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  1. Non-fashion related question...does anyone know how long Julie's contract is with Big Brother and CBS? I have a conspiracy speculation going on here that might just explain why this season has been such a rotten season. If Julie's contract is ironclad and the only way they can get rid of her is to have her show's cancelled, do you think CBS would order Grodner to tank this season intentionally? Burn the season, cancel Big Brother, no more mention of Moonves ever again when Julie is let go, and then bring back a "New" Big Brother with a new Host DeJour after a summer without the show? I know, silly speculation but I can't understand how they could cast such a useless bunch of nasty twits as they have this year, unless there was a reason.
  2. Sorry for your loss tlh9. It's so hard to lose any member of your family.
  3. Smarties...or M&Ms...a coating like that would be my guess.
  4. My big problem with the Blood Veto was that it manufactured all this hype and all this as you say paranoia and there is was done in a second...over, kaput. Something called the "blood veto" should have been hanging over their heads for weeks, well, three at least. It's like dating a movie star and they're lousy in bed.
  5. Well that was just a flop...Should have called it the Much Ado about Nothing Veto. What a disappointment. I thought it would be truly game changing and it was just like any other power on someone who was too scared to use it. This season has become a real disappointment. Whoever did the casting should be voted out of the house unanimously. JMO.
  6. LOL. Remora! Can't stand them...but the way its looking the Petty Boys will run away with this...unless the implode or there is a twist, their voting block of pretty boys and pretty girls and they who were saved tonight, is too big a block. Could be a really boring season unless the remora causes some real drama.
  7. If the plate is uncomfortable he needs to see a better prosthodonist. I've been wearing the same speech plate for nearly 30 years and its got a tooth and never had any pain or discomfort with it. See a pro and don't let your dentist do it. Personally I think he thinks that it is his trademark and he thinks by flashing the gap he's funny.
  8. Frankly, I figured it was Gabby doing the proposing.
  9. Sorry to see him go. He wasn't the best player, but I think he was very entertaining.
  10. You'll know at the reunion show, if he's put on 50 lbs, that'll be your answer. (As a fat man, I know how we'd react).
  11. ItsATwist

    Tribe Swap!

    Remember the season when one tribe dominated, until it was down to two or three tribemates on the one side and they finally won one. And then they merged? That was one of the best seasons ever, and even though all the names escape me, the tension of whether they would completely obliterate one tribe was amazing. They really should let it play out again one of these times....Oh and how about no idols in play until the merge. Just my thoughts there.
  12. And I think I've found my Survivor crush for the season. Cute, sweet and smart. the whole trifecta.
  13. Considering what happened tonight, this could be one of the most ironic things I've ever heard.
  14. Back in the first season of BB Canada an HOH was disqualified after the fact for cheating in the comp. He and three other houseguests were knocked out and made Have Nots, and the Have Not competition became the new HOH comp. Its a little late for something like that, but wouldn't it make for compelling TV to run a new, different HOH (and not a dumb questions one) and Veto live on the Wednesday show? It would let FUG prove that its not all scripted and rigged.
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