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  1. Brett, because it will send certain hamsters into an tizzy.
  2. It's literally the same thing!
  3. He really is an idiot. "I guess now I'm playing Big Brother!" Five weeks in. Also, no you're not, dummy.
  4. Used to be in the old days of BB that a LITERAL threat of disembowelment would send the hamsters into a scurry of panic and concern and sometimes resulted in the offending hamster getting a swift call to the DR and out the door. Not so much nowadays, I guess.
  5. If only she had been more careful taking it apart and putting it through the little window in sequence. It would have been easy then to reassemble.
  6. What a dumbass. Him mixing up the two girls' names when talking to Kaitlyn tonight was priceless.
  7. Live Feed Recaps Week 4 - HOH: Sam

    3:20 am HT Finally, not a creature is stirring, not even a hamster. Looks like it's breakfast time for me! ETA: Oops, not quite everyone. Faysal has just wandered in from the BY and crawled into bed. NOW, it's quiet. Again.
  8. Live Feed Recaps Week 4 - HOH: Sam

    Now JC and.. Hayleigh (maybe? hard to see) are talking and JC wants a bed time story. So, she starts basically giving the kid's version of Hamlet (so it must be Hayleigh), which I'm not sure is a story I'd send a kid to bed with. Everyone dies in the end and no one lives happily ever after. Maybe it *is* a good bedtime story for kids! JC acts like he's never heard this story before. He should have been listening when she read it the first time! JC wonders why Shakespeare always is such a downer. Hayleigh says he seemed obsessed with shit like that. JC wonders if Shakespeare was gay. Bayleigh says that there's theories that he wasn't even a real person. I figure people will be saying that about Kaitlyn in a few weeks.
  9. Live Feed Recaps Week 4 - HOH: Sam

    3:03 am HT They are saying that they are going to get.. someone and put them up next to Tyler and she is going to get it. Not sure who they're talking about it. They keep referring to her as just "she", so I can't tell. I think it's Sam, as Rockstar is saying that if there's a tie, she hopes that she will break the tie in her favour. Fezzie says there's no point in being nice to people, because they STILL put you up. So you may as well be mean. I don't think I quite agree with that logic, but whatever. Rockstar would like to stay and win, but... it would just be so weird. And it isn't now? You're in a house with a bunch of strangers and a bunch of cameras looking at you 24/7. THAT is weird. Hayleigh says they'll get through it. I say that might be the case, but possibly without Rockstar. They decide it's time to go to bed and the girls head into the house, leaving Faysal on the hamMOCK, alone. They arrive in the BR - where a bunch of other people are trying to sleep - and continue talking. Rude. Now a bunch of people are awake and there's random chatter. Kaitlyn (I think) gets up and goes.. somewhere. The rest finally are settling down again.
  10. Live Feed Recaps Week 4 - HOH: Sam

    2:58 am HT It turns out not everyone went to bed, as Rockstar, Hayleigh, and Fezzie are in the hamMOCK in the BY while Rockstar monologues about how she just trying to make sure that she has enough votes to stay. She has done what she can to try to convince people. The other mmHmm their way through it. Rockstar says the she's sorry if she sounds ungrateful. She keeps trying to figure out how she could have played this game better. But there were people who just couldn't be flipped and couldn't be broken up. Rockstar, sometimes chance just gets you and you're the one that gets hit by the lightning bolt.
  11. Who knows. We can be pretty assured there’ll be lots of crying, though.
  12. Perhaps she meant to reverse those percentages.
  13. Exactly, Cripes. When the ship has already started sinking, it’s best to be off it ASAP. If he wants to hedge his bets, I would think a good way to play the HOH is pull a Tyler and nominate one for either alliance.
  14. He really does completely lack awareness, self or otherwise. His comments show he was completely mis-reading (or not reading) what was going on. I wonder how he would have done if he had come in playing as Chris, and not Swaggy. The brief glimpses we had of the real him seemed to be a more interesting person.
  15. I took it to mean he was going to act in his own best interests, and not necessarily vote strictly out of some kind of loyalty.