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  1. I must have missed those times Nicole stood up for herself? Talking in private to a TV camera telling people who's watching the show isnt doing that. Hell Jackson has told us all for weeks, at least more than half of the game that he was seeing through people. Yet Nicole gets credit for finally understanding what was going on? Hell even that blind man could probably figure it out when it got down to 4 or 5 people. That is if his name isnt Cliff. Nicole is the type that talks about you to other people and that is not standing up for yourself. As far as her wins, she won a POV and a HOH. Anything else was gave to her. Those came when only 4 people could play so the odds were reduced and we see it almost every year. A person that cant win anything finally gets a win or two when the numbers get low. I dont dislike Nicole as a person, going by what she's shown on TV, I like her. But I dont think she's changed at all. Telling someone to fuck you in the DR probably has more to do with encouragement by the questions being asked. Lets be honest, if not for Jackson, and Holly, she would most likely been long gone. Or maybe I should say Christie's, stupidity and being so damn paranoid all the time. Jackson and Holly wouldn't have brought Cliff and Nicole this far. Till she had strong players behind her, I cant think of one move she made, without someone carrying her to the move. Put 8 or 10 or 14 others back in that house and Nicole is the same person as she was before supposedly standing up for herself. Let one or two of the guys start showing her attention and she's probably no difference than Sis, Holly or Kat
  2. Yeah, I would love seeing more fans in the game, like David, and Jess, most useless people on BB this season. Holly has played the game 1000x better than those two "fans" and for someone that supposedly doesnt know the game. She's finial 3 and unlike Nicole, "the fan", Holly actually won some comps without someone giving them to her. She also played a better game on reading people in the house. Then doing something about it. Which is a lot more useful than knowing what backdoored means.
  3. Usually people on Big Brother that lays around and only gets up to eat and eats often gets fat... Competitive 24 year old men tend to eat often and can do so without being grossly overweight, unlike us middle age people. I never understood people hating those playing ther game of Big Brother. I would hope everyone that walks through the door thimk they deserved the money and made multiple deals with multiple people. I must have watched a different BB because I could have swore, Tommy had multiple deals with multiple people. Nicole had multiple deals with multiple people. Cliff had multiple deals with multiple people. THEY ALL did and everyone that plays the next season of BB and makes it to Jury.... will had multiple deals with multiple people
  4. Jackson is the best player on BB this season and played the smartest game...no one was close (other than Tommy). Only a true idiot (look in the mirror Cliff) would think Jackson was going keep Cliff over Holly. Cliff and Nicole are the two that tried to stab Jackson in the back by voting out Holly. Then Cliff goes and tries to change a deal he made. That's after Jackson and Holly save both...week after week over the last 4 or so weeks. There's not a damn person outside of Jackson that knows if he's is using Holly. The one thing we all know...Holly would be out of the game if Jackson had not fought for her. Cliff and Nicole would be in the jury house. If Jackson and Holly had not carried them over the last month. Jackson has got through this game by winning shit and reading people. Then changing up his game when he needed to. That is Big Fucking Brother, played like it is suppose to be played. Out of the four, soon to be three remaining. Jackson and Holly deserve to be finial 2. Nicole did nothing till people started letting her win.
  5. People can hate all they want but at least 3 people that actually played Big Brother are in the F5. Actually 4 because while being limited in skills and age, Cliff has played a good game to be in the F5. But only Jackson has played the game hard, from the get go. My list to see gone Nicole Tommy Cliff Holly Winner Jackson because he's played the better game and unlike some I have a totally different opinion of him than twitter snowflakes that are just looking for something to be offended by. But this is the first year when the numbers were this low I would be OK with any of the remaining house guest winning. I do not dislike any of them.
  6. He got the same chance as everyone that walked through the doors. He go beat by a older, chubby, out of shape man. Twice. At least Cliff won something when he had to and to be honest I failed to see what was so interesting about David. He was all talk and no game. Hell he also let a very overweight woman beat him in a game of crawling through doors, tight spots, gook, and the dark.
  7. I would never base my opinion solely based off what others are saying. Not even my own family and especially not strangers on the Internet. Sometimes I read the recap on the feed and be watching the actually feed and think wow I did not see it or take it the same way.
  8. I can agree there are bullies and stupid, hateful people, in that house and other than Tommy (other than his loud mouth) I dont really like any of the 8. But the reason the 3 sitting with Julie, had nothing to do with their race. David got beat twice by a 50 something year old fat man. He wasnt put up the first time because of his skin color and he didn't go home because of it. He went home because he couldn't beat a woman that is very overweight, a very overweight older man, and a 20 something year old female. In basically a game of feel where you're at in the dark and pick the correct door. Then he couldnt beat the old fat man at rolling a ball down a curved board into a hole Kemi was put up the first time for not going upstairs to take to the HOH. She thought she was above having to state her case on why she shouldn't be put up. She basically said that herself. It's a crap-out to blame someone else or race for something the player did. If you dont want to kiss ass, dont sign up to play Big Brother. Especially the first few days because no one knows who anyone is. Till she was put on the block she made zero attempts at getting to know most of the 8 person alliance. People like her and in "her", I mean dumbass game players, not the color of her skin. Always go out early OVI wasnt put up because of his race. Hell he wasnt even being talked about for that week. He ran his mouth to members of the group of 8 about some people being in an alliance. That is the only thing that got him on the block and voted out. I believe I read a number of post about how stupid of a game he was playing. Yet, some how the color of his skin is the reason he was sent out. Cliff has been on the block as much as anyone and that goes for Jess. Both where put up the first time because it made sense to go with the 3 other people who wanted votes for the first HOH. To do other wise would have been a stupid move. The freaking color of a persons skin wasnt the reason. The reason those 3 are sitting at home tonight, Cliff beat them and eight other people had the good sense to actually band together and play this damn game. The 8 might be evil, I dont know. The 8 might be racist, I dont think so. The 8 might be hateful, I know some are. The one thing I know for sure, group , or mob usually feed off each other. And when you get a group of people together and they are playing a game for 500k, they are going to lie, and do what ever it takes to win. There's always been loud mouth assholes playing Big Brother just like there's always at least one person that wants to jump at calling some people racist for the silliest shit. I honestly cant stand either type. The 3 sent home tonight played the worse fucking games this season and should be out of the game. To be honest they rank right up there with the worse of every season. Not because of the color of their skin but game play. Talking a big game only works if you have a alliance backing you up. Other wise you need to win. David failed to do that twice and he never was close. Race my ass.
  9. Maybe I saw it different than you but I believe Kemi, was the only person in the house that did not go and talk to Jackson. That's why she was the one put up. Maybe I'm mistaken again but I'm fairly sure Kemi, made the comment that she wasnt going to plead her case, or suck up, or what ever she said. I do know it was in that context. To answer your question, a big part of this game is to talk to other people. Even people that put you up, because that is the way you get information. Kemi got herself put up by being standoffish. It's why she will be voted out this week. The girl has the personality, of a goldfish.
  10. So now we are basing on who's a racist off twitter feeds? How about lets form opinions off what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears instead of going by past losers of BB and I mean loser in more ways than one. I thought this forum was about the live feeds and the shows? Not about whats said on twitter, the gutter of the world. The crap on the bottom of my shoes after walking the side walks of San Francisco, where people take dumps, is not as bad as those people posting on Twitter. For the life of me I dont get why this board if a carry over to what is said on Twitter. Or calling people racist because of it. My two cents because from what I've seen on the feeds (not a lot) I think its pure bullshit to put that label on anyone. Angelmi. if Rachel got a DUI, it was because she was drinking and driving and over the limit. If she's a racist or not played ZERO role in it.
  11. I like a person that says what's on their mind, even if I dont agree with what they say. You know, you are probably going to get what they think, is the truth
  12. Did not like Nick at first but he grew on me and turned into a way better player than I thought he would be. But that goes for Davie, also. But since it asked for sole winner, I picked Nick.
  13. I liked jimmy stewart at first but he sealed his fate when he bit the hands that saved him, twice. When you are seen as a threat don't go with the cry baby that is weak and let them talk you into trying to take out another threat, that's on your side. You do that at number 6 or better year 5th place.
  14. I dont think Tyler and Angela being a couple had anything to do with Tyler not winning. Tyler saying he played Sam and Scottie is why he loss those votes, or at least one. When Tyler was talking about playing Sam because she had a power app you could see the disappointment in her face. Maybe it was just being pissed off but either way Tyler loss that vote, right then. The same goes for Scottie when Tyler said he made Bayleigh believe Scottie was his best buddy just to try and get him on the block. I believe if not for that part of his statement he gets Scottie or Sam or both
  15. Tyler's dr's over the last moth or so made it sound like he thought KayCee was his F2. I dont know if he sticks to that if it was Angela over KayCee but he talked like he would choose KayCee. KayCee won the 2nd part of the HOH battle, not JC
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