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  1. 12:35pm HT Veto meeting happened a couple of hours ago'ish. Michael and Brit used POV on Josept, Monte, and Terrance and put up Kyle and Daniel. Not the blindside we were hoping for (after Terrance and Jasmine were certain they had convinced Michael to keep noms the same yesterday) because Michael gave them a heads up before the meeting that he was going to use it. As soon as he told them that, Jasmine and Terrence tried to back track on all of their work to get Monte out, including Jasmine assuring Monte (just before the meeting) that Michael was going to use the POV and that Monte would be "good" this week as they had planned (as if she had something to do with it). Unfortunately for her, Monte already knew the veto was being used, and that Jas tried to get Michael to keep noms the same and get Monte out.
  2. 12:30pm HT Not much going on in the house except waiting for POV. Taylor is hosting and has been called to the DR so it should be soon. Earlier Kyle had a cryfest in the HOH. He was updating us on his strategy and game play and who he trusts or not, and then broke down in tears while talking to the cameras about how harrrrrdd this game is and how tired he is (he can't get any sleep in his room because of Terrance's snoring - heh). He may "move to the HN room and sleep on a damn pool floatie" to get away from the snoring and get some sleep. He saw pic of Michael and Hayden and wished he could find a love like that and said Alyssa's name wistfully with a dollop of whine. Then he did some weird dancing and recited a motivational speech to get his mind back in the game. It was ... different. ETA: Taylor out of DR and Indy called in, so not POV time yet, false alarm.
  3. 9:20am HT Hammies were awakened earlier than usual today for POV pick. It sounds like Jasmine and Turner where chosen to play with Michael, Brit, Monte, Terrance, and Joseph. Taylor will host. Indy, Taylor, and Alyssa were not chosen and Indy is disappointed not to win a trip to Hawaii.
  4. 10:45AM HT Nic, Jas, Ter, and Dan in the bathroom whispering and plotting and being generally annoying, like they do. Terr and Jas are making fun of what a bad actor Brit is. Ter is acting like he's voting to keep Nic, but who knows at this point (I thought she was toast since she tried to vote him out so maybe he's just info gathering). Nic coaches Jas and Ter what to say to Kyle when he comes to talk to them (Nic told Kyle to talk to them to confirm their vote). Now Ter says he will say to Monte - it's f'ing Taylor, it was f'ing Taylor it's still f'ing Taylor - he is not changing his vote (he isn't?) and he won't sway even if Monte comes to him and tells him it's Nic out. Nic refuses to talk to Monte. Dan trashing Taylor - how DARE she be waiting to talk to Monte when he comes out of DR. HOW DARE SHE!!! Now they are talking about weight loss - apparently Ter was 267 when he came in the house now he's 217. Huh? He lost 50lbs in four weeks? Sophy wants in on that diet (or Sophy misheard). I can't take listening to these asshats any more so I'm listening to Taylor talk to herself upstairs instead. She's talking about how often she's been on the block and how demoralizing it is to go find her suitcase in the SR on Wed morning. She has to pack again, for the third time - and hopes to unpack on Thurs. A creepy / scary voice just came over the speakers to tell everyone to wake up. They all laugh and ask "what was that?!!" Now Tay is doing shout outs.
  5. 10:25AM HT The Hammies have been awakened. So far Taylor appears to be the only one upright - she's sitting at the end of her bed. She came to bed close to 6am so I'm guessing she's not all that perky. No other sings of life. Her suitcase is there, next to a dresser that looks like it blew up with clothes all over the place. She is not happy to be packing again. She's just staring at the clothes piled on her dresser. A female walks through and they say good morning. Maybe Alyssa? Jasmine comes hobbling down the stairs in her boot as Taylor moves to the kitchen. She hobbles to the bathroom where Nicole is washing her face, readying herself for more attempts to save herself.
  6. 12:45PM HT After chit chatting about social media stuff, Kyle asks Monte how he's feeling game-wise. Monte says he's fine. He thinks tomorrow is soon enough to start letting the others (minus Nic/Dan) know that Nic is going so they know how to vote. They wonder how the festie bestie choice will go for Taylor - if it will be same as last week. Monte asks how he is doing - Kyle says he's okay but the decision to not use POV and get rid of Alyssa did weigh on him at first, but he came to terms with it in order to keep Michael/Brit safe (so Indy would choose their team). Even tho that's now how it turned out since POV was used, he has come to terms that Alyssa is probably going soon, maybe before jury. Monte says he thinks if they can get everyone on board to get Dan out next week, then she would make jury. Kyle asks Monte if he thinks his relationship with Alyssa is harming his relationship with the LO, if anyone thinks he might be sharing info with her. Monte says no. Kyle hopes no one thinks he is sharing information because he isn't. Monte says no one has shared that with him. Joe joins the convo - Kyle repeats that he hopes his relationship with Alyssa doesn't feel like a liability for the alliance. He assures them there is a personal relationship and game relationship and he can keep them separate. Joe reassures him that he doesn't see it as a problem. Only game worry, they say, would be if Kyle was in a showmance with someone in the LO. (So far he's not admitting to the makeout session but he is talking about them as a showmance.) They discuss who will go next - Alyssa or Dan. Dan is strong game player / Alyssa strong social player, so it's a toss up. They agree Dan needs to go next, then they go from there. Kyle and Joe bring up that they don't have any game talk with Alyssa, which may make her suspicious. So they may need to do some "game" talk. But Kyle would prefer not to have to lie to her. Lots of bro-strategizing and speculation.
  7. 12:25PM HT Kyle is talking to us up in HOH, lamenting that he started a showmance with Alyssa (which he said he would NEVER do) - but they made out last night, so yeah, that ship has sailed. He tries to put it all in context and retells us the story of the plan to not use POV yesterday and get Alyssa out, and then Indy goes to Michael and Brit, and all of the LO have a non-LO partner. So yesterday morning Monte goes to Daniel to ask him not to use POV - how that all blew up and how Daniel saw through Monte's BS. Kyle says he is playing so dumb with Daniel - Daniel must think he's an idiot. Kyle says Daniel thinks he is with his side, but he's really with the LO, in fact he says he is the one who started the LO (did he?) But Kyle is going along with Daniel, while all along he (Kyle) knows Dan will end up using the veto to get his best ally in the game out the door. He's using fingers to go over the "pretend" alliances Dan thinks exist that will save Nic. But Kyle thinks it will be a landslide vote because the girls don't want to be on the "wrong side" of the vote. Kyle keeps trying to add up and count the votes, but the boy can't count even with 10 fingers. Now back to lamenting that he kissed Alyssa last night - tells us that it's day 28 and he is so bored and so horny and he never thought he'd get along with anyone so well. Now he has to keep up the ruse that he's NOT in a showmance even tho he was making out 2 feet away from Joe (and Indy). Kyle: I really like her, it's scary. I didn't think I'd be in this situation. I thot a girl might like me but I didn't expect to like her back. Oh gawd now he's talking about how he has to wear a long hoodie all the time because she's so hot and he's "so excitable" - is that too much TMI he asks. YES!! Am I stupid, he asks? YES!! He tells us he would rather enjoy moments with people he cares about - just needs to be more discreet about it. "What am I thinking? I wonder what she's doing right now?" He wants BB to call her and tell her to come up to HOH. Now he's going on about how much fun it was to kiss her. He's losing it. He is worried if his showmance is effecting his LO alliance. Lots of justifying doing something so stupid. After some family shoutouts he says he has to keep his game mind and not tell Alyssa things - not exactly lie to her but he is keeping things from her. He sees her on the spy cam and hopes she will come upstairs. He shouts her name, then stops. Wonders if he should go downstairs. Seriously - he has lost it. Thank god Monte comes in and interrupts this train wreck.
  8. 11am HT Nic and Michael catching up by the washers out back. She's telling him who she's talked to (confirming votes for her to stay). He asks how the talks are going. She thinks pretty good. She runs down the votes she thinks she has but since she's going home I didn't really listen very well. He wonders if she's talked to / how she feels about Indy and Alyssa. She thinks they are okay but not sure after all the stuff Monte told her (Nic) that they said about her. She also feels good after talking to Turner - who invited her to join their bestie team. Nic is worried about Brit, because they don't have much of a relationship and she's not sure how to approach her. They are friendly but not friends. Michael says yes, Brit is friends with Taylor but that doesn't mean she will vote to keep Tay. Their washer chat breaks up. Nic does seem super chipper this morning. ETA: I edited out my comments about whether she really trusts Michael because I am reading some other sites who say Nic doesn't believe Michael and knows he is with "the boys" because he was up in HOH with them the other night.
  9. 10:37am HT Daniel thinks he should start his own "Mornings with Memphis" - he will call it "Coffee with the King" because ... oh who cares. Now he and Nicole wonder if past hg watch BB (or the feeds). Probably not, they think. They'd be wrong. Hopping over to the bedroom (whose name I can't remember) since artamensia has the hammock, Alyssa and Indy are wondering if Monte wanted them out or now, Indy wonders if Kyle told her anything. Alyssa says "why wouldn't want Monte want Taylor out?" They don't want a last minute flip like last time - Indy says we are NOT flipping. They are counting votes to see if they have enough to keep Nicole. They think they have 7 (counting Kyle and Terrance among votes to keep Nic). If Alyssa wins HOH she might put up Michael and Brit - Indy thinks it would be best to put up whoever Nic thinks. Yeah because Nic is so good at this game her partner got her put up on the block. These two really have no clue what is going on in the house. Indy is sad because she thought they could really trust Monte. At least they can still trust Michael. (BWAH!) Indy - this game you cannot predict anything so when you think you are in a good spot, things change. Indeed they do, Indy.
  10. 10:30AM HT They have been awakened - and the BY is still open, so probably a quick HOH on Thursday. Daniel is in the hammock talking to himself (us) with his coffee. His fav player is Dan Gheesling (sorry Dan!) and his funeral. Feeds cut away several times as he's yammering, to Indy and Alyssa chatting in bed. Alyssa wants to know if Indy knows how to poach an egg. Seriously? Daniel wishes Britney Haynes was in the house - she was hot, she was funny, she was dope - where are those? Where are the triple threats? I don't think we have any. (Well you sure are not any kind of threat since you got your #1 partner on the block this week when you totally could have saved her by not using the POV. ) Mutters about the Brigade - poor Britney. He wishes he could "geek out" about this with everyone else (being a super fan). He's hoping Dr. Will hosts something - he will have to pretend he doesn't know who he is. Dan thinks the viewers think Michael is the strongest player - he doesn't agree with his floater tactics but it's working for him. Then he bores us with his explanation of what a true floater is (Brit). He can see how people think Monte is playing a great game - and he is - but there are a couple of people in here who are thinking two steps ahead and can see through his BS. I hope I am, who knows. (Sophy knows - you are not playing a great game, trust me.) Now he laments Janelle and Kaysar never winning BB - it pisses him off and he loves them! He thinks AllStars 1 was Season 8 (it was 7) - so much for being a super fan. He loved Howie and says he was epic - no clue how he stayed on the show. Howie and Janelle alliance .... his reminiscing about BB days long past are interrupted by Nicole. Commence bashing of other HG. ETA: I'll pop over to the other cams since artamneisa has the hammock.
  11. @Tsylyst recaps are way better than the feeds right now! Hope there is more to come.
  12. 12:40pm Thanks JunkTV! Brit says we need to lay low this week and let their chaos ruin the game. (I did hear Nic say she was able to have a chat with Jasmine before the POV, so they are confident that means Jas will not vote out Nic based on the lies told by Monte about her. ) And now that we have to recappers on the job, the Skippys don't think anything interesting is happening so we are fished. Okay - back - Joe says Terrance gave him a "hint" that he is willing to vote out Nicole, after Joe told him Terrance he would be willing to consider keeping Taylor. Joe asks how Taylor is feeling being on the block again. She has been mostly quiet, in her sunglasses, listening to Joe and Brit. She says that she is not thrilled being on the block again, it's stressful, but Joe and Brit reassure her that she is not going anywhere. She believes them, but is "still the one carrying the weight" of being on the block. Again. Joe says he understands and he's sorry and knows it is not easy, but tells her to let him know if she needs anything. Brit and Joe both hug her and reassure that she is not dispensable to them. They leave SR.
  13. 12:35 HT Feeds are hopping if anyone else can hop on. Nicole and Daniel whispering in bedroom, Taylor, Brit, and Joe whispering in SR. I'm on the SR where Joe is updating them on his convo with Daniel. Their plan is to pin votes on getting Nicole out on the girls and be able to say, see, "we told you" to Daniel. Not sure what Nic and Dan are going on about. Brit thinks they can benefit from the chaos after Nic is evicted.
  14. 12:30pm HT Feeds are back. Daniel is talking to Joe and Terrance in the cars bedroom. Monte and Michael floating in pool but not talking game. Sounds like POV was used - and Joe affirms "it's Taylor right?" So yes, POV was used. Daniel wonders if Monte is mad at him for "not going through with the plan" (not to use POV). Joe says he'll talk to Monte and see how he's feeling about it. Nicole seems to be happy to be on the block, and she just told the girls she used to be a cop so no one else can tell them first. Like that will save her. Girls think she's awesome!
  15. 10:30am HT HOH chat with Nicole/Daniel breaks up - Nic and Daniel debrief and it looks like they think it was all BS and Monte is the worst liar. Daniel goes looking for Kyle (he wants to talk to him before Monte gets to him) but he is in the DR. Monte wanders out to chat with Indy/Jasmine in the hammock. Sophy wonders if Daniel tells Kyle Monte is lying (because they still think Kyle is with them) - maybe Kyle will go ahead and use the POV? Kyle out of DR and talking to Daniel, Daniel updates Kyle on what their chat was about (not using POV). Daniel thinks Monte was lying about Jasmine and the other girls. Daniel is confident Jasmine would vote out Taylor after a talk he had with her yesterday, so he knows Monte is lying about what Jasmine told him. Monte told Daniel and Nicole that supposedly Alyssa and Indy went to Jasmine, and they agree they don't trust Daniel and Nicole. Dan calls BS - he knows they have their votes and Taylor would gone. Kyle is trying to count votes but can't figure out if they have enough to keep Nicole. Daniel finds it laughable that Monte thinks they bought his BS. Since Nic and Taylor can't vote, Daniel would still have six votes to save Nicole (he thinks Kyle is with him). Nicole and Taylor are having an awkward convo in the bedroom. Nic tells Tay that if they go on the block Nic will go home. Tay says how can that be you have more people on your side. Nic doesn't believe it. Back and forth awkwardness continues. Michael comes in and Taylor leaves. Nic/Michael talk. I'm out for a bit - hope to be back in time for POV fireworks. No clue what is going to happen at this point (if POV will be used or not).
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