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  1. BB Canada - Season 6

    I think Erica wants Veronica out, but she's wanting to go the backdoor route. If she REALLY wanted to play safe she would have put Ryan up as he seems to be universally loathed.
  2. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I think perhaps I've lost something this season of Big Brother. Time of course, I'll never get that back, but something else. I still don't get the Cody love. He was an ass. He ruined both his game (twice) and Jessica's (though she was complicit). His constant refrain of "alpha" added to his misogyny and transphobic remarks seem forgotten because people were hating Paul and Cody took on Paul. It became the enemy of my enemy is my friend, kind of thing. I understood why Paul was unlikable, but it seemed that a lot of the early hate was because he was the only veteran in the house. That wasn't his choice, so why hate on him? The fact that he manipulated everyone so easily, again, that's the game and they all let themselves be manipulated. Yes he had the initial 3 week safety, but after that he was fair game. I don't get the love for Jessica. She was totally trashy. Just as nasty and spiteful and petty and everyone else was. Just because she ultimately found herself in the minority in the house she becomes a favorite? As I watched the season unfold, I saw people go from hating Josh to liking Josh to rooting for Josh to win, but he never changed. Only his position relative to Paul changed, or at least he became the only viable non-Paul option. I guess the point of my rant is I think the game itself was the big loser. I don't remember a season where so many competitions were thrown, not to mention the refusal of anyone to make use of potential twists. This season a bunch of people came into the house not to play to win the game but to make a jury house. This is what the game as devolved into. I'm not for making even more twists or coup d'etat type moves, but there has to be something to shake them out of the staid, boring predictability. And I'm not complaining or arguing for or against returning players- to me it works or it doesn't. I wouldn't have given up the season Dan came back for anything, he made the season! I do think some of the traditional things need to be changed in the jury portion so that it isn't all fun and games. Here's a few suggestions: 1. Sequester them jurors separately. - Real juries are not allowed to discuss the facts of a case until the trial has concluded, then they gather and deliberate. 2. Do away with the goodbye messages. Josh clearly used these to subvert Paul and while that's fine if you're pro-Josh or anti-Paul, this is using production to get an advantage as producers determine what gets show to the evicted person. 3. Don't show the jury the comps and votes. Let them figure it out when they get back together to deliberate. I don't know. I was just very disappointed in this season. I didn't care who won. It all just seemed perfunctory.
  3. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I hope the BB producers and CBS realize that the Geneva Convention expressly forbids torture, if they ever decide to show that Revengers segment again. Personally I'd rather be waterboarded than see Frankie Flamingo again.
  4. Manipulating people is the game. Last time I checked, Josh is an adult. He got himself into this position.
  5. Josh Martinez - Tears R Us - Winner

    I didn't realize the Goodbye Diary Room messages were using live grenades.
  6. Julie Chen - Some like it bot

    I felt like Julie really wanted to slap Raven...or maybe that was me.
  7. We almost got an additional trailer for an upcoming CBS movie of the week: Killer Rodeo Clowns. Jason, you got played and it's your own fault. Cowboy up buttercup.
  8. Raven should be starring in a reboot of the film Clueless because that's what she is, completely clueless. That Chenbot interview was car-fire cringe-worthy.
  9. General House Analysis and Discussion

    Last night is the perfect example why Paul and no one else deserves to win this season. To orchestrate the eviction of Jason, to have Jason's prime supporter win HoH and not put him unprotected on the block. At this point anyone winning other than Paul is a travesty (and I say that as someone who is not a Paul fan).
  10. Kevin's got that old man who's had too much sun and smokes leathery skin. I keep expecting him to shed a layer of it in the night like an ancient snake.
  11. Julie Chen - Some like it bot

    I'm not sure who dressed Julie tonight, but I guess it's nice the fashion industry is hiring blind people.
  12. Don't know which thread this should go in, but I'm pretty sure the only reason Matt is attracted to Raven is that he thinks she's Sam, the Fruit Loops toucan.
  13. Wow. Jason's wife is gorgeous. He's won life already. He doesn't need this game.
  14. General House Analysis and Discussion

    It was nice to see Cody back in the house last night. Zing.
  15. My wife saw him without his hat and wondered aloud "who's that?? "