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  1. I read Wiki entries for a few of these "celebs", and whew, we may see some great drama this season. This has potential to be a hot mess!
  2. It seems to be a universal opinion on Reddit that she's boring AF. Hopefully the first boot.
  3. Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend's ex. I guess they couldn't get actual Kardashians to do the show.
  4. Julie's doing her good works this season by bringing all these druggies into the house for rehab.
  5. Did he ever clear the Season 23 cast out of his house?
  6. Five out of eleven. I've done better recognizing contestants on "Dancing With the 'Stars'".
  7. Khloe Kardashian's ex. Well, he should know his way around fame whores.
  8. Dr. Will being a big nerd. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/dr-will-kirby-lands-star-wars-role-on-the-book-of-boba-fett/
  9. It looked like there were as many as four teams MIA, including Love Island and a couple who were expecting a child when the race restarted. I think the "we caught a terrorist" guys were missing, too. I forget who the fourth missing team was, so that was probably Taylor and Isaiah. The 2 eliminated teams were standing off to the side, apparently the "familiar faces" Phil mentioned. It would make sense to bring them back to replace the missing teams.
  10. They started filming in February 2020, and broke off at the end of the month. Over a year later, they returned to finish the race.
  11. I automatically hate anyone who is an Internet "anything", because it reminds me of the casting on BB. That married couple who does the videos is especially annoying, though him and the other guy wasting 30 minutes of a RACE to stand around with clues in hand wondering if they should be looking at postage stamps was pretty hilarious. There aren't any teams I particularly like just yet, but I'm curious to see which two teams dropped out after the Covid-related break that is coming up. (I believe that break starts at the end of next week's episode.)
  12. Reminder: TAR is back, starting tomorrow night! Meet the Cast of Season 33
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