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  1. Excellent recap, MrsGryn. It expressed my feelings exactly.
  2. Kellee seems to be becoming quite the player. That move with the idol and Dean was pretty smart. Getting Noura and Dean to do the dirty work of getting rid of Jack was quite something.
  3. Oh, I do watch the show, but I’m often distracted by the witty bon mots of my chat mates!
  4. After last night, it would appear “dragged to the end” is actually a literal description.
  5. I'm so sorry she didn't actually get to be the caller, though. The level of FAIL would be truly grand!
  6. Oh, that's right. It was Monica - who was in the habit of saying "It's AWWWNNN!", thus giving the nickname ItsOnica. Cassandra was indeed much more dignified. BB1 was an interesting season, actually. It was so different from any of the subsequent ones, it's hard to compare. It's hard to remember a time when they had to compete to even earn their food, and they didn't have any clocks in the house. The hammies now are too pampered, by far.
  7. Very sad. She is still one of the classiest people to ever walk in that door. If I remember right, didn’t she also lose a family member or friend in the 9/11 attack?
  8. As annoying as Naura is, I was glad to see Molly’s smug ass licked to the curb.
  9. So ends another season of Big Brother Live Feeds. Indeed, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Okay, maybe the not the best of times. Or even good, really. Okay, the season sucked and all these hammies were disappointments to one degree or another. But, there’s always next season, right? It’s bound to be better right? Okay, maybe not. But you can be darned tootin’ sure that we’ll be here to record every random, unpleasant thing that these rodents do! BIIIIG thanks to all who recapped, and in particular angelmi, who went above and beyond the call of duty this season. So, until we meet again dear friends, we bid you adieu. Well, unless you want to hang around for fun Survivor and TAR discussion, in which case please stay seated! And.......... SCENE!
  10. Your daddy was a wise man, angelmi. And I think Holly is going to be in a rude awakening about their relationship when it sees the cold light of day outside the BB house.
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