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  1. This should be interesting going forward. This is like the first time since they started doing Buybacks that i think one has ever failed. Considering how easy the puzzle was, clearly they assumed Kaitlyn/whoever would be coming back. I'm sure this locks in an early jury buyback but I wonder how many double evictions we'll have to balance out the schedule. Kinda hoping they adopt the Triple Eviction from BBCan. Would make for some interesting chaos.
  2. As much as I've disliked Kaitlyn, I'll give her this: The Game and this entire season has been so much more interesting with her there. I'm going to be interested to hear how she reacts to finding out her boyfriend broke it off with her while she was in the house.
  3. Angela, Rachel, and Kaycee because they somehow avoided all the drama by hiding in the background.
  4. Looking at the extended Julie sit-downs, it's probably some kind of competition, maybe a puzzle or questions? Still, I would rather Have-Not with the added stipulation that even if they win HoH, they remain a Have-Not and the HoH bedroom stays locked.
  5. And her reasons for her nominations are basically what kind of sounds like slut shaming. Okay, I'm over her officially.
  6. Rockstar was picked because she's suspicious of Tyler and Tyler knows that. No way Brett just happens to pick the person Tyler wants out the most.
  7. I do like that after all these years, someone is finally treating the HoH room like a private room instead of just letting anyone in whenever they like. As for Sam's HoH, the only way I can see her getting out with no blood on her hands is if she tells everyone at the nomination ceremony that whoever goes this week will get a chance to come back and that she's nominating people she's confident can win their way back in. Doesn't have to mean it's the whole truth but then it's entirely off her shoulders.
  8. If it's someone FUG likes, it'll probably be "What's 1+1?" If someone she dislikes, probably a wall of Rubik Cube's that need to be done in 30 seconds.
  9. 7:53 PM HT Kaitlyn and Kaycee drop. Everyone is yelling encouragement for the other two. Sam asks Tyler to jump down for her. She says she won't put him up. Everyone also tells him to jump. Tyler jumps. Sam is the new HoH.
  10. 7:46 PM HT Scottie keeps on trying to encourage Daddy. I still have no clue who Daddy is. Tyler? Tyler is more of a twink if we're being honest. It is helping him. This comp favors thin, short people. And as we go to Fish: Everyone up there with the exception of Kaitlyn knows it's basically a skip week. Why are they still up there?
  11. 7:34 PM HT I go to the bathroom. I come back and we're at fish. Maybe Rockstar went feral and attacked Brett? We're back and no suck luck. Tyler and Haliegh look like they're struggling. Haleigh is the one who falls. Kaitlyn, JC, Sam, Kaycee, and Tyler are the last ones in.
  12. 7:25 PM HT Brett and Bayliegh drop. Rockstar cheers for the former. I think she just doesn't want to get evicted by Brett, doesn't care that half the house will do it in a instant.
  13. 7:17 PM HT For the record, Rockstar is still hysterical on the sidelines, crying, probably a combination of Brett being a piece of crap and being first one out. Rockstar gives everyone except Brett encouragement. I just realized who this comp is crap for: Anyone with long hair that they didn't tie back i.e. Tyler. It's also sucks for Fessie who drops.
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