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  1. Definitely 1to 50, and I'd need pharmaceuticals to get even close to 50. The funny thing is that I have watched every single season, and each summer BB is my main tv show. "It's only Tuesday, damn I need my BB fix!" And "Yay, it's eviction night!" And so on. I follow the recappers on Hamstertime (love you guys!). Nominations are discussed at dinner. We argue over strategies. And yet...one week after the finale, and I have forgotten nearly every hammie. Go figure.
  2. There are a couple people I flat-out don't like (Shelli and Clay), a bulk of people I am meh about, and then there's John...the only player i sincerely like.
  3. Also, Jiz is fun to say. We have no high road here, people.
  4. I'm a little worried that Bethany (one-armed surfer) is going to catch sight of all those white teeth, and suffer some post-traumatic stress.
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