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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the memory jog. I've been watching this show since season 2. I can't remember what I walked into the room for half the time (I'm 47 and raising a 2 yr old, it's exhausting!), much less everyone who played this game. I do think one penalty vote is not enough punishment and it doesn't really give other have nots on the block a reason to follow the rules.
  2. Fans on twitter are calling for Matt's expulsion because he's broken so many rules. I read that Chima was expelled for similar behavior. I'm old and while I do remember her vaguely, I do not remember the circumstances of her exit. Is there some precedence to expel Matt or will the one penalty vote be all that he gets?
  3. Very good points, Tsy. It can be hard to watch, but it has worked for him so far. I did not like him last season with all his shout talking, but I thought he deserved to win instead of Nicole. My brain tells me he will deserve the win this year as well, but my heart hopes that someone will do something to turn this season around.
  4. One of the things that truly bugs me about Paul is the horrible behavior he brings out in the others. I know this has been said before, but it's tap dancing on my last nerve. I actually liked this cast in the beginning and thought we were in for a fun season. I always roll my eyes at the showmances, but no one truly grated on my nerves. Then Paul's group started following him, and their behavior just sucked after that. If he has so much power over them, why encourage them to attack on command? Why not just gather his minions and say "Let's vote this way." "Let's do this or that." He always vìllianizes someone, then they treat them like scum. If they think they are gaining fans, I think they are in for a big surprise. Yes, they are responsible for their own behavior, but his influence has only served to magnify the negative in these people.
  5. I also agree with copssister. I don't think it would help Cody stay in the house, but these idiots need to realize that Paul has to go. It frustrates me, because I want them to be smart and to play hard, and they just can't seem to get a clue. Is there even a tiny chance that after they get rid of Cody, they will turn on Paul? I hope so.
  6. If they ever revive the Drew Carey Show, she's already ahead of the pack for the role of Mimi. Say something nice about Alex.
  7. X-rays (to show off and gain sympathy)
  8. Mark should have known better than to try and talk sensibly to Paul when he was on his rant. Paul doesn't hear anything but what he wants to hear when he rants. So many of these HGs are just flat out immature. Mark made the error of not hating Cody as much as Paul wanted him to, so now he is an enemy. Sounds like elementary school playground politics to me.
  9. Matt: A mirror, so he doesn't have to share
  10. I'm not particular about who gets it this time, I just want someone who hasn't been HOH yet.
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