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  1. Project Runway

    Kentaro shot himself in the foot. He didn't even mention the musical connection, which I think might have been cerebral enough to convince the judges that things weren't as bad as the two-look non-collection might seem. I felt so bad for Kenya. That black dress bad beyond bad, but I'd rather see her collection that Margarita's any day. I do have one question... What was with everyone's use of almost the same shade of peach in their collection? In as much as Margarita's was gaudy, at least she showed that there are other colors of fabric available!
  2. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Gads... She looks lots like Janey.
  3. Project Runway

    I wonder if Tim won't come in the next morning and say, "I should have used it." I really hope not. Michael's involvement in the whole twin drama makes him much less likable than I thought earlier in the season.
  4. Project Runway

    Sad Project Runway News...
  5. Mike Zahalsky - Solewa (Merge) - former Healer

    Is this guy even on the show? He was mentioned and they showed him sitting out a challenge, but I don’t think I’ve seen him since the first episode!
  6. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    So happy to see the smug slapped off Patrick’s face after he repeatedly refused to listen. He likely believed that someone he thought of as a fat old lady could throw far enough to knock the blocks down.
  7. General Drama

    I’ve read seven of the Outlander books and have watched every episode of the series so far. Book 3 is a very meaty book with lots of character introductions and details that set up the switch from Scotland to the Colonies. The storyline lumbers along, but eventually picks up steam. The TV adaptation is taking lots of liberties with the storyline in the interest of fitting the book into one season. Some of the more interesting aspects of the book have been obliterated in the show. It’s making me nuts! I have been watching on Starz, and the episodes that we watched (both recorded and On Demand) totally excluded the part where they meet Roger and Bri learning that Frank isn’t her real father. I’m so mad about that! I'm hoping that, since they weeded so much from the early part of the book, they will do a better job of the second half.
  8. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    If FFF is considered a “celebrity”, I hope they lock him up with the Project Runway twins. They can try to compete to see who’s the biggest fame whore.
  9. Project Runway

    Loved this week’s show! So glad that Tim was able to get to the heart of the drama. I felt bad for Batani’s model. So unflattering! I almost had the feeling that Batani tanked it on purpose. I have the greatest respect that the model didn’t rage down the runway and then get out of sight as fast as possible. Also, was I the only person who saw Zac Posen patting the chest of the winning look and cringing? I was yelling, “There’s a person under there! Get your hands off her boob!”
  10. Project Runway

    I don't know if there would have been as much drama this week if there hadn't been so much drama associated with the Twins and their previously "inspired" works. Still, Mararita was very quick to blame her model the last time she screwed up, and I doubt she woud have any qualms in stirring the pot against Claire to divert attention this time.
  11. Chrissy Hofbeck - Solewa (Merge) - former Hero

    I think they qualified moms as "heroes" because they're doing something selfless. It's a stretch. I was surprised that she voted to evict the other mom. Big time stupid.
  12. Alan Ball - Levu: Heroes - Eliminated Week 4

    What did he do that qualified him as a "hero"? Football player? Nah. Doesn't qualify. Now if he told me he was a school teacher, I'd say, "Yep... Big damn hero, and at least has an excuse for the crazy."
  13. He speaks with a forked tongue! i love that he denies controlling the actions of the other houseguests. He talked a group of people into throwing a foot race to a lame girl. He needs to think on that.
  14. I wonder if he invited Josh. the little man has to flex what little muscle he has, I suppose.
  15. I wouldn't be completely opposed to seeing folks that didn't make it past week 1 being used to fill a season. One could argue that everyone voted out of week 1 sucked, but some (like Cam) didn't really seem to get much of a chance to show it. In a season like this one where most of the hammies sucked, I can't see anyone who doesn't truly suck being able to get past that first week.