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  1. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I dunno, jak, I think taking advantage of a cancer patient tops pretty much anything I can recall Booger doing. And that includes wearing baby blue pleather shorts.
  2. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I now officially think more highly of Booger than I do of that unrepentant grifter, Swaggy.
  3. Hilarious, especially if FUG was hoping he'd be the next Omarosa with lots of juicy WH gossips.
  4. House Analysis and Discussion

    True! I just saw an announcement from the official Big Brother account on Facebook. They had the feeds open for about 15 minutes this afternoon.
  5. Julie Chen - Charged and ready to go

    That's Julie Chen MOONVES to you, mister!
  6. From the sounds of things, he should have sold it.
  7. Broadcast Recapper Signups

    Thanks, @elizabethann!
  8. House Analysis and Discussion

    Tiffany was one of the few on that list I did know. She's a/k/a New York, from Flavor of Love. (Speaking of dumpster fires...)
  9. House Analysis and Discussion

    I don't want another season of "tell us about your time in the government", so it's a "no, dawg" from me.
  10. House Analysis and Discussion

    For shame, Fisty is my boo! (Also, WTF, now we are casting celeb's moms? Way to phone it in, Grodner.)
  11. House Analysis and Discussion

    Who's that?
  12. POLL: Will you be watching?

    Of course, but I don't like to watch recorded reality shows. If I can't watch live, it's not worth the bother.
  13. POLL: Will you be watching?

    The scheduled time for most nights of the season is not good for me, so I clicked "depends on who...". I might watch a few evenings, if it sounds compelling, but won't upend the family dinner routine every night otherwise. Stupid time zones.
  14. Left Too Soon

    Whew! I saw the title of this thread on the "What We're Talking About" section on the front HT page, and thought we'd lost an HTer!