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  1. In case you forgot, or never heard ... https://www.eonline.com/news/706242/lamar-odom-found-unconscious-at-nevada-brothel-airlifted-to-local-hospital
  2. He made me look up "gamified." It really is a word.
  3. In case you missed it, she's all about winning competitions ... except when she's not.
  4. Whatever ... https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/reality-tv/big-brother-22-cast-no-longer-allowed-to-talk-about-danielle-murphree/?fbclid=IwAR3WCswBvHfKxsE36WjQFo_3OTClV6btMlnl7-2liG_241bgneWYcitELfs
  5. Enzo! Come here! Let me bash your head with these weights.
  6. Julie is seeing a skeezy doctor.
  7. 10:46 PM HT My search for intelligent life has been a dismal failure. I feel like I let you all down. So, I will sign off as always... Goodnight Janelle.
  8. 10:38 PM HT Well, BB fans, there is nothing going on. Skippy keeps switching back and forth to different denizens, and nothing of import is happening. For example, Whiny Nicole and Kevin are talking about their cats. Sorry, I can't make that interesting. Enzo the Asshole and Ian discussing next week's safety suite and their respective Twitter and Instagram accounts. I guess I could play a game to see how long Enzo the Asshole goes before he says "fuck." Enzo the Asshole also claims that he takes "fake shits" just to get away..
  9. 10:30 PM HT Janelle is distracting me with the long sleeve shirt she is wearing. It has cooled down from the mid 90's, but it's still 77 degrees in Studio City. Janelle has a nanny, by the way. She goes over her duties as a real estate agent, and this sure hasn't got any more interesting since I was here on Saturday.
  10. 10:22 PM HT The HGs have been released to the BY. Two cameras on Whiny Nicole and David. The other two cameras on Enzo the Asshole, Cody and Dani. Or, at least they were when I started typing that last sentence. Now, I am inside the Bathroom with OtherNicole and Dani, who has wandered inside to take a shower. Got a call, and in the intervening time, I get switched to Janelle and Christmas in the hammock talking about the chill aspect of their season, and how good their day was. It included coffee, yoga, cooking and pool time. Wow. Sorry I missed all that.
  11. 11:19 PM HT Memphis and Cody comparing notes in the HOH. According to them, everyone thinks that Nicole (the Whiny one) is running the show. According to them, Dani, Kaysar, and Janelle are "the other side of the house." They keep throwing out names along with their opinions along with their strategy and it's a little hard to follow. And Christmas and Day are pissed at Janelle. Not sure why, but there you go. And, that's all for me. Good night, Janelle.
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