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  1. What an idiot. The show has been around 20 years, and you know the rules. Make an example of him.
  2. I think it'll be his intellect and success at puzzles that will threaten people more than he annoys people that ultimately puts the bigger target on his back.
  3. You've been talking to people who know me again haven't you? That way lies madness.
  4. Oh yeah...I sort of tuned out the giant cry fest...it's like day 2 and they're all sobbing and breaking down emotionally. (and I'm not dismissing the serious nature of their issues, it was just I got lost in all the tears)
  5. Oh yeah I'm not a doctor...I knew there was something.
  6. But why did he dress for an audition for an Old Spice commercial?
  7. Jessica Peet - David - Voted out Week 2

    Her relationship with the Lord... She's too young to date Jesus.
  8. Meh. Seems to have a lot of pet peeves that involve other people. That could spell disaster.
  9. Perky, energetic people frighten me. Also spiders. (Note: and let's not even discuss energetic spiders)
  10. What's the big deal about traveling solo? Also I never trust anyone who refers to themselves as a "go-getter", that's just a hard rule. There has to be standards in life or we'll never have nice things.
  11. She only got 5th place in her Elementary School spelling bee... I won my Elementary School spelling bee, why am I not on Survivor?
  12. Might have to pull for her since she's rocking my 10yr old's hairdo.
  13. Is it me or is there a larger than normal number of Jesus people this season? Like they raided a Bible study at the local Baptist Church??
  14. The only thing that I like is that he's a fellow harmonica player.
  15. Bookmarking this one. Seems okay. How long before I'm disappointed?