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  1. Loved everything except the earrings and the lipstick.
  2. No you're not wrong. This big group is just terrible. They are outwardly mean. Bella is the absolute worst.
  3. So far it seems like she's playing a good game as the sounding board for the "other side" of the house, and she's not a big enough personality to be on anyone's radar. It will be interesting to see if she can survive and not be considered a floater.
  4. The quotes in the story are mean, but are they meaner than anything that goes on regularly on this show? I think it seems more aggressive when it comes out of jacked up blowholes, but I'm not sure anything they said gets to disqualifying language.
  5. I'm starting to think he won class president by annoying everyone so much they voted for him just to get him to leave them alone.
  6. 20 notches may still be about 300 notches too few. His DRs are like jet engine level decibels.
  7. Jebus, someone get this guy some decaf. It's like someone gave My Little Pony some meth and set it free in a carnival.
  8. The hard cut when she was talking about wanting to be a role model to girls her size to her fall was a terrible edit. I don't mind it when it's done because of hubris, but she's talking about something that is a legitimate point beyond the game itself and they just essentially crapped on it.
  9. HE DOESN'T JUST SHOUT IN THE DR @MrsGryn!!! It's everywhere.
  10. I'm pretty sure Julie's opening night dress was that big because Les Moonves was actually hiding under it.
  11. Seriously...Staten Island again. Was Des Moines, Iowa on strike? Did Cincinnati, Ohio burn to the ground when I wasn't looking?
  12. I've written and rewritten several lengthy comments but in the end I'm just going with: Meh
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