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  1. I'm sure we'll be asked to do the Amazing Race.
  2. Casting Call - Answer With A Question

    What is it that makes us awesome?
  3. Sam Bledsoe - Trashpanda Wrangler

    What's a "Rooster pooch"? Check that. I don't want to know.
  4. The ABCs of BB

    FUG. I can call you FUG, right? Seeing as your last few seasons have sucked out loud, what would you have to do to get fired?
  5. What Previous Hamsters Are Thinking

    Dr. Will - "STOP CALLING ME, FUG!! I'M OVER THE CRAPFEST KNOWN AS BIG BROTHER!!!!" Jedi Janie, Hurricane Howie, Danielle Reyes, Boogfuck, Maggie, Jun, et al - "WHAT DR. WILL SAID."
  6. What Will Julie Chen Wear This Year?

    Really? 8 posts in and no one comes up with the obvious? Maternity clothes. Booyah!
  7. Casting Call - Answer With A Question

    What are you? The grammar police?
  8. An oldie but a goodie .. The cameras aren't on ... Your choice: all the time ... at night ... during the day ... in the HOH while I'm screwing another HG
  9. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    Not sure what beer darts is. If it's playing darts whilst drinking beer, then yes. But, I get the feeling that is not what beer darts is. So, I will go with false. The next poster ate at a restaurant and bailed on the bill. (Yes, I did ... once. But, I blame the person I was with. It was his idea. It was the Hungry Tiger in Encino. But, we did leave 5 bucks for the waitress. I guess I'll use that when I meet Saint Peter at the pearly gates).
  10. The ABCs of BB

    Zebra filet. You have one question to ask FUG about the upcoming season. What is your question? Are you still doing Jesse?
  11. Who's That Hamster?

    Donny the Good. He was wildly popular, but I couldn't stand him. He was one huge hypocrite ... not to mention dull and having no game whatsoever.
  12. JC Monduix - The Spanish Leprechaun

    What could he possibly do to get fired during a pole dance? I think he is the early leader in the clubhouse when it comes to Biggest Dumpster Fire.
  13. I'm calling bullshit on his having friends.