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  1. I'm betting the mouth-foamers, whether feed watchers or not, just enjoy the status quo for one reason or another. For the privileged*, any movement toward equality feels like oppression. When Chenbot calls out the hammies on their racism, bullying, and sexism in an effort to equalize all parties, it's highly threatening to them—and to anyone watching who harbors those same shameful views, it can be equally threatening. So they foam. I'm surprised no one threw a fit and stormed off stage. *Those benefiting from a culture that favors their skin tone or sex, for example.
  2. Thanks for the reminder! And really, thanks for all the work you do to provide this space that's such a highlight of every summer. Incoming dollas!
  3. Dear Jack, You don't apologize for your racist, sexist behavior toward others by declaring that you can't possibly apologize to them for it. Then, don't reiterate your thoughtless position a minute later, saying you really can't apologize... you just do it, then work on yourself and change your behavior, you stupid fucking prop. Get over yourself, stop coasting on your good looks, and become a decent person who isn't just a burden or a problem for everyone who is forced to have contact with you. Jesus, there are millions of men just like you; you're not special, dumbass. Someone told you you were, but you didn't bother to question that. That's dumb. You are dumb. And a problem for others. Hear it. You and all the guys like you are so over. Bye now, Jack. We've seen enough. Love, KRB
  4. Gotta hand it to Kemi for giving the most measured, perfect, spot-on response when Chenbot malfunctioned and asked her whether she forgives Michie for his racist, sexist bullshit. She handled herself beautifully in that situation—which couldn't have been easy. Kemi won me over last night. She didn't really last in the game long enough for me to get a handle on her personality, but this is who she is for me now, so well done, lady.
  5. Reckoning Day with Julie Chen Moonves was fun and was actually well done for a reality show. No one got screechy, and they made their points pretty completely. Impressive.
  6. Huh. I don’t think he won, I wonder if he does. Didn’t look like it. He was in full-on backpedal mode, and it was satisfying to see. Kemi schooled his ass good.
  7. Nicole’s exit interview made the whole season worth it for me.
  8. Cake is the best. (So is your aunt, from the sounds of it, tlh9!) Today I learned they make white "chocolate" mini Reeses. Got some mini Heath bars as backup. Oink oink, it's Halloween candy sale time. I'm just watching for Julie's dresses at this point, but I do want to see if Nicole gets AFP, so I'll be eating watching.
  9. angelmi, you continue to be your awesome self, which surprises no one; your dedication is admirable and appreciated. Until next summer, may your opinions stay salty and your sense of humor sharp. Thanks again! Thanks to everyone who recapped and otherwise dissected these assholes' behavior all summer. Always a pleasure to bump elbows!
  10. That's an excellent idea, Magpie. The deck is stacked against her, so she's earned it. Plus, if she's getting pushback now online, it'll only get worse when she gets out, and her self-esteem will probably take a hit. Being named AFP would likely mean a lot to her. I had only tossed Tommy a single vote, but now Nicole will get twenty from me.
  11. So is she really into guns too? Have they discussed this? If she were my friend, that would be an Issue To Discuss. He strikes me as deeply creepy, and something just does not sit right with me when people use the N-word freely and loooooove their guns. I admit, he really turned me off of the whole season in a way no hamster ever has (I've been a fan since the fourth season), and I dunno... that boy ain't right.
  12. And by now, surely, we've learned not to expect the unexpected.
  13. None of these losers, and for the first time ever, I hated the whole season and never found much of a hook. Maaaaybe Tommy? Had the feeds but watched maybe 15 minutes of that the whole season, so what do I know.
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