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  1. They were so far out of their league in this race that it was almost sad.
  2. There’s no denying though, that Rachel gets down to work when she needs to. For all her whining, she’s a pretty fierce competitor.
  3. In that moment, he went full idiot. Survivor Rule #1 - always go along with whoever you’re talking to. He can go extinct for good any time.
  4. BB Canada - Season 7

    I think the issue was Kyra really *doesn’t* like Keira, and was thus disinclined to use it. Surely the producers must have known that would be a possible outcome. I guess we’ll have to be satisfied with all the paranoia leading up to it. I would love to see Adam gone, as that would send the alliances into turmoil.
  5. Who is the Worst?

    No Genghis Khan? Humph.
  6. BB Canada - Season 7

    I think the file room does or will contain clues to... something. The Blood Veto perhaps.
  7. BB Canada - Season 7

    Well, I really don't care for Adam or his remora Samantha at all. If the rest of the "Pretty Boys" are smart, they'll be getting rid of Adam.
  8. BB Canada - Season 7

    I was wondering that too, and the only thing I can figure is that the plate is uncomfortable and he only wears it when he has to.
  9. BB Canada - Season 7

    On the live feeds this morning, it appears that BB has already started putting boxes of documents in that room, of course with no explanation. Hilarious to watch them going through them having no idea what they’re looking for.
  10. BB Canada - Season 7

    I love how much they’re freaking out about the secret room they discovered. BB Can does love to torture the HGs. It’s one of the things I live about the show.
  11. BB Canada - Season 7

    Well, that was a great premiere! I'm anxious to learn what the "Blood" veto is.
  12. I believe that she was the one that sat with Julie kind of complaining about how everyone was out looking for idols and they probably should be doing that but then just sat on their asses and did nothing.
  13. She seemed terribly, terribly hungry. I hope Keith will be safe if he winds up there.
  14. I actually am not sure what species of parrot that is, but I think it’s some kind of lory. I have to disagree that swimmin is not a challenging skill to pick up. I tried for years to learn to swim better - taking lessons and practicing for many hours. I’m still only at the level where I can save myself in the water, but I would not consider myself a strong swimmer at all. That said, I know that I would never apply to Survivor because of that.