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  1. Someone starts with a topic and the letter A, and then the posts follow in alphabetical order. When we've reached Z, the next post should have a new topic and a new A to start us off with. The topics should be answerable with one- or two-word phrases. First topic: Items that should be included with the house's "outdoors" theme Animals (live ones with claws and sharp teeth)
  2. The poster above you has given you an occupation. You explain why you've decided to lie about that being your job and what you are going to tell your fellow hamsters instead. You then assign an occupation for the next poster. Plastic surgeon
  3. What are some things you will definitely NOT hear the houseguests say this season?
  4. No takers, huh? I can understand that. Who wants to remember GinaMarie and McCrae?
  5. Partial credit! That's Beau (Ivette's secret partner) on the left, and Michael (Kaysar's secret partner and Janelle's pre-feed showmance) from BB6.
  6. We post a screencap from a previous season, you write the caption. Bonus points* if you can name the hamsters and season. *not refundable for anything, sucker!
  7. If you were trying to be cast on "Big Brother" (and Fisty knows some of you have tried) how would you pitch yourself to Grodner?
  8. In this game, you're at a BB21 Casting Call, participating in an interview to become a houseguest. You can only answer the question from the poster above you with another question. For example Poster 1: Have you ever been a model? Poster 2: Don't I look like a model? Poster 3: Does that matter to you? Poster 4: Why wouldn't it matter to me? Continue: Are those things real?
  9. The poster above you gives a subject, but you have to find something "nice" to say about it. Whether your "nice" thing is serious or snarky is totally up to you (just remember the rule about no politics or religion on HT). First: Say something nice about Rockstar's fashion choices.
  10. What are some things Winston is thinking outside the house?
  11. What are some things Swaggy C is thinking outside the house?
  12. If you were to turn one of the BB20 hamsters' names into a verb, who would it be and what action would it mean? JCing clearly means to take a yatus from growing.
  13. The poster above you will have given a short "answer." Like in the game-show Jeopardy, you then ask the question that would go along with it. Then you give the next answer. Example: Poster 1: Cat ears Poster 2: What is something that should be banned from BB? Poster 2: Have Not Poster 3: What is a pointless excuse for a twist? Poster 3: Jury Poster 4: Where is a place that should have feeds? Now you: Robot Sam
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