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  1. This season will be remembered by Tiffany's plan and how the guys were so terrified of the women. So Tiffany gets my vote.
  2. I wonder if the cast will be like this year’s cast of DWTS. I only recognized a couple names from that!
  3. Biggest disappointment of the season is Azah. She came in talking about girl power and ended up handing the F3 to the men on a silver platter.
  4. I just switched off tonight's episode and they showed Britt getting bread in the kitchen. It finally hit me that she resembles a grown up Natalie from "The Facts of Life"!
  5. What kind of threats? I can see someone like Brent getting the Richard Gere treatment in "Runaway Bride" (getting whacked on the side of the head), but Frenchie was annoying and stupid but not really deserving of anything remotely resembling threats.
  6. Don’t know if Australian Celebrity BB counts… https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2021/07/caitlyn-jenner-california-governor-campaign-paused-filming-celebrity-big-brother-australia
  7. Hannah because she's ticked off at Frenchie and will spend the week trying to get rid of him (which I wouldn't mind) then will become public enemy #1 from all of his alliance mates (he has a million of them, and certainly one of them will actually give a flip). That could end in her getting offed next week, which again would be fine with me because her voice annoys me.
  8. If hayseed Frenchie is responsible for the early ouster of Kyland, I will hate him for the rest of the season. Kyland is my summer eye candy!
  9. This season is going to be hard to recrap... Two Derricks and a Brent and a Brittni (Please don't let them become a couple!). I hope they throw in some twists to keep two teams from uniting.
  10. Cody compared David using his special power and lying about it to OJ Simpson getting off for murder. There are no words.
  11. If you sport a job title like “influencer” and then go on national TV and behave in an unbecoming manner, you really deserve the fallout that comes. This is especially true if this isn’t your first time in the BB house. Isn’t this Nicole’s 3rd time? I have no pity for her at all. I think of it kind of like educators who go on social media and spout racist crap. What do you expect to happen? That is why, even here where we snark about the houseguests, people have limits about how far they will go. I’ve little doubt that it has everything to do with what that person can lose.
  12. The first video I saw with Memphis, Dani, and Nicole bashing Ian showed Cody in the bed in between Nicole (in bed) and Dani (standing). Cody had his arm across his face but clearly said that Ian freaked him out.
  13. The houseguests' mocking of Ian is starting to boomerang (and I'm happy to see it)! https://www.tmz.com/2020/09/10/big-brother-houseguest-making-fun-ian-terry-autistic-autism-mocking-bullying/ https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/reality-tv/big-brother-spoilers-today-memphis-dani-cody-and-nicole-make-fun-of-ian-again-start-social-media-storm/ Nicole, especially, makes me sick. She claims to be Ian's friend and you can tell that she knows on some level that their mocking is wrong. However, as usual, she thinks that being "cute" and "popular" and expressing minimal regret is sufficient. Good on Olay for dumping her like a hot potato!
  14. The greatest hope of most of the remaining hammies is to make sure they are sitting at the end with someone who is more hatable. That's the "new school" style. Nicole especially will now be dragged along because she has already established what a snake in the grass she is. Cody will hang onto her for dear life. Kill me now.
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