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  1. Dude has a romance in the house. Tries to back door people out. And gets blind sided and evicted on a double eviction night against his in house girlfriend.....and still nobody posts about him?
  2. Now he's talking about an ex and how he might go look her up. He's sure she's not in a relationship or if she is that she'll still go with Caleb. Cause he's so wonderful. Ugh. He so reminds me of a guy who used to like me. I've talked about him on this thread before. He just reminds me of him more and more all the time. And that guy is STILL chasing me even though I've been married 7 years. I feel so bad for all these women. Nothing will smack any sense in these guys brains. I just wonder what makes them this way.
  3. He takes meds for add. That might be partly why he talks so much.
  4. I love our recappers. That's a hard job I'd never want to do. But why did fug have to put so many people in the house with similar names? Caleb and Cody. Donnie and Devon and Derrick. Nic and Vic. I mean it's no wonder that people confuse the names when recapping. Sometimes I have to picture the scene in my head and try to figure out which hammie they're really talking about. And if this is not the right place to post this I apologize.
  5. Colin Farrell as Caleb. Phil From duck dynasty as Donnie Dwayne Johnson the rock as Devon. Paula Abdul as pow pow Taylor swift as Nicole
  6. Stupid 60 minutes. Didn't go off until 8:07 and so now my dvr won't record it all!
  7. The entire house is filled with yarn and they have to untangle it all before they're given food. Bb can we go to the movies?
  8. Bob gives Frankie permission to sing for 24 hours. Bb can I see my children?
  9. Didn't he tell dr when he won the 5000 that he wanted to purchase a cruise for him and Amber as soon as they got out? It'd be funny if they did. And even funnier if ambers on her cruise now. Because you know. She's out.
  10. Of course he lied about a tattoo. He lies about everything. And if it was just an attempt to save his hair that shows how vain he is. Most guys who already have short hair wouldn't care to shave their head. But his hair is "special". God I hate this ass munch.
  11. Julie looks nice in a red dress in contrast to the house mess I hear she's knocked up preggers with Moonves' pup When will we give this old joke a rest? Donnie looks good with no beard
  12. His onesie that he's wearing has what looks to be the kardashians for Sears symbol on it. So is it really made for a woman?
  13. He doesn't even have the balls to say his goodbye speech to Amber. What a waste of human life.
  14. Maybe she doesn't trust that Nicole won't say anything.
  15. Yes angelmi in the Caleb thread there's a link to the actual video and a link to the video where Calebs saying he wrote it.
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