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  1. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    I dunno, jak. FFF is such a pompous crapweasel. He gives us so much material ... kinda' like the Pinhead. Or that wrestling shitwad who finger-boinked that whiny bimbo twin ... both whose names I have thankfully forgotten.
  2. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    I just had a horrible thought. FUG may consider FFF to be a "celebrity."
  3. I'll leave Tampongate alone. For me ... I live in LA. I am not sure what qualifies as "busy parking lots." Parking lots are either full or not full; not "busy."
  4. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    That's pretty much the way I approach any season, Mags. They all suck, and, depending upon the way they comport themselves, maybe I don't want a particular hamster to die in a fire. Sorry I wasn't around this year. Life, you know. And, it didn't help that this particular group of hamsters sucked big donkey balls.
  5. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    OGG help us all.
  6. 7:04PM HT Kevin keeps blabbing. He has now moved on to after BB, and he is inviting Paul to come visit him in New York where his wife will cook for him. Eventually, Kevin runs out of steam, and Paul escapes.
  7. 7:00PM HT Meanwhile, Paul is selling Kevin out, telling Alex and Jason everything that Kevin said. Well, that took all of 10 minutes. He specifically tells them that Kevin said he wants to take Alex then Jason out. Someone approaches and they scatter. Jason and Alex head to the SR, and call Kevin a few choice names. And, again, how dare they! The thing is that Kevin's plan was to take place at the final four, when he, Paul, Alex and Jason are the last two standing. What else would Kevin want to happen at the final four? Throw the comps to Alex and Jason. Paul and Kevin are now in one of the rooms, and Kevin is blabbing away, and it's obvious that Paul wants to be anyone but there.
  8. 6:46PM HT Meanwhile, Mark has exited the HOH, and Xmas and Josh's reaction leads me to believe that Mark is toast. Then, Xmas lists her desired order of exit after Mark is out the door. Alex, Jason, Matt, Kevin. They would also like for Raven or Matt take out Alex whereby Jason would go crazy. She also seems to think that after Jason is done with the "crazy" thing, he would gravitate towards Paul or Xmas. They want to clear the plan with Paul. In other words, Paul has a different plan, and they have to convince him otherwise. Xmas assigns that part of the plan to Jason. Five bucks says that they give in to whatever Paul's plan ... which does not include getting rid of Alex, like ever. They head downstairs, where Matt is ... say it with me everyone ... EATING!!
  9. 6:35PM HT They keep talking. If you listen to Kevin, he believes that he and Paul are in a four person alliance with Josh and Xmas, and that Alex and Jason are on the outside looking in of said alliance. They need to be targeted after Mark, Matt and Elena are gone. To this, Paul hems and haws. Kevin also says that Alex has plans to get the final two, which Kevin classifies as "cold." What a beeyotch. How dare she attempt to win the game!
  10. 6:28PM HT Outside with Alex and Jason. They have a plan. By the sound of it, she plans on telling everyone remaining that it's everyone for themselves. I am assuming that she means whatever 8 are left. However, the core group of these two, Paul, Xmas and Josh will still be in an uber seekrit alliance. Paul comes over. They start yelling about a "Linda," and it sounds like this Linda is their nickname for the hot tub. Kevin then tells Paul that he did very well in whatever game they played, yesterday. Paul then says that he wants to see how far he can go without winning HOH or POV. First of all, Such a strategy was employed by Dr Will, and quite successfully, I might add. You, sir, are not Dr. Will. Also, that is not the kind of strategy that you want to admit to. It pisses off a certain type of player.
  11. 6:17PM HT Xmas and Jason in the HOH with Mark. With Jason owning the POV, I suspect that he is pleading for his BB life; he doesn't want to go on the mac as the replacement. Right now, he is trying to downplay his relationship with Cody. He has also dropped in a few "I'll do whatever you want if I become HOH." Jason is now telling him that he would have respected Mark more if he would have backed up his supposed BBF, Cody. Mark responds by saying he did have Cody's back until Cody effed up his game.
  12. Live Feed Recaps, Week 7 - HOH: Alex

    9:42PM HT Paul takes his misting ways up to the HOH, where he craps on Cody, Mark, Kevin and another swinging dick to be named later. He is telling his tale to Alex, which means that Paul wants to be left in the HOH with all the remaining vaginas. The "dick to be named later" turns out to be Matt. Paul is looking for Alex to agree. Like it's an option for her to disagree. Remember, Alex, Kevin and Jason are tied at the hip, yet she isn't objecting to Paul's plan to get rid of Kevin.
  13. Live Feed Recaps, Week 7 - HOH: Alex

    9:36PM HT In the kitchen, Matt is eating. Quelle surprise!!!! Xmas and Paul have been relieved from their parachutist/rock climbing gear, and Xmas is celebrating by zipping around the kitchen/living room. She and Ellen hug for what seems like a very long time, and I fear that one of their bungholes are in peril of being "investigating." If you know what I mean. Josh is pissed about something. I am guessing it has something to do with Mark. Paul and Xmas talk him down. ff hopes they fail. There should be blood. Xmas is called to the DR.
  14. Live Feed Recaps, Week 7 - HOH: Alex

    9:29PM HT To the HOH!!!!! Oh, wait a minute. Alex, Jason and Josh are there. I don't like any of them, so I rescind the exclamation points. They talk about how, next week, and how they need to test Kevin's loyalty. I listen eagerly as I anticipate some real strategy from three excessively, dim bulbs. Then, it happens. The dumbest fucking thing that has every been suggested in the history of this yearly dumpster fire known as BB. And, it comes from Jason, whose TV antenna, as I have suggested earlier, does not receive all the channels. He suggests that all the members of the non-existent alliance that exists in his head all go to jury and vote for Alex to win BB. And, Alex thinks it's a bad idea. You may think that I am too harsh, but it none of these three half quarter-wits dismiss this idea out of hand. It's kind of scary.