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  1. POLL: Has the App Store been worth it?

    With people like Bay winning “most trending” this week, I would say your skepticism is justified. Seriously! What did Bay do this week (or the last two weeks) other than possibly make a baby?
  2. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Switching to the couches where Hayliegh is catching everyone up on Hamlet. Now they're trying to remember the plot to the Lion King. JC starts telling it, but of course, with the way JC talks, it sounds like he could be discussing anything. Moving inside to see Sam, who is eating a bit of slop. She says that her mom used to make coco wheats with a pat of butter on the top. Sam wants to find a shower buddy so that she can benefit from the hot water in the shower next to her. Whoever she's talking to says that he's only going to shower outside. She points out that he might go four days without showers. I guess she was talking to Brett. Skippy tosses me to the HoH room, where Bayleigh has taken over the HoH bed. Kaitlyn has made her way up to the room. Bayleigh shares that Brett said that JC wanted Scotty to use the PoV and put Kaitlyn on the block. Kaitlyn said that she has Brett's back. Kaitlyn is seething, but Bayleigh says that Kaitlyn can't say anything because everyone would know they're talking. Bayleigh says that Brett said he'd never want Kaitlyn to go home. That makes one of us.
  3. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Winston is laying next to Kaitlyn and laughing too loudly. She doesn't "align with his energy" or whatever the heck that means. Tyler is popping zits using the windows as a mirror. He's stopped. Now Tyler is lifting weights. I hear another girl talking. I'm going to assume that's Bayleigh. Apparently Jessica and Cody didn't vibe with Kaitlyn. She gives a shout out to them and hopes they can in the future. Skippy keeps perving on Tyler. Kaitlyn asks Scottie if she can shower in this room. Kaitlyn says that the rest of the country likely hates her because Jessica and Cody were favorites. As if we needed another reason to think Kaitlyn is a delusional nutbar.
  4. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Tune in to find hammies in the BY. Scottie is on the couches of stank with Kaycee. He's stuffing his face with Fritos and Skippy has turned down his mic so the rattling of the bag doesn't make me deaf. Hayliegh comes over and steals some of his Fritos. Angela comes out with a small slop bowl with a tiny bit of honey. Skippy skews over to film JC getting out of the pool. JC looks like a mini Stretch Armstrong! Good grief! Skippy swings back to Scotty, licking his fingers and then sticking his hand back in the bag. Nice.
  5. Kaitlyn Herman - Uses crystals (meth variety).

    I wouldn't classify Kaitlyn as a nerd. She's awkward and delusional but really lacks the intelligence to be classified as a nerd.
  6. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    JC talks on. The elf seems to have lost his shirt. I realized that I had my earbuds in backwards, which partially explains why I don't understand what they're saying. JC continues to whisper until he starts talking louder, nearly busting my eardrums. Tyler says that he needs to chill out. JC starts whispering again. "You know what I'm saying?" No JC because you whisper things too quickly for me to translate. The other feeds are still on Brett. Rachel and Kaitlyn still come in. Rachel says, "I'm not telling you that you HAVE to give me a bottle of wine, but I will be NOT happy if I don't get one. No pressure, but they have to know..." I don't hear the rest because BB flipped me to the Brett room. Gag. Can't do it.
  7. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Tune in to find Angela working out on the bridge outside the HoH room. This is one chick who isn't going to suffer from Growing Hammie syndrome. On the other feeds, Kaitlyn is yukking it up with Brett, who is willing to pimp himself out to stay in the house. Now Skippy throws me to JC and Tyler, who are talking. JC is counting votes. Someone is talking too loud in the background.
  8. The Bros are a pretty safe nomination though. From what I’ve seen, nobody has any doubts that the Bros are as tight as any couple in the House has been. Separating them is good for everyone. It will get ugly if one of them comes down. People won’t fight to save the Bros, but there will be drama if Tyler or Kaitlyn go up.
  9. I doubt her parents will be rolling out the welcome mat to anyone named Swaggy. They spent years shuttling their daughter to beauty pageants. They certainly want something other than a failed basketball player / day trader who talks about himself in third person for their princess.
  10. POLL: Has the App Store been worth it?

    I didn’t mind it, but it’s rather lame that once someone received the crap app, they were ineligible for the power app. I also hated that the polls didn’t truly relate to “trending”.
  11. Being aligned with a dead man walking isn’t really good for anyone’s game. To the majority alliance, voting to save Gaggy puts the voter in the “them” category. It won’t win the game for Scottie, but neither will aligning with Rock, Bayleigh, Hayleigh and Fezzie. Whether Scottie intended it or not, voting against Gaggy pretty much destroyed the smaller alliance. As HoH, he has the opportunity to poke a hole in the other alliance. Is he brave enough to do it? Likely not, but it will be interesting to see him try.
  12. Tyler Crispen - Spokesmodel for Melanoma Awareness

    Has he mentioned his TKO appearance in the house? If not, I hope he and CBScan keep the knowledge to themselves. With as shallow as hammies tend to be, I can see the others targeting him because he’s “already famous”.
  13. It's another example of just how out of touch Gaggy was with the game. He assumed that the only reason why Tyler would hang out with Kaitlyn is because they were hooking up. He still doesn't seem to realize that Tyler misted Kaitlyn big time. (She was likely the easiest misting job ever in the history of BB, but anyway...) I call BS on his claim that he wanted to come into the game and hang in the middle until close to the end. No one labels themselves "Swaggy" and advertises it if they want to hang in the middle!
  14. Tyler Crispen - Spokesmodel for Melanoma Awareness

    It seems that he is telling everyone that he is totally loyal. So far only Angie seems to be totally on to him.
  15. Kaitlyn Herman - Uses crystals (meth variety).

    The more I watch her, the more I call “BS!” On her claim to be a life coach. She can’t handle any aspect of life that I’ve seen.