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  1. Nothing about this season has inspired me to get the feeds. I've only been half-assed watching the live shows and generally skimming over the threads. Is it over between me and BB? I kind of know what it's like to be "America" now. Casually watching BB has never been my thing but it's definitely a completely different experience of watching this show.
  2. RCToros

    Dawn Meehan

    I haven't been around in a while but I had to log in just to say I FUCKING HATE YOU DAWN.
  3. Anyone else feel like Lifetime is sucking the life out of Project Runway? Err, was that a pun? The hour and a half episodes seem overly long and another All-Stars right around the corner... I dunno. It feels like they're diluting the product. Oh, and I almost forgot the forgettable spin-offs: the models only show and Project Accessory. I never even finished watching All-Stars 1, the accompanying talk show was horrid. I just fast forward the episodes to the runway now (go Dimitri!). At least I can count on some Nina and Michael bitchface. And I love when Heidi calls something "bah-zaar".
  4. Jenn: Making big, bold game moves. Verdict: Case dismissed due to lack of evidence. Dan and Joe: Noise ordinance violation from DR shouting. Verdict: Duh. So guilty.
  5. Man, oh man. This is a good question. I would have to host a couple parties. And toolie is invited to both. So she can cook for me, of course. Party #1: David Simon, Joss Whedon, Steven Moffat, JJ Abrams, George RR Martin, and Aaron Sorkin. I would invite these fine men to thank them for throughly entertaining me over the last many years. Party #2: The cast of the West Wing, but they must be in character. I would like to rub elbows and talk policy and pretend I was part of the Bartlett administration. ETA: Louis CK can come to the first party. Thanks for the reminder, wickedtong.
  6. I'm pretty amazed that these HGs have managed to keep Ian "the Mole" Manboobs as a secret for this long. Is this the longest something has stayed secret in the house? More importantly, has this secret outlasted every FUG twist? Ian = the real saboteur.
  7. I hate to admit it but I think Shane is "physically attractive". But the wearing of the puka shells would be an immediate deal breaker for me, not to mention the fame whore personality types don't appeal to me, Yeah, I'm sure Shane is just heartbroken. Also- I really can't think of anybody outside the current season. Please give us your goodbye message for Boogtard.
  8. RCToros

    Jeff Kent

    Oh, damn. How can you diss Vin Scully? Interested to see if people recognize him. I watch the Braves every day but when I see my faves out of uniform, they look strange and kind of unrecognizable. What am I saying? He's probably going to go around telling everybody "I'm Jeff Kent".
  9. RCToros

    Michael Skupin

    Awesome! Man, Skupin goes way back to the innocent days of Survivor. When I thought Elizabeth Hassleback was sweet and charming. Back to Michael: I remember he was really likable and his medivac out of the game basically took the numbers advantage away from his tribe. Wow. Wikpedia reminds me that this was the Jerri/Colby/Amber season.
  10. Karma Elektra is alive and well. Maybe this will actually get me to turn the feeds back on again. I hope Janelle is laughing her ass off.
  11. RCToros


    Well, since the question was about the MLB, I put in my two cents. So, only your answer is valid?
  12. RCToros


    Also wanted to add, there is a distinct possibility that a team that finished third in their division could win the World Series. That ain't right. And yes, go Braves!
  13. Damn, if Howie had been in there with Janelle this could have been the best season ever. What if they had brought in coaches as pairs? Howie/Janey, Dan/Memphtits, Brit/Lane, Douchelord/Dr. Will. HT would have exploded with group excitement, which hasn't happened in a while. ETA: I'm always choosing MIME! as an option for any poll.
  14. Huitlacoche. Some chef friends who have a supper club served it in a ravioli and it was god damn delicious. In baseball, players have a "walk up" song when they're approaching the plate to take an at bat. What would be yours?
  15. Noon-ish HT Frank holds court in the LR. Lord of the Douche, Wil and Janey sit around and Fuckin Frank gives workout tips. Wil runs through his morning web site reading rituals. It includes TMZ, People, and Seventeen. What? Yes. Seventeen. RC is not pleased to see this batch of relaxed HGs one day before eviction. His Grace, King of Douchiness, flips through what I assume to be the Bible. Or it's the BB rule book because years of watching this show means I know those are the only reading materials available. Fucking Frank is still talking about working out. He is going to coach Janey with her push ups. He better get on that because I really want him to leave tomorrow. All agree that the pizza from a few days ago was delicious. Wil loves Bud Select, Frank loves Michelob. He talks of a magical place where they sell Michelob on tap. Idiot, it's fucking Michelob, not some fancy micro-brew. Stella Artois is also delicious. Boddingtons is delicious. Frank incorrectly says it's like a Guiness. Stout vs. ale, dumbass. Now they're just rattling off beers and liquors. I feel an urge to drink it all. ETA: drive by for me. Too bad because they're still talking about booze which is right in my wheelhouse.
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