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  1. I don't think of it as helping her self-image as much as it has helped her grow up a little. Part of being a grown-up is figuring out when to go along with the status quo, when to give in to the louder voice, and when to stand up to the louder voices. She's growing something of a spine, although I still think that she has a long way to go. (Sadly, I suspect that Cliff may have taken advantage of her naiveté while making her feel that he has been her biggest cheerleader.)
  2. These people are ruthless enough to think that Cliff was an idiot for believing Jackson and that he gets what he deserves.
  3. Exactly Tsy. Cliff has no chance of getting through this week if Holly or Jackson wins PoV, and their chances of winning a physical PoV are pretty high. If I remember correctly, the PoV at this level is usually physical or a combination of physical and memory. Jackson has done really well at pulling out PoVs when he needs them, and I doubt this week will be different. On the other hand, Nicole and Cliff have been mostly useless at PoVs.
  4. It occurs to me that Cliff fell for a huge sucker deal. By both Holly and Jackson not being HoH, they gave Jackson and Holly a 50% chance of choosing the the evicted person. If Jackson or Holly wins PoV, one of them comes down and votes Cliff out. It might work out for Nicole, but it's unlikely.
  5. Well that was interesting, to say the least. Feeds come back. Holly and Cliff are already down. Swing... Nicole hits the wall and then "Congratulations Nicole. You won!" Holly says "I kept my word" to Nicole. Sounds like Holly gave Nicole the same deal that Tommy offered. Took lots of trust! Not sure I would have trusted Holly.
  6. If Nicole and Cliff vote out Holly, they get out an obvious strong competitor, but they keep the person most liked in the jury. If their goal is to make F2 together, they need to get rid of Holly (especially since it means that Jackson becomes a sitting duck next week since he can't play for HoH). Still there is a strong case to be made to vote out Tommy. In a cast where loyalty was seen as such a big deal, honoring their F4 deal would go a long way, especially if Holly or Jackson, who didn't do much to establish any kind of integrity, is the other person in the F2. He has obviously established strong friendships with the jury, and that makes him a threat for the win. I really hope Jackson and Holly spill the beans on Tommy's secret though. I don't know that Nicole or Cliff will care all that much, but perhaps the jury will.
  7. Nothing. You missed nothing. The only thing she did in the past month that was remotely interesting was falling dramatically off a wall.
  8. Holly would be smart to see that her best chance of winning is to kick him to the curb in a spectacular (and quite entertaining) fashion. She has been seen as dumb and desperate so far, but Christie, Jess, and Kat would see it as girl taking care of herself.
  9. Jackson has played the game hard, but I think he missed the lesson of Paul. If you get to the end, you need the jury to be able to stomach handing you the big check. He has been enough of a jerk and spent too much time alone with Holly that he may have screwed himself. Nicole hasn’t played a power game, but she has managed to stay out of the line of fire despite being in the minority. It’s not really her fault that she hasn’t had the opportunity to play in POVs. Granted Cliff made her best game move for her, but she has built solid relationships that may help her against someone less sociable or against someone like Holly, who won more but is seen by many on the jury as having an advantage of knowing other houseguests before the season began. Nicole has worked her way to being the best option for the F2 for all of the players. Holly needs to find a way to get Jackson eliminated without ticking him off or really go for the girl vote on the jury by kicking him to the curb herself. (She would lose Jackson’s vote, but Jess, Christie, and Kat would love it!) i think the list of most likely to win are: Tommy Cliff Nicole, Jackson, Holly (toss up)
  10. She will still find her way to sob through every second of screen time she gets!
  11. If the rest don’t take every opportunity to get rid of Jackson and Tommy, they deserve to lose them!
  12. Christie goes up because Cliff has told Jackson that she is targeting the “last couple”. He has sworn an F4 with Nicole and Cliff. He also promised Tommy safety for the week. That leaves Jessica.
  13. I’m not a huge Holly fan, but Holly should be telling off BB for zinging her about her age difference with Jackson. If the genders were reversed, not a word would be said. It’s a 7 year difference. Jack and Sis are 6 years apart.
  14. It was better back in the day when they actually enforced the rule against telling others in advance how they were voting.
  15. I can't believe that Cliff says that he's the shortest of his brothers. I've stood next to his brother, and he never seemed all that tall to me (and I'm less than 5' 5")!
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