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  1. Reem Daly - Manu - Voted out Week 1

    oh dear, what were her parents thinking. well at least she name checked Stephanie!!
  2. Keith Sowell - Manu - Voted out Week 2

    The Jesus people are all Mark Burnett people. He's super Jesus-y so of course he wants to fill his show with them.
  3. Julie Rosenberg - Kama

    Toymaker...hmmm... Cute robotic rabbits or dildos?
  4. Eric Hafemann - Manu

    As a fellow father with a child with autism, I'm hoping he sheds some light on the struggle. I'll root for him until he disappoints me.
  5. Aurora McCreary - Kama

    I think this one will be full drama from go
  6. The douchiness is strong with this one...
  7. Julia Carter - Kama

    Doesn't like people who document their lives on social media...goes on reality show where entire life is filmed and broadcast around the globe. Apparently Irony is extinct this season.
  8. Wendy Diaz - Manu - Voted out Week 6

    Not when paired with "getting into schenanigans" then it becomes code for "selling weed"
  9. Ron Clark - Kama

    I wonder if he slept with himself to get the job at his academy?
  10. Victoria Baamonde - Manu

    Hopefully she won't be too smart for her own good, but if she keeps repeating the valedictorian line she's be a target quickly. Also like, that as a ginger, she may spontaneously burst into flames by day 9.
  11. Lauren O'Connell - Lesu

    What SPF is Jesus?
  12. What an idiot. The show has been around 20 years, and you know the rules. Make an example of him.
  13. I think it'll be his intellect and success at puzzles that will threaten people more than he annoys people that ultimately puts the bigger target on his back.
  14. You've been talking to people who know me again haven't you? That way lies madness.
  15. Oh yeah...I sort of tuned out the giant cry fest...it's like day 2 and they're all sobbing and breaking down emotionally. (and I'm not dismissing the serious nature of their issues, it was just I got lost in all the tears)