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  1. Why does she hate Cliff so much? Yeah, the old boy is on to the two jackAsses' game, but that doesn't seem to be it.
  2. I definitely not it to be a woman who sees AquaDouche for what he is. If it’s Kime, we will have a full week of “why did we keep her?” So Jessica would be good.
  3. I miss it, but it was hard for the smaller contestants to lug that big wheel around. It was more suspenseful and gave us a better chance to learn who some of the people who aren't mentioned as much are. (Like really... Who is Holly?)
  4. https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2019/07/bb21-jack-jackson-kemi-warning/ Jack has been warned...
  5. For someone who claims to be a fan and to be able to lead people, the guy is a numbskull. He knows there is an alliance of 8 but doesn’t know who all is in it. Being a long time viewer, I can tell you that the first HoH is almost always part of the first alliance. The fact that he knows there is an alliance that doesn’t include him makes him a target. FUG is going to be pushing the DR hard to keep him!
  6. Put your damn leg down, Tommy! Cannot stand another season of a hammer trying to prove that they have high leg kicks!
  7. I was really expecting this episode to end in another one of their "battles" to reach the mat. Usually episodes where teams are separated by hours due to flight time differences end as a non-elimination leg. Since they've announced that there won't be any more of those, a battle would have made sense. Instead, we got a really fast elimination! I think that was most abrupt ending I've ever seen on TAR!
  8. This is what happens when people get too caught up in their own cleverness. They are making people second guess everything that made them lovable the last time around.
  9. It doesn’t help that the Rielly sisters have reputations of being over-dramatic pot-stirrers! Like too many BB contestants, the Rielly sisters think everyone loves them more than they do and that the way they have behaved in the past has been forgotten. I think Vic and Nic assumed that they were trying to cause a rift between Vic and Nic and the other teams. I wouldn’t trust them either.
  10. Is it just me or does it seem like all f the other houseguests would be stupid for not dragging Dina to the F2? She has done squat that others haven’t told her to do since voting to save Jonathan. Not even a bitter jurist would reward her for being so inept.
  11. How the heck did she win the power????? I wouldn't vote to give her dogfood!
  12. I was hoping that Angelina would go before Lyrra so that Lyrra could offer her a jacket on her way to snuff her fire. Then say "Psych!"
  13. She works for a publication called "Our Weekly". I don't know how any of her employees can stand working for such a micromanager!
  14. I watched Manifest. So far, it looks interesting. I. Ertainly hope it hasn’t been canceled already!
  15. Show of hands... how many people believe that her staff really loves her? It’s far more likely that they fear her, kiss up to her in front of her, and then run to a bar for liquid therapy!
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