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  1. POLL: America's Favorite

    Brett and Kaycee, but alas, I can't be arsed to vote.
  2. BB20 House Discussion

    I may be an outlier here, maybe not, but I have always liked the way this game can (and often does) go sideways at the end. I guess I like the unpredictability factor more than the individuals themselves. There's no "deserves to win" in my world; there's only observing the way the game plays out, and it's always really interesting to me because every season plays out a little differently. I'm not a big game show person, with the exception of Jeopardy!; I prefer the social experiment aspect more (deprivation, isolation, emotional upset, extreme and inexplicable bonding, risk assessment, etc.). I mean, winning a pile of money is no kind of guarantee of happiness, since that can (and often does) go sideways too, so I'm not invested in who gets the pile so much as watching them all squirm in their desire to satisfy their egos. That's the draw for me. I'd be fine with Julie either staying or going—as others have noted, she'd be going out on top, and that's not a bad thing. She's hosted for 20 seasons. Change can be a good thing, but I suppose that depends on why one likes the show to begin with.
  3. angelmi, can you please explain what this means? I'm having trouble parsing little phrase stuck in the middle: sounds like OJ?
  4. Previously On BB20 - Five Word Story

    Bayleaf peed on a stick
  5. BB20 House Discussion

    I agree. Although he's turned out to be one of my favorite hamsters in years, he really was the riskiest option for the others to keep. Damn. He's so funny too. Maybe he'll get AFP.
  6. Previously On BB20 - Five Word Story

    JC belched up a toe;
  7. The ABCs of BB - Mad Libs

    Sam used jujubees to craft kitcsh to hang on the lavatory door.
  8. Previously On BB20 - Five Word Story

    Being a blue-eyed blond.
  9. BB20: The Movie

    Tyler: Willie Ames (Tommy) JC: Adam Rich (Nicholas) Angela: Lani O'Grady (Mary) Hayleigh: Diane Kay (Nancy) Sam: Betty Buckley (Mom) Brett: Brian Patrick Clark (Merle the Pearl) Fessie: Grant Goodeve (David) Kaitlyn: Susan Richardson (Susan) Rockstar: Special cameo appearance by Stacey Nightmare of dubious internet fame. Eight Is Enough Hamsters would be the title. Blended family get on each other's nerves but deep down... aww, they love each other. And about halfway through, I realized I might not be playing the game perfectly right, but it was fun, so I just kept on going.
  10. BB20 House Discussion

    Agreed. And if I were a man in that house, I wouldn't mind her getting HOH; I might even encourage it, seeing as that would mean I'd get to play again next week. She prefers to punish women or get them out of the way, or whatever it is that goes on in her funky little brain. She's definitely not a girl's girl, so to speak.
  11. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Dude has been dead for seven years. That would be... interesting.