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  1. Maggie is the hamster that left the WORST taste in my mouth. I'm not sure if I had the live feeds that year or not, but I loathed her and Ivette. *shudders* This crew however, seems to have more unlikeable hamsters than most of the other seasons. Please BBGod, don't let VGM win!
  2. Holy Crap! I knew I didn't like Gina Marie before I saw that video, but now she totally disgusts me. What the hell was wrong with the producers that they chose such horrible hamsters this season? And the crowd mentality that the other ones showed..... laughing, not calling GM out on such bullshit. I hope to God she doesn't win. Ick.
  3. I haven't done this in awhile...... but copssister seriously made me laugh with this one!
  4. I didn't vote..... but if I had, based on who I liked the most, I would have voted for Cassie. But if I had, based on who would cause the most uproar, I would have voted for Brendon. Since I do not have live feeds this year, and very little spare time..... I can see that many fans, who base MOST of their opinions on what they see on the show, rather than the live feeds, might have voted for Brendon. They are not as annoyed as those who have been pummeled by Brenchel on the live feeds.
  5. OH BOY!!!!!! I couldn't have picked a better time to get dumped by my boyfriend! Now I can concentrate on following the HamsterTime recaps! Sweet! Counting down to Carnage!
  6. Holy Craps!!!!!!! My favorite Survivor moment, bar none! Russell cries like the little bitch baby that he is!!!!!
  7. shadylady98926


    I must say, I have been watching Holly deteriorate, and it kind of is disconcerting. She looks downright ill. She has gotten these huge bags under her eyes, with really dark circles. I went back to the first episode, and her pre game interview to compare, and I really think she looks like she has gotten sick. That girl needs some healthy food!
  8. shadylady98926


    Not my favorite cookie in the jar. I think she is a toolette. Not to slur Tooletta by ANY means!
  9. shadylady98926


    I am happy to see that his hair seems to be "self correcting". I kind of like him.
  10. shadylady98926


    Maybe we should say..... "put a sock in it!"
  11. shadylady98926


    Wackadoodle is RIGHT! She is one odd bird! The sooner she flies the coop..... oh wait. We LOVE having someone to hate! She can stay. She makes me shake my head in wonder!
  12. shadylady98926


    So far, I do not like her. I didn't like how she approached Wendy with an alliance that she broke immediately, and in the preview for the next show? She steals Dans shoes, puts sand in them and puts them in the ocean....... saying something about how he doesn't like sand on himself. Unbalanced. Who the hell does shit like that? I can't WAIT to find out what THAT story is about!
  13. shadylady98926


    Ah, it was too funny when she said "we eat our pets". BWAHHHH!!!!! I have a few too many cats! Can I send them to her now that she has been voted off?
  14. ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! So Hayden wins the half mil, Lane wins the 50 grand, Brit wins 25 grand as the favorite houseguest, and Ragan wins 20 grand for being a successful sabby, and ENZO the scumbag asshole????? BWAHHHHHH!!!!!! He wins NOTHING! And made it all the way to the final 3!!!!! I guess I didn't like him much.......
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