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  1. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    False. I'm going to try to do the first couple of weeks sober. I expect running to the store to buy some cheap sangria by the end of the next weekend. The next poster expects another Night One eviction this year.
  2. Sam Bledsoe - Trashpanda Wrangler

    Or it could be her pooch, Rooster and she just typoed seriously. We may never know.
  3. POLL: Who wants to see my HOH room??!?!?!

    Diet Dr. Pepper, Six Pack of Hard Apple Cider, supplies to make Lasagna, and sleeping pills to drug the rest of the house so I can have some piece of mind.
  4. Who's That Hamster?

    Front sitting, Danielle, Amy, Lisa (Princess of Darkness, won the season because Danielle was incredibly honest in her DRs and this was the point in the series before the Jury was sequestered away), and Josh (scummy, needed to keep his shirt on at all times). Back Sitting: Tonya (with her fake boobs which I want to say started leaking at some point), Chiara (or Chiwhora because she was really out there with her sexuality), Lori (Freaking insane, "Everyone in this house is so glamorous, Can I help you with the meat?"), Roddy, Jason (Christian Virgin, too good for this world), Gerry (Didn't wash his hands, first user of the veto, talked way too much), Eric (Firefighter, talked in his sleep I think), and Marcellas.
  5. JC Monduix - The Spanish Leprechaun

    We can only hope he's a night 1 boot. I'm sure he'll rub some people the wrong way just going off some of the interviews he gave.
  6. The ABCs of BB

    Ever just stop to think, hey, maybe you don't need constant twists?
  7. BB20 Pre-show Discussion - Premieres June 27

    Didn't consider that. ET Canada has a house tour as well. As for the twist, guesses for Night 1: One of those punishments will be a Night 1 Eviction. Again. The App thing just sounds like The Den of Temptation or Care Packages with a new coat of paint.
  8. BB20 Pre-show Discussion - Premieres June 27

    It is interesting though, especially since it's now going to basically be impossible to hide in the back bedroom anymore. Let's see how long some of these interactive elements last until they break them.
  9. BB20 Pre-show Discussion - Premieres June 27

    The rumored returnees were Ian, Hayden, Vanessa, and Danielle Reyes. But then the original source of the rumor said it looked less likely. From previous experience, we basically knew who was returning by this time the last two year. So, I'm inclined to believe it's not happening anymore. If it still happens, as long as we don't get Paul Part 3, woo. Edited to add: House Tour!
  10. Casting Call - Answer With A Question

    Could you be more specific?
  11. Steve Arienta - Reeks of Drakkar Noir

    Apparently he's currently a college professor. I got linked to his profile on RateMyProfessor and I'm more optimistic that we might get some entertaining feeds out of this guy.
  12. I'm reading his interview over on The Hollywood Reporter and I've kind of done a 180 on him. I was sure he was just some idiot surfer but then he mentions that he watches the feeds and apparently even watches BBCan so he actually knows something. He might not suck as much as I was expecting. Goof for him!
  13. BB20 Pre-show Discussion - Premieres June 27

    I'm trying to remember: At what point with Season 6 did we find out that everyone had a secret partner?
  14. JC Monduix - The Spanish Leprechaun

    Looking back at his profession, Professional Dancer does sound nicer than GoGo Boy.
  15. I'm just remembering Paulie crying over a butterfly from a couple of years ago and thinking, "Scottie has a best friend if someone comes back as a surprise 17th Hamster."