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  1. So is no one watching Love Island USA? Of course I am going to watch. It just seems like a better produced Paradise Hotel. I absolutely hate Caro - she defaults to baby talk when she tries to get flirty with any man.
  2. Her favorite book is The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War a 744 page non-fiction book. Based on her interview answers, I'm not sure I believe this.
  3. She wields her "Namaste" like a "bless your heart". Not as sweet as she thinks she appears.
  4. Who was the photographer that took these photos? The lightning is especially unflattering. A two year old could do better with a disposable camera - maybe that's what they used. Most of them look more serial killer than usual.
  5. Favorite activities: Instagram, Is Instagram really an activity? Does she mean reading or posting? Do I care?
  6. siandam


    The fact that Edward Herrmann will be missing from the new Gilmore Girls makes it so bittersweet for me. I just hope that all the rest of the cast will come back, including Melissa McCarthy.
  7. I didn't think it was stupid move. It's always better for the women to try to keep up their numbers. Typically [not always] men are able to convince themselves and others that women are the better vote out. If anyone should have gone along with a girls alliance it should have been Kimmi. If Kimmi hadn't had such a dislike for Monica - the two of them should have tried to convinced Steve and Jeremy to vote out Spencer instead of Wigglesworth - it would have been better for the women and didn't necessarily mean that Monica wasn't going to go the distance with the group of 4.
  8. The mark of a great player is getting to the end and winning. If Vanessa was really the great player that people seem to think she was, then she would have won the final HOH or if she lost, she would have been brought to the final HOH. i.e. Derrick. She had a hand in so many evictions but everyone knew that she was behind them. She didn't own her play to the audience or to the other hamsters, in my opinion. Steve didn't have a choice. He knew she was a powerful player and that she most likely would have won, if she got to the end. So he didn't let her get to the end. The great players balance great play and great social interactions. Winning when needed and creating the relationships to be protected if that doesn't happen.
  9. She needs to start wearing some color in her lipstick. The nude lips are not working.
  10. I voted for Victoria to be on Survivor. How would her mane survive the sea water?
  11. No one had sex in the house this year.
  12. She is just so awful. She is climbing up the list to my most hated hamster. I have no idea what the hell she is even doing in the house. Her zing was my favorite of them all.
  13. From ew.com - she and her husband were dropped in at the last minute after RC's father was pulled from the game. None of the returning players knew her so that's why she was booted so quickly. I hope she kicks Rupert's ass.
  14. False. I own more than 5 types of shoes, let alone multiples of each type. The next poster wonders how people in leadership positions lose all their common sense when promoted.
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