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  1. A couple of weeks ago I saw something on Twitter (I'll go back and see if I can find it) that said there were tickets being offered for a live show on Thursday, which as Tsy says, is a very short turnaround for 2 comps before Sunday. But if they use other places than the backyard for comps (like they did for the latest POV) maybe they can get both comps done (one Friday, one Saturday) before the finale on Sunday? Otherwise yes, the feeds will likely go down on Wednesday.
  2. 10:15am HT Noms happened last night - new HOH Taylor nominated Turner and Brittany. Early morning wake up for POV this morning - animal cam for over an hour and then feeds back. All 4 hammies sitting around the tiny kitchen table (with 4 chairs) and it looks like Monte is wearing the necklace. Brittany is not, nor is Turner. Cam just Zoomed in on Monte wearing the POV necklace. So goodbye Brittany. Everything is happening early this week because the Sunday show has to show noms AND POV since there is no Wed show. Hammies do not know this - they think it's football related (and still don't know finale is the 25th). All sitting around the table laughing and being friendly - things were very tense last night between Brittany and Turner, as she is blaming Turner for the vote to keep Alyssa and acting as if all is normal with Taylor (tho Taylor knows the truth).
  3. They did it again this morning - and Monte voiced concern they might be found out. So I agree with Princess Bride and am going with horny too. Because if it's game play, it's horrible game play given the precariousness of the vote this week.
  4. 8am HT Sorry to all the Jaylor fans. After spending another night outside enjoying the yard with Alyssa and Turner (and Britt for a while), Alyssa went to bed but Taylor, Monte, and Turner went out to enjoy the sunrise on the balcony thing. When they finally went inside, Taylor and Monte ended up in the HOH room for another slumber party, except this time Turner did not come up with them (I think they were expecting him but not sure). They turned off the lights and were talking, each on either side of the bed until Monte invited Taylor to cuddle up (after she said to let him know if she gets too close and invades her space) because he runs very warm. She took him up on the offer and before I knew what was happening they were having a make out sesh. Before it got too X-rated, Skippy cut the feeds to sleeping Alyssa and Brittany. Color me shocked. Well at least it's better than a pool floaty. <shrug> ETA and feeds have been cut away for way more than 10 seconds.
  5. 12pm HT Veto meeting happened - Brittany took herself off the block, Taylor is up against Alyssa. So far the plan still is to evict Alyssa but it's only Monday .... and Turner is already not-so-subtly trying to suggest Monte evict Taylor (because Alyssa is so bad at comps).
  6. 8:45am HT Various convos this morning - while Turner and Monte and Alyssa slept for a little while after the POV, Taylor and Brit had a long convo trying to work things out with each other from the drama and mistrust of past few days/week. At some point Turner woke up and went to HOH where Monte promised him he's safe and will not go on the block (this happened while Brit and Taylor were scheming how to convince Monte to put up Turner, with some excellent points on why that would be a better move for Monte - among them that he will gain back Michael's jury vote and get out the guy who got out Michael). Monte wants to put up Taylor and is seeking agreement from Turner that they vote out Alyssa and keep Taylor, because Alyssa was apparently so bad in the comp they need Taylor as another possible number to win HOH and get Brit out next, rather than risk Brit winning HOH, or some such ridiculous dude-logic. Now they are all 5 chatting in HOH (Brit and Taylor went up hoping to talk to Monte alone, but the gang's all there right now keeping game talk from happening). Previously Monte told Turner we wanted to speak to them separately, but Taylor and Brit hope to talk to him together and get back their final three. Interestingly, Monte did not get to play in the POV because he did not wake up and get ready in time in spite of several warnings to do so. They were awakened at 5am for the POV, which lasted just over an hour. They are hoping the backyard will open up early today so they can enjoy the outside for a couple of days. It's going to be a long week, and things could change in a hot minute - but as of now, the plan is that Brit will take herself down, Taylor will go up, and Alyssa out. We shall see.
  7. 6:15am HT Woke up to an alert that feeds were back - apparently they played POV very early this morning and Brittany won! She and Taylor are currently confabbing in the bubble room, about the lack of trust that has grown between them the past few days. Monte went back to bed - no clue if he will put up Taylor or Turner on Monday (yesterday he told Turner he'd put up Taylor, but who knows). Taylor is worrying me with this convo with Britt - who may not vote to save her if Taylor is on the mac.
  8. Noms did happen this afternoon, and Alyssa and Britt are the nominees. Britt is already scrambling, took a shot at throwing Taylor under Diane's house by saying that Taylor told her and Alyssa she wanted all girls at the end (not sure if that's true or not). Alyssa is keeping her cool and saying he is on good terms with Taylor, but does not trust Britt.
  9. 12:15PM HT Veto was not used - Terrance and Alyssa remain on the block. Terrance and Monte - who previously declared no one could win against Michael and he needed to be backdoored - are now proposing a final 3 with Monte, Terrance, and Michael (to Michael) to go against a supposed "girls alliance." They am so dumb.
  10. 10am HT Veto pick - all Hamsters playing except Turner, who is hosting. Strangely enough, Terrance got Houseguest Choice, and he chose Taylor to play for him instead of Turner. Turner and Taylor had a convo in the car room, where he "apologized" to her and told her "he's got her" (even tho he wanted her gone over Kyle). Whatevs. Now everyone talking about how strange it is that Terrance picked Taylor, and what he's saying to her. They end convo with a hug - Sophy thinks both of them are bs'ing each other.
  11. 7:45pm HT Feeds back - Michael has HOH key around his neck. Zingbot has not visited yet.
  12. 12:30pm HT Veto used - Kyle on the block with Taylor, Michael took Britt down. Now Terrence is of course trying to convince Monte to keep Kyle this week and evict Taylor, so he can "learn" more from them and "do better" in the future. Hates for him to go out and not have a chance to "redeem" himself in the house before he has to go out and face the world. Monte is gently rejecting this idea, reminding Terrance that Kyle won't be going to jail, he'll be going to the jury house. And if they let him off the hook and keep him, he won't learn about facing the consequences of his actions. (This is me paraphrasing a very stupid convo - figures after all of this that of course Terrance wants to get rid of Taylor.) Monte points out they have until Thursday to help Kyle, and for him to rally and change his perspective before he leaves the house. They can all be kind to him between now and then - and help him learn. Apparently during the house meeting we all missed, Kyle admitted his statements were rooted in race, and has been talking to the BB therapist, so they see some growth already from Kyle. BB keeps cutting away to Kyle and Alyssa whenever race specifically comes up for some idiotic reason. Oh wait - it looks like they are cutting away when they mention therapy. My bad. Whatever the case I'd rather have WBRB than Alyssa and Kyle being smoochy and whiney and gross.
  13. 7:45pm HT Feeds came back about 20 minutes ago. Taylor, Turner, Michael, and Alyssa all got to watch a movie (why the feeds were down) - a prize Michael won for winning POV. They came downstairs just in time for dinner (made by Monte I think) - and Kyle made a brief appearance walking through the kitchen wrapped in a blanket, looking for Michael, so he did not DOR (yet). BY opened up as they finished eating and Alyssa, Taylor, and Britt all went to the hammock. "This day," says Britt. "You did a lot of hard work," say Taylor. Skippy says FU that's enough live feeds for you! WBRB. ETA: Perfect description of nervousing by Kyle earlier by CycleRob. I rewatched the scene of him trying to get in the DR a few times over.
  14. 10:35AM HT Now 4 cams on Kyle changing his batteries (after a few "wakey wakey houseguests" from BB. Still no cams on the 4 talking game. Before this we had about an hour of sleeping/snoring Turner. Now Terrance ratting to Kyle that Monte is upstairs with the other 3 and they think Monte needs to go up as replacement nom (don't trust his allegiance to the After Party) just to be safe. This was such a poor game strategy for Michael to do this now - how could they not expect to get caught. Now Kyle in bed with Alyssa apologizing for last night. ETA: They think the 4 are up there with Turner. CBS hates us.
  15. 9:40AM HT Monte finally in HN room with the others - but I lose the bet because it's 4 cams on sleeping Turner in HOH (and not on Terrance) and not ONE SINGLE CAMERA on the actual game talk going on in the HN room. What the actual fuck?!!
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