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  1. Whatever ... https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/reality-tv/big-brother-22-cast-no-longer-allowed-to-talk-about-danielle-murphree/?fbclid=IwAR3WCswBvHfKxsE36WjQFo_3OTClV6btMlnl7-2liG_241bgneWYcitELfs
  2. Enzo! Come here! Let me bash your head with these weights.
  3. Julie is seeing a skeezy doctor.
  4. 10:46 PM HT My search for intelligent life has been a dismal failure. I feel like I let you all down. So, I will sign off as always... Goodnight Janelle.
  5. 10:38 PM HT Well, BB fans, there is nothing going on. Skippy keeps switching back and forth to different denizens, and nothing of import is happening. For example, Whiny Nicole and Kevin are talking about their cats. Sorry, I can't make that interesting. Enzo the Asshole and Ian discussing next week's safety suite and their respective Twitter and Instagram accounts. I guess I could play a game to see how long Enzo the Asshole goes before he says "fuck." Enzo the Asshole also claims that he takes "fake shits" just to get away..
  6. 10:30 PM HT Janelle is distracting me with the long sleeve shirt she is wearing. It has cooled down from the mid 90's, but it's still 77 degrees in Studio City. Janelle has a nanny, by the way. She goes over her duties as a real estate agent, and this sure hasn't got any more interesting since I was here on Saturday.
  7. 10:22 PM HT The HGs have been released to the BY. Two cameras on Whiny Nicole and David. The other two cameras on Enzo the Asshole, Cody and Dani. Or, at least they were when I started typing that last sentence. Now, I am inside the Bathroom with OtherNicole and Dani, who has wandered inside to take a shower. Got a call, and in the intervening time, I get switched to Janelle and Christmas in the hammock talking about the chill aspect of their season, and how good their day was. It included coffee, yoga, cooking and pool time. Wow. Sorry I missed all that.
  8. 11:19 PM HT Memphis and Cody comparing notes in the HOH. According to them, everyone thinks that Nicole (the Whiny one) is running the show. According to them, Dani, Kaysar, and Janelle are "the other side of the house." They keep throwing out names along with their opinions along with their strategy and it's a little hard to follow. And Christmas and Day are pissed at Janelle. Not sure why, but there you go. And, that's all for me. Good night, Janelle.
  9. Non-Whiny Nicole and Kevin. Kevin is giving her advice that has to do with not trusting Janelle. That's rich coming from someone who spent the whole last week moping around the house. There is a lot better advice available like making as many friends as you can including Janelle without giving away too much. Now they are whispering and Skippy does not feel it necessary to increase the volume. I go looking for Janey and get FOTH! instead.
  10. 11:00 PM HT Memphis and Janelle in the HOH talking about BB's and HG's (i.e. the Boogfuck) past. Janelle seems to think that said Boogfuck was funny. ff strongly disagrees unless kids these days think that "funny" is the same thing as a misogynistic, pompous, self-centered asshole. (I had more adjectives,to use, but you get the idea. Janelle also notes that everyone in the house is chill and no strong personality. Memphis and Janelle continue to bond, and Memphis says he'd like to visit her in Minnesota and go fishing. It sounds like Janelle lives on a lake. She keeps calling said lake "our lake," So she lives on Lake Janelle. Skippy can't handle two HG's getting along so well and switches me to Enzo the Asshole, David and Bay. Enzo says that he was on BB 10 years ago. 10 Years ago? It seems like 2 years ago. He notes that he spend his 30's known as Enzo from Big Brother. That just doesn't roll off the tongue like Enzo the Asshole. He claims that he is a big thing in his town. What kind of fucked up township do you live in, Enzo the Asshole?
  11. 10. Pulp Bromance Janey Doll
  12. 10:57 PM HT In the kitchen, Janelle downs a few greet olives. She spells out the rest of her dinner calling it the weirdest dinner she ever had - Peanut butter, olives, grapes and pepper jack cheese. Janelle leaves promising to put on her jammies. Kevin looks no happier than he did whilst on the mac. Memphis paces in his HOH. Tyler stands in one of the bedrooms uselessly. Although, the way that Cody is talking to him, it sounds that he may also be part of that other four. Which makes the four of the six players previously mentioned to be Cody, Memphis, Tyler and Christmas. Those standing outside the six are, at a minumum, Janelle, Kaysar and, by the sound of the last minute or so, Whiny Nicole. I'll take a stab at Kevin also being in that latter group. But, I could be wrong. We finally have a bit of strategy going on. Unfortunately, it sounds like Janelle is on the outside looking in. Unless she and Kaysar start winning HOH and Vetoes, she is not long for this game. So, I am done. Goodnight, Janelle.
  13. 10:40 PM HT Cody and Memphis in the HOH discussing Safety Suite strategy. Cody won't play this week because he is safe with Memphis. Memphis says that everybody outside "their six" is a potential nominee. Not sure who the other 4 are, but it doesn't include either Janelle or Kaysar. Memphis thinks it would be great if Christmas wins next week and she will take out Janelle. So, I am guessing that Christmas is one of those 4. They also talk about swinging Kaysar over to their side. They toss around that age old strategy - these two winning every HOH from here on. Let me know how that works out. They fling a few more "dudes" back and forth and that is all for this meeting. Cody leaves. And Skippy leaves the camera on an empty HOH.
  14. 10:33 PM HT Memphis replays his lines to Day, which is he doesn't know he is going to put on the mac. He does have two options, in his mind. 1.) Put up good players 2.) Put up someone who won't cause any waves (i.e. The "Get Out The Floater" strategy.) Day says some kind of crapola like "you're good with me." and exits, stage left. Memphis continues to unpack. Meanshile, Kaysar, David and Christmas talk about Nicole (they don't specify which one) talking in her sleep.
  15. Kevin mistakenly believed he has all of his ducks in a row.
  16. 11:09 PM HT Day adds that Christmas approached her trying to keep Keesha which means, according to Day, that Janelle got to her (Christmas). Enzo the Asshole continues "fuck this" and "fuck that" showing me his assholeish behavior that earned him his well deserved monicker (for the record, monicker got tagged as a misspell, which it certainly is not). And, he plays that other age-old hamster game, planning the rest of BB, talking about who to bring in when and who goes next. Day seems to be amused. Enzo then claims that he is going to take a fake shit, and I really don't know what to do with that. Is there such a thing? Still no sign of Keesha. Her goose? It seems to be cooked. Well, that is it for me. Tomorrow is the one day per week that I have to go in to work, so see y'all later. And, goodnight, Janelle.
  17. 10:59 PM HT Whiney Nicole and Rocking Ian review how chess pieces move. Memphis joins and they tie everything up. They then discuss playing checkers with the chess pieces. And off to visit Day and Enzo the Asshole in one of the bedrooms. They are laughing about something. Enzo wants to win tomorrow. During his season, he avoided HOH, but now, he wants to win. It also appears that these two appear to be in an alliance. Enzo the Asshole goes off on a stream of conscience that loses me. But, he is going through the list of HG's talking shit, as is his wont. He adds that he has been stroking Ian's ego as the Dan-Killer. He thinks he is good with David and everyone who is in his room. They spot Memphis, Whiney Nicole and Ian going into the have not on BB-o-Vision and are immediately suspect of those three. They seem to think that Bayleigh and Dani are part of their alliance. All they need is a stupid fucking alliance name.
  18. 10:49PM HT Kevin is trying to worm info out of Jordan, who seems to be inferring that Kevin is safe. Kevin does offer that he won't put up Jordan or back door him if he stays. He also offers the "plus one," and ff hasn't being paying close attention so that means nothing to me. But I am assuming that it's a good thing. Kevin keeps saying that he wants to "pay [Jordan] back" and Jordan reiterates that he thinks it is going well for Kevin to stay. Jordan adds that if he is wrong, then Jordan is in trouble because he is reading the room wrong. I seriously could not care less about this conversation. Especially when Kevin compares his situation to a Venn Diagram.
  19. 10:41 PM HT Not only that, I don't think I've read a recap that has starred Keesha. Skippy keeps up his quest to find something interesting. He is failing miserably. He has landed on David, Kevin, Enzo the Asshole and some hidden HG on the landing outside the HOH. Suddenly, for some reason, everybody exits stage left, which means that Skippy must try again. He lands on Janelle, Dani and Bayleigh talking about food and dieting. Bayleigh now regales us with the wonderfullness that is Shitty P. ff remains unconvinced.
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