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  1. 3. They Shoot Brenchel, Don't They?
  2. That's been my favorite playground equipment this year!
  3. Or to get them good and liquored up for us.
  4. 9. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Zingbot
  5. Is there a common thread of cleanliness/compliance among those chosen for this season? I wonder. Because that would be smart casting. (I remember that Joe guy, who is not in this cast, used to stick his hands in his pants, move his junk around, then go cook for the group; once he did it right before he rubbed oil and seasoning into a salmon, "prepping" it. I wouldn't want to live near a person with that mindset in the midst of a pandemic of any kind.)
  6. 7. Showmance In the Garden of Good and Evil
  7. So I got sucked in to season 6 and watched a couple episodes, and that Michael was a total douchenozzle; weird that Janelle was so into him.
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