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  1. Just wanted to chime in too with my thanks and kudos to everyone who participated this season. So cool to see some old names and a few new ones helping out with recapping! And my fellow admins @Tsylyst, @Magpie, and @MrsGryn are such an awesome bunch to work with!
  2. Turner, but Michael, who is playing a fairly astute game is a close second.
  3. Great work, recappers all! Loving the recaps.
  4. I loved the awkward pause after Julie’s curt “We’ll be right back…” while production scrambled to go to commercials.
  5. “IT’S HOLLY!!”
  6. She seems nice. She'll be gone soon.
  7. Has anyone told this guy he’s using Exxon Valdez levels of hair product?
  8. I picked Poochie because I dislike him already the most. Ergo..
  9. Is it just me or is there a lot of bad bleach jobs in this group?
  10. I wonder if he’ll wind up dying on his way back to his home planet.
  11. Tuesday! Is that the latest they’ve ever done it before the season start? It feels so last minute.
  12. This show is the worst. I mean, possibly worse than “Unan1mous”.
  13. Well, at least she’s consistent. Consistently oblivious.
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