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  1. It says Season 41 will begin airing in September. I assume they mean to tag it in as BB ends, as usual, which is just the right time to help us get over whatever disappointment BB will bring us this summer.
  2. Look at all those people not wearing masks; what very responsible behavior for someone who is pregnant. SMH but not surprised, because after all, fame whoring comes first!
  3. Maybe because he shoved that other guy into the water?
  4. I wanted to say there can't be any worse than the past eight seasons, but then I remembered Season 9.
  5. Dare we hope for fewer racists this year? Casting Director Robyn Kass not working on Season 23
  6. Doesn't look like it's happened. From the article: "Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Franzel and Arroyo postponed their destination wedding to spring 2021, though it's unclear if that date's been changed again due to their expanding family." I feel sure Nicole would be blasting the news if she and Victor had gotten married.
  7. I'm sure it's totally a coincidence that they announced this on Janelle's birthday... https://www.etonline.com/big-brother-alums-nicole-franzel-and-victor-arroyo-expecting-first-child-together-158816
  8. Airing tonight, if you can stomach it (starring Cowboy and Russell Hantz):
  9. It was obvious Phil didn't like it, and neither did I. It's bad enough that the last 10 or so seasons of BB have been played that way. I hope they do make the teams actually RAAAACE and knock if off with the kumbaya shit.
  10. I actually enjoyed the season for the most part. I was #TeamBeardBros and even though they choked at the end, I told myself "at least the nerds didn't win".
  11. This just puts a big red bow on the whole season: https://www.eonline.com/news/1214223/big-brother-s-memphis-garrett-and-christmas-abbott-are-dating (Bonus bows: They dragged out all 3 of Nicole F's showmances. *snerk*)
  12. I didn't even know Wipeout was back in production. Wonder if they'll carry on with it now? Contestant Dies After Completing ‘Wipeout’ Obstacle Course
  13. https://ew.com/tv/cbs-reality-series-casting-representation/
  14. Oh, the blondes are awful, too! What's up with telling the "we moved out at 15" hard luck story, then turning around and saying that they are playing for their parent(s)?
  15. I agree with your assessments, MrsG, especially about the nerds. Everything they do is annoying to me! There's just something about their attitude that irks. Maybe they remind me of Nicole A. from BB and how much of a disappointment she became after gaining a bit of fame.
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