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  1. Out of all of these people, I think Joseph and Brittany are the strategists of the leftovers. They're running different scenarios to figure out what they could do in each case. For a guy that came in as a last minute replacement, Joseph is a real surprise!
  2. KKKyle must be making his rounds. Now he's in the bedroom with Terrence and Daniel. They don't have much to say. KKKyle heads off to the Tiki room. Taylor appears and offers them fresh fruit. What a jerk! They say it's not fresh. Oh geez... Now Skippy sends me to schmoopycakes with Alyssa and KKKyle. I can't believe that Alyssa spent all that time primping and didn't bother to clean the bottom of her feet. They're so dirty! Enough of them. I'm following Taylor, who is laughing with Brittany over Daniel's refusal of her fruit. Joseph says that they think that it would be good to get Daniel out, and Taylor agrees. They're trying to figure out what Jasmean would do if she won PoV.
  3. Michael, KKKyle, and Brittany think that Indy wants to get rid of Daniel. So I need to jump over to the bathroom where Indy and Alyssa are primping. Taylor is sitting there, saying nothing, eating grapes, looking perfect. Oh hell... KKKyle is following me. Joseph shows up and surprises them somehow. Alyssa tries to twerk to get someone to pay attention to her. Taylor giggles. I'm going to assume it's at Alyssa's ridiculous attempt at twerking rather than the fact that Joseph surprised KKKyle.
  4. Tuned in and am surprised to see feeds! Michael, KKKyle, and Brittany are chatting about the non-leftovers. Michael says that Daniel thinks he's so much smarter than everyone else in the game. As if on cue, Skippy jumps to Daniel and Terrence talking game in another room. "I didn't come here to teach everyone else the game," Daniel moans to Terrence. "They just don't know what they're doing." Dude... They sent your two greatest allies home for the last two weeks, and they convinced YOU to make sure one of them was put on the block! Then Skippy jumps back to the other three who are hoping that they can make Monte and Joseph so comfy that they don't bother trying to compete for HoH. There must be something in the air of the HoH room! Why isn't it called "airrogance"?
  5. No amount of makeup is going to fix the ugly in this one.
  6. Since angelmi has the bathroom, I'll check in on that condescending Taylor, who is busy acting like she's better than everyone else by laughing and chatting with Ameerah and Kyle. They want to focus on pilates rather than the game. Jasmine comes in and looks annoyed that Taylor is actually alive. Now Jasmine tries to make nice. Did you know Pilates is named after a black woman? That's Jasmine's story. Learn something new every day!
  7. Meanwhile Brittany and Terrance are down at the big round table whispering whispering. They're talking about studying the house for future comps. She is worried about whether it's a good or bad thing that she is one of the backstage ladies. Terrence doesn't know, so he continues eating whatever is in front of him. Brittany is bored too, so she walks away to talk to Daniel. It seems that either Alyssa or Paloma always have to be within 10 feet of Daniel at all times. I kind of feel sorry for Terrence. Total Duck out of water (and I'm not talking about the rubber duck in the middle of the table).
  8. I'm finally home from work, and I tune in the feeds to find that Skippy is actually allowing me to see houseguests this year! It's already better than last year! A bunch of folks are hanging out in the bathroom, chatting like they're all good buddies. Joseph was walking around without a shirt for a bit, so I understand why some of them are hanging out there. Now his shirt is on, and I hate him. Jasmine is talking about cutting her own hair. Given that half of her head is shaved, she makes a very long story of it. Now Joseph is talking about nearly cutting an ear off when he was 10. He was traumatized! He says something about being warned that he would be sent to a public school where everyone will laugh at him. He was born in 97. Apparently that makes him old because Nicole says that she went to her first prom that year.
  9. Yes, but it would be because Carson continued to survive despite numerous attempts to get him out. Unless you have a bitter jury, that’s a good reason to give someone the win.
  10. I lament that they didn’t get someone like Randy Rainbow, who is more of a celebrity than Todrick, than Kattan, who always seemed too broken down to function in life, let alone Big Brother. I’m also hoping the Miesha’s grand plan to get rid of Carson backfires. Players who think they are in control of the game but are continually ineffective in actually controlling the game are amusing!
  11. He's a good pal of Pentatonix, so I think I'm wondering how much he will sing in the house.
  12. It will be interesting to see if he puts his time on America's Worst ooks to work for him.
  13. Are they trying to discourage people from watching the feeds before the first show? Holy cats... that screeching whatever song is just... ugh!
  14. This season will be remembered by Tiffany's plan and how the guys were so terrified of the women. So Tiffany gets my vote.
  15. I wonder if the cast will be like this year’s cast of DWTS. I only recognized a couple names from that!
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