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  1. Love Your BBOTT Hamster Watchers

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the recappers. I don't think I can do the live feeds this week as I loathe Kryssie, so I really appreciate the detailed updates!!
  2. Week 2 - Who are you voting to be America's Nominee?

    All Monte - because the narrative of the show tells me he's a bad person and I'm jealous of him and because I like to create chaos... or maybe I just can't stand to hear him endlessly pontificate on the wonders of Monte.
  3. BBOTT Live Feed Recaps

    Another snippet: Alex and Monte in HOH discussing the upcoming noms. Alex tells Monte she wants America to put up someone from the other side of the house, but they both feel that it will be Monte or Morgan based on the have-nots. Monte wants to get Kryssie out and says that he hates her for stirring shit up yesterday. He also blames Danielle and says that she is running the other side of the house. He feels bad for Scott -- according to Monte -although he's made mistakes, he should't take the blame for what Kryssie and Danielle did regarding racist-gate. He claims Danielle is really smart for "attaching herself to a front-runner". Exactly what Shane has done to earn this title (beyond being a bro like Monte) remains unclear. It sounds like Alex is sticking to her plan to nominate Danielle and Shane, although she said that both Scott and Justin think they may be in the line of fire. Also, there is currently a bet going on between Monte and Whitney/Morgan. Monte insists that America's nominee will be announced tonight (although voting won't even start until 11pm). Whit/Morgan keep saying that it will be tomorrow morning. (They're right.) When Monte loses, he will have to wear spandex leggings for 24 hours and supposedly he is going to twerk once an hour. If Whit/Morgan lose (they won't) their punishment was to remain attached to each other for the whole day. (There may be more to it, but Monte had a hard time coming up with something for them.) House time: 5:00pm
  4. BBOTT Live Feed Recaps

    Just watching in the background but I picked up a couple things: Alex and Shelby were trying to memorize the National Parks and neither knew where Zion was located. Shelby thought maybe Hawaii and Alex said Arizona. I think the only one they got right was Acadia (Maine). Most of the group was sitting around the backyard and Justin found a dead praying mantis. Jason mentioned that it's illegal to kill them. This surprised Monte who said that he's killed a lot of them. He then added that he goes out of his way to hit squirrels that try to cross the road. He doesn't like them because they get in the attic and they are overpopulated in his area. Not sure on the exact house time, but it was somewhere around 3:30/3:45