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  1. First glance at the BBCAN9 house: https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca/photos/first-look-sneak-peek-inside-the-new-bbcan9-house/#1 March 3 premiere.
  2. Poor Cowboy. Well, maybe Holly is available nowadays.
  3. In retrospect, that play by the producers to have two siblings discover their relationship on the show is one of the lowest points of BB. And it’s had plenty. I’ll never forget Nakomis’ long drunken but well placed rant one night about the producers.
  4. That's like announcing a seafood buffet after you've just eaten a huge helping of bad shrimp.
  5. Well said, dana. It was a small, mean, boring season.
  6. 4:22 pm HT All cute pets on the feeds, so... nominations I suppose.
  7. So, I'm reading elsewhere that just before the veto ceremony, Cody told David that he was going to use the veto on him if he could give him a replacement name in 10 seconds, only to turn immediately and tell him that he had no intention of doing so. If so, what a cruel, little asshole.
  8. At first I assumed the twist was some weird crossover with The Walking Dead. It’s encouraging to see that he’s still as much of an arrogant asshole as ever.
  9. 4:21 pm HT Ian has to tell Cody FOUR TIMES that Kevin has a "hate hard on" for Cody, and Cody keeps saying "What? A what hard on?" Dig the shit out of your ears, Cody. When he finally hears it right, he's like all, "Oh, yeah." And then we get STARS again. I have a hate hard on for Skippy. Ian thinks some people have it out for him since he's already won once, but he says he thinks he's overrated. (True)
  10. 4:16 pm HT We're back, and now Ian is giving Cody pointers on how to rock in the hammock, believe it or not. Cody tries, fails, Ian tells him it's about the conservation of momentum (it is) and Cody wants to try again. Ian says it requires good core strength. Cody needs a push and still can't do it. Ian takes the saddle and of course starts the hammock swinging like it's his JOB. Leave it to the experts, Cody.
  11. 4:08 pm HT We come back from our voyage among the stars to Ian talking to Dani about what votes he thinks he has and... we get sent back to Cody and Day in the BY with that person STILL BANGING. I'm blaming Enzo. We go to STARS and then back to Dani who is now alone in the HOH room, in silence. I go to F3, where Cody and Day are talking about whoever is making the noise and Cody says that the person (who is almost certainly Enzo) is only person louder than him in the house. After a brief discussion of possible upcoming challenges, Ian enters stage right. Day asks him how he is doing and he says ok, but then the convo turns to details about laundry and... STARS.
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