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  1. That's my guess also. I am not a big fan of Ayanna, although I have liked a few of her looks. I do like both Brandon and Kentaro alot. But I want Kentaro for the overall win this season. Brandon's looks are all too similiar (and stringy). Of course, Tim Gunn is my favorite on the show every season. God, I love that man! Heidi gets on my nerves. She needs to dress her age. Just like Jennifer Lopez, I don't care how good your body is, you are just too damn old to wear that. (Rant over) (Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind as I get older!)
  2. I agree. So disappointing. It's like they tried too hard. It was way too political. Way too forced. Way too in your face. Way too...not the show it used to be. I am not giving up yet. It has to get better, right?
  3. I am really looking forward to the revival of Will and Grace. I am a huge Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally fan! So I can't wait to see what this new season has in store for the 'Jack and Karen' show. Sad to hear Shelley Morrison did not sign on also. I must say..I loved me some Rosario. Well, if you want to see an actress who can play a good drunk, then tune in to Will and Grace. Megan Mullally as a drunk Karen Walker is one of the best I've seen. Maybe she is really drunk now that I think about it. Of course, my favorite comedy is The Middle. I have almost every single episode on my DVR and I pretty much can recite them word for word. Silly to say, but it is my comfort show. If anything is stressful in my life, I let the Heck family take it away for awhile. This is the last season for The Middle. @jerrye25 was actually scared to tell me when he heard about it. But I am handling it like a big girl..so far.
  4. I just watched this weeks episode. My favorite for sure was: Kentaro's look. I'd wear that. I want that! I neeeed that! Now! My least favorite for sure was: Kenya's look. It looks like something my grandma would wear. (No offense, Gramma). Random Thoughts: I am enjoying the behind the scenes/setup shots they have been showing this season. Last week, Heidi saying her hair looks bad because she was running late. This week hugs and kisses...for all. I love Brandon's man bun. Ok, I love all man buns. I find them sexy. (Awe...Victor) I love Tim Gunn..but I'd love him more if he said Onsie instead of Selfie..like my Kevin. If I have to continue to hear Claire and Shawn talk each week, I am going to put needles in my ears.
  5. Real Housewives..nope, never really watched it regularly. I have watched a few episodes here and there, but I don't know the wives and their backstories, so it is difficult to follow the storylines. Sorry Copss! But as long as we are telling our dirty little secrets... I will admit I do watch Little Woman: LA. Terra, Elena and Jasmine are my favorites. I can't stand Christy. I usually fast forward through her segments. I also am an avid watcher of 90 Day Fiance and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Those are both very good, if you have never seen them. Just my opinon, of course. But if you are looking for something to occupy your time before Celeb BB, you might give those a try.
  6. STAMP THAT!! Paul outplayed himself. He thought he was untouchable, and it bit him in his ass. Is it sad that I am still waking up smiling that Paul didnt win first place? It made a really bad season worth watching. I was always Team Kevin, but when it came down to Josh, Paul and Christmas, I 100% wanted Josh to win. What can I say, I like a man who isn't afraid to show his feelings. (Like Mark and Josh) Yes, their crying was excessive, but I think the pressure of the house helped that. I am not a robot fan. But I am happy Cody won AFP..as it wasn't anything but another slam on Paul. I do hope that Paul reads sites such as this and understands why he lost. NOT in hopes that he will be back to play someday, but so he can learn a life lesson.
  7. Me Toooo! Loved it! Now please...NO MORE PAUL..We never need to see him again.
  8. I loved Alex's speech- that she was voting for the person who stabbed her in the front instead of the back. I'd feel the exact same way. I was not really an Alex fan, but i think she was entitled to feel that way. And I loved that she said it so everybody could hear it. Especially Paul!! Bitter Juries Rule!
  9. I didn't even mind Cody winning AFP, as long as Paul lost first place. I also loved it coming down to Cody's vote, but I knew he voted for Josh to win when I saw his face when Jessica said she'd vote for Paul to win. I was already doing the touchdown dance! I do think that Cody and Jess might just be the real thing. So hopefully, they can use that to go on a really nice vacation and get to know each other out of the craziness of the house.
  10. Can 1st or 2nd place win AFP? If not, then I am 100% for Paul for AFP. Because I sure as hell don't want him winning the game. But alas, he will..so my votes for AFP are going to Kevin.
  11. With all my new friends, I am going to have to buy a bigger table for Thanksgiving dinner.
  12. Yes, me too! And it made me smile to see that her and Mark seem to be a juryhousemance
  13. If the baby is a girl, will my wife oppose naming her Alex?
  14. Grand Prize Winner is...........JOSH!
  15. I dont know about the list- who knows, things like that do seem to leak out. But regardless, it does seem that is the type of people who will be on it. My first thought was Janice Dickinson, I think somebody else mentioned her also. My second thought was Courtney Stodden. Both of those are complete train wrecks that would be fun to watch. I know Courtney did BB UK, so maybe she'd at least have some sort of strategy going in. (Who am I kidding?) Maybe one of the 'Girls Next Door'...I believe Kenda is still doing her show in Vegas, so maybe Holly or Bridgette? Maybe Farrah Abraham..yet another trainwreck, that seems to run the reality tv show circut (among other venues.) I don't know alot of sports people, but I'd think they'd have the share of those also- like DWTS. Maybe Tyler Henry (Hollywood Medium) could be on it. I am obsessed with him...maybe he can get some guidance from the beyond. But for me, I don't really need to know them going in. I love Celebrity Apprentice, and I usually only know 1/2 of the celebrities on there. (Boy George was soo fun on that show- I'd love for him to be on Celebrity Big Brother!!) But just like regular BB, you get to know them, and either love or hate them. No matter if they are just regular folks or celebrities. Looking forward to it..whoever it is.
  16. I wish he could, but at this point, I think Paul has this season wrapped up. After all, they are playing Big Paul. I hate it, because I have said it before - Gameplay aside, I have to actually like the person to want them to win. And I just do not like Paul.
  17. Xerox pictures of Nicole and plaster them all over the house. Remind him that he is and always will be a loser.
  18. Just wanted to drop in and say my thoughts and prayers are with anyone in the paths of Harvey, Irma, Jose and Katia. Be safe. Good luck and come back soon.
  19. All I want for Christmas (the actual holiday, not the tattoo covered mean girl on the scooter) is: This weeks perfect scenario. Alex and Kevin up. Kevin or Josh win Veto. More likely Josh. Josh talks to Kevin and explains that if he takes him down, Kevin has to promise he will will vote out Paul. Kevin readily agrees. Kevin comes down. Josh puts Paul up. Alex vs Paul- Final nominations. Christmas votes for Paul to stay. Kevin votes for Paul to go. Josh breaks the tie and sends Paul to Jury. I have been good Santa, really.
  20. I am excited! Oh HELL Yes! No matter how much a season might suck, I still enjoy the show and I enjoy hamstertime. It's a win win for me.
  21. I can't understand how Josh was able to hold his tongue with Paul going at him for voting out Jason. There is NO WAY, I would not have come back at him. I would have completely blew up his game. I don't care what it would have cost me. What an ass Paul is. Wow..Josh moves up my ladder of favorites tonight. And Paul, already at the bottom, moves even further down.
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