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  1. Bummer to see him go, but I like Monte and Turner just as well, so... great season so far for me.
  2. krb428

    poll Week 9 Veto

    I say no because I'm hoping for a Turner-Michael showdown at the end. That would make this season for me.
  3. Brittany so that she and Michael are safe.
  4. Terrance will likely go down first, due to his build. I'm torn between Turner and Taylor winning this one, just based on physicality—and the fact that Michael won't be playing.
  5. Taylor, using the same rationale Minxy mentions above.
  6. I can't tell if it's the twist that's causing it or the casting, but I like seeing the hammies thinking about things more critically. I'm sure it's the cast; they did well with that twist though and seemed to really think about how they could use it to their benefit to conceal alliances and whatnot.
  7. Oh, for sure, @copssister. (For the record, I read no criticism in these responses. But that was an eye-opener; I noped out of Twitter ages ago, and this was a good reminder of why I did that.)
  8. I completely agree, after having looked a little deeper into the responses. Sorry to have posted that little shit nugget, folks. I wasn't seeing it either, but I sometimes miss social cues and assumed it had some relevance. Turns out nope.
  9. I don't typically look at Twitter (ever, actually, unless it's for work), but I did today, and I noticed that #KKKyle was trending and it had the #bb24 tag beside it, so I clicked that bait. First thing I saw was a video clip that showed him talking last night. Might want to think before you speak, Kyle.
  10. Hahaha, the schadenfreude is delicious this season. (His whining last night on tv after the show was hilarious!)
  11. I say Nicole did. Right up until the end of tonight's episode, hopefully.
  12. Taylor, for the reasons mentioned above. Plus, she could probably stand to feel safe for a week.
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