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  1. Limericks – One Line at a Time

    Tyler inherited Dan's mist Steve and Swaggy were first on his list
  2. Oh, I dunno. She's a threat to my belief in the usefulness of human beings. I agree that she needs to go.
  3. Am I famous now? I'm famous, right?
  4. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    I was this year, routing for Iceland! The next poster has also been to Iceland and found it quite wonderful.
  5. Limericks – One Line at a Time

    Swaggy C seems to have lost his swag His girlfriend is kind of a hag. He has ego for days
  6. Which hamster's nickname conjures up images of overly sweet fecal slurry?
  7. The ABCs of BB

    Klan robe w/pointy hat (probably more effective at isolating a hamster than a robot sim)
  8. The ABCs of BB

    Frank-N-Furter, Dr.
  9. Who do you want to win HOH? Swaggy. What do you think they would do with it? Implode.
  10. POLL: Week 2 - Eviction Prediction

    110% agree every season. The crazy is why I show up.
  11. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    *sigh* Yes. I would like a cupcake. But I'm fresh out of them, so. The next poster enjoys a good crossword puzzle.
  12. I should have been a dancer. I could be a dancer.
  13. Limericks – One Line at a Time

    Crappy C is truly an ass He's loud, obnoxious, and crass. He is as stupid as hell Plays the game pell-mell, Up to me? His ass would be grass.
  14. Which cultural (mis)appropriation is the very enlightened Kaitlyn fond of using as a way of belittling and dismissing her opponent? Amazon Swine
  15. BB20 House Discussion

    Crazy; thanks, dc. I've gotten the feeds since season 6 and somehow missed it all these years. Makes sense. As each season begins, I can only ever name a couple of last season's houseguests, although nine months prior I could tell you how often they each brush their teeth.