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  1. You can sneak into the house leave a private message for one houseguest, but you have to be quick about it so the Security Skippies don't find you and drag you out. You only have three words. Who is your message for and what does your message say?
  2. What are some things Rachel is thinking outside the house?
  3. If you're playing the BB20 Drinking Game, you'll need something to sip -- or chug. Create drinks for houseguests or anything BB related. The Steve: A quick pour of the smokiest bourbon on the bottom shelf. Wait until the end of the night to take the shot. You're not going to remember it anyway.
  4. You know how drinking games work: Every time something happens on the feeds or the broadcast show, you take a drink. Make your rules!
  5. Bonus points if you can name the season and hamster in this classic cap.
  6. We'll post a screencap from Big Brother. You write a caption. In honor of Season 20, some of the screencaps will be from previous seasons.
  7. Now that we're getting to know the new batch of houseguests, what do you think the last website they visited before going to sequester was? What was the last thing they Googled? Who was the last person they emailed? Swaggy C: Googled himself.
  8. Famewhores are a predictable bunch. Every year they say the same stuff. What are some things hamsters will absolutely say this season?
  9. I dare you to get into the mind of some former famewhores. What are some things previous houseguests are thinking as BB20 nears? Answer as a specific hamster or as a group.
  10. Get to know your fellow posters by predicting something the next person likes. The next poster answers if it is true or false about themselves, then makes a prediction for the next poster. I'll start: The next poster has already warned friends they will be seen less once BB starts.
  11. Do you have a game you would like to see in the Playground? Let us know and we'll consider it! Most threads in the Playground are rotated out after about a week unless they are seeing a lot of action, so keep checking back for your favorites to pop up.
  12. "Celebrity Big Brother" is coming our way this winter. There are probably some wonderful options out there, but let's be realistic. For every A-lister, there's a D-lister that is desperate to make some cash so they can afford to have this or that lifted, tucked or plumped. So, in this thread you list a dream cast member, and then the person you think FUG will get instead. I'll go first: Julie Chen would be awesome because I'd love to see how she handled actual strategy inside the house. Instead we'll get Carrot Top.
  13. Dear Fisty: Happy third anniversary to my little grouchyboo. Unlike BB19, my life has never been boring since I met you. The traditional third-anniversary gift is leather, and I got you something special. *wink* But Harvey whispered in my ear that you're having some trouble figuring out what to get me for our special day. Don't worry, what I want is simple: BB19 to be more interesting. I'm hoping our friends here on HT can give you some suggestions to help. What could Fisty send through the front door to make BB19 more interesting?
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