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  1. This show is the worst. I mean, possibly worse than “Unan1mous”.
  2. Well, at least she’s consistent. Consistently oblivious.
  3. Well, it’s clear after the last episode that the singing cops being eliminated earlier was not a fluke.
  4. gforce

    Survivor 41

    Same here. His departure is inevitable, and yet he keep dragging on week after week.
  5. I do wish that Julie had pulled out the old “no need to sit down” line.
  6. gforce

    Survivor 41

    It’s like a whole new show!
  7. I think I agree with MrsGryn. Kyland handed her a great excuse to be put up.
  8. I'd really like to see what Claire would do.
  9. Yeah, that second question is a toughie.
  10. I don’t known what it is, but it’s a fair bet it will be lame.
  11. Tiffany, so she has to come out from working behind the scenes.
  12. Agreed with MrsGryn - I don’t think it really made a difference in the end. I think everyone assumed the team thing would end sooner than later and were playing as if they were independent anyway. The teams seems to be more of a distraction to them than anything else.
  13. gforce

    poll Grade Week 2

    I said "D", because I've yet to be truly entertained.
  14. Oh Whitney, you’re all attention whores or you wouldn’t be on this show. Have a little self awareness, please.
  15. I mean I realize that folks often complain that the first few weeks are always boring because they go after the easy targets that are socially isolated, so I appreciate that he’s trying to bring game. But he’s doing a terrible job of it by making it personal and being so obvious.
  16. He seems a big meh to me so far. My eyes glazed over every time he was on during the Sunday show.
  17. Like “feisty”, anyone that uses “spunky” as a self-description immediately raises a red flag.
  18. 2. Willy Wonka and the Twist Factory
  19. 10. The Good, the Bad, and the Nominee New BB word: Twist
  20. I picked Kyland, only because he seems to represent normal. Or at least as normal gets when you apply, then win a spot on Big Brother. And based on prior experience, our first impressions of the hammies are always, always right.
  21. If you’re gonna imitate, imitate the best. 9. Groundhog OTEV
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