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  1. One of the bowsers discovers the camera. Well, at least he (or she) can't later claim that there are no cameras on the kennels after the two of them are caught copulating. Now, kitties. They seem to be having a lot more fun than the bowsers, who appear quite bored by it all.
  2. Nicole and Tramp Stamp Christie are shredding a shit load of carrots. Not sure what they are creating, but I'll keep you informed. Or maybe not. Because, truth be told, I don't really care. Puppies. I hope they don't have names. Meanwhile, Nat Geo is currently showing what has to be the ten thousandth show about the JFK assassination. This one is titled "The Lost Bullet." Catchy, no? Still Bowsers.
  3. Skippy isn't helping my quest as he has all four feeds on the kitchen with the hamsters preparing their 4th of July celebration. The aforementioned Tramp Stamp Christie is shredding carrots while a couple of bro dudes are cooking hot dogs and bacon. Nicole, Isabella and Kemi have been ID'd. Also Tommy, who has got to be what? 5 foot nothing, right?
  4. Next, I am going to try to distinguish between the two BB standard-issued blondes. One blonde on my screen has a rather distinctive tramp stamp, and I am pretty sure it's Christie. But, I wouldn't bet on it. But, right now, I am going with Tramp Stamp Christie. Stay tuned.
  5. The frivolity of the ghetto slip and slide has subsided, and a bunch of HGs have congregated around the HT, swapping stories and speculating on how the said slip and slide would look on the live show. It's at this time I realize i don't know who the hell is whom, so I am way behind. There is some hamster in the HT yammering about something. This particular hamster has a dumbass looking goatee, so that should be easy, right? Unfortunately, there are two dumbass hamsters who have dumbass goatees, so I am still fucked.
  6. One last qualifier before I call it a night. I think said buxom blonde is Kathryn. However, looking at the handy dandy cheat sheet, I learn there is a blonde named Christie, whose buxomness is not qualified at this time. Whomever this blonde is, she does kind of remind me of Janelle.
  7. Leave it to ff to identify the first HG on sight (without using the cheat sheet) as Kathryn, the rather buxom blonde. Because, that is how I roll. And, just as quickly as I congratulate myself for that epic feat, the Skipster has switched feeds to less-buxom HGs, whom I don't care about, at this time.
  8. Oh, fer fuck's sake. Who had Jessica in the pool as being the first hamster to cry? She is boo-hooing about some dude, I think. She is pouring her heart out to a hamster (a woman) to be named later, as I don't know who the fuck is whom. I think said hamster to be named later is Nicole.
  9. BB: "Christie, please go to the diary room downstairs." The fuck? It's not enough that I have to learn all these new faces. Now there is more than one DR? Fuck that noise.
  10. The feeds kind of snuck up on me, this year. I didn't realize we'd go live so early. By now, I would have normally studied the HG photos so I knew who was whom. But, I didn't. I suck. So, I tune into the feeds where a shitload of hamsters exist on all four feeds. I don't know who is whom. Everyone seems to be getting along; no blood. So, I'll post and make this promise. I will learn who the hell is whom and be back ... probably on Sunday. In the meantime, I will start this BB season in the same fashion I start all BB seasons: Fuck FUG and the horse she rode in on.
  11. "Weekend at Kathy's" is still one of the best nicknames ever! EVER!!
  12. " On the macaroni" will have a new meaning. So, he plans on becoming paralyzed by riding his bike?
  13. Last time I checked, integrity and character were nouns.
  14. The only thing "authentic" about Paul was his asshole-ocity.
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