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    BB, hanging out with daughter and/or husband, reading, facebook, family, gardening, crafting, and enjoying me some Dick!
  1. cubkip

    Food Shows

    My son is my opposite although he looks like my clone. He hates dealing with people where I am very customer service oriented.
  2. cubkip

    Food Shows

    He is a dishwasher and prep chef. He loves it. Ema paid for all employees to go to great America with their spouses over the summer and he cooks for all before service. My son told CJ that I am a fan and he said to let him know ahead of time when I come so he can surprise me with something special and meet me as well
  3. cubkip

    Food Shows

    Thought I would let you all know that my son works for CJ from top chef. He says that his boss is great. Not sure how many if you remember him but he has a Mediteranian restaurant in Chicago
  4. For all the reasons already mentioned, Victor was the biggest surprise for me. Biggest disappointment was zakihah. I agree that Paulie was really different from Cody but sorry to say that any guy acting like that isn't very shocking. Seen it too many times before to let it disappoint me anymore. I've seen many women like zakihah as well, but it's rare for one that attractive to be such a doormat. That makes her my biggest disappointment. I would be as angry as dayvone if that were my friend
  5. You outlaw... Don't you see that I am the Messiah?
  6. I agree jerry! He was coached by Derrick so that may have been what he picked up when derrick said you don't have to win comps to win game
  7. I feel like I was robbed too. I so badly wanted to see bjc sing a duet with Adam Lambert. I liked grace but what's she gonna go with a Vegas act?
  8. There once was a houseguest named Paul Who wasn't incredibly tall He spoke rather crass And out of his ass To make up for having one ball?
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