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  1. 4:16 am HT Cliff, Nicole, Kat, and Jess are STILL up in the HOH room chatting - a meeting of the "others". Cliff looks deathly tired. They're talking about the house situation and pondering how they got to this state. It does sound like Cliff is working with them on who to put up, though they haven't mentioned any names yet while I've been watching. Cliff laments that he feels bad about Ovi being gone, but there's nothing to be done about it now and says they just have to move on. Cliff just said that nothing is decided, but invites them to give him their thoughts whenever they feel like it. The girls all profess allegiance to Cliff, and Jess says it's the first time she's felt comfortable talking to the HOH and others and not worry about it getting shared with others. Jess says that Christie is more of a straight shooter, where she does what she says. She feels that others fight and manipulate. She says that Jack is on her RADAR, not because he put her put, but because of the things she's heard about him since then. Cliff does say that none of them in the room have to worry, none of them are going up. He says if someone has some funky power that messes up his plan, then there's nothing he can do about. Nicole says to be wary of Bella, since she can't be trusted, and she can talk somebody into something in two minutes. Cliff says he worries more about her than Nick. Cliff doesn't know yet - he just doesn't know! It sounds like no decision has been made on who to put up, and I have to go out!
  2. 4:11 am HT It's very early morning in the habitrail, and all the hamsters are asleep. They look so peaceful all cuddled up in their snuggly nests. Happy Move Over to Camp Comeback Day!
  3. On the feeds, he’s actually quite normal and pretty low key.
  4. Redundant (Jessica)
  5. 4:08 pm HT While some of the hammies are playing what appears to be backgammon, Nicole chats with David, who is in the shower. They're just chatting about random things, nothing strategic. Oh! I looks like Sam, Bella, Kemi, Jack, and Christie are in the KT starting to get stuff to eat ready. On F4 in the target BR, Kat futzes around while Jackson and Analyse. They briefly talk about Holly and Ana says they're on a "good path". Whatever. Sam comes in and flops down on the next bed and whines that he's BORED. So BORED. Join the club, Sam.
  6. 5:02 pm HT Since in the HOH, a bunch of the Hateful 8 are just shootin' the shit, so I'll head over to the boat lounge where Ovi and Nicole are chatting. She tells him that she's hearing nothing about him right now, since he's "out". People are telling him they support him, but he in unconvinced they're sincere. (*snort*) Nicole wonders if he and David would have to battle with David before the eviction this week (I guess she's thinking like that season of Survivor) and Ovi doesn't think so. They spin possibilities such as an America Votes where they pick one Camp Comeback person and one regular HG to do a final battle. Ovi jokes that in case it's a physical comp, he'll make everyone a bunch of cookies beforehand so they're all stuffed. Ovi thinks it might be a knowledge/trivia test of things in the house. Who knows?
  7. Every time I see or hear this guy, it only reinforces my opinion that he's a complete and utter asshole.
  8. 4:55 pm HT Kemi and Jess are in one of the BRs discussing their game, and where things went wrong. Jess still seems oblivious about why she is on the block, and she insists she's playing the game the best she knew how - that she is not one to lie and backstab, etc. They console themselves that there is Camp Comeback and they will at least have a chance to get back in the game. What they are saying doesn't have a whole lot of substance so there's not much to recap. Everything that happened, happened for a reason, etc. Jess loves all the conversations she's had with others. She wanted to believe some things were real, but they were just total bullshit. (Welcome to BB!)
  9. 5:34 pm HT So, I tune into the feeds this evening and the first thing I see is FISH. Looks like they're restocked the tank! Anyway, I barely have a chance to name the new denizens of the tank before the feeds come back. I find myself oddly disappointed. It looks like the hammies are mostly in the KT getting dinner ready, but there's a few people out in the BY. Let's see what they're up to! Looks like Kemi, Kat, Cliff, Jess and Holly are out sunning themselves. No strategy though, Holly is reciting trivia questions such as "What is a herd of zebras called?" It's a "dazzle", by the way. And of course their stripes are to cause confusion to predators when they are in a group. Giraffes are mostly silent except they burp. Now you know.
  10. I don’t think he will, either. I don’t think he’s that closely aligned with either of them and probably doesn’t want to make more waves.
  11. 5:37 pm HT Apparently, a plane flying overhead sent them all inside on a lockdown, so now we have a feeds of either Bella giving Nick a back scratch or Ovi and Christie (and Jack, it appears) working on spreading a sheet of plastic on the KT floor. I have no idea why. Oh wait - I think they're building a slip 'n slide to (hopefully) use later. Exciting times!
  12. I believe it’s called a panjabi and is appropriate to his cultural background. https://www.yellowclothing.net/kabli-suit/10226-men-s-panjabi-black.html
  13. I think MrsGryn is right. They don't want to have show people pulling keys when they could be showing commercials during that time!
  14. 4:15 pm HT Sam is saying that if anyone gives Ovi a sympathy vote, that will be an easy nominee for the HOH next week. Probably not the best approach strategy-wise. Kat can hardly sleep at all, apparently, so I have at least that in common with her.
  15. 4:11 pm HT Kat says that she is not cocky and confident at all, and people are telling her she is good, but she wants to do what she can to stay. You never know. She does note that the last week has been a little crazy for her. She doesn't want to come off as not being genuine. She says that she'd heard that Ovi is telling people he has eight votes and when someone tells her that she starts to freak out. Sam says that Ovi has been making F2's with everyone. They joke about making F2s with each other. Sam says that when Ovi asks him for his vote, he asks them how many they have so far, and Ovi runs through all their names(!). Kat wants them to tell HER straight up if she has their vote, and they're all, "Oh yeah!". Of course, they're probably saying that to Ovi as well.
  16. 4:05 pm HT Jack, Bella, Christie, and Nick are in the Woods bedroom, but they're not discussing anything strategic. Christie says she would like Nick if she was straight, then they start discussing tattoos. Christie wants to know if Nick knows any hot girls that might be interested in her. Nick says he knows this girl that's really hot, well, he's never actually met her, but knows her, but she's really hot, and she would probably be interested. Okay, then. Mercifully, Skippy jumps over to the lounge where Tommy and Sam were discussing something from a previous season, but end the convo quickly so I have no idea what they were talking about. They agree that the next week will really be telling about who is aligned with who. Kat comes in and crashes the convo and wonders what they're talking about. They say they were just wondering what's going to happen next, but the convo quickly turns to how much it sucks that Kat is packing.
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