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  1. I'm not convinced he's in a real alliance with anyone but Cody at this point, but that was what I meant with my answer, that he'd not put up Nicole just like he won't put up Cody (as you said).
  2. ...or Nicole F. I went with Janelle and Kaysar, figuring he'll go the easiest route.
  3. I had actually forgotten she used to be a nurse, since she's gone so all-in on the famewhore thing.
  4. I have to agree it's Dani, and I don't like her, either. She is playing a very good game so far, and as far as I know, is not on any radars.
  5. Hmm, if David won HOH and wanted to stick to his "I don't get it" strategy, the smart thing for him to do is put up the two winners, Ian and Nicole F. I could get behind that, so I added him, too.
  6. Even better if one (or more) of them happens to be on the bed when it slams back up into the wall. Now there's an endurance comp idea!
  7. Part of the problem there is that Season 6 was 15 years ago, so many current players weren't watching the show yet back then. I think it's easier to get invested in a season if you watch it as it happens vs. watching a recorded version of it over a decade later.
  8. Janelle, period. Hopefully she'll put NicoleF on the mac.
  9. I'm bored with it, to be honest, so I said it's worse than some seasons. They are all acting SLOWOLD (maybe because of the cold). I want strategery and drama, not shuffling around wearing bedcovers!
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