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  1. I swear I'm gonna ban Fisty someday! GAH.
  2. They'll just skip the vote, hand the check to Cody, and call it done. I hope they do some sort of Zoom thing with Queen Janey so we can see her win America's Fave, though!
  3. He'll be stupid and keep Nicole, but I wish he'd send her "prior winner" ass out the door.
  4. The Dr. Will and Kevin ones were my faves, especially the Will one. I hope Fisty invites Da'Vonne back for more reactions in the future!
  5. Yeah, I admit I don't follow TAR all that closely, but when Phil said they were "still racing", I didn't expect to see a team get eliminated.
  6. Enzo and the Skippy. Honorable mention to Cody for being in zero danger this week since Nicole finally stepped up her game.
  7. I loved the goats, especially when the one guy (I don't know any of their names yet) was running AHEAD of his goat. Still scratching my head about the team who kept having the dyslexic person doing the numbers-related challenges, but hey, they didn't come in last so there's that.
  8. This season could definitely have used more tutus. (#TeamPinhead)
  9. Drinking all the booze
  10. He had a dad bod, but acted like a grandpa, shuffling around wearing a blanket and moaning about his bad back. Despite his infirmity, he acted like he was some kind of Godfather mastermind, muttering about a "plan".
  11. Tyler, because Xmas is so annoying (think: Paul) and hasn't really done anything, so is a better choice to keep dragging along toward the end.
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