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  1. The only twist that I want to see is the one where Victoria reveals that it was all an act and goes beastmode on the all of the next set of comps. That's the only twist that will make this season worth it. Too bad it won't happen.
  2. I think it's an even case between Derick and Frankie, but I still think it's moreso Derrick's game as far as better gameplay goes He's done well socially and strategically, so I don't think it would hurt him that bad when it comes to comps. That, and I'm thinking that he's going to be trying a lot harder to win these next comps, so he's still got time to work that. As for Frankie, he really needs to just find a way to get Derrick out and then just remain in the game. He should be able to win against the others. I'm actually glad he won because I wanted his other alliance members to feel some heat for choosing him over Nicole. Of course with this BB Rewind twist now in effect, it really doesn't matter, but maybe they can still regret it just a little bit.
  3. Cody doesn't have the brains to make a move or the balls to pull one off. Why? Because Derrick has firm grasp of both, and he's not letting go.
  4. I like Nicole as a person, but as a player, she's got no game. She shows glimmers, but she just never seemed to truly play the game. I hope she learned something in jury so she can make better use of this chance. At the end of the day, I'm just glad it was her and not Jocasta. When Julie said she was in the lead, I was about to lose it.
  5. That's not why I don't want a girl to go. I don't want a girl to go because that's all that's been going out so far, and pretty much all of the men except for donny are in an alliance which I desperately want to break up just so I can see something more interesting than one alliance dominate. That's why I'm glad a guy's going. Because the only guys (except for donny) left are taking an easy ride to the win. I don't want this to be easy for anyone.
  6. Wow Shannon. You're cutthroat. I like that. I do want Zach to get voted out just so he can come back in and piss everybody off. I don't which one of them leaves, at least it's not a girl.
  7. Well that's the point of these twists. Even though I don't think this one was meant to cause someone to actually end up going home, but considering that it led to Zach being put up on the block and not Victoria, I'm actually okay with what happened. It's not that I hate Zach. I don't really care for him at all. I know he's "mixing things up" in the house, but it's not enough for me to care. If no one's really buying into like how the hammie's on Evil Dick's season bought into his, or how Amanda just got on everybody's last nerves, then you're not doing your job of causing raucous that well. And considering that's the only reason I would want Zach around, I don't really care if he does leave. Having said that, with him being backstabbed it would be awesome TV to see him get voted out, come back into the house, and then win HOH on top of it. That would be the awesomest thing ever. So awesome that if he pulled that off and proceeded to just rub in everyone's faces, It will easily make for the best episode this past season and would almost make up for what a boring season this was. It might actually make me like him more and jump onto the Zach train.
  8. Hopefully we see Caleb go home instead of Vic. To be honest, I think that would be the smarter move because I think Vic is easier to manipulate and she hardly ever wins. Having said that, I hope she can pull out a pov win; or maybe Donny could win and not use it as well.
  9. I believe they have brought player back from jury and all of the jury members had been living together too. In fact, didn't that happen last season? I might wrong on that part, but I know it's happened before.
  10. Considering she absolutely hated the idea of going on the block and then proceeded to win it when she was on there the last time (not to mention the fact that ever since then she's made Zach her main target) I would think that she wouldn't want to be on the block at all.
  11. I would love to see the Diamond POV tried for an entire season....... or at least have it in there as an option each week. After the winner is chosen, flip a coin, spin a wheel, whatever, and it is diamond or it is golden..... Chaos. I like chaos in the BB house. I really like that idea of having a chance to get the diamond pov each week. Here's what I propose. The winner of the golden pov would get the diamond pov if they go through some type of punishment or complete another challenge. Another option is maybe if they try to upgrade to the diamond pov and lose the challenge, they also lose the golden pov, but I think that might make people not want to get the diamond pov, so maybe that part shouldn't be added. As for the BoB; yes it's hasn't been the best twist and at this point it is too much, but I don't think it was a complete waste. I think this week is an example of how the BoB twist did make waves because people were actually trying to scramble and fought with each other more than they have been. There have been one or two other weeks when it was interesting to see who would win the BoB, but I'm going to keep saying what I said before, it's not the twist so much as it the hammies in the house. But at this point, I'm dying to just see a normal week of BB. But I don't think they're going to get rid of the BoB twist until after one of the jury members comes back into the house.
  12. It's pretty much America's Player but with just two more people added to it. But I agree that this twist would have worked better with different people. Not just the people in the America's Team but the entire house. Same goest with the two HOHs. This would have been an excellent twist with the right HGs involved. Like say HGs willing to make moves, actually play the game, willing to get their hands dirty, and not afraid of whatever crap comes their way. Pretty much, we needed players like Dan, Janelle, Dr. Will, and even Brendan and Rachel to make the season way more interesting. Because had the house been filled with people willing to mist each other, talk smack to people's faces whether they're on the block or not, willing to backstab like crazy, and really try and win comps, this would have been the greatest season ever. And then no one would want to watch Big Brother anymore because we'd know they'd never be able to top it, so that's why that's never going to happen. On another note, I would really like to see how a Coup de'tat, pandora's box, or diamond pov would mix things up. I don't really know if any of those things would with these guys, but at least it would throw something unexpected at them. Also, I know this is wishful thinking, but I really want two HGs to come back. Just because I'm willing to go for anything to make this season more interesting.
  13. Derrick, Derrick, Derrick, that's all anyone talks about when it comes to game. And while I know that's not really true, it sure as heck feels that way. I wish someone would out him for the genius he is so we can start to see some real gameplay. I want a good old-fashioned backstabbing blind-side to happen amongst the detonators. Something that throws everyone's game including Derrick's out the water.
  14. Yeah, I thought it was dumb for Caleb to just out himself and say he wasn't even going to participate. If you really want to make sure you and your partner lose, it's actually more productive to get involved in the match and just be an idiot. But he had to get all self-righteous and crucify Frankie. It was just completely dumb on Caleb's part to do that.
  15. I know everyone's on the I Hate Frankie Train, but I just can't hate him. Especially after his performance in the BoB comp. That and I actually like Ariana Grande.
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