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  1. A Shocking Moment or Ridiculous Waste?

    I actually find that the whole hidden immunity idol concept has been rather played out. I wouldn't mind if it just disappeared.
  2. Recaps! Mike and Ryan have idols. The Group of Seven (not the famous Canadian painters) call the shots. Tribal Council had accusations! Orders were followed! And Desi became first member of the jury. 10 are left! Opening scene is some bats are bored. I know the feeling. Mike starts throwing names out there that he might want to go next, throwing his alliance under the bus. Under-bus throwing if necessary, but not necessarily under-bus throwing. Lauren has told Ben about her secret advantage. Ryan tells Devon that he has the hidden immunity idol, and then pulls it out of his pants. The idol, just to be clear. He wants to make Devon dependent on him. The reward challenge involves swimming out to a ladder, climbing it, jumping off and getting a key. the key opens a chest that has balls that they have to throw though a hoop. First with 5 wins! Both teams are pretty close, but the red team wins! Joe, Chrissy, Cole, JP, and Mike are headed for reward. The reward is a big meal on a yacht. Chrissy is impressed! And you know that takes a lot. Dolphins swim along with the boat, no doubt laughing among themselves at these famewhores. They are eating a huge chocolate cake which does look amazing. Just to be a jerk, the boat pulls up to the beach where the losers are just to taunt them. They respond by mooning the yacht, with a helpful does of pixellation for our more sensitive viewers. Ryan and Ben talk, and Ryan says “You know what the best case scenario is? I’ve got it in my pants." Again, meaning the idol, I’m to presume, as does Ben. They confirm that they are “good”. We cut to Joe, who is confessing that he is on the chopping block and lazily digs in the sand for an idol. Which probably isn’t there. Mike thinks Joe is strangely entertaining, but the rest aren’t convinced. Ashley seems rather “feisty”, and Joe tells her that she would be the ideal goat to take to the end. Ashley complains in an aside that Joe’s a bully. Then she tells Joe, “SHUT UP!” He won't, of course. Devon and Ben confirm that their Group of Seven is set, but wonders what comes after? Of course, Ben says that they’re good and will take him to the end. He tells Devin that Ryan has an idol - which of course Devon already knows. And Ryan said that he hadn’t told anyone else. Devon might have to make some big moves! We’ll see. Immunity Challenge! They have to place two poles on their shoulders and keep them at an angle but taking a crouch position. If they move one way or the other, a jar of water falls off the end and douses their fire. People drop out fairly quickly, and a comment by Ashley about Chrissy’s form causes two of the guys to drop, just like that. Ashley is better at distraction than Jeff is! The remaining two are Cole and Lauren, in a showdown! Seeming out of nowhere, Cole drops his water jug and Lauren wins immunity! Cole hopes they take Joe out because nobody likes him. Er, Cole, you’re not exactly Mr. Popular, either. We return from commercial with Ben confessing that Cole is the biggest immunity threat there and that he’s a target. But they have to split the 7’s votes 4/3 (Cole/Mike) in case there’s an immunity idol out there. Ashley doesn’t like that idea and wants Joe out. Ben presses the issue and basically tells her what to do. She doesn’t sound like she’s convinced, though. She rallies her alliance mates to revolt against Ben’s rule. Ben tells Mike that it’s Cole they’re after, but he’s not convinced. Mike goes to Joe and tells him that they need to get Ben out. Mike says that he’s going to play his idol. Chrissy meets with Ben and isn’t convinced about voting for Mike. Chrissy complains that Ben is being a dictator. She says there are a LOT of threats left in the game! Well, technically every else there is a threat to you winning, Chrissy. We’re now at tribal council. Desi, the first jury member, comes out looking amazing. Well, amazing if you were going to a charity ball, wearing a long flowing evening gown. Not sure if it’s Tribal Council in the Jungle appropriate, but whatever. Chrissy whines about Joe “coming after” her and Ashley. Mike goes on about… something. He’s moral, and other people aren’t. Or, something like that. Lauren tells him that he’s digging a hole for himself. Maybe that’s what he was doing back on the beach! Chrissy does NOT like to be questioned! Ben says that Joe is living in a fantasy world the way he goes on about what he thinks is going on in the game. They all decide they’re ready to vote. I know I’m anxious to get it over with. They vote - then Mike plays his not so much hidden immunity idol. One vote is for Ben, then several for Mike, then the Cole votes start sure enough, 5 votes gets Cole out. So much for inter alliance rebellions. In the exit blurb, Cole drones on boringly, just like he played the game, and is not bitter. He hopes that he can carry on his relationship with, what’s her name, Jessica(?) after this is all over. Sure. And then there were nine!
  3. Chrissy: Likable or Shrew

    Well, I never like any of them, so she’s no exception. She does seem to know what she’s doing in the game, though.
  4. I think the idea was to break up Jess and Cole. Not sure why they didn't just go for Cole.
  5. Whether they crash and burn and split up in a horrible argument, or really work together and are awesome, I'm sure they'll make it interesting!
  6. That would be awesome. Though sometimes when people get on TAR they seem like different people. Note TAR Canada’s Jillian from BB Canada S1. Ack!
  7. Biggest waste of a houseguest space, ever. Total bore, and an annoying one at that, right to the end.
  8. It’s been said above, but what screwed Paul was his continued insistence to the end that he hadn’t played people and it was still all about friendship. I mean, these people aren’t smart, and that’s an understatement, but even they could see through that bullshit once they were voted out. If Paul had just said to people on exit, and in the jury questions, that he was sorry that they were voted out, that he did what he needed to do to win and please take their eviction as a sign of respect for the threat they presented to that. Also, that he hoped that they wouldn’t take it personally - it’s all a game. Instead, he continued to try to play them, right at the moment when their eviction was stinging the most. It was monumentally poor jury management, and lost him the game.
  9. So, thus ends the feeds for this spectacular season. And by spectacular, I mean spectacularly crappy. Well, at the end of the day, it is what it is, and after so many people were thrown under the bus or thrown on the macaroni, here we are at finale night. Well, there's always next year! Or, um, this year. But later. ~ FIN ~
  10. How awesome was Cody at the jury house? Very! His laughing through Raven's weird diatribe about her pivotal role in the game was priceless.
  11. General House Analysis and Discussion

    With these people though, all bets are out the window. It would be necessary for them to have been playing the game in the first place in order to have any appreciation of someone else's game play. Make that a flaming javelin catch, and I'd pay a dollar to watch!
  12. POLL: Celebrity Big Brother

    Well, did you post it on Twitter? Um, I mean the list, not the manscaping.
  13. General House Analysis and Discussion

    Don't forget Pinhead!!