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  1. I want to see JC on block. I find him extremely annoying, but I don't see anyone doing that. So I chose Hayleigh as she has a little clue and I do mean little, on what is happening. I really hope she votes to keep Scottie and Fessie looses his mind when she doesn't bow down to his demand.
  2. The screeching " I am great" final speeches were horrible but I'm very happy with final outcome
  3. It will be interesting if Ryan wins HOH.
  4. Her holier than though attitude is reason I'm voting for Ryan to stay. I want to see the little liar's head explode.
  5. Great idea to get them drunk. I'm confused as to what Erica did with her nominations. Two useless guys. Hope she is backdooring.
  6. I'm surprised medics weren't required tonight.
  7. They wouldn't want to compete with US one, as most fans I know up here watch both.
  8. My tolerance must be low as I am thrilled she is gone. Yelling shut up at the tv can only last so long.
  9. Do you not feel CBS planted the order of the votes just to give Cody the tie breaker?
  10. So if it's his choice will he take Kevin who has done nothing, to Final?
  11. Put Julie in and we can see how she will play.
  12. Guess he figures neither of them can win pov so his plan to backdoor Paul is a fraction easier
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