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  1. Although I actually am not against the idea, I can't imagine how they could redo an existing structure to meet the kind of camera setups that they need for full coverage. BB sets are purpose built and retrofitting one (for just one season) would be a costly nightmare. The worry of another shutdown does exist though, that's what stopped BB Canada 8 in its tracks.
  2. I have no memory at all of half the people in that video.
  3. Well, look at it this way, we always (okay, often) go into a season with high hopes that it will be different and we’re always disappointed. At least this way, we go in with our eyes open? You know it will be bearded Pauline, because he simply cannot get enough camera time.
  4. gforce


    Then you may enjoy another classic Canadian comedy, Trailer Park Boys
  5. OGG, I made that thread and even reading through it now I can't remember her.
  6. Huh. I have to say I'm not completely shocked.
  7. Since buffs make terrible face masks (assuming it was for coronavirus protection and they basically offer none), I'm assuming it was a Hantz.
  8. Season 5, I believe. Thailand.
  9. I remember him well, he was almost sociopathic in his detachment.
  10. Wow. How disappointing for the remaining HGs for what for them was already a frustrating season. I hope they get a chance to come back again another time. I wonder how the situation will affect BB US production coming up. With California locked down as much as it is I can’t imagine them doing much recruitment, etc.
  11. Agreed, Shy. They really messed up on casting this time. I really understand how some of the HGs are saying how frustrated they are with how it’s playing out. It’s frustrating to watch. It was their dream to play and they’re just drifting from week to week. I did love Angie’s expression while Carol was going on about quitting. She was having none of the BS.
  12. Ugh, these people. I’m with Angie - if you want out, evict your own damn ass.
  13. They are playing right now, but I think so far it’s somewhat normal in the house for them. However, last week’s “live” show was without an audience, and probably will be for several weeks. Canada did get somewhat ahead of the curve with testing and contact tracing fairly early, but it is starting to trend upwards this week. Everything is cancelled, basically. Also, it looks like Minh-Ly got put up after the veto was used. I hope her gloatey ass gets sent home.
  14. I assume Adam did too, or they would have shown the additional vote for Sarah for "suspense".
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