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  1. Had a friend unexpectedly show up this morning so I'll have the recap of the recap up tomorrow morning.
  2. True. Princess Leia. Still my favorite Star Wars character. The next poster's ideal game show to go on would have been Supermarket Sweep.
  3. I'll completely agree. At least with season 16, Derrick wasn't pushing his minions to be dicks to people or treat anyone like shit. Fuck, for being as down on 17 as I remember being at the time, I almost miss having a house where people weren't constant dicks who weren't interested in playing the game.
  4. Jury Tampering
  5. Is it weird that I'm hoping Derrick being there for like five minutes serves as a wake-up call of, "Hey, this is feeling a lot like that time Derrick steamrolled a bunch of idiots to half a million!"
  6. 1:53 HT Paul and Alex are in the green bedroom, patting each others backs over how awesome they are. Also, you won't believe it, complaining about Cody! I know, right? That never happens! Paul was cutting Josh's hair and on Twitter, they're saying that he intentionally messed it up but didn't tell him. Paul has now pulled Jason to the Storage Room. Since Kevin is going to soon become an unperson to Paul and Friends, they're making fun of Kevin, namely that he is unaware that he's on the outs because he approached Paul about studying Days because Jason and Alex are doing it together. My stars and garters, I am just shocked! In the kitchen, Mark and Cody were talking about buying houses. Cody lived in a camper at one point. And FISH! I wonder which dumbass was singing this time or if this is the end of the feeds for the week. And we're at kittens so yep. That's it until probably tomorrow. Woo.
  7. 1:40 HT Most of Paul and Friends are in the bathroom, getting ready for tonight. In the kitchen, Cody is eating. Elena is chopping up something to put in hers. Nuts? Chocolate? Cyanide? Not sure but she gets called to the DR because "They've relocated some of her things." What are these things? Hell if I know. Mark's Balls? Theres so little going on. Raven is cooking in a slightly garish dress in the kitchen now while Mark, Cody, and Elena sit at the table. I don't know what Raven is cooking but I'm almost sure that it's comparable to Cafeteria Meatloaf. Yep, look at that migraine she has. I know that between the constant pain and vomiting, when my best friend has her migraines, she makes sure to put on an evening dress and cook disgusting cuisine. Or she just sits in a dark room with an ice pack. Usually the second.
  8. 1:03 HT Hey Angelmi! Josh needles Jason that he needs to shower. To Jason, that seems like a foreign concept. I could be surprised but nope. In the bathroom, Mark is trimming Cody's hair. Mark tells him that he's never cut hair before. Cody's response: Just don't fuck it up. I feel like he's going to regret this. In the kitchen, people making lunch. Paul is whispering to Alex. If I had to guess, probably some combination of "Cody Sucks/Elena Sucks/Mark Sucks/Paul is Awesome/We Have to win HoH." Also, Alex and Paul are scraping their fucking bowls. I was already hoping they're on the block by the end of the night before but now,I'm kind of hoping the one that stays gets hit by a rogue satellite.
  9. 12:45 HT Cody, Raven, and Elena are in the bathroom getting ready. Such excitement. In the kitchen, Matt is making new coffee. A heck of a lot of nothing going on here. Josh is making a sandwich on her own. Apparently Raven has a migraine. Anyone else, I'd feel bad for them. Raven? I'm sure someone else mentioned having a headache and she decided she needed to be worse. If someone told her they had cancer, she would tell them she's 90% tumor. Elena has moved to the Kenny Rogers Roaster Bedroom where Mark is in bed. She also gets in bed but tells him that she doesn't want to be touched. Truly they are the next Jeff and Jordan. Except I can't stand Elena and Mark is the one who can do better. Neither of them have an absolutely annoying voice so I guess that's a bonus. Alex is laying in the Green Bedroom, back in her old bed, while Josh sits there reading the bible. Also, Cody has apparently unwrapped her clothes from the sheet they were wrapped up. She then calls him a cocksucker repeatedly. Well, I'm adding "Alex" to the reasons to vote for Jessica for America's Favorite Houseguest. She then goes to storage where she was called then crawls into the trashcan. Jason, who was also called, walks in and goes to kick the trashcan. She reacts in time sadly. She then starts to get pissy at Cody for talking to them during lock-in. Next thing you know, she'll get pissy that he might have breathed the same oxygen that might go in her lungs.
  10. Alex's plan since pre-show was to lose and come back as a returnee in a future season and win. It's the stupidest fucking plan since Lawon's plan to be evicted so he could return with special powers.
  11. 3:19 HT Upstairs with the core Paul Gang (Alex, Jason, Josh, and Paul) planning everything going forward. Their plan, "Get Cody out, then Mark, Elena, Raven, then Matt." But then it turns into "Raven will need to latch onto a guy." Paul keeps pointing out that they can't make Matt and Raven feel weird. Mark walks in and the conversation turns into "Cody Eats All Of Alex's Cereal." Mark continues to explain that he doesn't work with Cody anymore. Alex chimes in on Elena, mainly pushing her Anti-Elena agenda. Mark is buying this shit. Checking in downstairs because I doubt upstairs is going anyplace, it's Raven, Boxing Day, and Paul. They're bitching about Elena. Gods Dammit! Talk about literally anything else! Oh, wait, they do. It's onto Cody Bullshit. Raven is still insisting she was Cody's first choice and that he turned her down due to babies. I wonder if Raven believes her own shit? Upstairs, Josh is tired of people attacking his intelligence. I'd attack his wisdom first but that's just me. Jason has went downstairs to scream Extreme a lot due to his punishment. Alex keeps feeding Josh's ego. Downstairs again, they're complaining they didn't get any deli meat. I'm hungry so going to make dinner. I'm going to bet that when I come back, they're going to be bitching about Cody or Elena. Paul, in front of Raven, calls other people shady. That's a good thing to laugh about.
  12. 3:00 HT More of Paul and Friends in the Kitchen. I just noticed that Mark is in the corner, just standing there, eating and saying nothing. He doesn't look like he cares one bit for this bullshit. But, then we're back to Elena is a liar. Josh responds that he still wants to look at her. Weirdo. Christmas rightfully points out that that's creepy. Raven says what about her? Raven, the girl who is jealous that someone doesn't have an obsessive disorder for her. Elena walks by them and heads to talk to Cody outside. What are they saying? Fuck if I know because it's four feeds of The Paul Show. They hug Mark for some reason and Christmas goes to watching Cody and Elena talking outside. Jason and Kevin walk into Have-Not. Kevin is sick of this bullshit. He's realizing that this ends with someone else being the butt later. Fuck, then it turns into Raven and Matt suck. Paul and Christmas come in so any meaningful conversation ends and turns into, "How awesome is Paul?" Alex goes in also. They want to turn on Matt and Raven when Mark or Elena goes out. Jason and Alex leave to go upstairs. Paul starts making up his bed. Raven wanders in and talks about herself because it's a day ending in Y before leaving again. Josh wanders in so Have-Not is Christmas, Paul, Josh, and Kevin. More of, "What order do we take out the couples?" Yep, doing on member of a couple then another then another then another. Back to the kitchen. Mark is eating pickles while Paul is grilling Mark over something. What? Fuck if I know because National Ice Cream Day is being loud about food. Mark says that he screwed up with who associated with in the game but he and Cody aren't talking game when they're together. Paul leaves. So, just Christmas and Mark. She wonders why he's eating Pickles. He says he's trying to eat somewhat healthy because he's an emotional eater. Mark, stop talking because I'm going to continue to crush on you. So, we have four entire feeds on All Saints Day and Mark in the kitchen. Talking about nothing. Yep.
  13. 2:36 HT Alex is going off on Elena in the Kitchen surrounded by the Paul Gang because Elena took the money. Secretary's Day keeps chiming in on Alex's side. Alex, to her credit, has come under delusion that they are playing Big Brother The Team Game. She keeps on harping on, "You betrayed the team." What team? The Alex Team? The Make Sure Paul Win $500,000 Team? Because Josh realized he's out of stuff, he lets himself into the argument. He's pissy over Elena being a liar and manipulator. He apparently has on Paul-Colored Glasses. Josh is mealy mouthing that he's a good person, he likes Elena (he also hits on her in the middle of this), and this is just a game. He keeps on hitting on her then saying she's not someone he would want to work with. Josh is also saying he doesn't take things personally and that Elena has fucked up too much. Elena rightfully points out the ways that Josh has. Raven and Matt are making out in the background. Elena gets tired of getting yelled at and leaves. Paul, she has been staying quiet the entire time, lectures his troops on Cody. Josh won't let go of this shit and calls Elena a liar. She points out that Josh has also and he just calls her a flip flopper. Neither of them are letting go of this argument. He keeps on calling her defensive. Dude, if you're attacking someone and they're defending themselves, of course they're defensive. Christmas then interjects herself in that Elena shifts off of Mark. Elena, who kind of has, points out that she and Mark have seperate games. St. Swithins Day responds in her whiniest voice, "Technicality." Elena is done and leaves. Alex the Pettiest Scoutmaster wants a box of cereal for the one that Cody ate. Back to the "Cody Sucks" Mob Discussion. Paul starts bitching that Cody screwed over Jessica and that he's screwing up people in the house to make sure he goes or something? They all come to the shared conclusion that he hates all of them. I wonder why anyone would hate you dumbasses? Paul starts calling Cody a sociopath. This turns into loud yelling and Raven doing some shitty ass laughing.
  14. Anyone but Paul: A Crayon Drawing Showing all the ways Paul is manipulating all of them