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  1. I'm not completely hating her. Maybe it's James having the villain edit but I only mostly hate her right now.
  2. Going into this season, I was wondering how to refer to these people. Most of them are famous and where I’m from, famous people are referred to by their full names. Then I realized, “If they’re doing this show, they don’t deserve full name status.” Julie shows up, decked out in what kind of looks like the beginning of her Handmaid’s Tale cosplay for Comiccon this year. Then again, she’s probably carrying a baby so good choice. She goes through the usual spiel, pretending that this is different than our usual Big Brother. Sadly, Dramatic Voice Guy doesn’t tell us how it’s a House like no other. Guess he’s still on vacation. Intros begin and Mark McGrath is first. They aren’t going with that horrible, “I found a key saying I’m on Big Brother and somehow missed this camera crew filming my. Oh my OGG!”. Mark says that Sugar Ray is doing things. The two other members of his band seem to be happy that they aren’t pretending to be impersonators in Sugar Ray cover bands this week. Mark thinks he’ll get along with everyone and is competitive. Brandi Glanville was on one of The Real Housewives. She also says she did other things. Sure you are. She looks like she’s had a little too much plastic surgery. She says she has to win because she’s a desperate middle woman who has to pay for private school. She doesn’t say it but also because that ten percent they give you for buying six bottles of wine at once isn’t all that good of a deal. Metta World Peace was a basketball player. Surprise: It’s not his real name! He almost changed his name to So Hood and Mr. Ghetto. I can’t make this up. He knows nothing about Big Brother. One of the Owner of the LA Lakers tries to give him advice. He’s going to crash and burn hard. Ariadna got famous for accidentally getting crowned Miss Universe and her name is going to get misspelled so often this season. I mean, like constantly. She’s sure she can win this because she got wrongly crowned. Good for her.. Ross Matthews is shrieking about Lady Gaga. He’s also a superfan. Good for him. He also brags about having a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. A quick google search also tells me that perpetual famewhore Lisa Vanderpump also has a star so, no, honey, it’s not that big of an accomplishment. So, Julie calls the first group of celebrities out on stage. That all act surprised to be seeing each other. She congratulates them and sends them into the house.They all act like this is the best thing ever. Ross claims to have been in the crowd at the finale of Season 1. Editor Guy doesn’t appreciate this and tries to find him in a picture of the crowd, eventually settling on highlighting a chubby guy and sticking a question mark next to him. Brandi is apparently an alcoholic and says she’s going to be spending all her time in the lounge which is filled with alcohol paraphernalia this year. Any other season, this might lead to interesting times. As is, it just means she has alcohol for the Diary Room. I’m serious, she has a glass of wine in the DR. Ariadna is glad that Steve Harvey isn’t here. Well, he currently has a job so of course he isn’t there. Time to meet the rest. Shannon Elizabeth is first. She runs down a list of movies from the early 2000s before saying she’s moved to Cape Town to help animal conservation. She’s watched every season of Big Brother and some multiple times. Also, Poker. She doesn’t really give me anything to mock so moving on. Chuck Liddell was a UFC fighter. He has this way of acting where I’m sure he’s taken a few hits to the head. He has daughters and is sure he can win. How? Because he has kids and he has fists I think? I mean, that strategy worked out so well for Willie Hantz so… yeah. Keisha Knight Pulliam was Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show. She says she still acts (mainly in what sounds like Tyler Perry films) but then she starts promoting her spice line. Her Spice Line consists of “All-Purpose Seasoning,” “Meat Seasoning,” and “Poultry Seasoning” That ain’t a line. That’s three things I can get from Kroger. Her site also offers 10 dollar gift cards despite all of her spices being more expensive. Her strategy is to cook and make meals. Marissa Jaret Winkour was Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray. The play, not the movie. That was a different short, chubby girl with a squeaky voice. Her son is a big fan of Big Brother and he’s ecstatic about it. More than she is. Good for him. Her strategy is to be Cute, Chubby Marissa because she’s not a threat to anyone. Hey, whatever works for you. James Maslow was on Nickelodeon. He apparently sings and acts but it looks more like he spends all his time staring into his own phone. He also claims to have a bunch of movies coming out. A quick IMDb search reveals he has three films coming out, one of which stars Jon Lovitz, Hal Sparks, and David Arquette. I’m not sure that’s something to brag about but whatever. His strategy to win is to win. I’m serious. I couldn’t make up that crap if I wanted to. Finally, it’s Omarosa. She has a last name but does it matter? Omarosa decks herself out in a pink dress and you know how fake the intros with the family always feel? They seem almost genuine compared to Omarosa’s into reel. It mostly consists of her talking about herself and wearing a pink prom dress. She also claims to be a Super Fan. I am trying not to make any jokes about watching Big Brother in the White House and who she might have been watching with so I’ll just move on. Julie introduces the next group. It’s mostly the same until Omarosa comes out in yet another prom dress. Marissa responds, “Oh my god.” Omarosa mugs for the camera. I puke a little. Julie sends them into the house is happy that she can sit down and plug into her recharging station. Ross responds to Omarosa how we all did: He can’t take toxicity. She… seems almost normal. She shrieks a lot. Everyone does the usual boring intro stuff. Mark is starstruck by Chuck. Shannon and Marissa know each other well and they’re going to pretend not to. Omarosa goes around getting to know James. He doesn’t know who she is. Same there. He also never heard of The Apprentice. He seems like an idiot so I can buy that. She then leads the opening toast, telling us that the game is on. No. Really? In the kitchen, the topic turns to singing. James starts talking about himself and his singing technique. Brandi asks Mark about singing. He starts before James interrupts to continue talk. She interrupts him to asks that Mark continue talking. Can’t blame her but he’s annoyed and wants Brandy out. He also thinks she might be drunk. I think that might be a safe assumption. Also, James wants to win HoH. Good for him. In one of the Bedrooms, Omarosa and Shannon talk about starting a Women’s Alliance together. Year of the Woman. They bring in Marissa and Adriana. Marissa finds this just as insane. And, of course, “We have to win HoH!” Brandi and Keisha are also down to the plan. Brandi takes a victory sip of wine. I’m sure that will be followed by a victory refill of wine. First HoH comp. Everyone is given some ugly ass tuxedos. It looks like some effort was put into the set. Also, the Squirrel is back. Sure.First though: Everyone has to randomly choose a star. Correct number means that you’re immune this week but also can’t win HoH. Omarosa wins so… bullshit? The actual comp is the usual hang onto something as long as you can comp. It looks like an award statue this time, hence the name “Award Squeezin.”. But then, if things couldn’t get worse… Paul comes out and starts singing. No. Just no. Go away! NOW!!! Mark in the DR says they’re in the presence of greatness. Sugar Ray has never even gotten a Grammy Nomination so I can see being impressed with a two time runner-up. Then, if things can’t get even worse, Rachel comes out and starts singing. ...what? Jodi (you know, from BB14. She was the person that went out first and has somehow become the butt of some joke every season since), Jessica, Cody, and Pinhead show up in this series of annoying cameos before Marissa (3:05) and Metta (4:18) fall.. The old friends come out (Paint, spinning, and random goop). Mark is next to drop after 13:38 followed by Ross at 15:33. Brandi seems to be rethinking what she’ll do for money as she says she might as well start hooking. I vaguely want to point out the number of former houseguests who made money for taking their clothes off after leaving the house but I don’t want to give her a big head. I'm sure the hangover facial swelling will do that for her. Who would have thought James would be edited as the villain of this season because he starts acting like an ass, mocking everyone in the DR as they fall. Just James and Shannon. Omarosa, realizing the camera hasn’t been on her in a few minutes, intones, “Who will be the next Celebrity HoH?” Well, I guess James is out of the running now. James, realizing Shannon is going to win, tries to make a deal. Omarosa inserts herself in by pointing out that James is the one struggling. No deal occurs. The statues start spinning and James falls off. Shannon wins the first HoH of the season. Ross rushes in with two towels in a bid for safety. Omarosa points out getting the guys is key to an all girl finale. Well, d’uh! Julie announces that everyone needs to take a giftbag on their way back in but not to open them. After a commercial break, she announces that it’s part of a new twist: One of the bags gives the ability to “Recast The HoH.” In other words, it’s the return of the Cootie Taw, the ability to take the HoH and change the nominations. Ah, FUG, always being disappointing and dumb. Shannon has the look one has when they put a ton of effort into something only for some idiot to stomp it repeatedly. Predicatably, James is already sure he has it and is salivating at the idea of taking the power. James seems like he’s making up for a tiny penis. Thursday is the nominations and Bag Opening, Friday is Veto and Evictions. Live feeds are up. I’m somehow hoping someone crashes and burns more than Omarosa. Who’d have thunk it?
  3. House Analysis and Discussion

    Yep, starting on February 7th.
  4. House Analysis and Discussion

    I didn't recap it but Marissa and Ross were playing chess before she went to the kitchen so yeah, probably Metta.
  5. Celebrity BB Live Feed Recaps

    9:09 PM HT Well, whatever was going on on the other feed ends because we're back with Ross, Brandi, and Aridana (I swear I will spell her name right eventually) are talking about babies. Now it's make-up. Lots of prattling. Everything ends by 9:15 HT. In case you think the others are doing anything more interesting, it's just James and Chuck using what looks like wound-up yoga mats to do fight training up in the work-out room. Mark is sitting in the background. Yep. No deep strategy there. Any other season, someone would be parannoying over what they were doing. This season, the gay guy is doing the beauty queen's make-up. Who ever said the celebrities are so much different than us?
  6. Celebrity BB Live Feed Recaps

    6:00 HT There was another preview tonight so let's check it out, shall we? Omarosa and Adriana are in one of the bed rooms. The blue one. It sounds like Keisha has HoH and Shannon won Veto. It was the spelling competition. So yeah, we have the fabled Girl's Alliance. Brandi comes in also. She also made a Dr. Pepper pop sicle. Brandi, Omarosa, and Ardiana played in Veto. Lots of patting each other on the back. Everyone is so subdued. James had an allergic reaction to something but took a Benadryl. Oh. I was looking forward to mocking someone for their puffy pink face. Brandi isn't talking with the boys and they're not talking with her for some reason. She doesn't elaborate so whatever. Oh, make-up talk begins. Omarosa leaves but whatever. Ross comes in and he's part of the girl's alliance. They start talking about something so feeds change to the kitchen where... cooking. Shannon is cooking. Mark is sitting there in silence, goes to get some water... and what the fuck is that in the corner? Is that some kind of California raisin? Interesting quirk for the record: If you pause the feeds, the previews at the top continue.
  7. House Analysis and Discussion

    Apparently the feeds went up briefly earlier today before going back down. The CBS twitter has said that they might be up sporadically between now and when they go up for good.
  8. House Analysis and Discussion

    When you have them playing for Charity, they're not going to do anything risky. Take the celebrity edition of any Game Show. I remember when Rosie O'Donnell was on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, she was on like the million dollar question I think, knew the answer but wasn't sure and, as a result, decided to walk away because it was a charity. Let's assume alliances form. If I know that I'm playing with my charity's money, I'm not going to take a risk at getting out an alliance member I know I can't beat at the end by jumping to the other side. It might not work or backfire on me. Now, I'm playing for myself? Hell yeah.
  9. Can you imagine if she blurts something out on the feeds and you have to be the person wondering, "Do we cut to fish? Do we let it play? Is this footage going to be subpoenaed?"
  10. I can see him giving some fantastic DRs.
  11. She was also on a sitcom with Pam Anderson and was in American Beauty (she worked with Kevin Spacey's character in the Fast Food Restaurant). She should be interesting.
  12. If Elizabeth Berkley had been on this season, I swear all my recaps would have just been Showgirls references. All in all, I'm cheering for her.
  13. She's a fan so at least she will know what she's doing.
  14. If I were a Russian Hacker, I would be questioning my choices in life when I have to Scum IPs to vote for Omarosa for America's Favorite Player to ensure she doesn't start talking.
  15. House Analysis and Discussion

    This is about the level of star power I was expecting.