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  1. Excuse me if this has been said already but Evil Dick has been tweeting FOREVER that Dan and Derrick set up a pre-game alliance that he feels totally ruined this game. He is sooooooo pissssssssssed. I totally agree with him.
  2. Kasar was talking about it and said it had to do with something sexual. He then got embarrassed and said the girls he was talking to (I forget who) should ask Enzo for the details. All I could think of was 'meow meow' ahem female body part???
  3. I was really referring to the way he is being portrayed in the DR.
  4. And I still love him but I've always been a sucker for Jersey Italian boys.
  5. Let's not forget that he's the guy who took his finger off the button when he believed some little bitch when she promised not to put him up. She did and he went home. just watched the broadcast. Seems production has decided to give Kasar a completely different personality. He was NEVER cocky and arrogant. Give us back our sweet Kasar!
  6. I think he said he was on the spectrum and rocks when he has anxiety. I do hope he calms down soon as he is making me a little seasick.
  7. I think he's the one person in the house that really looks different (not just older). Everyone else looks the same. Even the OGs.
  8. I think his 'claim t fame' was telling some lie to Jeff that got Jeff (who isn't the brightest bulb) to turn on Russell (who was part of his alliance) and vote him out.
  9. Please God let her be voted out first. I can't listen to her one more minute!
  10. Thanks for the link. It doesn't show anything.
  11. Will POP be showing the feeds every night? My guide (Spectrum) is not showing it. Please advise. I can't decide whether to get the feeds and if there is no POP, it will help me decide to go for it.
  12. That's what family's say after their family member commits a horrible act.
  13. No way Jose. Not only will Holly take Jackson to the Final 2 but she will follow him home and sleep under his bed just so she can be close to him.
  14. I don't know. Is saying 'I Love You' to everyone every 5 minutes considered Jury Management?
  15. ...and the nerdy guy with the long curly hair with the girl with the big mouth Amanda Zuckerman. They never got out of bed either.
  16. Nicole deserves the win and $$ just for having to spend a week in the house with those 2 disgusting individuals. If Michi didn't have to eat every 1/2 hour, they would never get out of bed.
  17. Ugh! Cliff is my LEAST favorite player. I could let his stupidity go if it were not for the fact that he purposely made a decision to screw over the one player that always had his back. I think Tommy will win in a landslide. He's got my vote.
  18. Holly is Victoria. The only difference is that she is getting laid.
  19. Listening to Jackson 'spin' why he is keeping Holly. He is so full of shit. Own it man! If you're worried about people hating you, don't worry about it. We all hate you and this bullshit will not change our minds.
  20. Whoever wins Veto gets to pick the person going home. Cliff has the same odds as Holly and Jackson. Cliff wins: He and Nicole decide. Holly wins: She and Jackson decide. Nicole wins: She and Cliff decide. Jackson wins: Jackson decides. HAH! Also - I don't mind that they won't have footage of the comp. Now maybe we can see more of the fight that they blocked on the feeds which really pissed me off!!!!!!!!!
  21. Holly keeps saying that she can't believe she is being back doored. I wish someone would remind her that you can't be back doored if you PLAY in the veto! DUH!!
  22. Not if they end up being the final 2 instead of Tommy. Jackson and Holly will need to choose 1 of them. Tommy really sucked at the last HOH comp. I was answering the movie poster answers before him and I wasn't even paying that much attention. Unless production 'got involved' in the buzzer system - which is obviously possible.
  23. I can't stand him either. The "I love you" shit and the intense enthusiasm 24/7 makes me want to stick needles in my eyes.
  24. Yup. Perfect because he can't play. If Holly wins, she should put that douche bag up and in her speech, she should say that she's putting him up because he is a total ass hole. I would laugh my ass off but unfortunately, fun stuff like that would never happen because Holly is 'in love' with that guy and spent the night apologizing to him and begging his forgiveness. Jackson must go. He makes me sick!
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