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  1. Ooh! I can't wait for the wedding! I see the girls are having a blast this weekend, and I'm super excited for some good clean fun at Fisty's Bachelor Weekend next week!
  2. Making @Snarkhilda's dress and being your best man? It would be my honor! Congrats, Ban-Ban. Can't wait to see you for the bachelor party! Oh...I probably need to start planning that, huh? I hope you guys all like mud baths and poutine! http://www.hamstertime.net/ht/index.php?/calendar/event/42-%7B?%7D/&module=events
  3. 5 extra bedrooms for all of your friends to come visit!
  4. Fisty asked me to help put together a list of songs to be played at the #Fisthilda wedding reception. But you know me, I love EVERYTHING! Help me narrow it down by suggesting some tunes that fit the couple. You can add YouTube videos, if you like!
  5. I can't wait to get started! Of course, the final look will remain just between Snarkhilda and me until the big day!
  6. 4 beautiful crystal vases engraved with the Canadian flag
  7. My furry friend and his best gal are getting married, and I couldn't be happier unless there's an open bar! Here's a game we can all have some fun with! This game works a bit like the ABC games you're familiar with on HT. You'll get a topic and the first poster says you need 1 thing for that topic, the next says you need 2 somethings, and so forth until you reach 10. The person with number 10 chooses the next topic. EXAMPLE: Things required for a wedding: 1 ring 2 colors 3 shots of tequila 4 bottles of hairspray 5 hours to set up etc. Got it? Yay! Here's the first topic: Things at your seat at the reception:
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