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  1. What they've done (or not) is part of it, but we would also want to consider who the jury will be. You want someone next to you that doesn't have pals sitting in jury house just waiting to vote for them. I think Nicole fits into that category pretty well, too.
  2. You're welcome! It's easy to see why Kat has such a crush on him. *swoons*
  3. I went with Nicole as well, for the same reason as G, though I considered Jackson and Jessica as well.
  4. Jackson. Let's keep with the recent trend of HOH = Veto, and watch Christie blubber some more.
  5. Christie and all her blubbering should have already been gone by now, so I'll give him credit if he succeeds in ridding the house of her.
  6. I went with Cliff, Jackson, and Tommy. Cliff for surviving the vote, and for representing for the SLOWOLD folks. Jackson for understanding what the Field Trip vote meant, and not being a big baby about it (as far as I know), and for winning immunity. Tommy for winning everything else and for being able to save (ugh) Christie.
  7. Welcome to BB Crybaby All-Stars, Christie! Take your seat next to Amber, Big Meech, Rachel, Vanessa, and Josh. (Don't get any ideas, FUG...)
  8. Nicole, because she's not really done anything so far this season.
  9. I don't hate him for the humping; after all, Holly is going along with it willingly so he's no worse than she is as far as that goes. Plus, as MrsG notes, he looked pretty fine in those glasses.
  10. That makes sense, Tsy. Sis hasn't really done anything all that irritating aside from being Jack's... whatever she was to him. Hardly enough to earn a spot in the top 3 compared to those other clowns.
  11. I liked Kat for about a week somewhere in there, and she does have some amusing moments, but mostly I'm tired of her "ooh I'm so ditsy" routine. I can't route against the old guy, anyway, so girl, bye!
  12. Yikes! OK, I hate him again! Thanks, Tsy!
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