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  1. This fame whore is so gross that I can no longer watch him- he literally makes my stomach turn. I can barely even read about him and pass by every convo that starts with him. JUST EWWWWWWWWW!!!
  2. I must be the only one, but doesn't seem odd that Tim gave her a shirt EXACTLY LIKE DONNYS.. she even commented that she thought it was funny... I'm thinking that was a pretty big hint to his wife that she should start working with Donny... just sayin... I was just reading about a convo she had with Donny a short time ago and was starting to get a little excited. Until she went straight to Cody, woke him up and, after he pulled her down into the bed and they had their little slap and tickle proceeded to tell him everything.. my hopes of her redeeming herself in my eyes are gone. I almost-ALMOST feel sorry for the homely bitch.. she really thinks she is finally at the cool table and the football star really likes her, like REALLY REALLY likes her. UGH she is going to b really hurt when she realizes that not only is he using her but won't have anything to do with her or their 'friendship' outside the house.. UUUGGGH!! STUIP GIRLS SUCK!!!!!
  3. Cody, your mom called, said you blew it and it's time to go... IF that's OK with Derrick? ZING!
  4. Victoria, your brain called, says it's ready when you are! ZING!
  5. Frankie, The internet called and said you were down to 2 followers, your mom and your sister! ZING!
  6. I'm sorry, my very wise dear departed mother told me more than once that to 'hate' someone is a sin, but she never met Frankie the attention seeking fame whore. I find him repulsive. I can't even read about him anymore much less watch watch him. EWWWWW!!! Makes my skin crawl. I voted for Donnie or Nicole for hoh... both together would be great. But since that can't happen, I would love to see Derrick and Donnie and watch Derrick try to manipulate Donnie.. I also would love to see Derrick get a little a little 'blood on his hands', as they say.. Haven't really liked Victoria, but I would love her if she suddenly became a hamster savant and started kicking ass and started by booting Derrick.. Now THAT would make this utterly boring and predictable game something to watch!!!!! I thought it was going to get interesting when they almost flipped on Frankie and crew, but no, dumbass Derrick had to ruin that too. So bored with EVERYONE following Derrick..WOULD ONE OF THESE SEEMINGLY REALLY STUPID HAMSTERS GET A CLUE!! Guess that's why I'm really hoping that Vic goes into the photo booth and comes out with a giant H on her chest and starts kicking ass... hehe
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