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  1. This was the worst season. The HGs were horrible and I am glad I will never have to see them again.
  2. Yes they get to watch everything. That's why last year Marissa won and not Ross. - Bitter.Jury.
  3. How annoying was he last night complaining about how long the endurance comp was taking? Uhhhh...It's an endurance comp moron. And part 2 of his complaining when he couldn't get the green off his body... He's gone to the front of my list for who I want gone.
  4. I don't believe this 'twist' at all. Mooch couldn't deal and said he was leaving and they made up the rest. Do they think we're that stupid??!!
  5. Watching the show and every one of them are wearing sunglasses. This is bullshit. This should not be allowed!
  6. Do you remember who he was on AMC? I watched it religiously my whole life it seems.
  7. He finally got to speak tonight. Glad to see he can.
  8. I'm liking him in the house. Seems he and Tom will be an alliance. That works for me.
  9. And what does being in the house have to do with being blue collar? What a fucking douche. Elitist? I don't think so. He has confirmed my hatred for him.
  10. Now that the season is about to end, I would like someone to explain to me WTF that bandana around the head is all about. Is it a 'thing'. I'm old so don't know what's trending these days. Not.A.Fan.
  11. I want Tyler to win so he has to make the decision. He picks KC and JC goes ballistic. If KC wins then JC still loves Tyler and has no reason to be bitter and not vote for him. Drama drama drama. The more, the better.
  12. Is this post okay? I found her sing on/sign off tonight fucking annoying!
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