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  1. Who Should Return?

  2. Pick a Winner

  3. Desiree Afuye - Lavita - Eliminated tenth

    I don't know. Des seemed like a lot of talk, and very little back-up to me.
  4. Bradley Kleibege - Naviti - Eliminated seventh

    From your fingers to the producers notes. PUH-LEASE don't let him be one that someone feels needs to have a voice at the reunion show. Ding Dong that bitch is gone, and I don't care to see him again.
  5. House Analysis and Discussion

    Hey! And...neither.
  6. Devon Pinto - Solewa (Merge) - former Hustler

    Good thing there are none of these qualities on any season of Survivor, ever.
  7. Jeff Varner - Nuku - Voted out 7th

    There's just no spinning this one into a positive, Varner. Give it up. Reunion show should be interesting.
  8. Sandra Diaz-Twine - Nuku - Voted out 6th

    I am definitely on the not a fan of Sandra side. These stupids have had how many opportunities to vote her out now? Four? And she's still there, even while being obnoxious about being the "queen". Just like JT last night, the poor slobs will deserve it when she walks off with her third win.
  9. JT's Worst Decision

    Any move that kept Sandra and let Malcolm go.
  10. Andrea Boehlke - Maku Maku - Voted out 13th

    Read all the comments; still don't remember her. I'll side with Mrs. Gryn, though, and bet her lack of boy-craziness lasts about two hours.
  11. Alecia Holden - Brawn (To Tang) - Eliminated Week 4

    Still trying to figure out how a real estate agent fits on the brawn team. They must've really stretched to fit some of the producer's picks into tribes. It seems there are at least two players on each tribe that got the wrong color.
  12. Scott & Blair Fowler - Father/daughter - Out Leg 7

    Puh-lease. Did this girl not get a packing list? She brings a hair dryer and a curling iron and her dad is fool enough to carry them for her? And then....she brings a thong bathing suit, and doesn't want to wear it in front of her dad? I just might be able to buy that she didn't have any advance notice of this adventure; and she had no clue who she would be racing with.
  13. The Amazing Race – Season 28

    Best thing about the first episode? Tsylyst's recap. So far I want to cry over this season of TAR.
  14. Nina – Nargarote, No Collar - Voted out Week 3

    Yeah, she was too fragile for Survivor.