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  1. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:25 PM HT Sam joins the four to take a shower. No strategery talk. Sam's goal in life is to be one shade "tanner" than Scottie. Noble goal. Bret Somers makes her pitch, asking Sam whether she would like to join their four to make a final five. It takes Sam about 2 seconds to shoot her down. That is one of the things that I like about Sam. She is not afraid to tell others to piss off. Scottie wants to prove that he is taller than Brett. He runs downstairs to do so. Taller than no one, JC, enters the HOH. He and Fessie start slapping at each other. BB: "Shut it down. Safety first; no horsing around."
  2. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:16 PM HT The Feckless Four, Haleigh, Bret Somers, Fessie and Scottie are in the HOH, counting up votes. For the first time in his BB life, Fessie actually gets something right ... his vote will be canceled. So, he's 1 and 67 when it comes to predictions. There does seem to be a little sense of uncertainty among the four. When I was listening yesterday, they were quite confident that Bret Somers would stay. Now, they are not as confident. Scottie will talk to JC tomorrow, and Bret Somers will talk with Brett ... because it's obvious that Brett wants Bret Somers ... biblically, that is. Bret Somers thinks that Angela and Tyler should be the next nominees
  3. I'd like to see JC win just so what his music choice would be. Maybe he'll ask for a mixed tape: Oompah Loompah Song Follow the Yellow Brick Roak The Lollipop Guild Tiny Dancer Seriously, though, I think that JC is in a Catch 22 situation. It wouldn't surprise me if he has thrown every contest to date because he is playing both sides (and quite well, I might add). However, the cat will be out of the bag after this week's vote. I could see him being the target of a Fessie or Scottie HOH. So, I am going with Brett. But, what would he do? The other side is running out of peeps. And, I can't see him putting up Haleigh. Maybe Fessie and Scottie while trying to convince Scottie he is a pond?
  4. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    10:31 PM HT BB: "Please stop singing." For once, BB directed their admonition towards Kaycee, doing laps around the kitchen island. JC is at the kitchen counter, doing something or other ... I hope it has nothing to do with a cucumber. Kaycee heads into the bathroom, where Sam has been gussying herself up ... at 10:24 PM HT. She's been at it for the last hour. She was spackling on make-up about an hour ago. Now, she is doing her hair. JC starts ... well, you know ... ... singing. Meanwhile, at the Hammock For The Ridiculously Clueless (i.e. Fessie, Haleigh and Bret Somers), they plan their strategy, which, say it with me ... Win HOH! Which, comes after keeping Bret Somers; which ain't happening. Seriously. These folk have had their teefs kicked in for what? Three weeks? And yet, they feel in control.
  5. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:49 PM HT Haleigh asks: "If we were on an island and had no food source, who are we eating?" Such is the blatherings of bored hammies. We never get an answer. Sad.
  6. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:46 PM HT BB: "Please clean the mirror above the kitchen sink." How fucking random is that? I've been watching this dumpster fire of a show for years, and this is the first year I've heard this request. Plus, what if they tell BB to fuck off? JC gets away with singing and naming all of production's relatives. What would BB do if the hamsters refused to clean the fucking mirror? Anyway, Tyler, the big toady, cleans the mirror. BB: "Thank you." Many of the hammock crew are now congregating in the kitchen, eating. This leaves me with Haleigh, JC and Scottie at the hammock. JC is telling a story about a cat. This might not end well.
  7. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:36 PM HT I've mentioned this before. When Haleigh has her glasses on with her hair up, she reminds me of Nicole. The difference being that, with all her faults, I generally like Haleigh. I wanted Nicole to die in a fire. Haleigh has joined the continuously growing party at the hammock. Currently, the participants are Haleigh, Tyler, Kaycee, Angela and JC. JC, as is his wont, dominates the conversation. I would guess that if JC is in a group, he contributes at least 50% of the conversation. He is talking about dog ... a French Bulldog named Francois. Brett joins in. Tyler plans on doing his laundry. He always does his laundry on Wednesday. But, it's Tuesday. BB: "The diary room is temporarily unavailable." SHIT!
  8. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:25 PM HT JC has covered the cucumber with the condom and is inviting those around him to smell said condom-encased cucumber. On another note, the hammock desperately needs some WD-40. They are rocking back and forth emitting a rather loud noise; it's pissing me off. The hammock group continue to make cracks about the be-condomed cucumber. JC wants to touch Sam's face with it. I think Sam would kick him into next week if he tried. Rockstar is telling, according to her, a "my big stupid Muppet origin story." Yeah. I don't know what to do with that, either. She is thankfully called to the DR, where she can be threatened with a lawsuit from Jim Henson's family. She was there with Fessie, and Haleigh comes in and lies on top of Fessie for a few seconds.
  9. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:16 PM HT JC is doing his JC thing ... which is breaking the BB rules, talking about production and singing. Because there are no consequences for breaking BB rules ... unless you hold a knife to a fellow HG's throat, use a toothbrush to clean the toilet or throw your mike into the hot tub. One severe beating would silence him for good. Shit. The hammock group suggests that JC do a sex education video using a cucumber and a condom. I do not get paid zero bucks to listen to a height challenged, porn-making twit abuse a vegetable. Heading to the downstairs bathroom ... ... where I find Bret Somers and Sam. Bret Somers shaved her legs. They are, according to Bret Somers, "so soft." She invites Sam to touch them. The feeds freeze up. I still have audio, but the feeds freeze on Bret Somers. It's disconcerting.
  10. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:03 PM HT. On National Geographic, there is a show with the 3,214th theory on the origins of Easter Island. Think about that. Only one of them can be right. Now, the hamsters are whining about the lack of alcohol. I'm with them on this one. If I were Skippy In Charge Of Torture, I would strap them down and feed them intravenously. They are reliving the first night where BB gave them champagne. Good times. Fessie and Scottie still play pool.
  11. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    8:57 PM HT It's that time of the week. You know; everybody thinks they know what is going to happen on Thursday and the outcome can't be changed. So the feeds become rather dull. Right now, Skippy has four rip-roaring feeds on Fessie and Scottie playing pool. Someone off camera sings. BB busts that person. I'm going with JC on general principles. OOOH! Skippy switches to the hammock where I find JC, Tyler and Kaycee. Did you know that when JC sits on the edge of the hammock, his feet don't touch the ground? There is another hamster whose identity is unknown because I can't see them. It's a woman. I'm going with Angela. I was right. ff rules!!!
  12. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    10:21 PM HT Four feeds. Two on Bret Somers and Scottie. They just finished up talking about Evel DICK! They both think they will walk out of the BB house being hated. They finally got something right. Joker's poll does not like these two very much. Haleigh and Brett in the hot tub. They are talking about non-game related stuff. She continues to bite her nails down to her nubs. There are at least two hamsters playing pool.
  13. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:46 PM HT Quick quiz. What is Haleigh number one goal in life? A. Win Big Brother B. Happiness with whomever she marries C. Riches D. Shake Ellen's hand E. Pie Answer is D. Which is the saddest thing in the universe. She continues talking with Bret Somers. They go over votes. Bret Somers trusts Haleigh (who is not voting) and Sam (whom I am pretty sure is voting to keep Kaycee). They seem to be unsure about Fessie (who will probably vote to keep Bret Somers). And, Bret Somers seems to think that Brett is on her side. Other than Haleigh, who is not voting, I think these two are 0 for 4. These two have been broadsided with Crappy C and Bayleigh, yet they think Brett is on their side. They are too stupid to live.
  14. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:33 PM HT Haleigh and JC compare notes about the sores in their mouths. You read that right. Apparently, they have festering pustules in their mouths ... as, apparently, Tyler does. They blame the stress. I think it's the accumulation of stank that pervades the house. Haleigh joins Bret Somers in the hammock. Brett comes by, headed to the hot tub. I head for the recapper wine.
  15. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    9:27 PM HT JC reminds me of that animated dancing baby that went viral all those years ago. If you don't know what I am talking about, google ... well, "animated dancing baby." Except, I think the animated dancing baby is taller. Bret Somers watches but remains silent. JC asks her if she was going to eat said chicken parm. Bret Somers: "I've had enough of what Angela is serving today." Get it? GET IT? Angela is serving up chicken parm and ... I give up.