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  1. If they can somehow get and keep Scottie on the block, Level 6 with help from JC can stay safe. Fessie is going to have JC and Hay in his ear pushing differing agendas and it will all come down to which one he listens to.
  2. Well I was wrong. Fessie ate that comp for dinner. Level 6 is going to lose a member.
  3. The only bad part about her going home tonight, is that she's going to jury and so we'll have to see and hear her again several times before the season is over. She and Bayleigh will compete for who complains more the rest of the way.
  4. Nope, Fessie is too big for the slip and slide comp. The people that win that comp are the lithe athletes...like Angela.
  5. No way Swaggy owns a car, that was either a rental or a borrowed vehicle. He's strictly a moped guy.
  6. I can't believe some of you. To be so critical of Rockstar when it was her daughter's birthday a month ago. Horrible people.
  7. BB20 House Discussion

    Tyler should play the veto for Angela because it makes him look like he's repaying her move last week and it mitigates the animosity for him using it. Haleigh will replace her with Kaycee again. Kaycee eliminates Fess vote and it will probably be a 4-2 (or 5-1 if Scottie doesn't want to make waves) to vote out Rockstar, but yes JC, Sam and Scottie are a sizeable bloc if they ever decided to actually work together.
  8. She was such an infuriating interview. She thinks she's self-possessed and self-reliant when she's really just self-absorbed and self-righteous. There's some deeply ingrained narcissism.
  9. POLL: Best Time to Use the Cloud App

    So if he uses it before the nomination, does that make him safe for just THAT ceremony, meaning he is eligible for hacker and veto replacement?
  10. BB20 House Discussion

    I read on one of the feed recaps that twitter wants Sam to out Tyler's power, why the sudden hate for Tyler? Also for clarification sake, the Cloud app can be used before noms, or before Veto, but what about the hacker comp? So if Haleigh doesn't nom Tyler and he holds on to the cloud, but then gets put up by the hacker would that mean he's blocked from using the cloud app? It seems so, but I'm not sure. I see Haleigh nominating Kaycee and probably Sam. She wants to backdoor Tyler. She doesn't want to put up Brett, and I don't know that she wants Angela playing veto. This could be a really strange week.
  11. You can tell she knew the target of most of the house was firmly on her back after she won HoH last night. Her reaction wasn't so much joy or excitement as it was pure relief. She's a complete wild card at the moment. I don't really know if she's all that into her current closest allies in the house (Fess and Rock), and she seems to be wanting to get tighter with Brett. This week I believe is a huge turning point in this game, depending on powers and such, her week could go a long way to positioning the end game.
  12. BB20 House Discussion

    So at the moment I've got the following Power Rankings: Tyler JC Brett Angela KC Sam Scottie Haleigh Fessie Rockstar
  13. POLL: Week 6 - Who Had the Best Week?

    I picked all of L6 and JC. If they do indeed get Bay out this week they removed their biggest threat and have essentially taken control of the numbers since Sam and Scottie lean toward power. If they can win HoH and survive the Hacker this coming week I think it's almost a lock the winner comes from that 5.
  14. If you needed a textbook example of "batsh*t" crazy, that meltdown is it. A spoiled, entitled brat who has been told she's a perfect queen so much she believes it... Wow!
  15. BB20 House Discussion

    With Haleigh being able to block a vote, I'm really hoping L6 have JC & Scottie on lock because the two of them can throw a giant monkey wrench into the eviction of Bayleigh- though I don't know why they would allow her to remain with that power. However they've both proven to be masters of chaos in the house and complete wild cards when it comes to votes.