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  1. House Analysis and Discussion

    Is it just me or does it seem like all f the other houseguests would be stupid for not dragging Dina to the F2? She has done squat that others haven’t told her to do since voting to save Jonathan. Not even a bitter jurist would reward her for being so inept.
  2. How the heck did she win the power????? I wouldn't vote to give her dogfood!
  3. I was hoping that Angelina would go before Lyrra so that Lyrra could offer her a jacket on her way to snuff her fire. Then say "Psych!"
  4. Natalie Cole - Jabeni (former Goliath) - Voted out Week 5

    She works for a publication called "Our Weekly". I don't know how any of her employees can stand working for such a micromanager!
  5. General Drama

    I watched Manifest. So far, it looks interesting. I. Ertainly hope it hasn’t been canceled already!
  6. Natalie Cole - Jabeni (former Goliath) - Voted out Week 5

    Show of hands... how many people believe that her staff really loves her? It’s far more likely that they fear her, kiss up to her in front of her, and then run to a bar for liquid therapy!
  7. Project Runway

    I’m not totally buying that Bravo thought Heidi and Tim were “old and stale”. I totally believe that Bravo didn’t want to pay their salary expectations. When the show first premiered, neither Tim or Heidi were big Television draws. From the second Heidi was rumored to be heading to America’s Got Talent, I knew she wasn’t long for PR. She has lots of endorsements and side businesses that she didn’t need it. Likewise, Tim now has endorsement deals and enough fans to get him a show all his own. I wont write off PR just yet, though. Getting rid of the snooty Judges like Posen gives me hope.
  8. How did Swaggy know about the miscarriage before he proposed? She was sequestered in jury before the show. i also don’t buy that she is heartbroken over the loss. When she was in the house, she was upset that she couldn’t get the morning after pill.
  9. BB20 House Discussion

    I will not be surprised if we see Angela & Tyler or Brett and Winston or Fessie and JC as teams on TAR. I think that Y&R chose well! I wonder what Hayliegh thought when Julie rolled out Moonves at the end of her name. She had to know how weird that was. I don't believe that she was #3, though I know lots of folks on Twitter were voting for her even if they didn't like her because they wanted to deprive Tyler of the favorite player title.
  10. BB20 House Discussion

    Professing his feelings for Angela before the vote was a huge mistake for Tyler. He also should have catered to Sam a bit more to show her that he wasn’t just using her. I don't hate the Kaycee win though. She never lost sight of the fact that kindness counts. She’s the anti-Paul!
  11. How long it lasts will completely depend on whether that was a baby bump under Bayleaf’s tight red dress. I’ve little doubt that her father pushed the engagement to try to give some explanation for his daughter’s behavior.
  12. BB20 House Discussion

    For what it's worth, I doubt anything short of a lifetime will keep JC from acting like a pouty brat over not making it to F2. Even when he learns there was a real alliance, he will believe one or the other will drag him to F2.
  13. BB20 House Discussion

    I don't recall Tyler pretending to be in love with her. He hung out with her. He talked with her. What's love got to do with it?
  14. BB20 House Discussion

    I couldn’t stand Gaggy C. If he hadn’t gone as early as he did, he could have ruined the season for me. Thankfully enough of his housemates felt the same and got him out early. the rest of the gang was a great combination of personalities.
  15. The Final HOH

    Kaycee didn't really start playing "her heart out" until over half-way through the game! I love her but the girl didn't play until she had to.