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  1. Sam Bledsoe - Trashpanda Wrangler

    Maybe she means her rooster, Pooch? Commas are everything.
  2. Pringles, Coffee Crisp bars, and a set of nunchucks.
  3. A Guide to Live Feeds and CBS All Access

    Just signed up for ExpressVPN last night to try. It works perfectly.
  4. Thanks, dc20willsave! You just know they are going to have that spinning platform going to the point where they spin off. Or at least, that's what I'd do. The change to the bedroom(s) with the sliding wall is kind of interesting.
  5. Wow, CBS even has their YouTube videos geoblocked.
  6. Kaitlyn Herman - Will Sage You For Free

    I think I’d rather be sprinkled with the sage. That sounds annoying as hell.
  7. Maybe he was referring to Kaitlyn. She's like a spiritual butterfly, you know.
  8. Yep, peeing in the alley. But apparently, not quite enough in the alley.
  9. Kaitlyn Herman - Will Sage You For Free

    What does that even mean? I can just see her sprinkling them with sage until they run off.
  10. Holy Tantrums. Wait, should this go in the games forum?
  11. I think he means someone like Andy - going from one person to the next and everyone’s ally? I don’t know.
  12. Well, that gives eviction a whole new meaning. I always default to hating them all, that way I'm never disappointed. And I never am!
  13. Going with jak on this one.
  14. Did you know he has a photographic memory?
  15. JC Monduix - The Spanish Leprechaun

    I can hear the victim noise already!