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  1. shop! Remake of past TV Show Scandals Cody-Charles Va Doren Nicole-Slither 2.0 Enzo-Herbert Milton Stempel
  2. Nicole F: An ability to cry or laugh on cue. Adept at dressing for a wide range audience...from hee-haw to pee paw and in between!
  3. oh my bad, I didn't think we had to do all at the same time! Most likely to return to BB as a player (again)... Ian ....young and will still have something to prove Most likely to be forgotten (again)... Keesha Most likely to return to BB as a competition/luxury/etc. host... Janelle and only Janelle:) Most likely to go to jail next...if not Xmass then whom? Most likely to end up on "The Amazing Race"... Team Day and Bay Most likely to end up on "Survivor"... Cody....can't quit reality TV, no kids/ ties and will parlay BB22 as long as he can Most likely to show up on "The Challenge"... IDK what that is? Most likely to cry when they read what social media thinks of them... see above, already answered
  4. Everything sux in 2020-even BB Don't want any of them tbh Pre-gaming aside: Cody should win b/c IMHO of the 3, he dominated I would prefer Enzo of the 3, but tbf he prob is tied with N for 2nd I'd love a female winner, but not this one sad face
  5. An FBI hat with a crown on top and a NASA shirt
  6. The person wore a hoodie, smelled like coffee mixed with Axe spray and ran away limping
  7. When they start to type funny things ....BB fans ROFL
  8. Can. Can you whistle using only your fingers?
  9. Who said that it was difficult or I was surprised ?
  10. Miming ( you know as in being a Mime:)
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