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  1. A Shocking Moment or Ridiculous Waste?

    Assuming Season 40 is an all-returnee season, I would love if they had no idols. Instead, they hid a message at each beach telling the person that found it that there were no idols this season. That's the only way they find out. No other twists there either.
  2. A Shocking Moment or Ridiculous Waste?

    There is a reason. In theory, it ensures trust with another person. But, when everyone shares and does it rather indiscriminately, it loses all meaning. It worked to Ben's benefit because no one took the time to think that he might have an idol because he didn't go around telling everyone like the rest of the tribe.
  3. CBS has the cast up for the next season. It's the usual assortment of relative/dating/coworkers/some weird combination.
  4. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    That might have been one of the most interesting tribals I can remember. Holy shit.
  5. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    Plus, CBS knows they'll be able to make money off of all of us that decide to go for the masochism that is the live feeds.
  6. Guess The Final Two

    Chrissy and Ben. One of the changes they've mentioned for this season is how the Final Four Tribal Council is going to work. Basically, whoever wins goes to the Final Tribal and picks one other person as well. The remaining two build fire. I can see a scenerio where the final 4 is Chrissy, Ben, Ryan, and Devon. Ben wins and chooses Chrissy leaving Ryan and Devon to battle it out. Regardless, Ryan and Chrissy both should realize they shouldn't take the other to the end. It would be a coin flip.
  7. Chrissy: Likable or Shrew

    I like her. She's playing a smart game. She gets points for being smart enough to make it past Week 1 and turning that into a resource. I fully expect it to be between her and Ryan at the end.
  8. Cole is going to go completely kookoo for Cocoa Puffs now.
  9. She was probably the safest Healer to go after. Lauren wouldn't turn on Mike so he was never an option. Joe has no poker face so it was obvious he had an idol before he said anything and Cole would be the most likely for him to try to play it on as a swerve. Jessica is the person to try to defuse Cole when he's being a dumbass so it will just make him a bigger target.
  10. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    This is definitely some of the best editing they've had on the show in years. A common problem I have with Survivor is that by time of the merge, you can predict the winner based off of how they're getting edited and by time of the merge, you probably have it down to two or three people. This season? I was actually floored that Ali went because of how strong her edit was! There are still like 7 people left in the game that I can see winning and I'm really excited about that.
  11. What did her in was voting out Patrick. Was it the right thing to do in the moment? Yeah but in the long run? It forced her to put all her eggs in Ryan's basket. True, Patrick wouldn't have been on her tribe after the merge but there's no telling what he would have done without her to keep him in control. That and she might have been more able to make connections if she knew she had someone outside of Ryan after the merge. I wouldn't mind seeing her back. She was playing the game smart and was likable enough by time she went out.
  12. If one good thing came from BB19 (outside of that video setting Paul's Loss to Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go ON) then good on them.
  13. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    At least we know he'll be great snark for the feeds. Also, vomit-inducing. One of those has to outweigh the other.
  14. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    I was figuring it would happen after the 4th boot so the two new tribes would be even. So, either they're stay at three tribes with an even distribution, someone is getting sent to exile, or they're repeating Debbie's Pleasure Cruise from last season for the leftover.
  15. This might be the most satisfied I've been to see someone get voted out since Scott back in Season 32. Fuck this guy.