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  1. Thanks Ty, that makes sense. Probably moot now that Hannah won - guessing she wan't change the noms.
  2. Question about the POV today - if one of the 3 Nominees wins the Veto or is taken down by the winner, since Tiffany is no longer HOH, will there be a replacement nominee put up by the new "anonymous" HOH, or does that mean there are only 2 left on the block?
  3. Women of color - yes. I said Jessica and Kemi.
  4. I actually like the idea of it - letting them stay AND play a social game. I am sure FUG will fuck it up somehow but for now I'm liking it. Also hoping it means no have-nots. That ship sailed a while ago.
  5. Brett - if for no other reason than how much that will piss off Blockstar.
  6. JC didn't lay low losing comps like Derrick on purpose. I think JC lost all earlier comps because he sucked at them, and lucked into this one somehow. It's a wonder he got them all right because he talks so much and never listens to anyone. That said, I'm glad he won this one to shake things up - Level 3/4/5/6 at the end would have been dullsville.
  7. Yeah this is definitely not a show for Introverts. Sometime I think I'd love to be a Slowold Hammie - but I know that two days in I would probably DOR being around that many people 24/7 with no escape. Unless I won the first HOH and could lock myself in the room for two weeks. Then I'd probably DOR right after my HOH ended. I think her DR statements were probably fed to her (maybe she thought she was being funny?), and I do think her time as a robot effected her interactions with the others early on. I also think she absolutely wasn't cut out for the game, and someone should have done a better job explaining the show to her before she said yes. That said - she singlehandedly kept the ants away this season, and for that I applaud her as it's never been done before as I recall.
  8. Apparently Kaycee won yet another POV (according to the leaker who has been right so far) - so she will be the only vote tomorrow. I suspect she’ll boot Angela to stay true to her F2 with Tyler (Cody 2.0). If she wants to win, she’ll boot Tyler and hope to win over JC or Angela. I’d be okay with that - Tyler threw his game away when he got into that stupid showmance with Angela. And Kaycee has certainly been stepping up the wins. And most people on jury love her. She’d have to win final HOH to have a shot at F2 - because I doubt anyone would take her to F2.
  9. If JC IS the HOH and he wins POV, whoever is NOT on the block is the only deciding vote. So if it's true Angela and Tyler are on the block, that means Kaycee is not - and so if JC wins POV and does not use it, Kaycee makes the choice. If JC takes someone down (and the only person he'd take down is Tyler) then Tyler becomes the deciding vote. So no matter what, JC is in final 3 because he is HOH. And one of the Level 3/4/5/6 has to vote one of their own out.
  10. I want Haleigh to go in 1st eviction. I want Angela gone in the 2nd eviction, not because of any dislike for her, but because of my preference for Kaycee over Angela (and I worry if they both end up on the block together Kaycee would go because she's proven to be such a comp beast). I also want Angela to go because I think it will get Tyler's head(s) back in the game. Ultimately I want a Kaycee/Tyler final 2. With Brett as their 3rd. So Angela going next helps that happen in my addled brain. If Sam goes in 1st Eviction, then I want Haleigh gone in 2nd.
  11. Hammies are discussing his speech - some of is was muted (as opposed to bleeped). Apparently he said they were all dicking around (the first part that was muted as he was addressing Julie directly) - and finished with "I think you guys all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it. If you don't you can all suck it except Tyler (muted: who is already getting a steady diet of that Hilton Head.)" I rewatched it, and what they say he said does match the muted parts. ETA: Apparently he flipped them all off too.
  12. I want Haleigh out - and I thought that is what Tyler wanted because she is coming after him. I am surprised he is not pushing/misting to save Scotty and get rid of Haleigh.
  13. Thanks gforce - Earlier I found two others that crapped out on me - so I came here, and your link let me see the battle back comp, such as it was.
  14. My CBS app won't allow the live show to stream since football is on here (it will only show my local channel and I'm not in a major city). Anyone have any links to watch online, or a link to the site that used to post the links the day of the show?
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