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  1. Over the course of this season, a new trend seems to be some house guests getting athletic quality clothing while others get Walmart brand. Is it normal for some houseguests to get better quality clothing than others for the same competition? This has happened repeatedly this season. And, while it might seem like a silly thing, I know for a fact that when I'm on a long run I do significantly better with compression leggings rather than leggings with no support. For example, the slip and slide... this could make a seriously significant difference. Or, really any competition that requires speed, running, or endurance. I could even see a difference where your muscles are stressed long term... like the wall. And, what about a competition where you're stuck wading through sludge...image how much easier it would be if you're wearing compression leggings vs. cheap leggings that keep falling off. This sure reeks of unfairness. And, then, on top of all that, the final four HOH competition happens to be a fashion memory contest? I can't see this being as fair to the men as the women. And, then, if we're being honest certain people have been more than a little bit obsessed with clothing all season. And, it turns out to be the final four HOH competition? Seriously?
  2. Around 8 PM HT, Brittany and Alyssa came up with a seriously long shot plan to keep Alyssa. This plan involves getting Turner to throw Alyssa a sympathy vote. They're pretty convinced this is the only way that Alyssa can get Turner's vote. And, the other part of this plan is that Brittany is going to vote for Alyssa (she claims she's 99.9% sure) and blindside everyone else about the vote. And, then, this will have Turner and Monte shaken up on eviction night, giving Brittany and potentially Alyssa an edge in the HOH comp. And, even if Turner votes out Alyssa, Brittany plans to blame Turner on the rogue vote... to shake up Monte's trust in Turner. The next stage of this plan is informing Monte (which Alyssa is doing now 8:30pm-ish HT) that Alyssa knows her chances are slim. And, she's half-heartedly begging Monte for his vote if she somehow manages to get Turner's vote. But, really, Brittany and Alyssa want to lull Monte into thinking everything is going as planned with Turner and Brittany voting out Alyssa. And, this lulling and hopelessness might lead Turner to give her a sympathy vote... and Monte will accept this because? Yea, this plan is a long shot.
  3. Rose Lynn

    poll Best DRs

    Turner, for everything that Tsy said. Plus, he's mostly likable with just enough of an evil streak to be interesting. I can't believe that I actually like him. (So, that means he's going to get booted tonight, right?) And, 2nd Place to Alyssa, she's pretty funny when she's trying to parrot the cheesy, rehearsed lines that the producers feed to her. Her delivery is so blatantly half-hearted. But, she recites her lines like a good little hamster.
  4. I remember that conversation. It was very brief. Kyle mentioned that a couple people (Taylor and someone else) were inspired to apply to Big Brother by The Cookout alliance. Then, he commented that they "shared a common purpose" or they "might share a common purpose". I can't remember the exact wording. But, that is very close to his wording. To my knowledge, this was the full extent of the conversation. There was no mention of an all white alliance during the conversation that I saw. Was there another conversation?
  5. 5:46PM HT Another hour goes by and in the starburst bedroom, Michael and Brittany, complaining about Brittany being on the block. And, Brittany's now promising to be a petty jury member. "Anyone who puts me up... ... ...or who puts you (Michael) up. You are not getting my vote." 5:50PM HT Four feeds of WBRB
  6. 4:30PM HT In the kitchen, Terrance and Alyssa are playing Chinese Checkers while Kyle watches. And, It's just as exciting as it sounds. (Four feeds of dead silent Chinese Checkers, these people suck.) Terrance wins. I bet you can just imagine the excitement. Now, Michael and Terrance are playing. Silently. I can hear voices and laughing. But, nope, we still have four feeds of silent Chinese Checkers. 4:37PM HT In the bedroom with the indoor/outdoor green carpet headboards, Taylor and Brittany, Brittany says, "There's a good chance one of us will be gone next week." Brittany has feelings, people. And, according to her, everyone is now MAD that she's on the block. And, they're (Turner and Kyle? I'm not sure how this is Kyle's fault, but, ok) going to be sorry that they got everyone mad with this bad game move.
  7. 4:10PM HT So, I have no idea what has been going on all day but Michael says he's pissed! And, Kyle and Turner should be careful who they mess with. In the starburst bedroom, (talking to himself) Michael is fully planning on winning this veto. And, then, winning the next HOH. So, he can have his "Gimme the key, bitch" moment. (close to his exact words) Then, he says, "Be careful who you mess with Kyle and Turner. You are not clever, you are not cute." And, he's putting them on the block... as soon as he wins his next HOH. Then, he goes into reciting BB facts. 4:15PM HT In the HOH, Turner has no idea what's in store for him courtesy of the Wrath of Michael. He's currently napping. 4:21PM HT Still in the Starburst bedroom, but, now with Brittany, Michael seems to think this might be the hide the veto comp. He's going through hiding places. He found some hiding places near the base boards. And, he thinks it's clever to hide the veto in the pillow cushions that zip up? (bad idea) Then, he goes back to BB facts. So, he must not be all that sure about which veto comp it might be.
  8. 10:37PM HT In the cars bedroom, Turner was chatting with Brittany. Not much interesting. But, as she left, he said he wasn't putting her up on the block. Brittany leaves and Michael enters. There was some whispering that I missed. But, then some fast whispering about how he appreciated Brittany and Michael befriending him early in the game. And, he adds that Michael would be totally safe this week with him. Enter Monte, Monte automatically assumes he's safe. And, he's so glad their alliance is safe this week. No comment at all comes from Turner at this declaration.
  9. 11:20AM HT If you thought it couldn't get worse, you'd be wrong. We now have four feeds on a dead silent Brittany taking a shower and... I think she's shaving her legs. Do I get bonus points for documenting stuff this mundane? (Isn't there a water shortage in CA? This shower is going on FOR-EV-ER. And, 20 minutes into this shower she FINALLY starts washing her hair.) 11:28AM HT Four feeds of WBRB 11:30 Feeds back, Jasmine is complaining about having to pack. WBRB. And, Jasmine gone. Nope, there she is. She went to the bathroom. This is so fun. Exit Jasmine. And, we have four feeds on a totally mute Brittany getting dressed in the shower. In what world is this the most exciting camera footage out of all of the camera options, inside and out? Clearly, the camera person hates us. And, now, we have Brittany brushing her teeth. I just can't with this. Breaking news, Brittany might be rabid by the sheer volume of foam oozing out of her mouth. 11:38AM HT Jasmine is making herself FIVE slices of bacon covered in brown sugar for breakfast. (How much bacon does she eat in a week, I wonder? I'm guess A LOT.) 11:41AM HT WBRB 11:43AM HT Feeds switch to four feeds of black and grey tabby kittens. Adorable! Even as recycled kitten footage, a lot more interesting than watching Jasmine bury raw bacon in brown sugar. (Wow, that was only 23 minutes of watching BB and it felt like time stood still for a century.)
  10. I'm starting to really enjoy Alyssa. She's not exactly bringing the excitement. But, she's come a very long way on a super low key floating game. I mean she was in an alliance. But, she was so non-threatening and boring most of the time, she was able to blend in with the wallpaper. And, even with her showmance, the target is totally on Kyle. And, I totally identify with her. She'll be in mid-sentence with someone and then, "Oh, look... butterfly, pretty." If I'm being totally honest, that would be me. I'd rather follow a butterfly around that back yard if it meant getting out of talking to most of these people.
  11. 10:40AM HT We currently have four feeds of the kitchen, Michael is eating eggs. Brittany is wandering in circles as she makes something. And, Taylor is also eating and drinking something that I can't see. According to Taylor, Monte is still sleeping. And, this is why no one has been updating the feeds. This is just too boring for words.
  12. 11:12AM HT Four feeds on Monte and Taylor in the kitchen. Boring chit chat for the most part... nothing meaningful to document. Except for the fact that it does appear that Taylor is having fun playing house with Monte as she preps a platter of watermelon for Monte. And then when he's done eating, she tidies up his dishes when he's finished eating. Lots of chatter about Taylor's real life and Monte is doing a stellar job of pretending that he's interested. 11:23AM HT Four feeds of We'll Be Right Back. 11:50AM HT Still at WBRB ... For how long this time? Who knows?
  13. Everything Tsy said, 100%. Plus, on top of the two groups of five being the most boring thing ever. There's the added annoyance that the feeds are down constantly. With only a few exceptions, every time I've turned on the feeds for days... it's puppies. And, don't get me wrong... I love the puppies. But, at this point, even the puppy clips are recycled repeats. As far as I can tell, the only meaningful thing that seems to have occurred for days is a serious bonding between Monte and Taylor. And, from what I've seen, maybe even a bit of a crush on Taylor's part.
  14. 11:34PM HT Jasmine is upstairs playing the same game. The object of her attention for new potential best friends is Michael. It sounds like she's selling this as.. If you keep her you get Alyssa too... because, according to Jasmine she controls Alyssa. So, keeping Jasmine would be like a two for one BB houseguest special. Asskissery and ego stroking is getting deep in the HOH. Jasmine: "It means more to me that someone like you (Michael) wins this game." Michael appears to enjoy the stroking. But, a few never-ending minutes into this the look on his face says to me he'd be equally happy for this conversation to be over. (I know I would.)
  15. 11:00PM HT All four feeds are on Michael, in the HOH bathtub. Brittany and Jasmine are sitting nearby cackling about something. Then, we get two feeds of Monte and Taylor. Downstairs at the kitchen table, Monte is whispering for no apparent reason. (Filling Taylor in about something to do with the portapotty comp.. listing names.. 6 people... Paloma... who can hear his whispering? Seriously, how top secret can intel about Paloma be?) Whatever they're saying, it does appear that Taylor is enjoying having Monte's full attention. whisper whisper Ameera something... Monte: "They knew you (Taylor) was socially isolated. So, they could use you." I'm not following all of this. But, it sounds like he's pinning Taylor's isolation on all the girls... and he's apologizing for not sticking up for her... and for believing their lies about Taylor. Taylor is all smiles and giggles over this private bonding session. Lots of blah blah blahing with not a lot of content... but, the moral of this story seems to be all girls in the house bad except for Taylor. And, Taylor is the hero for being above it all. How horrible they all are for isolating her for being the oh-so-pretty pagent girl. Taylor loves all this and eats it up with a great big spoon. Monte verbally kicks himself repeatedly for Taylor's pleasure. How could he be so stupid and believe their lies? More rehashing of the other girls bad behavior. But, Monte knows Taylor's heart is true and pure. (Not his exact words, but VERY close) Brittany enters and gets to take part in Monte's awakening and diatribe against the bad girls alliance. Lots of pagent girl talk. And, now, Monte wants to punch himself for being so naive. (It's so convenient that this awakening comes right as Monte might need Taylor as an ally or jury vote.) Brittany wants in on all this sucking up action to be Taylor's new best friend and she piles on how she didn't even know either...and they're so glad they know now. Thank the Gods, they now know Taylor is so pure and true.
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