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  1. What a train wreck! This season is entertaining, that's for sure.
  2. After bragging all hour about how great she is at reading people, she sure blew it with that move. I know, it was a panic move because Weekend at Karishma played an Idol, but ffs, the whole point of the "lesson" this week was about knowing the tribe. She should have known she wasn't in danger.
  3. Great recap, @MrsGryn, and so quickly, too! Enjoy that well-earned feast tomorrow! *FIST* (waving a turkey leg)
  4. Pfft. If they are going to be that way, then I can't be bothered to read the interviews they DID do.
  5. I chose Tiny Tank, Elaine, and Noura for my F3, not because I'm looking for an all-woman F3 (though that would be nice), but because they annoy me the least and have the best entertainment potential. I know Weekend at Karishma's is actually more fun to laugh at than most any of them, and it would be fun to watch her think she had a chance to win, but no. Too risky! The three that can GTFO are Weekend at Karishma's, Elizabeth, and Dean, simply because I hate them. #TeamCrazyNoura!
  6. Well, it's not like you had anything better to do while you were wedged down between those couch cushions like Tsy's spare change.
  7. Yeah, I think the best I can hope for will be for her to continue escalating her cockiness so that she actually thinks she is going to win. I can sit back and wait to the end to see her get her big comeuppance. That might be better than blindsiding her along the way, actually.
  8. She's gotten mighty cocky now that she has that Idol, like she really accomplished a big immunity win by simply plucking it out of its hiding spot. I hope she gets blindsided in spectacular fashion, though we all know she'll be dragged along to Final 3 because she's so utterly useless.
  9. Yeah, that was the first time I've found her amusing all season. The sheer "I'm fucked"ness of it all was hilarious.
  10. Yeah, Kellee can tell us about that one. Just think how that second hour might have gone if she had played one of her TWO Idols in the first hour!
  11. Agreed, but they both waited until almost 24 hours had passed after the episode aired before commenting. Sure, I suppose they might have been busy, but I think it more likely they were shamed by the bad reactions of the public into finally saying something. ETA: Excellent article, @Kyara! Thanks for that link.
  12. Elizabeth has now posted an apology as well. I'm not particularly impressed that both she and Missy waited until after a wave of backlash before deciding to say something.
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