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  1. And speaking of plants, I’d tell Grodner that I’m totally willing to be one!
  2. Same - I thought it was a TBC until close to the end people started arriving at the Pit Stop in quick succession.
  3. Yes, I think those circular areas highlighted around the buoys in the aerial shots were supposed to be the search areas, and they did seem quite a bit larger than the areas they were searching. They always seemed to pop up very close to the central buoy. I wonder if the clue even mentioned how big the area was supposed to be. If it didn’t, then it was a poorly planned task and a shame that they got caught by it.
  4. There were three teams on the coins if you count the brief time Colin and Christie were there. Both these guys and Tyler and Korey were attempting it at first. I think they just grew frustrated with the area that they had to cover and they didn’t seem to really have an organized way of searching it. The areas they kept showing from the aerial view seemed quite large, and they didn’t seem to be searching very far from the buoy thing, which didn’t help.
  5. The editing toward the end of the show did start to seem a bit choppy and rushed. It seemed like the teams were all separated enough that they were running out of time to show everything. And yes, I would think if he had done it on the first try they would have made a point to mentioning that. Or just forgot.
  6. Ha! I did notice that in this video. Plus, bonus Rachel!
  7. Well, Kathy might still be available as a returnee.
  8. I said all newbies, but I would be ok with all returnees. I find when they’re mixed it’s part of a twist that’s always a flop.
  9. This post should be read with a DRAMATIC FLAIR.
  10. Oh, she was always pretty damned entitled. But for some odd reason, I find that I’ll probably miss her, or at least grouching about here. Well, until next year or whenever the next time is she graces our screens.
  11. That would be great, ladyjane! The more recappers, the merrier!
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