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  1. 2:45PM HT Alyssa and Michael are talking in the Atomic Starburst bedroom, Alyssa thinks Festie Bestie is going to end. And, what might come next? And, she's hoping Julie announces they made it to jury. Joseph and Daniel are in the storage room. And, Daniel is telling Joseph he HAS to fight for it. Brittany and Taylor are near the bumper pool table. Whispering. Taylor is telling Brittany that she doesn't want to be the one to nominate Jasmine, no matter how annoying she is. (I'm not sure if Taylor really said that last bit, or if I just wished she did.) But, they are both on to Jasmine and her lies. Brittany says, "The hypocrisy... and she (Jasmine) says she prays all the time." (They're still going on about Jasmine Lies) OMG... Brittany is seriously TRIGGERED by all of her lies. And, Taylor doesn't like cleaning up Jasmine's messes after she lies about being the one who made said mess. Kyle Enters. More talk of Jasmine Lies. Brittany is filling Kyle in on a story about how Jasmine broke a glass and... Can you believe she LIED about it? And, let other people clean it up. Brittany, "It's so annoying! ...Such a level of DISREGARD!"
  2. 2:00PM HT New Snack Alert: Turner and Alyssa are eating cookie rolls stuffed with peanut butter and a raspberry jam dip. They're called PB&J Jam n' Jims. (From Trader Joe's... And, we all know what that means. They're already sold out.) In other snack news, Alyssa made Mac n Cheese with pepperoni AND pizza sauce on top, pizza and chicken nuggets. 2:15PM HT Michael annoyingly vacuums in the background. And, a brief peak of Taylor and Kyle on the bikes. 2:23PM HT Indy slathers each chicken nugget that she eats with a metric shit-ton of mayo. (ew) (There is NOTHING interesting going on ... at all.) 2:30PM HT In the cars room, Daniel is talking to Terrance. He says when they announce the vote, he's heading STRAIGHT for the door. So... I'm guessing, he's not at all bitter.
  3. 10:53AM HT Lots of grooming and hair maintenance, Terrance starts by shaving. But, he doesn't just shave his face, he goes up and over his ears with the shaving cream. Then, when he's done with round one of shaving, he gives his whole head another coat of shaving cream and shaves again. Interesting. Daniel tries to give himself the chiseled jaw look. But, he doesn't have a great jawline to work with. 11:05AM HT Indy is whispering about Monte acting "weird" to Joseph. She's clearly trying to plant some sort of seeds to make Monte the next target. Joseph plays along and says, "Yeah, did you see how weird he was sitting in his bed... just staring ahead." 11:12AM HT And, now, we have a FULL ON ULTRA CLOSEUP of Jasmine filing Taylor's fingernails. Real exciting stuff going on right now. 11:15AM HT In cars bedroom, Indy seems to be jealous that Kyle gets to talk to Monte alone and she's not included. She kicks Kyle out so she can have a very important conversation with Monte about allergies and vacuuming. Now, Indy is telling Monte about her dreams. He is NOT interested. Lucky, Monte. Indy gets called to the diary room. Monte, "I just can't today." 12:15PM HT Four feeds of puppies and kittens (For at least the last 15 min)
  4. 9:38PM HT Turner and Jasmine are in the bathroom. And, Turner is laying it on real thick about how he'd never put Jasmine up if he wins HOH... especially not the very next week after the festie besties end. (Pretty sure I remember him laughing earlier... how he'd love to see her on the block for her birthday... or was that Joseph? I'm pretty sure I love the idea either way.) Indy enters, and they start talking about possible twists. Battle back. more whispering.. and I doze off to wake up the earth shattering tidbit of information that Jasmine loves a coconut jellybean.
  5. 9:00PM HT Jasmine, Indy and Taylor are having fun chit chatting. Taylor shows off her dress. And, the INSTANT she leaves. Jasmine brags bitchily to Indy how she knows that Taylor likes Joseph. But, Joseph said if he wins HOH he'd put Taylor up. ( FYI Taylor and Joseph are only pretending to like each other because they know that will play into Indy and Jasmine's silly games) Jasmine also goes on to say how she's going to gaslight Taylor... playing up how she should talk/get to know Joseph. (Jasmine really is a nasty little piece of work. I'm really starting to dislike her.) More catty whisper talk between Indy and Jasmine. blah blah blah Joseph blah blah blah. Then, Jasmine goes on to tell Indy exactly when she should let go from the comp... because ya know, she's in charge of everything. Indy shuts that down and says she's not going to drop unless she has to. Exit Jasmine. Now, Indy is talking to the camera. She thinks Taylor showmancing with Joseph is going to put a target on Joseph's back. And, Joseph is her best friend? (according to Indy) 9:24PM HT In another bedroom, Daniel and Terrance are talking about how they think Taylor is trying to showmance Monte? (uhuh) Taylor jealousy seems to live in these two guys' heads. And, Daniel is all like, "He put you up week 4. What are you thinking." (Daniel seems to be living on his own personal version of Fantasy Island.)
  6. Is it normal for them to tell us what the next HOH challenge will be before eviction day?
  7. 3:07PM HT In the bathroom, Taylor is conducting a makeup tutorial with Joseph as her avid listener. Daniel pipes in with some comment about him being an "artist". But, I can't be bothered with his noise. I'm busy soaking up all the makeup tips I can get from a beauty queen. Pro Tip: At the end of her makeup application, Taylor uses not one, but, TWO different makeup setting sprays. Ah HA! There's the beauty queen trick that I was looking for! 3:21PM HT In the kitchen, we have a perplexing sight. I can't be sure. But, it does appear that Monte is attempting to peel carrots that have already been cooked. What a mess.
  8. 1:52PM HT While Kyle waits to talk to Taylor we get to watch Jasmine put a crazy amount of TWO different hair products all over her hair. Spray. Spray. Spray. Then, lots of schmearing handfuls of a hair cream on the roots. Then, finger crimping begins and curling of each individual curl as she works all the different curls into place. This looks like WAY too much work. Thank God, Taylor exits bathroom for the cars bedroom and game talk begins. Talk about Jasmine thinking she's running the show. He retells the Joseph story to Taylor. Then, Taylor jokes about what he should say in his goodbye message to Daniel. Taylor wants to give her own speech on eviction night.
  9. 1:16PM HT It's Turner's turn to chat with Kyle. Talk about Joseph, Monte, Turner and Kyle being the closest. And, then Turner says me and you the closest. Kyle heard that Alyssa wanted to make news by voting out her showmance "like a savage". So, now, he has no problem voting her out any time as long as she makes jury. Kyle thinks Daniel might have said something to Alyssa. So, he has to go talk to her next. 1:30PM HT Kyle and Alyssa in the cars room, Daniel told Alyssa that Kyle was just using her. I didn't hear the whole story. They flipped the feeds. Flip back. Alyssa wasn't buying that story. Now, he's telling Alyssa that he's had a good talk with Joseph. And, Indy told him that he needs to keep his head in the game and not spend 5 hours in the have not room alone with Alyssa. Alyssa spills more of the talk with Daniel. He told Alyssa that Kyle is waiting until eviction day/night to kiss her... and that's why Kyle is playing so innocent. They giggle about this as they snuggle and tickle and stroke and kiss each other. They snuggle and kiss some more and Kyle tells her how good she looks without makeup. Then, they exit so Alyssa can eat her yogurt.
  10. 12:15PM HT Kyle moves to the HOH to talk to Michael alone. He's telling him about all the one on one's he'll be having all day. Then, they talk about the hierarchy within the 7. Michael says he feels much safer with Kyle being in the house and fighting for HOH with his side of the alliance within the alliance. 12:20PM HT Kyle pulls Terrance into kiddie cars bedroom. Terrance says he likes Daniel as a friend but, the idea of Daniel staying seems to be a lost cause. Terrance says he's very loyal and that he's not going against Kyle. He wouldn't do that to him. Terrence and Kyle whispering about Joseph that I can't quite make out... him making a side alliance? Terrance and Kyle hug and high five and they need to win HOH on Thur. 12:34PM HT Monte and Kyle in the cars bedroom whisper/laughing about something. Rehashing the Nicole vote for some reason. Talk about where they fall within the 7. If there is a double eviction, Kyle and Monte have each other's backs. (Brittany and Taylor are the bottom of the 7 with both of them) 12:45PM HT Kyle and Indy in the cars bedroom. Kyle starts off with a good dose of ass-kissing. "Indy, I love you! I care about you. I love how spiritual you are." With that out of the way, Kyle says he feels like he's at the bottom of the pecking order, because he seems to always get information last. He says he and Joseph feel the same way about always getting info last. Indy: "Moving forward, we're going to need someone we can trust." blah blah blah. "I love you. I need to work out." 12:55PM HT Kyle and Joseph talking in the cars room. Kyle and Joseph are worrying (as they laugh) about breaking "their" hearts. (three girls) Joseph says Indy wants him to start a showmance with Taylor to get info from her. Kyle says the best thing might be if one of them wins the HOH so they can tell Jasmine that they want to get Turner out. And, that's why they have to put her up. (earlier, in this conversation, there was a bit of laughing about the chance of Jasmine getting sent home on/near her birthday) They think Jasmine is going to try to get everyone to flip the vote at the last minute. And, they're going over different stories to tell if that happens. Joseph: "You have my vote, dude." And, they both laugh and exit.
  11. 11:40AM HT Unfortunately, we are still in the bedroom listening to Jasmine tell an incredibly boring story that I just can't bring myself to listen to... all the sentences run together in that unintelligible southern accent. I think it has something to do with her playing volleyball in high school. She was VERY sheltered y'alllllll. Brittany chimes in that she was also very sheltered and unprepared for life. Enter Terrance. Jasmine is very excited about his fancy Sunday Church outfit. Jasmine's voice gets very excited and shrill and my ears start to bleed. (Since, I can't take any more of Jasmine and the Voice. I switch to watching Taylor sleep. Camera 1 and 2... Taylor sleeps. Thank you BB.) 11:53AM HT Kyle and Jasmine whispering in the bathroom. Jasmine seems to be under the delusion that she's somehow in charge of how people are voting this week and she's rallying for Kyle. But, he HAS to talk to people, y'all. (And, I silently pray to God that Jasmine can only whisper for the remainder of Big Brother.) 12:01PM HT Kyle is pretending to Alyssa that he doesn't know how to campaign for votes. Then, he goes in the Have Not and talks to Brittany alone to make sure he's still ok for the week. She thinks he's fine. And, if he's not ok, she says something big is going down. She says Taylor is getting close to a lot of people and they have to keep their eyes open and watch everyone. Kyle thinks Jasmine is shooting herself in the "ankle" [foot] with all of her alliance forming activity and Micheal seems to be getting annoyed with her (according to Kyle). Brittany: "People aren't laughing at Jasmine's stories like they used to." Brittany thinks this is a bad omen for Jasmine.
  12. 11:18 AM HT TWO feeds of Monte playing a solo game of bumper pool. One feed of Daniel scratching at his arm. And, one feed of random chit chat in one of the bedrooms. The random chitchat in the bedroom includes Turner, Jasmine, Indy, Brittany, Joseph, Alyssa, and Michael. Jasmine contemplates a shower. And, Turner is showing off the bruises on his knees. Feeds switch around and I notice that Kyle is much more attractive with his shirt off. And, he's even more attractive without a shirt while he does a bit of flexing on the indoor spin bike. Sadly, we lose the feed of Kyle on the spin bike. And, I'm kicked back to the meaningless bedroom chatter.
  13. 10:05PM HT After watching the feeds for about 20 min, the most interesting thing to go down: Taylor, Turner and Monte are each shotgunning a beer. Several long minutes into this ridiculousness, they're trying to figure out if a camera is on them to record this moment for all time... because if a camera doesn't record every little thing they do, their souls die a little. 10:28PM HT Kyle, Alyssa and Monte are in the kitchen comparing paper cut injuries. Seriously. You know I'm not lying... because who could make up this kind of boring shit. And, this clearly explains the 14 hours between feed updates. These people need a whole lot more than one beer each to be interesting. 10:38PM HT Kyle and Monte demand a camera to focus on the sink so that we (the tens of people around America watching this nonsense) can watch the ants crawling around in their kitchen filth. In other news, Daniel explains to the bedroom people (Taylor, Terrance, Jasmine and Joseph) that a tortilla is NOT bread. 11:25PM HT Pity Party (Or, the most depressing attempt at a self directed peep talk I've ever heard) of one (Brittany), in the have not room. 11:28PM HT Brittany cries. 11:38PM HT The camera man has fun switching back and forth between Brittany crying and everyone (Alyssa, Indy, Michael, Turner, Kyle, Joseph, Monte, and Taylor) having a great time playing a round of Chinese checkers in the HOH.
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