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  1. 6:02 pm HT Nick is in the midst of a lengthly monologue about what happened in the Jack vote and how/why he bumped around between alliances. He goes on to say that as the numbers get lower, if he wins he's going to have to put someone up he likes, and if he doesn't he'll probably get put up.
  2. 5:58 pm HT Oh my OGG, Christie makes my head hurt. Nick wonders why this stuff is all coming out now that she's on the block and why not before? She says she did but whenever she did say little things that Nick just talked his way around it. (As opposed to doing what?) She tells him he doesn't owe her anything, except apparently all the explanation that she's implying he owes her. It comes back around to her charge that he is floating around between groups. And around and around we go.
  3. 5:52 pm HT Oh, here we go! Christie is confronting Nick in the RV room about what she perceives is his going between groups and setting them against each other, while he rides through to the end. She says that she wants the "loyal" people to get to the end, but he says he's been loyal. She calls him a "puppeteer" and claims he threw the veto competition, which he denies. Now see, Christie making this whole thing about her and that the way she plays the game is the correct way is what really bugs me about her. She tells him that she doesn't have to answer her question, but he will have to answer theirs. He tells her that once the group of 8 broke up, he wound up going to whoever would accept him. The conversation has quickly degenerated into who wanted to win HOH and veto and is already going around and around.
  4. It will be our luck that Christie will be evicted - and then come back.
  5. Yep, just looked it up. It was the last season of BB Canada. I thought it worked out great and made the hamsters scramble more. From the BB Wiki:
  6. 5:16 pm HT Dang. Now I'm hungry again watching these people eat. As they all ooo, ahh, and mmm about the various dishes that have been prepared. Holly made broccoli/bacon salad, which I LOVE. Also, they are all getting along wonderfully, which is boring AF. BB calls a lock down and it seems they think they're about to be chased inside, but it's an outside lockdown and sure enough Nick appears. It seems the BBQ was originally Holly's idea, as she thought they needed to do something to feel more like a relaxed get-together. Everyone thanks her, but she says everyone helped.
  7. 5:11 pm HT They're all one big happy family, sitting in the BY enjoying their BBQ. FYI, Nick was called to the DR just before this was served, so - sucks to be him.
  8. 5:03 pm HT Looks like we got a full on BY BBQ going on at the habitrail, and I'm kind of jealous. I mean, other than the fact that being there would mean the company of these... people. Still, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad? It all looks pretty great!
  9. 4:44 pm HT Now the BY are Jedi-drilling about what competition was on what day. *SNORE*
  10. 4:34 pm HT Hammies in the BY pondering how they are being viewed in the public. They all agree that they've not been as bad as some other seasons. But then Christie says at least people have probably found them entertaining. Um, not so much.
  11. 4:16 pm HT Turns out they're just making hamburger patties for the BBQ that Tommy mentioned earlier. They debate putting cheese in the middle of the patties, but decide to just put it on top once it's on the grill. No word on the fate of Nicole the Fish's remains, but if someone offers grilled haddock fillets, I'd give it a pass.
  12. 4:14 pm HT Nothing much going on. Hammies be cooking dinner! If I can figure out what they're making, I'll let you know. You'll be waiting with bated breath, I know!
  13. Was it at the first of this season that the HOH could not play for veto? I can't remember but it was either that, or that's what they did in the last season of BB Canada? I thought it was a great idea at the time.
  14. 12:25 pm HT They all decide they can't deal with the fish situation and leave, saying someone needs to come deal with it. Hilariously, Tommy asks, "So, are we still barbecuing?" HA! It was really in reference to the current awkwardness in the house, but I say whatever - have your BBQ.
  15. 12:22 pm HT BREAKING! It seems that the fish named "Nicole" has died, and the other fish have already done a big job on her as she already has big chunks out of her and her eyes are falling out. Tommy thinks that the fish are underfed, but really it's just what other fish do. There's some kind of metaphor or allegory for the BB house in all this. Maybe it's more of an idiom.
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