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  1. At first glance I thought he was a werewolf.
  2. I think Michelle was more excited that America sent her brownies, edible brownies, than she was about being granted CO-HOH
  3. Well, was it the first four or five competing to get back in? Because there are only four jurors now so if it's five it would be next week along with whoever Natalie takes out this week.
  4. They dropped that news on us super fast right before the show ended because they didn't want to hear America collectively groan.
  5. Paulie cried. It was glorious. That's it that's the episode and the high point of my week. Okay, fine other things happened too and I need to recap them. But seriously if you haven't watched the episode do yourself a favor and at least fast forward to the very end. The screen caps alone don't do it justice. Previously on Big Brother. James got a care package. PP hit a rough patch in their relationship. And Big Meech had three outfit changes and a meltdown in a disappointing double eviction episode. We open as the live show ended. Michelle is still crying because she's confused about still being in the house. Paulie laughs and tells her to get over it things happen. Paulie, remember those words for later. Nicole and Michelle have an argument over if Nicole tried to make a deal with Michelle or not. Their voices are both so high and whiny that I have a hard time actually listening to them. Somehow my finger ends up on the mute button. The bottom line is Nicole wanted to make a deal but didn't actually make a deal. Somehow there is a difference. Natalie throws us into the flashback telling us that things were crazy twenty-four hours ago because she decided to tell Zakiyah what Paulie has really been up to. Natalie pulls Zakiyah into the room and starts telling her about Paulie flirting with her from time to time. Natalie then tells Zakiyah that Paulie is part of the reason Zakiyah is on the block. Zakiyah starts nodding and crying saying she knows and that she appreciates Natalie telling her. Zakiyah cries saying she felt like no one was keeping it real with her. So, what does Zakiyah do after Natalie has kept it real, for the most part, with her? Naturally, she takes Paulie into the Nairobi room and tells him that she got 'freaking attacked'. Letting Paulie know everything Natalie told her. Paulie talks about how he doesn't like Jersey girls and how Natalie pulled a classic Jersey girl move and was just getting to Zakiyah. Natalie goes to tell James about the flirting as well just to let him in on what kind of person Paulie is. James admits to being protective over Natalie, so he talks to Paulie in the Have Not Room. Paulie says he flirts with all the girls and that he'd never actually go after Natalie. He starts up his rant about Jersey girls again. Natalie says goodnight to James and Paulie calls out to her to have fun with Michelle in there. Natalie asks what he means. He tells her because Michelle is going to be gone and she's next. She shrugs it off and asks why he's threatening her. He says it's not a threat it's a promise. Natalie isn't intimidated and tells him, okay well she's just being honest. Paulie, sounding very proud of this zinger, tells her that's about as fake as the things on her chest. He tells her that everyone knows she's fake and that if she thinks anyone is buying what she's selling she's wrong. Is there a mirror on the back of the door that Natalie is holding open? Natalie just tells him thanks and goodnight and leaves. She tells Bridgette, Paul, and James what happened. James isn't sure how the rest of the guys were brought up to treat women but apparently this doesn't fly where he comes from. Bridgette just stands there with her mouth hanging open. Girl, you were with Frank why is this completely shocking to you? Bridgette and James go to the HoH room to ask what's going on. Paulie proudly repeats that he told Natalie that she's as fake as the things on her chests. Everyone one looks around awkwardly in silence. Paul eats a Cheetoh. Bridgette says it sounds like a personal attack to her. Paulie smugly responds that he felt like it was a personal attack on Natalie's part. James points out that they all need to remember that this is a game. Bridgette just doesn't understand why Paulie felt the need to talk about her fake boobs like that. Paulie says it was a metaphor for her personality. That's not a metaphor Paulie. That's a simile. Paulie goes on to explain his not a metaphor by telling Bridgette that the fakeness of her boobs and the fakeness of her personality was the point there. I stand with Bridgette's deadpan here. Nice one Paulie. Natalie joins the party and wants to know why Paulie spoke to her like that. Natalie defends herself by saying that she's just a flirty person. Paulie tells her that she needs to get over herself and that everyone knows her game. Again, is there a mirror behind Natalie that he's talking to? Paulie attempts to drag James into it and Natalie tells him not to. She asserts that she really cares about James and that if she found out James was doing half the stuff Paulie was doing to Zakiyah to her she'd be heartbroken. Natalie finally decides she's had enough of Paulie and leaves with James. Since Paulie and Corey are sacks of garbage (metaphor) and think that someone leaving means they win the argument they start a slow clap. Meanwhile, Paul and Victor watch and try to quietly finish off a bag of Cheetohs. Paul DRs that he wants to distance himself from Paulie now because all of this with Natalie is making him question his character. Bridgette tells Paulie he was being really defensive. Paulie retorts that she can't make him feel guilty because he feels nothing. We're now about an hour before the live show and James let Paulie know that he's nixing Paul and Corey's votes and they're taking out Zakiyah. Paulie rails in on James because attempting to berate him for doing what the girls want. James calls Paulie a really aggressive person. When his tactics don't work with James he sets his sights on Paul who attempts to calm Paulie down but just pushes Paul more and more to rethinking his alliance with Paulie. Now we're back to this week with the HoH competition based on the squirrel who I had no idea was named Benny. A knockout competition that ends with Victor as our HoH. Everyone is stoked because everyone thinks they're on Victor's side. Paulie especially can't wait to start strategizing with Victor. I snort into my drink. America's care package this week goes to Nicole because I can only assume that people voted for Bridgette and somehow after that Nicole had like five votes to everyone else's one or two. Nicole is safe this week but has to wear a safety costume. No one really cares that Nicole is safe because Nicole is really just a cute accessory that comes with every Malibu Corey doll. Nominations time and of course Paulie and his trusty sidekick Captain Neckbeard are expecting to see Natalie and Michelle go up on the block. Surprise it's them. Victor keeps his cool tells them it's a game move. (And a damn good one). Neither of them seems to able to fully process what just happened Paulie cries in the DR about how he's been with his boy from day one and now this. He sobs about how even if he takes himself off the block with the Veto his boy will be going home. And he doesn't even know if he can do that. Way to set it up so you can say you did it on purpsoe if you lose buddy. My recap can't even do that justice. You've got to watch that for yourself. Beautiful. For more schadenfreude come back Wednesday for the PoV. Then again on Thursday when all this delight in fuck boy misery comes and bites me in the ass as Paulie will probably have a roundtrip ticket.
  6. I'm not going to subscribe but I will still be here as I will probably find some other way to watch and keep up with this.
  7. Oh Victor I thank you. I'll admit I was worried you wouldn't do it and I'd be stuck recapping a disappointing and boring episode. However, now I will happy recap the nomming of Blinkey and the Stain.
  8. If you want to be credible you probably shouldn't start a sentence with 'Joeza was right'
  9. Maybe Production got confused and thought it was Paulie's HOH
  10. When last we left Thursday's live eviction episode the house guests were starting up an endurance competition standing on tiny platforms, spinning around, and being smacked in the face by 'mean' hash tags. James and Bridgette are the first too off. Oddly enough Bridgette feels pretty safe this week since the men kept their promise last week she's now sure she can trust them against this week. Speaking of big strong men Corey drops out third once again becoming a have not and proving that he's useless. Michelle can't take the spinning anymore and throws up a few times before dropping. This of course causes her to start sobbing because she had this if only she hadn't thrown up. (Sure Michelle) She also sobs because someone is going to have to clean it up. You assume too much Michelle. I bet they'll just roll it up and then slap a new themed cover on it for the next challenge that requires an air mattress. Nicole drops and narrowly misses Michelle's vomit. Apparently she nearly crawls in it on her way to the loser bench. I don't understand how these people are just spinning past vomit and not gagging at all. I can't see, hear, or smell vomit without nearly becoming sick myself. Zakiyah makes a half assed deal and then drops. Paulie looks around and notices he's pulling the strings on the people left and drops himself. Zakiyah is upset because she just knows he did it on purpose because she dropped. I really wish this would amount to something but I'm not holding my breath. Victor and Natalie are left and they both want letters from their mother. Natalie whines and whines and whines that she really wants to win an HoH but Victor isn't budging. He's been voted out before so he knows how important safety is. Finally after getting Victor's word that she's not going up Natalie gives up. Victor says he needs to get a big threat out of the house. I roll my eyes. Earlier we were let in on the fact that Paul, Paulie, Victor, James, and Corey have created a sausage fest alliance called 'The Executives' they even give themselves titles and everything. Paul declares himself something like the Chief Friendship Officer or something to that effect and I nearly vomit. I can't even decide if it's better or worse than Meow Meow. Victor attempts to make an alliance within 'The Executive' alliance called the board room. I'm annoyed. I'm already in the bored room watching this episode. It's almost painful to watch because Victor is super excited about this alliance and anyone with a brain can tell that Paulie and Paul aren't feeling it. They don't want to high-five dicks with anyone but each other. Paul asks Victor was Da'Vonne whispered to him when she left. Victor tells him and admits he has no idea who 'they' is. The sad fact is he legit doesn't know. He really is that dumb and Day should have known better than not to spell it out for this dumb dumb. He DRs that he's just going to continue to put his trust in Paulie and Paul. Gag. Michelle ends up flipping out on James over a jacket but the jacket ends up being a symbol for the fact that she wasn't informed that Da'Vonne was being voted out. She cries about being the worst superfan ever. Oh, Michelle, you're not you when you're hungry. Grab a Snickers. America's care package arrives and it's for James. Natalie is really excited that we gave something to her Jamesy. James is less excited. He's grateful but he also realizes how this could also potentially screw up his game too. Paul is annoyed that we haven't sent him anything. Look, Paul, unless one of the prizes is dog shit on fire you're not getting a package. Even then it would probably be sent to Paulie and not you. Nominations time and the big threats Victor puts on the block are Zakiyah and Michelle. And man is he a raging douche about it too. Nine to one he reminds them. Telling them he plans to make them feel how he felt. Nine to one Victor and you picked the two people who probably had the least to do with said eviction. Paul threw you a pity vote and Paulie didn't get to vote because he's the one who back doored you. Idiot. Michelle starts to cry. Victor continues to try to impress PP by being as dickish as possible and tosses them all some beads from his robe. Maybe he forgets he was voted out before and could just as easily be tossed back out. Maybe he forgets that these are all jurors now, but either way he made for one uncomfortable nomination ceremony. Paulie DRs that he's going to try and use James ability to eliminate two votes to get Michelle out. That power isn't for you Fuck Boy! Both girls resolve to go hard and win the PoV and take themselves off. Will they do it? (Ha. No.) Come back Wednesday for the thrilling climax of these two enormous threats battle it out for POV. Or, come back and watch two girls cry and a couple of crap weasels slap their dicks around.
  11. I would have voted for Michelle for nailing Paul with an apple, but then she cried about it so nevermind that.
  12. She was probably crying because now that's just wasted pizza.
  13. Previously on Big Brother Team PeePee was number one and smell like number two. Paul really needed a ringer to ensure he could take down the powerhouse that is Bridgette so Paulie threw hit hat into the ring with an agenda of his own. Now you'll all have to excuse me as I didn't realize I was going to have company tonight. While I thought they would want to watch too it seemed like they were more interested in talking through most if it and then asking. What did they say? Wait. What happened? Since this is a Wednesday night show and we've got a live eviction tomorrow I'm still going to try my best here and just be thankful my houseguests aren't as awful as these houseguests. Without a man there to pick his nose and tell her what to do Bridgette is hoping that a bigger target will end up on the block next to her. Day attempts to point her in the direction of one by tossing out Nicole's name. However, Bridgette isn't all that open to taking advice from Day and would feel a lot better if Day was the bigger target she was up against. Bridgette then goes and talks to Paul who tries to assure her that both she and Paulie are pawns and that the real target is Day. Paul thinks himself a genius for covering his own ass. I mean, he does have his entire head shoved up there so I can say his ass is pretty well covered. Nicole apparently had a dream about Derrick. And Derrick's wife. The guys start heckling her and are about as mature as you'd assume them to be. I don't get why they're so worked up about it. Most. Boring. Threeway. Ever. Oh, and Cody as there too. So most boring foursome ever. Paulie and Z are having "relationship" drama. Z feels that Paulie has been distant. Paulie apparently feels like Z is suffocating him. Paulie tells Paul that Z is acting like a girl and he only deals with women. Look, Paulie, your mother doesn't count. And asking for a ride to the mall isn't dealing with women. Michelle tries to reassure Z that Paulie is just stressed that he's on the block. Meanwhile, upstairs Paul tells Paulie to keep faking it with her until he can cut her. Charming. Paulie says he wants to win HoH so he can take her out next week. Ah, what dream boats. Michelle tells Z she's a real catch and that's she so beautiful and that Paulie has Paul and Z has her. Michelle also has an army of ants heading towards her stash of Fritos so she's probably hoping to wrap this pep talk up quick. Paul sprays what I think is shaving creme into a cup. Moments later Michelle can be heard screaming in disgust. What the hell did you think was in that cup Michelle? Ice cream? She throws an apple at Paul and you know she must be mad because that's food! (Then again it's healthy food so who cares?) She leaves a nice bruise on Paul and I'm actually starting to think nice one, Michelle. Now hit him again with an orange. Michelle starts crying. Ugly sobbing because that's where his kidney is! She could have really hurt him. Look. Michelle. The only reason to be sobbing about hitting Paul in the kidneys is that you hit Paul in the kidneys and we didn't have to call in a nurse. Michelle doesn't want us to think she's a violent person. Whatever, tell that to the bag of Funyuns you destroyed. Paul, Paulie, Bridgette, Corey, Victor and Natalie are going to be playing for the Veto. It's the same racing competition they've had on before where you hold down buttons you see the word 'Go' and you try not to be last to reach the button at the end of the track. Corey goes out first after a false start. Bridgette is out second proving what a huge threat she is and how great she is at comps. Natalie is out next because she was too busy rhyming other words with go in her head. Paul loses the next leg leaving it down to Paulie and Victor. Paulie wins the POV. Z goes and hugs Paulie after his win stating to us that she still wants to work with Paulie in this house. Oh, girl. If James and Natalie are the Hallmark movie does this make Paulie and Z the Lifetime movie? Paulie tells Z he's going to use the veto and try to get out Day. Z isn't really on board with this idea and seems to think Bridgette will still go home instead. She takes it a step further than she probably should and says Paul should go next. Of course, Paulie plans to immediately tell Paul because the real showmance here is PeePee. Paul is mad about hearing that Z is throwing his name out there and threatens to put her up instead just for that. Day goes to talk to Paul before about who will be the replacement nominee. She pushes for Nicole since Nicole should have gone up in the first place since she volunteered. Paul attempts to play it and hint that Day is the logical and stable choice because trust and friendship and blah blah blah. Paul, you lost your credibility here as soon as you tried to play it like Day would be the calmest on the block. 95% of the time when Day says all she needs to do is sit back and keep her cool she freaks out and makes things worse. I mean for heavens sake Paul the last time she was put on the block she viciously attacked Tiffany with her hair! Paul both sucks and blows at trying to make Day believe that this is a good and logical choice and come veto ceremony time even with his crappy speech Day is clearly not happy with this nomination. For her part, Nicole can't seem to keep the stupid smile off her face. Who will be evicted? Will that person stay evicted? I'll be here to find out with you all tomorrow.
  14. Also, unless he's on the block and the house is spilt between who to evict then it's pretty useless. A unanimous vote is still unanimous even if you take two votes out of the mix.
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