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  1. What the hell is "reckless abuse of percentages"?
  2. POLL: Week 10 Eviction Prediction

    Scottie to go and Haleigh to stay. Because she's hot and I'm shallow.
  3. JC - he needs to shit or get off the pot.
  4. 10:39 PM HT Tyler and kaycee playing pool talking about how intense the compeitition has been during the last week. They are breaking their arms, patting each other's backs as to how awesome they are. Meanwhile, on the hammock, I got Fessie swinging with Angela and JC talking about Uber versus a taxi coming from the airport. their conclusion is that it really doesn't matter if they are getting reimbursed. Now, Chistmases. Specifically a white Christmas versus a non-white Christmas. Only Fessie has experienced a White Christmas. In other words, there is neither jack nor shit going on.
  5. 3:35 AM HT Every one seems to be in bed. I generally suck at identifying night vision hamsters, but I think that Haleigh and Fessie are in the same bed as is JC and Brett. I don't think they have a camera on the HOH. Everyone seems to have settled down other than some occasional thrashing about by JC and Fessie.
  6. 9:35 PM HT On the other feed, Tyler is washing dishes in the kitchen. Brett watches. Fessie and Angela join the crew. Angela: "There is cheese all over by bottle." I don't know what to do with that. I think they just put some cookies in the oven.
  7. 9:30 PM HT Angela and her crew reveling in her HOH win. I suspect her crew is everyone who is not Haleigh and Fessie ... who will probably be the nominees this week. Angela is packing up for her HOH. All are adding up how many HOHs and Veto's each have won. JC is silent as he has won jack. Everyone agrees that the HOH contest was fun. FOTH.
  8. 8:50 PM HT Still on FFF, Donnie, Caleb and the crew. They just showed the Veto with Kathy Griffin. The Zingbot arrives.
  9. 8:20 PM HT FUCK! I turn my head for a couple seconds and come back to find FFF and Donnie the Good! FFF is flouncing. Donnie the Good is ... being good.
  10. 7:40 PM HT More of the same ... Dan, Danielle, Boogfuck, Joe the Chef, Frank The Zingbot just showed up.
  11. 9:36 PM HT Brett joins Haleigh on the couches. Her spirits have been picked up. Small talk. Brett asks if Haleigh has spoken with either JC and Scottie. Haleigh - negative. Brett thinks that Scottie needs to go. Haleigh stands mute. Fessie heads for the hot tub with a bunch of strawberries. Brett tells him he will join him.
  12. 9:28 PM HT Haleigh is pawing at her eyes. She is not crying yet, but the night is young, No update on Sam. Kaycee, Tyler and Angela are whispering in the have not. I can't hear them because I have the fan on and it's drowning out the sound. I think they are talking about a potential double eviction, and what they would do if that happens. Something about needing to win HOH.
  13. 9:21 PM HT Outside, Sam and her crazy pants are swinging in the hammock. But that's not important right about now. Kaycee, Haleigh and Tyler are conspiring about laundry. Kaycee and Tyler leave, and Fessie saunters over to Haleigh and accuses her of being grumpy. In so many words, she tells him to piss off, and he takes his leave, tail between his legs, and heads off, leaving Haleigh to stare into the heavens, whilst lying on the outside couch. It looks like she is close to tears, so stay tuned. Mark down this time. Currently, we have three, count them three separate feeds. Haleigh staring into space Sam and her crazy pants, swinging in the hammock A feed on the have not, with Kaycee, Angela, JC and Tyler.
  14. 11:00 PM HT Yeah, Scottie has lost it. He is in the SR with ... powder? Whatever it is, he smashes the sides of whatever container, spewing some kind of powder into the air. Skippy has had enough of Scottie's ramblings and switches me to JC and Tyler in the have not. Meanwhile, Haleigh, Fessie and Brett have gathered around the hot tub.
  15. In the Pepto room, Scottie is going a little ... bugfuck crazy? He is muttering indecipherable shit. He has built himself a "mega mattress." which is "borrowing" other mattresses, pillows and blankets to build said "mega mattress." He mumbles ... "Am I the perfect height for this?" "Like a fucking glove." "I have mega-mattress. Tyler enters, unaware about Scottie's potential meltdown. In the time that I have typed this recap, Scottie has made his way to the SR. He is searching for something. Which is not uncommon; except, he is conducting the search with gloves ... you know; the gloves one would use to clean toilets. In the SR, more Scottie craziness ... "Maybe if I ... that's an option." Dude is Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs.