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  1. Me too! He's trying too hard and the game just started. I think he'll do a lot of groveling to fit in and he'll never fit in, not even with a shoe horn.
  2. Yes it is and it looks as if many of us here did also. I remember being mortified for her at the time. I had actually picked her to be the winner.
  3. Something from her plastic surgery has left her with a very visual crooked mouth.
  4. I'm really surprised Cody got so many votes...did I miss something? I know he's missing something...it's called a personality!
  5. Thanks Tsy for posting that address...I went to CBS.com like Julie said and no matter what I clicked on nothing like that voting page ever came up. What the heck did you click on to get that?
  6. I'll throw in another dollar if they catch it with their teeth.
  7. Owning-up is the key word for me Mockingbird. That's the whole thing. In a game like this often it calls for you to be an asshole...the key to your real character is owning your assholeness within the game. I don't think Paul will... it would tarnish his victory (in his mind). I can't forgive Xmas or Paul for what they did to Josh (especially Xmas back use she befriended him on a deep level and knows how big his heart is). I celebrated his loss last year as just rewards and will do the same if it happens again.
  8. Tonight Paul and his recruited ally Xmas double teamed Josh to go against his principals and tell a lie to Alex about the circumstances of her being voted out so that it keeps the blood off Paul's hands. Josh then had a little talk with himself (alone in HOH). He's totally onto Paul and he's not going to do his bidding. It sounds like he's about to blow up Paul's game. One can only hope. I've got every thing that can be crossed on my body crossed. Come on Josh grow a pair and knock that bearded asshole of his pedestal. It will make all these wasted hours watching this season's bullshit show worth the watch.
  9. I didn't hear or see it but when it hit social media I said no way did Jason say that in the way it's being reported. That's not the Jason I've been watching all season. Someone is taking that out of context and blowing it up to get attention. Was it a dumb thing to say in a house with cameras and mikes everywhere...absolutely in lieu of the social media environment we live in and the tendencies many have to be ugly and mean. I hope this doesn't haunt Jason's life. I like that boy.
  10. I would love it if Paul were sitting next to Kevin in the end and they gave the win to Kevin because they're all pissed at Paul. It would be just rewards for all the bully tactics he used in his game. I'm hoping for anyone to win over Paul the fuckin little troll.
  11. Well shit...I guess this means I'll never make Mensa! Excuse me while I slowly creep out of the room. I too kinda feel bad for Kevin... I think being in the house with these assholes must be like culture shock to Kevin. He's from another generation and a very different life style. Between him and WhistleNut they are the most entertaining people out of the whole bunch... I love their stories (just wish skippy wouldn't cut off the end of them).... they sure make me laugh. Now that we're down to 7 the feeding frenzy has begun... they cut whoever isn't in the room to pieces...no one escapes the knife in the back. Assholes all.
  12. Well shit...I guess this means I'll never make Mensa! Excuse me while I slowly leave the room.
  13. I just finished watching the veto comp where they destroyed the house... I'm shaking my head because unless I didn't see it right Raven found two vetos...but they were hers and Matts...so she took out Matt and took out herself. How the hell do you find your own frickin veto after hiding it yourself??? Didn't she mention something about Mensa? Sure your a member of Mensa...sure you are. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. ...someone help me I can't stop.
  14. She's very bossy...to the point that's beyond annoying. During the HOH comp she told Jason to jump off so she could win...Jason said "fuck that!" Now she thinks he owes her because she GAVE him the HOH. That's not how I saw it. I saw a bossy bitch and Jason doing what was best for him. I'm really really really tired of Alex thinking she's running the show.
  15. I hate all these son-of-a-bitchen hammies for ruining the word fuck for me. They (every goddamned one of them) can't get through a sentence without throwing in a fuck or two every time they open their mouths, and guess who's at the top of the list??? Who else but "What-the-fuck!-Josh". Sometimes when he's talking... no walt, let me correct that...every time he opens his pie hole I want to throw a fuckin brick at the TV. Fuck is a special kind of cuss word that stands alone above the others... they've brought it down to the level of mediocre. I may never feel the same about fuck. I for one will be glad when this season is wrapped up and put to bed and these fuckers are gone.
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