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  1. Name something Faysal is actually good at...
  2. Time to get to know your fellow posters a little better by interviewing the person that posts after you. Here's how it works: A poster answers the last question posed in the thread then poses his or her own question. The next person answers that question and poses another, and so on. Be abstract or specific, but answers should be real -- otherwise, what's the point of trying to get to know you? I'll start us off with a question for the next poster: Do you think this is the best season of Big Brother in years?
  3. Here's how it works: You type down the first word or phrase that pops into your head (BB related or not) when you read the word or phrase in the post above yours. Just remember the posting rules! Rockstar
  4. Many former players try to make a buck by writing about their time in the house, tips for getting cast on a reality show and what to do once you're in the game. If BB20 cast members write playbooks, what would the titles be?
  5. The hammies often go to the Diary Room to request stuff like the vacuum cleaner, alcohol, certain food items, etc. In this "corrupt a wish" game, you grant those requests with a twist. Here's how it works: The post above yours will end with a request for the DR. You "grant" the wish but with a negative twist. You then put in your own request for the next poster to "grant." For example: Poster 1 asks for the storage room to be stocked with ground turkey. Poster 2 grants the request with turkey necks left on the ground. Poster 2 then asks the DR for alcohol for the house. Poster 3 grants the request by leaving a miniature bottle of rum from the Sequesterville minibar. Start here: Hey Skippy, can we get some cheese?
  6. Write a BB Haiku. Three lines: The first is five syllables, the second is seven syllables and the third is five syllables. Example: A haiku is fun when slamming a dumb hamster with a good punchline.
  7. If the hamsters had personalized license plates, what would they read? Use up to seven letters/numbers to create a plate. Examples: JC: YATUS Tyler: SURFSUP Steve: WHODAT
  8. In this thread, you will take on the identity of a current or former hamster or someone associated with Big Brother such as Skippy, Julie, Grodner, Zingbot, etc. The previous poster will have finished their post with a question. You take on the identity of any BB-related person, and answer the question using the up-carrot (^) symbol on your keyboard. Then you use the < mark to tell us what your chosen person is currently up to. Use a lowercase "v" to post a question for the next poster. ^=up; <=side; v=down For example, if given the question "What's a yatus?" by the previous poster, the next person's post looks like this: Jordan ^ I think it's like a car maybe? < Watching Jeff age badly v Who is your favorite BB couple? It's totally us right? Use that question to continue.
  9. The WBRB fish can see everything in the house from their tank on the sky bridge -- even when the feeds are off. In this game, the fish recap what they are seeing in a six-word sentence, then...the next poster takes over with another six-word sentence about what happened next. Poster 1: Seeking screen time, Kaycee drank bleach. Then... Poster 2: Nurse Tammy couldn't remember her name. Then... Poster 3: Her file got switched with RoboSam's. Then...
  10. That was BB13's Adam, if anyone cared. Here's a more recent one.
  11. The hamster was: Ashlea from BB6 The next cap is another classic.
  12. What are some things Steve is thinking outside the house?
  13. Over the years, we've learned there are a number of things BB will yell at the hammies to knock off. Singing, talking about Diary Room sessions, using condoms as water balloons... What else should BB tell the hamsters not to do? List off the phrases they shouldn't be allowed say or things they shouldn't be allowed to do.
  14. In this thread, we write limericks line-by-line. Copy/paste the limerick so far, and add your line at the end. If you give the fifth line to finish the limerick, you get to start the next one, too. Do please use line-ending words that aren't impossible to rhyme. (If you need help with rhymes, try: http://www.rhymezone.com) If you need a refresher course, a limerick is a clever, funny poem often with an AABBA rhyme scheme. I'll start: There once was a guy named Scottie
  15. What season was this, and how many hamsters can you name without looking them up?
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