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  1. I was shocked not to hear Janelle's name called for AFP and sort of wonder if something went on behind the scenes where Janelle stepped aside or something (and perhaps CBS contributed to her charity—just spitballing). I adore Da'Vonne and am super happy she won it, but it did seem a little off to me!
  2. /high-fives everyone who made it so much fun!
  3. Angelmi, every year I admire your dedication—this year especially so! Thanks for the great summer/fall hang, Hamstertime peeps. The show sucked this year, but you guys are the unsuckiest of all. And that Movie thread on Fisty's Playground? That was the highlight of my whole season (and actually made up for the show sucking so much). Pure brilliance.
  4. Cody and Enzo are interchangeable for me, so either will do. God, not Nicole. I have opinions about this season.
  5. @copssister, that was hilarious! And @elizabethann, same. I've either talked through, fast-forwarded through, or simply snoozed through a bunch of this season. I'm usually glued to it, even when the cast is bad. But man, trying to stay interested in this effing cast is hard. I think the new twist should be to ditch the ones in the house and bring back the ones who've been evicted. They can call it the Courtesy Twist. For us.
  6. Janelle or Zingbot would work for me. That might actually make me fire up the feeds again (if I knew it would involve the feeds).
  7. I guess the difference is degree of separation. I think it's different to do it in the house where he's living and can't get away from them—and, since I just find them all so damn tedious, it's easy to hate on them for it and hope they're smacked down for it later. (Wanted to also say that our ripping on hamsters for doing anything is not causing any kind of feelings for me. This is about them, not us; and I agree this is all about making fun of them. Go nuts!)
  8. ShyLurkerGuy, I love your second paragraph; I wondered if that's what was making him feel like shit too. The only thing that's keeping me semi-involved this season is knowing that there has been and likely still will be actual consequences for these people, and not just a shrug and let's forget it. I'm neurodivergent too, and I'm here to tell you it's not a curse or something to pity people for. And it's weird (but unsurprising) that people just assume it is and that they themselves are the default "normal/healthy" examples of human beings. I'm wondering if some of them know that and actually fear Ian on some level—and that's why they mock him. They don't understand the depth of him. We all understand the depth of the people mocking him. Ian will win the game with those people. Maybe not the BB game, but he's actually had to work for what he has. There's a growth he's experienced that they haven't, and it's why you'd rather have lunch with Ian than with Memphis. They really don't see that... so tell me now... who's handicapped here? Heh.
  9. She's hitting the "Moonves" part hard when she introduces herself. I wonder who that pisses off!
  10. copssister, I would totally sign up for that hot mess and watch it! (So far, my feeds subscription has led to mostly watching past seasons/episodes. And holy wow, rewatching the season with Jessica and Cody, I liked them both this time and felt myself retroactively rooting for them! Shocking, since I had a totally different opinion of them in 2017. Shocking, I say!)
  11. It's rockin'! Say something nice about the crew of skippies this year.
  12. tlh9, that must be so unnerving. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Girl, you have had a year. I hope things take an upswing for you very soon!
  13. At first I thought this was just a mood, but I think I'm over them all, unfortunately. I can't get into the feeds since Janelle was evicted because they were so jealous of her popularity that they couldn't see straight. Then, on the show last night, with Dani shitting on Kaysar's "big move"—and being sure to keep it hyperpersonal, highlighting the fact that they love each other but don't love him—sealed it for me. I mean, fuck you, Dani; as if you contribute anything more than a bunch of expensive hair to clog the drains with and a bitchy smirk 24/7. That's your game? There's a mean, shitty aspect to her and some of the others that I'm not down with, even in a game (Nicole using her tiny platform in the DR to uninvite someone to her real-world wedding?). I'm not sure this show is worth it this time around (for me). It certainly doesn't feel like escapism this year!
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