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  1. Watched BBAD last night and am so over all the intense game talk. They analyze everything to death and talk everything to death and they keep saying 'it's the game." It makes me long for the good old days when Doctor Will didn't talk game with anyone. He just manipulated the shit out of them.
  2. Drive by: Tommy in HOH blowing smoke up Jackson's ass.
  3. So he wants to put up Christie and Nicole. Is he kidding me? What an idiot. If he does that, Nicole will go to jury. Tommy/Nick/Sis/Cliff (because he promised and is a "man of his word") will vote to keep Christie. Holly/Jess will vote to keep Nicole (if that since Jess is probably still pissed that Nicole took the deal that left her out and Holly is a pussy and wants to be with the cool kids). Michie needs to put up Tommy/Christie and make the other side split their votes. Now I'm pissed that he won. What a dumb move that would be.
  4. I would have let Jess know too. She still wasn't sure what she was going to do. She should have worked with Jess and kept Kat. I would have been: Kat/Nicole/Jess/Michie/Holly - dun!
  5. Drive by: All in the kitchen laughing and chatting. Someone please check on Cliff. He looks like he might be dead.
  6. Why is she so happy? Doesn't she realize she is going up? Or is she saving all her tears for later in the week??
  7. Nicole crying after comp. Cry bitch. Cry. You should have found some balls and voted to keep Kat!
  8. So I'm really looking forward to this week. Christie and Tommy on the block. I guess there will be a lot of crying and a lot of dancing.
  9. I can't believe howfasthetalks. Kudos to those who give live feed update when he is in the room.
  10. He's an 'actor'. He probably wanted to wear a costume and be center of attention for a week.
  11. Tommy's crush on Jack is RIDICULOUS. I can hardly watch them when they're in the same room!
  12. I must give kudos to those who are watching and writing what is happening when Kat is in the room. She takes a sentence and stretches it out inanely to last about 2 hours. I can't deal with her!
  13. I forgot about her power. Of course they can't take the chance that she would use it.
  14. Love the hypocrisy of Christie (and her boy Tommy) showing indignation of Holly/Kat knowing each other before the game. Can't wait until it comes out about them. BB better order extra boxes of tissues for that episode!
  15. I know a lot of you are saying that Jess should put up the big boys (Jack/Jackson) but I think in order to make the crack in the alliance of 6 bigger, she should put up Christie/Tommy and see how they decide to vote and how they use the veto if one of them wins. Will piss them all off. I originally thought of putting up Jack/Holly or Jackson/Sis to see how it would work but now that Jack and Jackson are at odds, I think that Tommy/Christie is the best bet for total chaos. It will even break up that pair which has been strong throughout.
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