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  1. He certainly thinks highly of himself. I can't help but compare his overconfidence to Gaston. Large, arrogant, and has unrequited love for Christie. All he needs is some boots.
  2. She uses her hands far too much. I'm inherently wired to pre-like the nerdy weird hammies, but I'm over her already.
  3. She's so Kaitlyn Herman 2.0. But I can't help but like how excited she was about being on the show. Her eyes are amazing!
  4. I am sickened by the bullying that has gone on in the house all being orchestrated by the little dictator Napauleon.
  5. This. So much. The wonky-ness of the shoulders makes me twitchy!
  6. So on the feeds last night, Christmas told Paul and Dom that she will be having surgery on Monday to put some screws and plates in her foot. Those 3 have agreed that she should not tell any of the other hamsters. I'm just wondering if they will allow her to talk to her family or see them before her surgery? Surgery can be risky so I could understand them allowing a phone call but I also think that's not very fair to the other players who have to win HOH to get a letter from home.
  7. I think they are counting on Ramses having to put himself up for eviction this week. That way even if Cody/Jessica win veto, they still have someone to vote out besides Matt or Raven. In that scenario, there are 4 votes on each side and then Josh and Kevin would be the swing votes. I agree hefgypsy. Not a good plan!
  8. Is it wrong that I'm highly tickled that the Royal Couple (Cody & Jess) have to lower themselves now to mingle with the misfit commoners since they have alienated all of their former alliance? I love how things have changed in just a week. I'm super grateful to King Cody for breaking up yet another Bros plus showmance chicks alliance.
  9. Mark and Dom sitting alone on the bathroom couch after Xmas got up to go get some fiber. Dom spills the beans to Mark that she's a Nuke Engineer for the government. He did a good job keeping a straight face while he immediately said "get the fuck outta here. Are you even allowed to tell me that?". It was a cute moment. Those two remind me of Danielle and Jason. Then Matt shows up and ruins it all by scraping his bowl and annoying me with his handsome handsome face.
  10. I'm trying hard to like her because she really is playing the game well. But she annoyed me last night with her mysterious comments about how super huge things are being revealed and people are showing her things about themselves, but that's all she's gonna say. But she's pissed about this mystery behavior from a mystery person and she IS gonna get to the bottom of it. Her demeanor is coming across as pretty superior. Just spit it out or shut up about it.
  11. Heh. I use D-U-N DUN all the time. Once I used it at the horseback riding camp where I volunteer and they thought it was hilarious. (A dun is a breed of horse). Now everyone there uses it too, never knowing it's real origin. Sadly I remember more hamster names than a sane human should. More from the earlier seasons when I didn't spend my life in this freaking cubicle and could actually watch the feeds.
  12. I just can't buy her as an interrogator either. So... teehee... are you really a bad guy... teehee. Maybe she took a short "Introduction to Interrogation" class once and now deems it a resume-worthy skill. With that said, I was glad she got the safe apple.
  13. Holy cow, I want this guy gone. I'm so tired of hearing him discuss what a great guy he (thinks he) is. Hot air. Phony apologies designed to bring attention to himself. Bullying. Projection. Yikes. There are so many red flags waving around this guy, it's like a freaking parade. Which he would probably love, because it's all. about. Devin.
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