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  1. 6:54 HT Kitchen Time. People are commenting on the people on the walls. Tyler says it's all winners but he's corrected that Danielle didn't win BB3. Yeah, she's just an icon. Skippy keeps staring at the Kaycee and Rachel part of the wall and I have to change angles because yeah, no, not doing that shit. Conversation moves to Paul. Tyler expected to see Paul. Keesha didn't care for Paul. Somebody forgot that Paul didn't win one of his seasons. Checking back in the outside, FNicole is Pescatarian. Makes sense now why there's so much fish in the house. Nicole probably threatened to get FUG fired if she didn't have a constant supply of fish. Long Period of Stars. Everyone is talking about long shipping times in the COVID times. Enzo had something shipped to CBS for himself which... is actually not a bad idea. Back in the Kitchen, dinner prep is continuing. Janelle isn't sure if the Plant-Based Meat is cooking correctly. I mean, it is what it is if it isn't. And I am out if someone else wants to take over this absolutely riveting evening.
  2. 6:35 HT Day and Dani are in the bathroom. Day is saying that everyone is being extremely tightlipped and says, "Didn't people come to play?" Thank you, Day. Dani leaves to grab something before Keesha shows up. Dani comes back and any chance at strategy just died. Outside, ANicole and Memphis are trying to figure out what's going on with the vote. They've both been hearing, "I like them both." Neither of them are really saying anything and I am getting annoyed because anytime things get interesting, we get Stars and blarg! ANicole says that last season, "We only campaign on Wednesdays and vote together." Memphis says its down to Kevin and Keesha to campaign individually and there is no consensus.Nicole A thinks that it'll be an endurance comp on Thursday. Other Nicole comes in and says that ANicole's hair looks more purple. Memphis thinks they'll be able to tell if COVID is dying down if the plane traffic picks up.
  3. 6:23 HT Kitchen Time. Janelle is bemoaning all the restaurants her area has lost during the pandemic. Janelle and Tyler start talking about Hilton Head which turns into talking about Cedar Point in Ohio. They both have the same favorite roller coaster (Millennium Force in case you care). Janelle is talking about a haunted house at her local amusement park and how he kids were way too young for that shit. I keep forgetting that Tyler was from the same region of Ohio I grew up. Angela didn't do well at the Haunted House last year at Universal. Janelle took Wednesdays off in the Before Times and they went to the local Amusement Park every Wednesday in Minneapolis. She starts demonstrating the Minnesota accent Tyler bowled when he was young and was apparently good. He went to the state championship and could have went pro. I imagine the universe where Overdramatic Narrator Guy said, "The Probowler made a power move." Tyler stopped bowling after his dad passed away. Sad. Christmas forgot about her Banana bread and it's a little brown. Y'all, maybe Janelle should replace Ellen? Just saying.
  4. 6:05 HT Kitchen Time. Janelle is back from the HoH and Janelle is back in the full star outfit. The DR told her to wear the full thing, even when cooking. Why even give her the cute skirt outfit if you're going to cover it? Janelle is back to cooking. Christmas is talking to Bay about tonight's workout which is going to be abs and butts tonight. Bay leaves, David joins. He says he'll watch. Christmas thanks him for being upfront. I'm not sure if that's sarcasm or the truth. The Circular Couch of Stank features a group trying to figure out if they, well, stink, so I guess pool? You know, the only thing more boring than playing pool is watching other people play pool. Skippy Agrees and finally gives me more Kitchen Time With Janelle. ANicole was feeling queasy from the slop so she took Milk of Magnesia. Christmas recommended Mineral Powder. What did I say about Essential Oils and Crystals? Christmas starts asking Tyler about Angela's family and STARS!
  5. 5:48 HT Back from Stars. I take half a moment to check what ANicole and Christmas are talking about and Christmas is talking about Life Vampires and no thank you! Give it some time and she'll start talking about Crystals and Essential Oils. Back to Kitchen Time. Janelle is talking with Memphis and Bay. Janelle is surprised that people still go to bars to meet people. They're doing Beef and Ground Turkey for the tacos and the meatless meat for the vegans. Janelle gets called to the DR so Bay goes outside. Skippy keeps wanting to watch the pool game. Cody said, "That's my hole, you're not allowed to go near it." Yeah, I laughed a bit at that. Cody is trying to argue some rule of pool with Tyler. I have no clue whatsoever about the rules of pool except for, "The balls go in the holes, the 8 Ball goes in last and can tell the future with vague phrases."
  6. 5:39 HT Memphis and Kaysar in the Bathroom. Kaysar is saying that it's a game of Chicken right now before heading back upstairs. I kind of wanted more Kitchen Time but apparently Skippy prefers Cody, David, YourBoyEnzo playing pool. Enzo thinks its weird that both of his kids are left handed. Skippy feels my pain and back to Kitchen Time, now with Memphis also. They're having some sort of game talk but then Tyler wanders in. They also have tons of meat. Memphis says he'll cook every night once he's off slop. He's planning what to make once he's able to eat again at midnight tomorrow. And Stars.
  7. 5:25 HT The Skippy that wishes he was working on The Great British Baking Show is on Kitchen Duty and I'm kinda all over it. Janelle wonders if it's alright if she just takes the lemon out of the trash to zest it. Someone correctly assesses that the Live Feeders will eat her alive if she does it. Her cakes keeps on sliding around because she made more of a glaze than a frosting or icing. Everyone keeps on coming in and saying that the cake is beautiful. Apparently, Tyler's Angela has a cookbook coming out. Good for her. And STARS! Guessing production is asking the outside people to start talking about their favorite shows on CBS All-Access instead of Netflix. When we come back, Janelle is cleaning. Kaysar comes in. He likes how the cake looks. They're debating what kind of thing to make for dinner and Tacos is the popular answer. Kaysar goes to check if he has any blessed beef. I really have meant to research Halal a bit more. Oh, and a piece of lemon ended up in the sink. In case anyone cared. Which you didn't.
  8. No problem Angel! Glad your power came back! You missed nothing of note. 5:07 HT Back to the Hammock Crew (The Nicoles, Ian, and David.) They're talking about the Halcyon Days of Season 1-5. Ian is regaling them with how the house was once one story. Season 1 was weird they all agree. Nicole shouts out Eddie who won. Ian mentions that BB can be broken down into Gen 1 (Seasons 1-7), Gen 2(Seasons 8-14) and Gen 3 is 15-Now. Ian says he's never had Netflix. He doesn't have any streaming services and he has Cable but doesn't watch it. He mostly watches YouTube stuff. This somehow turns into talking about Cryptocurrency. Oh, Ian watches Backgammon Tournaments. That's... a thing... Okay, back to Kitchen Time. I know you were really excited for it. Christmas is going to get a Red Bull. Janelle is cleaning while Keesha just kind of sits there. Wait... is Christmas Baking something else? She's buttering a pan. Are they making the Pineapple Upside Down cake tonight because there's a Pineapple out. Is she only now making the Banana bread from earlier? Inquiring minds need to know! Janelle threw the lemons away but just remembered that she wanted to zest the top. The Insanity of it all! Also, that cake has had no time to cool and she's already frosting it. Yeah, suddenly not seeming like a great plan.
  9. 4:49 HT Still upstairs. It sounds like David, Bay, and Day have a Final Three. They're planning to keep it from being obvious by each of them staying in their own lanes. David leaves and Camera Skippy goes right to Day like she's about to talk to them but when nothing happens, they follow David to Kitchen Time. I am never escaping Kitchen Time tonight. Y'all? The Kitchen actually looks clean. They're cleaning! Outside, Keesha and Kevin. They're talking about Keesha getting cut by Dan and Memphis for Peepaw at Final 4 of BB10. She says no one liked Peepaw. Well, yeah unless he fell in a pool. Skippy doesn't care for this talk so the Two Nicoles on The Ian Memorial Hammock. Still talking about previous seasons. FNicole is talking about how the Team Twist in 18 benefited the returning players. Ian joins them but chooses not to sit on the hammock.They move to talking about Weather and Ian is kind of rocking in time with the hammock he's not even on. Ian mentions only time his college canceled classes because it was 29 degrees out. Nicole: "Oh my gawwwwd." Christmas and Memphis are over on the Circular Couches of Stank. Memphis is talking up his giant alliance plan to her. He keeps on talking about how he needs to iron it out. Dude, you've been trying to iron it out for the last three days. It's not going to happen. Christmas is also talking about how strong her alliance was in her season. Yeah, you know, the one legged woman, the most annoying man alive, and Fucking Paul. Memphis's Big Alliance Idea is still Him, Christmas, Dani, Cody, FNicole, and Tyler. Christmas is iffy on Dani. Memphis says he's going to talk to Cody. Christmas says no. He asks if he should wait. Christmas says no also. What the frick? Maybe Christmas shouldn't be asked for advice on things.
  10. 4:34 HT Out at the Pool, it's Dani and Kevin. Kevin is going over his votes to stay. Dani is advising him not to rush, take your time. So, there are Ants everywhere. Ian from the other side of the lawn says that BB doesn't hire an exterminator because they can just say it's the Hamsters fault. That is actually fairly clever if true. Also cheap. Upstairs on the Bridge. David and Day. I think they're talking whether to throw comps or not. Day isn't too sure. She asks if he has any alliances. He tells her that he's trying to get in with the guys. He says that he's going to pretend to not know shit, let other people talk and underestimate him. They're trying to figure out who they have and don't have. They seem to like Kaysar. They have good taste.
  11. 4:22 HT Back at Kitchen Time, it's just Bay and Janelle. Janelle says that he last few times, she's always gained 12 pounds because of how much baking she did in the house. Case in point: She's already planning to bake a Pineapple Upside Cake. I'd never vote someone out who bakes. Bay is talking about beauty pageants. Miss USA girls are too skinny they both say and then the winner goes to Miss Universe and it goes bad because the USA Girls aren't curvy enough, too thin. Janelle brings out her cake and it looks good. Skippy doesn't enjoy Kitchen Time so bathroom with ANicole and David. David doesn't want to win HoH anytime soon. ANicole tells him he's doing pretty soon and they need to fake not talking a lot outside of the game, not looking like a duo. David says that the two of them, Bay, and Day are a strong 4. ANicole suggest bringing in Kevin and David is going to continue to work on the guys. They both think Kevin is the better choice to stay. BB calls ANicole to the DR. She walks through the Kitchen so I guess it's back to Kitchen Time. Janelle's Cake has not risen as much as she'd hoped. Probably because you can't get as much volume using a fork to mix. Bay is cleaning the fridge because some fish leaked out.
  12. 4:10 HT Over on the Circular Couch of Stank, Memphis and Keesha are talking about the vote. A She is planning to vote how the house goes. Who she is, I dunno. He's advising her to start telling people that she feels she has the votes and that will convince people. It sounds like Janelle or Da'Vonne? I'm still not sure. Keesha thinks Kevin has nobody. She starts complaining that everyone is saying they're voting with the house but who is The House? Profound. Checking out The Pool with Kevin, Dani, David, and Ian. They're talking about Chima's Expulsion and then HoH Expulsions in general. BB Asks FNicole to go to the DR. Dani comments that she goes to the DR a lot. There's some commentary there somewhere. Ian is talking about a sunburn. Dani comments that the pool is a little nasty so Ian says if they had a pool skimmer, he'd clean it.
  13. 3:56 HT Going back to Let's Make a Cake! Janelle is using a lemon press to put lemon juice into the cake batter. Cody asks if she's making it from scratch and Janelle just gives him some epic side eye. They have only one cake pan so they can only do one layer at a time. Janelle says it's turning out great. Someone else is also making banana bread. YoBroEnzo only eats Tuna Packed in Oil, not water. I vomit a little. They're going to make tacos tonight. Christmas is the one making banana bread I think. Oh, they do have a handmixer if anyone is curious. Christmas's Banana Bread has Snickers in it for Kaysar's Birthday. They talk about the HoHo cake from last night. Okay, that's enough cooking time. Bay and ANicole are out on the Ian Memorial Hammock. Bay says it's very different to be here without Swaggy. The same as how it's very different when you don't have a mosquito constantly sucking your blood. They start talking about Bay's time on The Challenge. Bay starts recapping something they had to do in it and I am nearly recapping a recap.
  14. 3:44 HT A big group is out on the curved couch of stank outside and they're talking about Michael Epstein, speculating on his suicide. This somehow segues to Tiger King and the R. Kelly documentary. Keesha didn't want Tiger King and I feel a kindred soul as the other person who never watched it. Someone finally realizes that Carol Baskin's Dead Husband never signed a waiver and cuts to Christmas and Janelle cooking in the kitchen. I missed when Janelle got a yellow rubber skirt combo and she is rocking that! Looks like there's baking a cake for Kaysar's Birthday. She's having to wisk the cake batter with a fork and I feel so bad for her. Checking the other set of feeds and ANicole and Dani are walking about Social Media messaging up on the Bridge. They're both excited for the live show and the HoH. ANicole can't find her pass and hopes that doesn't screw her. They say that Enzo, Kevin, and Memphy are all doing their own thing. Dani asks ANicole about David. She says they're friendly, he's happier than last year. ANicole says she needs to talk to people more, have more one on ones.Dani says she needs to do the same. Will just wants people to do something.
  15. Julie's been eating her fat, cheesy jeggings.
  16. 9. Police Academy 6: Diary Room Under Siege
  17. If Nicole F goes out prujury, I can see Nicole A making it far. If Franzel gets in power, I worry for our little cinnamon roll.
  18. I think everyone is routing for Janelle at this point. She's used to playing as an Underdog so I'm hoping we get something that she can Jedi Drill for this week.
  19. I feel like the season is going to pick up once some of the fat has been burnt off. Give it a couple of weeks when hopefully the power has shifted a bit.
  20. 8:47 HT Okay, they switched up which cams Dani and Cody are on. They're talking about COVID. Bayleigh joins them. They're talking about how people thought it would be over fast. Cody hits his head on a ceiling beam. At the rate Cody is going between this and the glass, he's going to be that clumsy waiter on The Simpsons by the end of week 5. Dani notices that the ceiling is dusty and a little gross and there's what looks like a band-aid. I bet it's a load-bearing band-aid. Everyone put random crap on their HoH requests. They're laughing about it. Skippy jumps to Day and Tyler on the bridge. Day is doing a puzzle. Day sounds like she's annoyed that so many people are already playing the game this hard, this early. They both feel okay and say Tyler said they were both okay. They start talking about the Safety Suite and think Cody's best strategy would be to play next week since he can't play for HoH. Tyler misses Angela. Day started working on a puzzle so she isn't pacing about, looking sketchy. She says that this time, she's going to build bonds with people. She barely did it with 17 and rarely talks to most of the people there. The difficulty she says is the balance because if you're too social, you're done for. Now Skippy thinks I need to watch Ficole and Christmas in the Bathroom. Christmas has a cute robe. They're whispering about something but I can't make it out at all. Janelle comes in and it's done anyway. Now Skippy wants us to see the Love Lounge where Acole and David are talking. They start talking about last season and STARS. They're talking about their previous HGs so your guess is as good as mine as to who didn't sign a waiver. When we come back, Acole says she views David as family. She starts mentioning all the duos in the House for him since he knows like no one. Acole wonders if Janelle and Kaysar getting safety changed Cody's nomination ideas. David is giving Acole a peptalk, look at what she did wrong last year and do better. I mean, David isn't wrong because he's already tripled his number of days played. Acole wants a Mickie and Holly pillow so she could walk around with it. I laugh that they're broken up and they don't know. And I have work in the morning so good luck to the evening crew. God, I missed doing this.
  21. 8:33 HT We all want to watch the interesting people but someone has to watch Cody and Dani so guess it's me. *sigh* The things I do for Fisty. Dani thinks her husband was terrible at the game. She says her season was tough because the couples took everything personal. They went after Dom because they couldn't go after her. I keep hoping for some juicy Rachel gossip but Dani comes up short. Damn. Dani wants to have fun this season since it was 50/50 her first and mostly miserable her second. Yeah, if I was around Rachel and Jeff, I'd hate everything also. Cody says he had fun his season. Cody starts talking about his brother and Skippy takes us to Ficole crying in the bathroom. She's tired and emotional. People come and comfort her. Christmas and Kevin it looks like. All the girls seem to like Kevin. Ficole wants to crawl in her bed and have some privacy. Ummm, you do realize you're playing a game you've done before where the entire point is no privacy, right? After a brief stint of STARS, Keesha wanders in. The other three cry and Keesha, eating a Candy Bar, says she hasn't cried. They were supposed to stay in lockdown for a week before heading into the two weeks of quarantine. Kevin's handler barely talked to him. Ficole is in a hot bedroom. More past game talk. The Have-Not room is cots. Apparently it's not a bad room.
  22. 8:04 HT Back in the Love Lounge with Janelle, Ian, and Acole. I think why I keep messing up on Janelle is because her voice is deeper. Janelle is bemoaning her Season 14 team and that they didn't want to let her help them. Janelle says Dan's failing point in 14 was taking out Frank instead of her in Week 4. Soft agree. Ian doesn't understand how Booger's game worked in 14. I mean, probably the syphilis got to Booger's brain. Just saying. Acole says she never saw Booger's earlier seasons. Janelle obviously still doesn't like him. I feel like we would all get along well with Janelle. Upstairs on the Bridge, Day and Tyler are sitting around. Day has to livetweet about The Challenge but she doesn't otherwise like to watch herself on TV. Back in the Love Lounge, Kaysar has joined Janelle and Acole. Janelle and Kaysar realize that they dodged a bullet because it looks like there were a ton of guys that were acting like they might play in the challenge earlier. They think Keesha and Memphis might go up if Cody is targeting pairs. Ian comes back and Kaysar basks in the old days when lockdowns lasted half a day. The four of them are definitely in an alliance at this point because Janelle says they're eligible to play in Veto so they can save anyone in the room. They start talking about the puzzle last night. The Safety Suite competition apparently had something to do with Music and sounds. Janelle, Kaysar, and Ian think the game is definitely harder than it was in their times. Acole says that everything is so much harder at the end. Janelle continues to be the voice of Hamstertime wishing that things were more mental like they used to be instead of relying on "Who has the big muscles?" They know that David and Tyler are with Cody. David is really dangerous because they don't know how he works. Ian wants the yard so he can pace. Will doesn't want the yard because Ian will find the hammock and we will all want to reach through the screen and break it. And now they're talking about the Autism Spectrum and I'm not recapping that. Memphis comes in and they're talking about what they packed and they probably didn't pack for a cold house or outside getting cold. Kaysar thinks that the house being chilly is production messing with them. If they are, kudos to them. If they're not, take notes Passive-Agressive Skippy! Janelle's Son's birthday is the same day as Kaysar's which is in four days. I hope Keesha has Nam flashbacks at the very idea of cake.
  23. 7:54 HT Janelle is recounting Her vs The Sith in Big Brother 6 to Ian and Acole in the Love Lounge. Janelle has a cute dress for the live show and she hopes she isn't in a punishment uniform for the live show. Skippy doesn't want me to see people I like and Skippy goes back to Dani and Ficole in the kitchen. Dani wonders where everyone went. Day wanders in and there are puzzles upstairs and Dani is giving her some tops on how to do it. Dani starts talking about a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle she did in sequester but it didn't sign a waiver so STARS! I miss the Fish already.
  24. 7:34 HT In the Rubber Ducky Bathroom, Day brings Ian one of the fried slop patties. They like it. She leaves and Kaysar is talking about business. He's pretty freaking successful. Good for him! He worked for Facebook at one point. Ian was captivated be the entire thing supposedly. Okay, turns out when I thought I was recapping Keesha earlier, it was Janelle. Too many blondes. So yeah, Kaysar won and saved Janelle for the week. In the Key Bedroom, Kaysar has joined Christmas and Janelle. Christmas married a guy named Zebulon. Skippy pops to the storage room with Ian and Kevin. It sounds like there's working together. They head back to the kitchen. Fascinating times are had by none. Ian likes Tang. Ficole and Dani go to the storage room. Ficole tells her she thinks she's okay. Dani keeps asking Ficole who's going up. Ficole acts dumb. Neither of them have really gotten to talk to Acole and think she doesn't like them. Both of them want to make a deal with Janelle for safety next week. Kevin wanders in and observes that if Enzo, Cody, and Tyler are all in the HoH together, they're probably forming a Bro Alliance. Ficole says probably not. All three of them are parannoying over alliances forming and maybe they don't know. Oh holy christ on a cracker, Ficole is now freaking out over making pasta and what if people don't like it. It's freaking pasta. Boil it with some salt and then throw some pasta sauce on it. Bam. Not freaking rocket science! Kevin leaves and Dani reminds Nicole that Bayleigh is working with Janelle.
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