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  1. We can’t even look forward to the triple eviction. I read that Dr. Plastic teased them about it and now they all know it’s coming. Why, BB, why do you giveth and then taketh away!
  2. Magpie I would LOVE it if that were the case. Could it exterminate Nicole and Dani?
  3. I am not a fan of Memphis at all but I'd have to agree that, to me, he's saying "David's an idiot" as it also fits more into the context of their conversation. I hate the guy and his comments about Ian were not cool, but have to disagree with the Twitterverse on this one.
  4. “Who wants to play TRON?”
  5. Janelle is a fantastic player and will hopefully go far. I just wish she'd stop getting lip filler.
  6. I literally screamed "noooooooooooo" at the tv set when i saw she was returning. That voice! That horrible, whiny voice!
  7. For the life of me I still cannot remember her on her season at all. I almost fell out of my chair when I learned she not only made it to fourth but was voted America's favourite. I also have a hard time telling her and Dani apart this season.
  8. Supercalifragilisticsuckyandatrocious
  9. I guess they were saving it for tonight's episode (Wednesday) as that's what we opened with. I have to admit, if I came from another state that wasn't prone to earthquakes and then had that happen, I'd be a tad worried too.
  10. I think my boob is stuck to the table.
  11. If they're thinking ahead, they'll want to vote Jessica out because she may not be as good in the comeback comp, though I can't remember how good Kemi has been either. I like Kemi, I hope she stays, they can get rid of Aquadouche anytime after he can't make it back into the house.
  12. The first season with Evel Dick because he genuinely didn’t give a fuck about the game, it was all about his daughter and I think he changed the game in that way. Now we have more “wannabe DGAFers” but it’s so obviously fake. What’s the best nickname of a former BB contestant you can remember?
  13. Can anyone else smell that?
  14. Does anyone else miss the old Nomination ceremonies where they had to pull their key from the big wheel? I thought it was more suspenseful for the houseguests. Unfortunately our BBCanada started this boring 'turn the key and see the face' thing.
  15. I pray to the Survivor gods that Reem isn’t the one that gets back in the game. She’d better not try any of the “bad editing” bullshit at the reunion show because I think they’re capturing her perfectly.
  16. Love reading your recaps of the episodes. The paint chip shirt parts are a highlight. I like they’re doing something a little different this time (or so it seems) but I also hope Reem doesn’t get back in the game. I was done with her after the first episode. It amazes me all these people who claim to be “super fans” don’t know Survivor 101 - don’t start off being bossy!
  17. If I were on the jury, I'd tell Kaycee the only way you'll get my vote is if you let down your freaking hair!
  18. I was halfway through watching tonight's episode when i realized. "Wow, this is so much better now that I don't have to listen to Rockstar's voice!"
  19. I think I had them all fooled with the sweet-loving fun hippie routine.
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