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  1. I like a person that says what's on their mind, even if I dont agree with what they say. You know, you are probably going to get what they think, is the truth
  2. Which Survivor do you WANT to win?

    Did not like Nick at first but he grew on me and turned into a way better player than I thought he would be. But that goes for Davie, also. But since it asked for sole winner, I picked Nick.
  3. I liked jimmy stewart at first but he sealed his fate when he bit the hands that saved him, twice. When you are seen as a threat don't go with the cry baby that is weak and let them talk you into trying to take out another threat, that's on your side. You do that at number 6 or better year 5th place.
  4. BB20 House Discussion

    I dont think Tyler and Angela being a couple had anything to do with Tyler not winning. Tyler saying he played Sam and Scottie is why he loss those votes, or at least one. When Tyler was talking about playing Sam because she had a power app you could see the disappointment in her face. Maybe it was just being pissed off but either way Tyler loss that vote, right then. The same goes for Scottie when Tyler said he made Bayleigh believe Scottie was his best buddy just to try and get him on the block. I believe if not for that part of his statement he gets Scottie or Sam or both
  5. The Final HOH

    Tyler's dr's over the last moth or so made it sound like he thought KayCee was his F2. I dont know if he sticks to that if it was Angela over KayCee but he talked like he would choose KayCee. KayCee won the 2nd part of the HOH battle, not JC
  6. The Final HOH

    I see three things that could draw the two to each other 1. Both competitive 2. Both outgoing confident people but in a quite nonthreatening way 3. friendly but no chance of a showmance another thing, most people in the house were drawn to Tyler
  7. BB20 House Discussion

    I think when it comes down to it only Bayleigh and Rockstar votes are truly 100% bitter votes and maybe Sam but that's just a maybe because does understand it's only a game. While Kaycee doesn't have all the blood on her hands I think by now those other jury members are seeing she was a part of L6 and knew everything she told anyone was not 100% the truth. So while Kaycee won her share of the competitions she wasn't putting in the other work in the game. Tyler on the other hand was looked at as being almost clueless by those he was a huge part of sending out. But As more and more were sent to the jury it's become clearer that Tyler was playing a big part in who went and who stayed. So I think in the end if it's a game vote Tyler wins 6-3 or 5-4 depending on JC and how pissed he is. From start to finish Tyler played the game, starting week 1 in getting Sam to stay and he won more than his share of competitions. It's a lot easier winning when the house is only half full and that's when KayCee started winning but she won some key veto's and the hacker that saved Tyler. If they holding a grudge Kaycee wins 5-4
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    Fessie and Sam's vote will decide who wins and if the cancel each other out the swing vote will be Scottie. I think Fessie votes for Tyler and the only woman he would ever consider to vote for would have been Haleigh. What I dont get with Sam, she said her and Tyler had a F2 on day 3 which did not happen because Tyler is the one that put her on the block the first week.. Tyler has to some how make Brett and Sam see they are the ones that brought up F2 deals, not Tyler. With Sam it might not matter but with Brett it could because any fan of the game will understand you dont turn a F2 deal down even if its your 3rd or 4th one. Tyler/Kaycee F2 is a win for the game of BB no matter which one wins the game.
  9. Julie Chen MOONVES - But First, She Wants NAMES

    Radar Online shares that according to multiple sources, Julie Chen will leave Big Brother after Season 20 finishes. The outlet indicates that Julie’s contract ends in a couple of weeks and that she does not intend to renew it. Supposedly, there is no hosting renewal offer on the table at the moment and Chen reportedly has not requested a meeting to negotiate one. Big Brother itself has not yet been renewed for Season 21. However, despite reports claiming that Chen plans to stick with the show going forward, insiders say that she’s done. https://www.inquisitr.com/5080359/julie-chen-planning-big-brother-departure-will-not-return-if-show-renewed-says-radar-online/
  10. Say what you want about Sam being odd, or crazy, or what ever adjective you want to use, she left that house with as much, if not more, grace and class, than most people. That includes everyone of those in the Hive.
  11. Julie Chen MOONVES - But First, She Wants NAMES

    Sure you can fire them and it's probably happening 100 times today somewhere in small town USA. Not because they didn't fuck you but because maybe now you see the job they were doing wasn't very good in the first place and trying to get their pants off was the only reason you kept them. It's life and will be repeated over and over till the end of time. Just like there are some females that use their looks and body to get what they want. That will not stop today, tommoroow, nope, not till the end of time. But then again that's if you believe she was fired for not fucking him.
  12. Julie Chen MOONVES - But First, She Wants NAMES

    Sexual assault is one thing but lets get one thing correct. As the boss, boss of anything, you have that right to fire a Janet Jackson, and not the other person involved. I'm using that in a context of "anyone". Just like if the owners of this board took offense to what one person said and not someone else even if they both basically said the same things. They have the right to ban one and not the other. When you become the head man, well I guess it's 2018 so I should say head person. You get to pick and choose who to hire and who to fire based on "your view" of those people. From reading this board I get that most of us are older (no offense) and didn't grown up in a world where we have to butt into everyone else's life. I guess twitter and facebook and other social media has gave all of those bored vindictive people a voice. I dont put message boards where people have a discussion on these type of things in that group of "social media" One other thing, a man that assaults people and uses his power to get what he wants dont usually stop doing that just because they get married. So lets not forget, it's not always just the person with the power that uses that to get what they want. Sometimes being young and viewed as desirable give that person a weapon more powerful. It goes both ways.
  13. There's been a ton of people in the BB house that made it to F4 with a lot less game than JC. The little fellow played a great game for his limitations in comps and if not for a strong alliance that held together he very well could have been F3 or F2. He didn't just sit back and let others carry him to this point in the game. JC actually did a lot more work to get him at #4 than Brett did to get to #6
  14. BB20 House Discussion

    There is no logical reason for Tyler to choose Brett over Angela. First off it was a very dumb move on Brett's part to even suggest taking Angela out at that time. How many times did he sit and listen to JC talk about Tyler and Angela shacking up upstairs? Honestly from reading updates and what they showed on TV...constantly. When it came down to it, Brett is going to choose JC over Tyler, no matter what Brett said, picking JC over Tyler was the easiest path to final 3 and then finial 2. Brett brought this all on himself by trying to make a move when he had zero control. You make that type of move if you have veto in your hands and with JC's help you are sure to take KayCee or Angela out. Brett's move was almost as stupid as the moves the other side of the house kept making. As far as being mean, Brett trying to back stab someone he was working with and they all agreed to go to finial 4 with. Was kind of mean on Brett's part. I like Brett and hope they bring him back in a season or two but it was a really dumb move on his part....wait till you get that veto in hand.
  15. Kaycee Clark - Playing the Periphery - Winner

    I dont recall KayCee having much or any contact with RockStar, Fessie, Scottie and to be honest I dont recall Bayleigh's game other than with the Hive. We know JC is no fan and since she put Sam up I would think Sam would hold a grudge, especially if she's against Tyler (depending on how Sam goes out). Brett sure didn't have a lot of contact with KayCee so it would come down to being bitter if he voted KayCee over Tyler. I dont think it's been over 3 weeks ago that KayCee was being called furniture because she was not interacting with people. So if they voted on being bitter yeah KayCee wins in a landslide. But those already out other than Haleigh and Brett had very limited contact with KayCee. Haleigh will go to the jury being pro KayCee but I dont think Brett will. I think Scottie and Fessie ends up voting game over being bitter. But the easy choice is sitting next to Angela at the end.