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  1. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Their registry is at Target? How trailer park trash is that? But not surprising.
  2. House Analysis and Discussion

    Give it time!
  3. The "mooch" is on BB? Once a scumbag, always a scumbag.
  4. From Olympian to Big Brother contestant. Sad.
  5. Nice job bringing up your daughter!
  6. Not only no, but hell no !
  7. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I've long advocated for a BB Felony House Guest Season. I think you got most of them jak. I can't think of any other potential HG's. I'll post any other additions that come to mind. ETA: I did an internet search, and we can add contestants from BB's around the world. There are many potential felons from the UK and other countries.
  8. What the hell is "reckless abuse of percentages"?
  9. POLL: Week 10 Eviction Prediction

    Scottie to go and Haleigh to stay. Because she's hot and I'm shallow.
  10. JC - he needs to shit or get off the pot.
  11. 10:39 PM HT Tyler and kaycee playing pool talking about how intense the compeitition has been during the last week. They are breaking their arms, patting each other's backs as to how awesome they are. Meanwhile, on the hammock, I got Fessie swinging with Angela and JC talking about Uber versus a taxi coming from the airport. their conclusion is that it really doesn't matter if they are getting reimbursed. Now, Chistmases. Specifically a white Christmas versus a non-white Christmas. Only Fessie has experienced a White Christmas. In other words, there is neither jack nor shit going on.
  12. 3:35 AM HT Every one seems to be in bed. I generally suck at identifying night vision hamsters, but I think that Haleigh and Fessie are in the same bed as is JC and Brett. I don't think they have a camera on the HOH. Everyone seems to have settled down other than some occasional thrashing about by JC and Fessie.
  13. 9:35 PM HT On the other feed, Tyler is washing dishes in the kitchen. Brett watches. Fessie and Angela join the crew. Angela: "There is cheese all over by bottle." I don't know what to do with that. I think they just put some cookies in the oven.
  14. 9:30 PM HT Angela and her crew reveling in her HOH win. I suspect her crew is everyone who is not Haleigh and Fessie ... who will probably be the nominees this week. Angela is packing up for her HOH. All are adding up how many HOHs and Veto's each have won. JC is silent as he has won jack. Everyone agrees that the HOH contest was fun. FOTH.
  15. 8:50 PM HT Still on FFF, Donnie, Caleb and the crew. They just showed the Veto with Kathy Griffin. The Zingbot arrives.