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  1. Every comment in this thread would be a good addition to the thread title. Example: Natalie Anderson - San Juan del Sur - S29 - "Oh fuck I had blocked her out" *scribbles notes for future use*
  2. According to CBS's site, the season premieres Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 8/7c. ETA a description:
  3. His season was so long ago that I don't recall specifics other than he was intelligent, played a good strategic game, and had a good social game as well. I don't think the jury had to hold their noses to pick a winner that season.
  4. Yul is cool (and his was a good season, too).
  5. I seem to recall liking her. I don't recall her being Steven Tyler's twin, though.
  6. Thank you for a season of awesome recaps, @MrsGryn! The season itself made that turn toward Hell, as you said, but your recaps were top quality. See you in February! I'll bring the donuts.
  7. Tommy made me think of Andy the Rat, and that is not a good thing.
  8. I was rooting for Evil Dean because he was way more interesting than Tommy (and Noura had no chance of winning).
  9. Like anyone is going to believe Varner. *eyeroll* ETA: That article is hilarious, though. Varner wasn't on this season. Good research there, Fox!
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