it). That would have been hilarious and more fair, as well.
  4. Yeah, he turned out to be a disappointment, though it was fun when he fell on his ass in the mud.
  5. I was wondering if she really saw bone or was just being dramatic. She never mentioned it again after she got bandaged up, and was using that hand to work on the puzzle, so I'm skeptical.
  6. I agree, @MrsGryn, and anyway, there's a whole lot more to sex appeal then physical appearance (for instance, no matter how handsome a dude is, if he's a pig at heart, he is NOT sexy). Besides, the point of the game is to outwit, outplay, outlast... not out-titillate.
  7. Yeah, as soon as she drew that cutesy little passive-aggressive heart sign after she wrote down Noura's name, I wanted her gone.
  8. I had to admire the idea of hiding the idol in her hair and then offering to be searched, even though the crying seemed a bit too dramatic.
  9. Well, he was an enforcer while in the NHL, so he's no doubt got some experience with punching faces.
  10. I doubt there is going to be a CBB, since Julie did not mention it at the Finale'. I've not read any hints about it, either, so I am assuming CBS has no plans for it this year.
  11. Stunt hair deathwatch? I'm in.
  12. Maybe more balance is the answer. Have your pretty pretty recruits, but don't make them a big majority in the house, and ffs cast people who are actual strangers to each other (unless there's a theme like in Season 6). BB used to get this right.
  13. Me, too, jak. That stuff looks super flammable.
  14. Agreed, @copssister. Casting people who are actual fans of the show and have applied to be on, rather than trolling Instagram for pretty faces, would be a great place to start. More like Nakomis and fewer like Analyse would improve this show 100%. I found a list on CBS' site of the past America's Favorite winners. It's kind of interesting to see that maybe the viewers don't love what casting thinks we love. Winners of America's Favorite Houseguest.
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