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  1. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    At least we know he'll be great snark for the feeds. Also, vomit-inducing. One of those has to outweigh the other.
  2. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    I was figuring it would happen after the 4th boot so the two new tribes would be even. So, either they're stay at three tribes with an even distribution, someone is getting sent to exile, or they're repeating Debbie's Pleasure Cruise from last season for the leftover.
  3. This might be the most satisfied I've been to see someone get voted out since Scott back in Season 32. Fuck this guy.
  4. Besides, barring a win at a challenge, you're on starvation rations with very little fiber for 39 days. If you make business, you're not making much. Back on subject, Simone was too clueless for this game but at least she realized she was on the bottom and tried something. Just... kinda sucked at it.
  5. Considering production has to go through and clean up the campsites entirely upon completion of filming, I'm sure they encourage going in the ocean to going on the land. First you have the problem of having to build a toilet, then there's the problem of cleaning up after yourself after (since they won't be giving you TP). The Ocean is probably preferable just there.
  6. Chrissy Hofbeck - Levu: Heroes

    Totally. She has a good connection with everyone on the tribe now. I can see her being the swing between whoever goes next time Heroes goes to Tribal.
  7. Joe Mena - Soko: Healers

    I am so hoping that Healers go to tribal next week and he goes home with the Idol in his pocket.
  8. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    This is the first premiere in a while that was only an hour and I kind of like it. Most years seem a little padded at the beginning and I felt like last night was a lot more to the point.
  9. Joe Mena - Soko: Healers

    If he makes it to the merge, he's gone within a couple of tribals. Tony was never that out and out a jerkass, at least not this early.
  10. Alan Ball - Levu: Heroes - Eliminated Week 4

    You know, I was halfway worried everyone on the Heroes tribe would be sane and stick together to the end of the game. Nope, I'm happy now.
  11. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    35 intros, 8 non-shade of blue shirts, 1 Jeff Probst.
  12. Jessica and Cody are officially on the next season which starts filming on October 1st. So, considering how Big Brother showmances usually pan out, about halfway through Italy, we should see the break-up.
  13. General House Analysis and Discussion

    Or we go back to having insignificant votes like, "Which houseguest would you like to see where a costume this week?" or the phonecall one later in the season. Hell, let America vote on two houseguests to be Have-Nots each week if we're going to keep having that.
  14. I know Julie said that but she has jack-all to do with production outside of being married to the guy in charge of the network. They did have the, "Apply to be on next season" spiel on Wednesday finally after a few weeks of nothing. That would suggest at least some new players but I think they ran those also during season 6 as well. Back on the subject of Paul, he apparently had a party last night and only invited the people who voted for him. I think he might have just inherited Alex's title as Most Petty Houseguest of BB19.
  15. Double Losses in a row didn't stop Mark Burnett and company from bring Russell Hantz back after losing at Final Tribal twice in a row and FUG isn't half the producer Burnett is.