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  1. Big fat F for women failing once again to made a damn alliance that works.
  2. It's in the bag for X now, Azah made sure of that.
  3. Feeds are down until later tomorrow night per the official post below. (I'll leave the thread open for use only if something "live" from the feeds slips through between now and then.)
  4. These last couple of weeks really need a Pandora's Box (Pinhead optional, but preferred). NOTE: Feeds will be down until after the West Coast airing of tonight's show.
  5. Whichever one survives, Tiffany or Hannah. They need to get two men on the mac and one out the door, ASAP.
  6. Any of the men would be fine with me.
  7. Well, it's going to be Tiffany, but I'd rather it was Hannah.
  8. I like this season a lot, for a few reasons. I like the Cookout, even though they did evict my favorites. I'm always glad to see progress and history being made, and I'm also glad to have a cast that I don't actively haaaaate (which I can't say about all seasons). Tiffany has had some very funny moments that unfortunately don't make the broadcast shows, and I'm sure the same can be said of some of the others. Actually, I've seen some fun clips of Azah that would really surprise people who watch only the broadcast shows. A lot of what makes this season seem boring, aside from lack of general drama, is production decisions and how the show is edited. That, and these days, you just are not going to see good old BB6 hair pulling, thanks to social media and the way players these days worry about their followers and how they will be dragged if they do anything deemed "problematic". I'd love to see Tiffany and Derek X return on another season, where they can play hopefully better and more individual games.
  9. I dunno, I think I'd give the "worst season" to S9, maybe. I mean, Adam won that one.
  10. Dan consistently tops lists of "best BB player". Time will tell whether the amazing X will do the same.
  11. Derek X, because now he'll have someone good (Claire) to hang out with.
  12. Magpie

    poll Grade Week 9

    I actually dropped it to a C for this week because that was the most boring double eviction ever. Hannah had a chance to make a big move, and she punked out and went after Alyssa instead. I understand the mission, and am not unhappy that they were successful in their goal to be F6, but I like a lot more chaos and blindsides on DE nights.
  13. I'd be OK with that. I watched his season of Worst Cooks in America, where I thought he'd be a big tool, but he did really well on the show and wound up being entertaining to watch.
  14. There will be another Celebrity BB in early 2022, with Julie as host. Cast and premiere date to be revealed later. https://ew.com/tv/big-brother-celebrity-edition-returns-early-2022/
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