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  1. I think her obnoxious behavior worked against her. It's not necessary to do an "IN YOUR FACE" dance when you win a challenge. I'm not saying she shouldn't have been proud of herself, but know your audience.
  2. Thank you for this and all the other Survivor recaps, @MrsGryn! Each and every week this season, I scurried over to HT as soon as I saw the notification pop up on Facebook that a recap had dropped. They were always better than the show, usually pointed out tidbits that I missed while watching, and... I really cannot wait to see how you deal with the teenagers. Snerk.
  3. As long as they aren't still teenagers by the time filming starts. I'm totally not interested in a teen version of Survivor.
  4. That would be cool, but I bet she'll be one of Sia's picks to get some cash.
  5. I'm routing for Crazy Tony, but won't mind if Sarah wins.
  6. This was my favorite part of the excruciatingly long episode, especially when he followed it up with "Why wouldn't you?" Mmhmm, Tyson.
  7. Jessica and Cody are spawning again.
  8. I'm thinking the real concern will be safety of the crew. The hammies will be safe enough locked up inside, but the crew has to come and go and presumably interact with outsiders now and then for one thing or another.
  9. They aren't doing casting calls, but were accepting online applications until casting closed. The show is able to be pretty flexible, so I imagine we'll see a BB22 this year, though it may not (likely won't) start in June. They could delay the start date or go for a shorter season, something like that. Remember the writers' strike? We got a delayed BB9 that year. I figure this year will be similar, though hopefully with a less disgusting cast.
  10. No; as noted previously, the correct word is pansexual.
  11. Thanks for including the photo of Denise showing how DUN she was with that nonsense! Jeremy has no call to be talking smack to anyone, especially since, as you pointed out, people keep giving him things to save his ass.
  12. I've lost track, too. Tony, Ben, Denise? Natalie and Rob?
  13. Yeah, I saw that and figured it might be worth a try, though the concept does not sound terribly appealing. But it IS Phil, so maybe?
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